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By Post Editor - A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta :

American's must now monitor all Muslims - all the time - everyday ... here at home, and of course abroad. Why ? Because our border patrol agents can't do it all, ICE can't do it all, NSA can't do it all, DHS can't do it all, as well as our county and local policing agencies. They need our help !!! All of them !!! And they all say, if we see something say something. So ... lets "Back the Badge" and report what we see and what we hear. GOD Bless America !!!

Four Stages of Islamic Conquest

(Feb 24 2018) - Define Islam As A Hostile Political Force
AMERICA -- (www.IPatriot.com) There is no place on the planet where Muslims reside that is in peace from the religion of peace. America, Spain, France, Netherlands, England, Thailand, France, India and Indonesia have already been attacked, while others, such as Denmark, have been threatened and sanctioned. Islamic rules are called Sharia law or the Islamic law. Sharia law is a misnomer, for laws must be squarely based on justice and fairness to all, while Sharia law is nothing more than a primitive set of dogmata stipulated by men for the benefit of Muslim men.

(Feb 21 2018) - Kafir with a Capital K by Bill Warner
U.S.A. -- (www.PoliticalIslam.com) I came to my study of Islam late in life, but I had studied religious text all of my life starting being a teenager. Ive studied Torah through Orthodox Synagogue. Ive studied the New Testament a fair amount. Ive studied Buddhist Sutras, Ive studied the Bhagavad Gita, Ive studied a lot of religious texts, and then I came to Islam. Islam was very different, because it was so concerned with the non-Muslim.

(Feb 21 2018) - Councilman Pressured to Quit for wanting Islam out of Schools
TEXAS -- (www.PJMedia.com) In yet another sign of the confusion of our age, Plano, Texas City Councilman Tom Harrison is in hot water. Mayor Harry LaRosiliere wants him to resign, and local Muslim groups are planning protests until he does. His crime? Calling for a ban of Islam in public schools -- in which no religion is supposed to be taught as fact or favored. The ACLU and atheist groups fought for decades to get Christianity out of American public schools, but are they rushing to defend Tom Harrison? Of course not.

(Feb 20 2018) - Islam must be Stopped if Western Civilization is to Survive
WESTERN CIVILIZATION -- (www.NewsWithViews.com) Islam has spawned many sects that are master practitioners of the art of double standards. As far as Muslims are concerned, what is good for Muslims is not good for the non-Muslims; and what is bad for Muslims is good for non-Muslims. What complicates matters is that there is no way of knowing which of the dozens of at-each-others-throat sects is the legitimate Islam. As soon as Muhammad died, his religion of peace became a house of internal war: jockeying for power and leadership started, sects formed and splintered into sub-sects, and blood-letting began in earnest.

(Feb 18 2018) - Democrat Maxine Waters Is Pro-Farrakhan, Supports Sharia
CALIFORNIA -- (www.IndependentSentinel.com) Maxine Waters, considered one of the most corrupt members of Congress, is also the Democratic Party icon. Dubbed by them, the rock star, she has associations with and is a supporter of the most radical elements of our society. She supports Farrakhan and sharia law. Farrakhans Nation of Islam is a hate group, thats even according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. She attended with her husband a Nation of Islam conference on February 17th, 2002. Farrakhan called her out by name.


(Feb 13 2018) - Why is Justin Trudeau so obsessed with Islam ???
CANADA -- (www.IsraelVideoNetwork.com) Once again, we see the issue of Islamophobia pushing a world leader, and his government, to go crazy, endangering his citizenship with policies and political appointments. We are referring to Justin Trudeau and Canada. The following is part of a transcript for the video above ... For the past two years, Trudeau has done a number of questionable things to show that he is very sympathetic to Muslims, even to Muslim extremists, who he has now given millions of dollars to.

(Feb 11 2018) - Illinois Congressman featured speaker at Hamas-linked CAIR ...
CHICAGO -- (www.JihadWatch.org) Resistance is just more of what Hamas-linked CAIR is best at: victimhood posturing. The idea that Muslims are facing large-scale persecution and harassment in Trumps America is hysterical posturing designed to gain special accommodation. It pays to be a victim in America today, and CAIR plays the part to the hilt. The banquet was Saturday evening. Quigley spoke and Illinois State Treasurer Michael Frerichs was there.

(Feb 10 2018) - Keith Ellisons Farrakhan addiction
MINNESOTA -- (www.LegalInsurrection.com) Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison is a darling of the progressive movement, which pushed hard for him to be Chair of the Democratic National Committee. But Ellison had to settle for Vice Chair. An issue that has dogged Ellison his entire political career was his relationship to Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam for a decade or more ending in the late 1990s. Ellison once wrote under the names Keith Hakim, Keith X Ellison and Keith Ellison-Muhammad, and supported and defended the Nation of Islam even as Farrakhan was excoriated in mainstream politics for his anti-Semitism and anti-white racism.

(Feb 09 2018) - Female genital mutilation is a crime in the US ...
U.S.A. -- (www.TheHill.com) According to the World Health Organization, more than 200 million females alive today have been subjected to female genital mutilation (FGM). Aliens from the 30 countries where this practice is concentrated are immigrating to the United States, and a serious effort is not being made to prevent them from practising FGM here. According to the Population Reference Bureau, more than 500,000 females in the United States are at risk of or have been subjected to FGM. Forty percent of them live in five metro areas.

(Feb 08 2018) - A Refresher Talk on Political Islam by Bill Warner
AMERICA -- (www.PoliticalIslam.com) Hello, I would like to talk to you about Islam, but in particular, I would like to talk to you about political Islam and explain to you why the religion of Islam is of no concern to you, unless youre a Muslim. But lets ask a more basic question, is there some way that we can use rational, fact-based reasoning on Islam? Because notice carefully that the current methods are very subjective. How do people learn about Islam?

(Feb 08 2018) - Muslim screaming Allah stabs man for not embracing Islam
OKLAHOMA -- (www.JiadWatch.org) In Oklahoma recently we have had a Muslim behead one of his coworkers, and another Muslim attend a flight school after going to an al-Qaeda training camp. And now this. Oklahoma is becoming a jihad hotspot. Are we diverse enough yet? "Police suspect a religious discussion may have escalated into an argument that led to a stabbing at an apartment complex Wednesday morning. After being dispatched to a report of a fight in progress at Wolf Run Apartments the morning of Feb. 7, officers of the Tahlequah Police Department arrested Ibrahim Alyami, 24, was arrested on complaints stemming from the stabbing incident."

(Feb 08 2018) - Teen Muslima is indicted, told students to 'join the jihad in fighting'
MINNESOTA -- (www.PamelaGeller.com) Jihad recruitment and al-Qaeda support from a 19-year-old girl in Minnesota, and hardly any press coverage, of course. Nothing to see here, according to the enemedia. Just another Muslim trying to kill people, setting ablaze, among other things, a residential dormitory that also houses a day care center. Police said there were 33 children and eight adults in one the building. Nothing to see here, eh? Tnuza Jamal Hassan wrote a letter to her roommates about bringing back the Caliphate, an Islamic state.

(Feb 01 2018) - Yemeni-American's Felony Precludes Him from Holding Public Office
NEW YORK -- (www.Islamist-Watch.org) Last Monday, January 22, the Supreme Court of New York State rendered a judgement in the case of Mohamed Albanna, city councilman-elect and convicted felon. In a long-awaited decision, the court ruled that Albanna, who, in 2006, plead guilty to the federal crime of operating an unlicensed money transmitting business, is thus "ineligible to assume the office of city councilman." In 2002, the New York Times profiled Albanna, a prominent businessman in the Lackawanna, NY Yemeni-American community. He, along with two of his relatives, had just been arrested and indicted for illegally sending hundreds of thousands of dollars to Yemen.

(Jan 30 2018) - Muslim Shoots Cop in The Name of Islam but ...
PHILADELPHIA -- (www.NeedToKnow.news) Edward Archer, a Muslim, ambushed and shot a cop in the arm. After he was apprehended, he said that he did it in the name of Islam and that he is loyal to ISIS. That made no difference to Democrat Mayor Jim Kenney who said the shooting had nothing to do with Islam. Then he said that, In America, Muslims are forced to defend themselves against hatred.

(Jan 26 2018) - 2 Seattle Men arrested for aiding fight AGAINST ISIS
SEATTLE -- (www.PamelaGeller.com) Federal prosecutors claim the weapons were intended to be sent to Iraq, purportedly to help arm Kurdish rebels fighting the Islamic State group. Two Seattle-area men have been arrested by federal agents for allegedly conspiring to violate the U.S. Arms Export Control Act after officials in Turkey found handguns hidden in vehicles shipped from Seattle and apparently intended for Kurdish rebels fighting in Iraq. Paul Stuart Brunt, of Bellevue, and Rawnd Khaleel Aldalawi, of Seattle, are suspected of purchasing three vehicles that they used to smuggle dozens of semiautomatic handguns to Turkey.

(Jan 25 2018) - Sharia Destroyer of Civilizations by Bill Warner
AMERICA -- (www.PoliticalIslam.com) Hello, I would like to talk to you about Sharia and how it destroys civilizations. Ever wondered how Turkey, Pakistan, North Africa, the Middle East and Egypt all became completely Islamic? Well, the answer is simple, Sharia was implemented, after Islam invaded. Now before I tell you what Sharia is, we need to tell you what Islam is and no, Islam is not just a religion found in the Koran. The reason is simple, theres not enough in the Koran to practice the Five Pillars of Islam.

(Jan 25 2018) - Public school teaches 'Muhammad is the last & final Messenger of God'
NEW JERSEY -- (www.JihadWatch.org) We have seen this all over the country, and in every case, the school officials insist that the school is simply teaching the tenets of Islam, not proselytizing for them. But it is noteworthy that public schools never seem to teach, say, that Jesus is the Son of God and Savior of the world without qualification. Whenever public schools teach about Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc., they are careful not to teach what adherents believe as established fact. But when it comes to Islam, its tenets are being taught as established fact in public schools all over the country.

(Jan 23 2018) - Muslim ... pleads guilty to aiding ISIS
NEW YORK -- (www.JihadWatch.org) He previously threatened to kill his daughter, and talked about violent jihad to many people in the Lackawanna community and it was common for Nagi to get into verbal complaints over his jihadi beliefs.' He bought a large number of military combat items, including a tactical vest, army combat shirt, body armor, Shahada Flag, combat boots, backpack, burn kit, a hunting knife, machete and night vision goggles.

(Jan 21 2018) - 215,000,000 Christians Persecuted, Mostly by Muslims
WORLD -- (www.GateStoneInstitute.org) "215 million Christians experience high levels of persecution" around the world, according to Open Doors, a human rights organization. On its recently released World Watch List 2018, which ranks the world's 50 worst nations wherein to be Christian, 3,066 Christians were killed, 1,252 abducted, and 1,020 raped or sexually harassed on account of their faith; and 793 churches were attacked or destroyed. The Islamic world had the lion's share of this persecution; 38 of the 50 worst nations are Muslim-majority. The report further cites "Islamic oppression" behind the "extreme persecution" that prevails in eight of the 10 worst nations.

(Jan 18 2018) - Under Islam, the Orlando shooters wife is also guilty
FLORIDA -- (www.WashingtonPost.com) Her silence is a betrayal of all Muslims and puts all Americans at risk. Documents revealed confirm that the wife of Omar Mateen, the Pulse Nightclub shooter, knew of her husbands militant plans before he launched the June 2016 attack in Orlando that left 49 victims dead and 58 wounded. In her own written account, Noor Salman admits to knowing of his plans as they developed and, on the night of the attack, being aware that he was heading to the club to kill.

(Jan 12 2018) - 4th Foreign Imam Promotes Hatred - on Visa in U.S.
NORTH CAROLINA -- (www.IslamWatch.org) The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) has yet again discovered an extremist imam who delivered an anti-Semitic sermon in Arabic, this time in Raleigh, NC. The imam, Syrian-born Abdullah Khadra, spoke on December 8, 2017the same day as the violent sermon delivered by Aymen Elkasaby in New Jersey, and that of Raed Saleh Al-Rousan in Houston, which followed the Trump administration's acknowledgment of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

(Jan 10 2018) - Professional Ignorance by Bill Warner
AMERICA -- (www.PoliticalIslam.com) This is a talk given to political leaders. It covers how universities, law enforcement, clergy, politicians and military are not protecting our civilization via their professional ignorance. Institutions are failing and not doing their due diligence to learn and explain the true nature of political Islam. The problem is not Islam. We are the problem.

(Jan 07 2018) - No denying U.S. Muslim population explosion
AMERICA -- (www.OneNewsNow.com) A recent study reveals that migration and high birthrates are increasing Americas Muslim population by 100,000 annually, with nearly 3.5 million Islamic adherents currently residing in the United States. Even though some figures show that only 1.1 percent of the total U.S. population is currently Muslim, Pew Research Center notes that the 3.45 million Muslims in the U.S. up from 3.31 million in 2016 is quickly surpassing and catching up to other religious groups. [O]ur projections suggest that the U.S. Muslim population will grow much faster than the countrys Jewish population, Pew Research Center reported.

(Jan 07 2018) - Sharia for New Year's
U.S.A. -- (www.GateStoneInstitute.org) The same reporters and commentators who insist that it is absurd to worry about sharia coming to the West are, in fact, ideologically arm-in-arm with those in authority who are aggressively introducing sharia-style laws in the West, prosecuting speech that violates those laws, and issuing dark warnings -- in tones unbefitting public officials in a free country -- that you had better learn to be sharia-compliant or you will be sorry. The real lesson of all this is that we had better learn to be aggressive in our resistance to this proliferation of sharia-influenced prohibitions or we will, indeed, end up being very, very sorry.

(Jan 03 2018) - ISIS at Metropolitan Museum of Art and at WTC
NEW YORK -- (www.PamelaGeller.com) Of course they are taunting us. And why not? We elected a mayor who dismantled critical counter-terror programs, which led to the mass murder of eight people on Halloween. Of course, more is coming. Perhaps jihad-aligned Mayor de Blasio can ask his terror pal Linda Sarsour for a sit-down with these misunderstood savages. COPS are hunting alleged Islamic state supporters who took selfies on the streets of New York alongside ISIS logos. Among the chilling images is a recruit holding a phone bearing the terror groups flag in the shadow of the rebuilt World Trade Center.

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