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Muster Right Here© - Apr 24, 2023
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack

Stand at EASE!!!

The longer the demoncraps stay in power, the more our country declines. The quality of services, the attitude of people in service industries, the moral integrity of even some of our legitimately elected, much less those fraudulently empowered, from jobama and his merry band of cesspool sludge, to the lowest corrupt city council crook is, frequently truly, reprehensible and, sometimes, evil.

Un-COVER!!! Individual prayer or contemplation.
In Jesus' Name I pray, HOOOAAAAHHH!!!! COVER!! SEATS!!!

An example of this kind of decline, bakersfield inn and suites definitely falls way below the level of what Priceline offers the public. Among other ammenities offered, but not delivered are telephones in rooms, breakfast and free wi-fi. Priceline should remove them from their web site until these things are corrected. In addition, I killed 8 roaches, 28 other bugs, installed an electronic pest repeller and applied boric acid. This dump is remeniscent of motHELL 6, in porterville, where the roaches would fight you for a crust of bread. These would not only do that but would (also) play roachdeer games all over the room.

What differentiates this dump (which shall be dubbed, hereinafter, the roach motel) from motHELL 6 is that (so far) we have not missed any property and the staff seems more personable. Of course, this is only our first day. On first look, it seems to be a nice place. Some remodelling is in progress, but the old maxim about the book and its cover DEFINITELY applies.

Being an observant type, which has saved my 6 more than a few times, I noticed some rather unusual traffic at one of the rooms. Maybe this guy has a lot of friends but a more suspicious mind might infer the possibility of some kind of commercial enterprise, having to do with entertainment or pharmaceuticals.

Not accusing, just noticing. ... Sergeant Mack

Not accusing, just noticing. Either way, Priceline (ultimately did) cancel this booking, for cause and find us a better "shelter from the storms". If anyone knows of such, for longer duration and better price please contact me. ssg6mack@gmail.com, Will answer all msgs.

By the way, I don't plug target, as they are woke, which is broke, no joke. But I was looking for a hanging clothes rack (among the other deficiencies, the "roach motel" had no clothes hanging facilities) and, not wanting to keep the "Li'l Corporal" waiting and being close to a target and unsually finding an electric cart there (sometimes more often than Walmart) I checked it out. To my pleasant surprise, they had almost exactly what I wanted, for under $10. If you have time PLEASE check somewhere else but there it is.

By the way, assembly is required which, fortunately, even though I used to not be able to spel enginir, nou I are 1, so it fals w/in mi abilitees. All kidding aside, the instructions are simple & it practically falls together.

Speaking of woke, my latest info is that pepsi has gone woke and that wal-mart has yeilded to the pressure and is selling 1 or more (woke) in-apropriate books ...

Speaking of woke, my latest info is that pepsi has gone woke and that wal-mart has yeilded to the pressure and is selling 1 or more (woke) in-apropriate books that should be kept away from anyone under 18 (or, preferrably) 38. So, now, I guess I need to find a new drink and department store.

Someone needs to create a newsletter called "The Unwoke" (I give you the name, freely) listing (accurately) the companies who are decent, with whom you may do business, without supporting the cesspool sludge. I'd subscribe and give gift subscriptions. Anyone having reliable info on this subject, please submit it and I will, in the interim, endeavor to relay it. As far as I know, Chick Filet is still straight. Hope they stay the course.

So, back to our scheduled class of educating the educable and trying to penetrate the granite skulls of the woke and other intellectually impaired unfortunates and trying to save the demoncrats.

When are the Republicans and other Conservatives going to FIGHT BACK!!!??? ... Sergeant Mack

And, speaking of demoncRATS or (more accurately) demonEXCREMENT, it is still up to its usual tricks of destroying the Constitution, shredding the fabric of decent society and supporting our enemies, foreign and domestic. When are the Republicans and other Conservatives going to FIGHT BACK!!!???

This is a fight for the life of our country and the future of every American citizen!!! Stop your petty in-fighting and selfish jockying for power!!! Get behind the 1 person with a proven track record of success, in spite of your lack of support and shameful opposition.

If this country goes down the toilet, it will be YOUR doing, to YOUR eternal shame and YOUR posterity that suffers from it.


On your FEET!!! Un-COVER !!

Again, I thank You, Heavenly Father, for the many undeserved blessings and, especially for the Gift and Sacrifice of Your Son Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior in Whose Name I pray, HOOOAAAHHH!!!


Sgt Mack Out closing station and leaving the air.

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