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From: Pastor Steve Walker -- valleyoak@ocsnet.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 02 Jun 2020, 08:00 AM
Subject: Prayer Rally At Porterville City Hall
Dear Editor, I am Steve Walker, pastor at Valley Oak Community Church and chaplain for the Porterville Police and Fire Departments. As you are all aware of the events that have taken place in our communities locally as well as across the nation we are a people in need of Gods heart infusing the hearts of people all around. So with that in mind I would like to ask you, your staff, your congregations, your friends and anyone else who has a heart to see peace and order to gather tonight in front of City Hall for a Prayer Rally at 6:00 pm. This will be a time of showing support for our First Responders, City Leaders and our community through praying together.
Respectfully ... Pastor Steve Walker : From Valley Oak Community Church, Porterville, CA.

From: John Hardin -- jshardin@ocsnet.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 20 May 2020, 19:30 PM
Subject: Porterville City Council M.I.A.
Dear Editor, Tuesday May 19th, hundreds of people showed up in front of City Hall to protest the Governors stay-at-home order as well as the Porterville City Councils lack of support for suffering small businesses within the City limits. The City was notified in advance about the protest and the Porterville Recorder ran a front-page story about the protest several days in advance. Protestors were in front of City Hall for nearly 2 hours. How many current City Council members came out to speak with the protestors about their concerns? That number was exactly ZERO !!!
Respectfully ... John Hardin : From Porterville, CA.

From: John Hardin -- jshardin@ocsnet.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 14 May 2020, 10:30 PM
Subject: Planned Protest at Porterville City Hall
Dear Editor, There is a planned protest in front of Portervilles City Hall on Tuesday May 19th @ noon. The issue is Porterville City Halls lack of support for local business. You are starting to see many cities in California (Visalia as an example) start to pass ordinances saying that ALL BUSINESS IS ESSENTIAL !!! We expect Porterville to do the same. The Governors order is not only Unconstitutional but unfair. He is basically saying who gets to eat and who starves.
Respectfully ... John Hardin : From Porterville, CA.

From: Pastors David & Margie Estes -- deministry.estes@gmail.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 23 Mar 2020, 20:15 PM
Dear Editor, As I was in prayer this week an old hymn came to mind and my heart was stirred as I realized the profound message is still so relevant today during these unprecedented and challenging times. The hymn is entitled, In Times Like These. It was written in 1944 during perils times during World War II by Kye Fleming and Dennis Morgan. Today, we are waging yet another world war with a contagious disease, COVID-19. Yet as we experience what is happening around the world, we need to pause and take time each day to embrace the powerful and reassuring message of this hymn and many others like it.
Respectfully ... Pastors David & Margie Estes : From Strathmore, CA.

From: Pastor Randy Minnick -- randyminnick@springvillewireless.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 16 Oct 2019, 07:30 AM
Subject: Be Not Deceived !!! Burger King Curse !!!
Dear Editor, A few days ago, my wife and I stopped into Burger King for lunch. We ordered and enjoyed our combo meal. When I went back for a Coke refill, I happened to look at the cup itself. After a few moments of looking at the entire black with red cup, it was easy to see that there was a red flaming hand that occupied at least half of one side. Then, printed at the bottom of one side, was this: BKURSED. I love anagrams and puzzles but couldn't arrive to any conclusion other than "Burger King...something somthing". So ...
Respectfully ... Pastor Randy Minnick : From Springville, CA.

From: Joe Bialek -- jgbialek2@roadrunner.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 24 May 2019, 07:20 AM
Subject: Life begins at the point of conception
Dear Editor, No one can deny that after a human being is conceived it will develop into the very same being as those debating this issue. What astounds me is that those who favor abortion went through an identical development stage as the being they are condemning to death. Would these very same people agree that a similar choice should have been made about their own existence? How many human lives have been lost that could have added to our society in so many ways?
Respectfully ... Joe Bialek : From Cleveland, OH.

From: Bob Inabinette -- bobeye9931@hughes.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 02 Mar 2019, 07:48 AM
Subject: Farewell To England
Dear Editor, This is an interesting "Farewell to England" list of Islamic accomplishments in that country that I thought might give you a better understanding of the insidiousness of Hijrah; that's the takeover of a nation without going to war. Don't think for a moment that America is not a target or that there are no American cities where Islamic and Sharia victories and takeovers have already occurred. It's time for border control, or start planning for a very big goodbye America party ! Here's what has already happened to England within a few years of opening their borders without entry control. Thanks ... Bob Inabinette : From Springville, CA.

From: Reginaldo Cornejo -- tkwrite@peoplepc.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 29 Nov 2018, 07:15 AM
Subject: Seats Stolen by Illegally Voting
Dear Editor, Since many Americans keep saying that many voters voted illegally during the 2018 midterm elections, I decided to do some research on my own states new laws that were allegedly created to help more US citizens vote in my home state of California. The two laws I decided to research and study were written and passed in 2013 and 2015 during the Obama Administrations era and current Democrat controlled California legislature and Governor Browns era. Although these law were allegedly written to make it easier for US citizens to vote in California, I found that these two laws were written to purposely work in tandem to basically, from what I gathered during my research, evidently ignore and circumvent Federal guidelines and laws that control the issuing of United States drivers licenses and protect the integrity of American elections.
Thanks ... Reginaldo Cornejo : From Porterville, CA.

From: Joe Bialek -- jgbialek2@gmail.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 30 Oct 2018, 08:15 PM
Subject: Midterm Elections - Rise and Vote !
Dear Editor, As a life-long registered voter it is my hope that the citizens of the United States will make the effort to vote in what many consider to be perhaps the most important election in the history of this country. Just as with my fellow countrypersons I am not satisfied with the direction our nation is going specifically when it comes to healthcare {pre-existing conditions}, the economy {stagnant wages}, immigration {bias}. education {teacher pensions} and gun regulation {AR-15 and bump stocks}. We as a society have also seen a rise in sexual harassment and abuse as well as hate of African Americans, Hispanics and Jews. Thanks ... Joe Bialek : From Cleveland, OH.

From: Bob Inabinette -- bobeye@exede.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 18 Oct 2018, 07:25 AM
Subject: President Trump's Authority Over Immigration
Dear Editor, One of the main reasons Donald Trump was elected as POTUS was his promise to solve our immigration problem. His biggest test is coming with the herd of illegal immigrants that is on the way to our Southern border. Few people are aware that prior to WWll the primary duty of the US Army was to guard our Southern border. Today we have 1,094,456 troops stationed in the contiguous USA and 20,000 in Alaska with none of them assigned to our border.
Thanks ... Bob Inabinette : From Porterville, CA.

From: Joe Bialek -- jgbialek2@roadrunner.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 11 Dec 2017, 21:17 PM
Subject: Sexual Harassment
Dear Editor, This letter is in response to the articles covering the sexual harassment allegations made against men in the media and government throughout the United States. To all males living in this country I issue a collective statement: enough already! Who are you to impose your sexual desires on someone because they did not give you their consent? Once again we are witnessing those in authority positions taking advantage of the situation. Resignation is the least you can do. Prosecution is the best we can do...and we will. Thanks ... Joe Bialek : From Cleveland, OH.

From: Don McDougall -- donfloriemcdougall1@gmail.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 17 Mar 2017, 10:25 AM
Subject: Build a Water Pipe Line
Dear Editor, Yea I know everybody's up in arms about the proposed pipeline out west. For me I don't think we need it right now but in the future who knows. But guess what! I say build a pipeline from Alaska to Texas but not for oil for water. One more thing everybody is talking about is global warming caused by people or nature it doesn't matter the glaciers are melting. All this clean fresh water is just running into the seas or oceans. Thanks ... Don McDougall : From outside of Porterville, CA.

From: Bob Inabinette -- bobeye@exede.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 01 Dec 2016, 19:43 PM
Subject: The McCarran Walter Act of 1952
Dear Editor, Here is my open letter to Congressman Kevin McCarthy re: the McCarran Walter Act of 1952. Hello Kevin, I hope this information gets to President-elect Trump and to Congress. You will see why when you read it. This has been around before but it appears to be something that we should review again. McCarran-Walter Act Of 1952 Oh, By the Way ... Wouldn't it be interesting if, at some point during the Presidential campaign, one of the candidates asked, "Oh, by the way, has anyone in Washington DC ever heard of the McCarran-Walter Act Of 1952? Thanks ... Bob Inabinette : From Porterville, CA.

From: Joe Bialek -- jgbialek2@roadrunner.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 19 Nov 2016, 08:58 AM
Subject: Electoral College
Dear Editor, The framers of the US Constitution created the Electoral College as a result of a compromise for the presidential election process. During the debate, some delegates felt that a direct popular election would lead to the election of each states favorite son and none would emerge with sufficient popular majority to govern the country. Other delegates felt that giving Congress the power to select the president would deny the people their right to choose. After all, the people voted for their representatives to the federal legislature. The compromise was to set up an Electoral College system that allowed voters to vote for electors, who would then cast their votes for candidates, a system described in Article II, section 1 of the Constitution. Thanks ... Joe Bialek : From Cleveland, OH.

From: Reginaldo Cornejo -- tkwrite@peoplepc.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 01 Nov 2016, 22:08 PM
Subject: This National Election is Truly Significant
Dear Editor, Generally, I am a quiet, rarely out-spoken individual but this national election is truly significant. I seriously doubt that I have clout to persuade any other voter but it is worth a try. Early on, in the last presidential election, I decided that I wanted Newt Gingrich for my candidate, for he had already had experience, twice, in balancing the budget. He had served in Washington; therefore, knew what the pressures, private-interest groups might be, and still was willing to carry the responsibility. With his background in American history, he could have well-served these past four years. Thanks ... Glenda S. Mead : From Porterville, CA.

From: Reginaldo Cornejo -- tkwrite@peoplepc.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 19 Oct 2016, 17:07 PM
Subject: Legally Speaking on Donald Trump's Behalf
Dear Editor, I decided to write this legal type post because I am tired of seeing women accusers and the Left Wing Media passing off Gossip as facts to sway America's voters by telling tall tales about sexual in counters where allegedly Mr. Trump sexually attacked these women, or walked in on them while they were dressing. To prove these stories have no legitimacy and are mere gossip pieces that belong on puff shows like Wendy and the View, I am going to fill you in on the legal conduct needed to determine a controversy of this sort, or any case in a US COURT. First of all, if these gossip pieces had any merit, Mr. Trump would have been arrested by now, and have been disqualified by law from his candidacy by America's suffrage Laws. Thanks ... Reginaldo Cornejo : From Porterville, CA.

From: Reginaldo Cornejo -- tkwrite@peoplepc.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 16 Oct 2016, 10:26 AM
Subject: The Power Brokers vs The People
Dear Editor, I apologize for the length of this post, but as a proud American citizen, of one legal immigrant parent and a Native American mother, who grew respecting our government and holding America's Democracy in high esteem, I now find myself disgusted and embarrassed for our country and it's legal citizens because of this years election for President. Here is what I have to say to these power brokers et al, or the politicians, false witnesses, Democrats, RINOs, Rich Hollywood wanna be so called actors ... Thanks ... Reginaldo Cornejo : From Porterville, CA.

From: Paul Harvey : Posthumously ...
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 30 Aug 2016, 07:50 AM
Subject: If I Were The Devil
Dear Editor, If I were the devil, I wouldnt be happy until I had seized the ripest apple on the treeThee. So Id set about however necessary to take over the United States. Id subvert the churches firstI would begin with a campaign of whispers. With the wisdom of a serpent, I would whisper to you as I whispered to Eve: Do as you please. Do as you please. To the young, I would whisper, The Bible is a myth. Thanks ... Paul Harvey : Posthumously : From Heaven

From: Roy Lingard -- dragnil@sbcglobal.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 12 Jul 2016, 22:08 PM
Subject: Traitors to the country USA
Dear Editor, It time to say it like it is Obama is a muslim and is supporting the most corrupt politician in this country Clinton !!! They must be stopped at all cost !!! Do you want more of Obama and his corrupted rasheam of muslim and communism ? Obama hates this country and Clinton will follow in his footsteps. Clinton and her husband are corrupted politicians ... check out the Clinton foundation. Thanks ... Roy Lingard : From Porterville, CA.

From: Rev. Benjamin V. F. Brown -- BenjaminVFBrown@aol.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 29 Jun 2016, 08:59 AM
Subject: Rev. Benjamin V. F. Brown on Senate Bill 1146
Dear Editor, Senate Bill 1146 is designed to force all "Christian" Universities in the State of California into changing their education standards, so that no student will be required to take any courses that require them to read the Bible or go to the school's Chapel. This Bill also hinders the schools ability to make decisions on admission. The schools would have to adhere to a politically correct admission policy. They could no longer consider the morality (or lack there of) of a student when deciding upon admittance. Thanks ... Rev. Benjamin V. F. Brown : From outside of Porterville, CA.

From: Patrick Greene -- greenep7@gmail.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 06 Jun 2016, 08:09 AM
Subject: Lawsuit Against Porterville for Anti-Gay Voting
Dear Editor, This letter has been sent to all city council members in Porterville ... As the governing body of the city you have made it crystal clear publicly throughout the last 8 years, that you feel total contempt toward the lesbian, gay, bi, and transgender citizens of Porterville. You have also made it clear that the religious beliefs of the members of the community who espouse religious beliefs of bigotry and hatred, are more important to you than the rest of the citizens whose rights you are trampling on. Thanks ... Patrick Greene : From outside of Porterville, CA.

From: Jim Horn -- nyandjim@yahoo.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 25 Feb 2016, 22:35 PM
Subject: Apple vs FBI
Dear Editor, The FBI wants Apple to open a truck sized door into their Apple systems so that the FBI (and by proxy anyone else) can go in and snoop into anybodys encrypted - private communications. Encryption is for privacy. Encryption used to be the exclusive purview of government agencies to keep secrets from people. Increasingly, people are fearful of a government who goes snooping into their private affairs and violating their Fourth Amendment rights without a court order or a court hearing, just for shits and giggles, a violation of the First Amendment. Ignoring a judges order, Apple has told the FBI to shove it. I stand with Apple. Thanks ... Jim Horn : From outside of Porterville, CA.

From: Holly Deyo -- holly@standeyo.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 11 Jan 2016, 07:30 AM
Subject: An Open letter to Donald Trump
Dear Mr. Trump, Democrats say you don't have the detail. You don't have a plan. I'd like to know one past President, just one, that could stand alone and have all the answers. No one. They aren't God. That's why Presidents have advisors. A Cabinet. Intelligence agencies. Briefings. Oh yeah, Obama opts out of these. Presidents consult people, unlike Obama who mistakenly thinks he's omniscient. Like you said, he racks up plenty of experience on the golf course, but has no knowledge of how to unify America. Or, doesn't choose to He's made us more divided than ever since the Civil War. Thanks ... Holly Deyo : From outside of Porterville, CA.

From: Jim Horn -- nyandjim@yahoo.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 08 Dec 2015, 08:53 AM
Subject: Donald Trump and visas for Moslems
Dear Editor, The creator of the cult of Islam, Mohammed established the contract of the Dhimma whereby Christians and Jews could be protected and not be forced to convert to Islam. There are two key parts of this Dhimmi status that you need to know: First, is that the dhimmis must pay protection money every year to keep from being tormented or killed. To the Mafia it was just that simple protection money the Arabs call it the jizya tax. Thanks ... Jim Horn : From outside of Porterville, CA.

From: Jim Horn -- nyandjim@yahoo.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 10 Aug 2015, 06:28 AM
Dear Editor, The Issue of illegal immigration has not and will not go away until the Congress acts affirmatively. We have been facing this issue since 1964 when a Bracero visa program ended. Millions of Mexicans had worked under the program which provided laborers, primarily in the agricultural sector. When the program ended, there was nothing to replace it, and chaos began. Big agriculture the farming conglomerates such as Heinz (tomato products), Green Giant (canned vegetables), Cargill, Pillsbury, General Mills, etc. all wanted cheap labor. Thanks ... Jim Horn : From outside of Porterville, CA.

From: Jim Horn -- nyandjim@yahoo.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 17 Jul 2015, 11:54 AM
Subject: Obama's Accord with Iran
Dear Editor, Earlier this week, I watched Obama proudly proclaim the nuclear accord that he and his sycophant, John Chamberlain Kerry, had reached with Iran. Obama stated in part, ... because of this deal, the international community will be able to verify that the Islamic Republic of Iran will not be able to develop a nuclear weapon. Obama lied! His message was a classic example of Moslem double speak. His message to the world of Islam was clear: Iran has won the unfettered right to pursue its development of a nuclear arsenal without American interference. Obama is carrying out the will of Mohammeds Allah. Thanks ... Jim Horn : From outside of Porterville, CA.

From: Marty Ferguson -- pacsffans@gmail.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 23 Jun 2015, 16:18 PM
Subject: Tour of Duty in Porterville
Dear Editor, Since 2007, on several occasions, I have seen people (families?) with a distinctive Middle Eastern look cruising around or parked in major store parking lots (Wal-Mart, Target, etc.) in recreational vehicles. It doesn't take much today to imagine that our enemies and terrorists are touring through ALL of The United States and checking out possible targets of opportunity for attack. I used to drive by power substations, radio stations, cable company offices, even police and fire departments here in town without a second thought. Thanks ... Marty Ferguson : From Porterville, CA.

From: Gregory N. Senff -- greg.senff@gmail.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 23 Apr 2015, 09:04 AM
Subject: Minature Shrimp wash up on Point Mugu Beach
Dear Editor, Today (April 22) my wife, grandson and I were at Point Mugu Beach Ca. We were out walking towards the light surf and notice these groupings of tiny minature shrimp that had washed up. The further we walked along the surf we relized the shrimp were down the beach as far as you could see. I've never seen that in my 64 years and I've spent a lot of time enjoying the beach. Anyway thought you might be interested in this phenomenon. I'm sending three images from my phone. Thanks ... Gregory N. Senff : From Point Mugu Beach, CA.

From: Robert Laity -- robertlaity@roadrunner.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 09 Apr 2015, 06:37 AM
Subject: To The NY State Board of Elections
Dear Editor, I sent the following to the NY State Board of Elections re: Senator Ted Cruz. It has been reported that Ted Cruz has collected 31 Million Dollars in Campaign funds. Whether you want to admit it or not Ted Cruz is NOT a Natural-Born Citizen of the United States of America. It is YOUR DUTY and OBLIGATION to enforce the Constitution of the United States. A Natural-Born Citizen is one that is BORN IN THE UNITED STATES to PARENTS who are BOTH Americans themselves. Thanks ... Robert C. Laity : Founder and President of the Society for the Preservation of our American Republic

From: Jerry Pundt -- jgpundt@hotmail.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 23 Oct 2014, 07:25 AM
Subject: Measure B vs PUSD General Budget
Dear Editor, I like to let your readers in on an interesting debate concerning Measure B and whether general funds can be used for building repairs as opposed to asking for another $67 million dollar bond. First I am told by PUSD board member Dave DePaoli that PUSD can absolutely use general funds for repairs the district claims they need. Mr. DePaoli says that putting 5% of the general budget towards building projects is completely attainable and can be done without asking tax payers for any additional money.
Thanks ... Jerry Pundt - jgpundt@hotmail.com from Porterville, CA.

From: Robert Inabinette -- bobeye@hughes.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 29 Jun 2014, 13:12 AM
Subject: Reviewing the Dick Act of 1902
Dear Editor, I think it would be a good idea if your readers would review the Dick Act of 1902, and contact their Congressional leaders about this too. The Dick Act of 1902 also known as the Efficiency of Militia Bill H.R. 11654 of June 28, 1902 invalidates all so-called gun-control laws. It also divides the militia into three distinct and separate entities.
Thanks ... Robert Inabinette - bobeye@hughes.net from Springville, CA.

From: John Chookasian -- chook3@qnis.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 08 Apr 2014, 06:43 AM
Subject: Music to Madness : A Documentary Film
Dear Editor, I hope this finds you and your Porterville Post news staffs in the best of health. I am sending you information about the showing of the "Music to Madness" Documentary Bishop Komitas Film. Would you please send this film information to the people on your E-mail list, Calendar and an article in your newspapers. It will be very much appreciated. Thank you very much for your efforts and assistance for this important cultural documentary film. Best wishes and much success in your very important journalistic work for our Central Valley community.
Thanks ... John Chookasian - chook3@qnis.net from Fresno, CA.

From: Daniel Riles -- danielriles@hotmail.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 02 Mar 2014, 19:03 PM
Subject: "Left" and "Right"
Dear Editor, Here's a little Bible study for your readers. Remember what Jesus said to the 'Goats on the left, sheep on the right'. And to Peter, 'if you want to catch fish do it from the RIGHT side of the boat. They did and filled the boat. Now, for the origin of Left & Right ... I have often wondered why it is that Conservatives are called the "RIGHT" and Liberals are called the "left". Thanks ... Daniel Riles - danielriles@hotmail.com from Porterville, CA.

From: Glenn H. Rider -- ghdr-benz@sbcglobal.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 27 Nov 2013, 05:16 AM
Subject: Climate Status Report
Dear Editor, The United Nations recently issued the Global Climate Status Report produced by scientists with the Space and Science Research Corporation (SSRC) ... "Of the 24 global climate parameters evaluated by the SSRC, 20 show a global cooling trend, 3 show a global warming trend, 1 shows a neutral trend" as explains in the report's summary. Also, " ... the integrated global atmospheric and oceanic temperatures, both indicate a declining global temperature trend is in place ... This singular fact is conclusive evidence to restate that global warming, as a natural phase of climate variation caused by the sun, has ended." Thanks ... Glenn H. Rider - ghdr-benz@sbcglobal.net from Hanford, CA.

From: Talkshoe Gary -- CirrusStrategies@aol.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 04 Nov 2013, 09:50 AM
Subject: Good Insight on Talkshoe Internet Call
Dear Editor, I heard you Sunday night for the first time on the talkshoe internet call. Your insight was very good. You touched on some subjects that were very concerning to me. I wish you could have been more detailed but I understand why you could not be. I have been reading over your website (PortervillePost.com). I can tell you have a detailed understanding of what is taking place. Keep up the good work. I wish you lived in my county. Talkshoe Gary -- CirrusStrategies@aol.com from outside of the Porterville Area

From: Michael W. Jarvis -- jarviseutics@netzero.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 15 Apr 2013, 08:35 AM
Subject: Open letter to the US Supreme Court
Dear Editor, An open letter to the US Supreme Court, RE: proposed legal rights for those that practice homosexual sex. Honorable US Supreme Court Justices, "Homosexual civil rights" is an oxymoron. Popular support and practice of homosexuality puts humans on the endangered species list. Homosexuality is the ultimate anti-civil behavior since homo + homo = 0 +/- HIV AIDS! Those that practice homosexuality already have the right to be civil just as they have the right to choose homosexual sex, which is non-compulsory in that one can choose to abstain from sexual relations just as one can choose what kind of sex to engage in and with whom or what within the law; (children never an option). This means they do not qualify for minority status protection. Michael W. Jarvis -- jarviseutics@netzero.com from outside of the Porterville Area

From: Rebecca Underwood -- blanketsforbabies1@gmail.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 22 Mar 2013, 02:18 AM
Subject: Blankets For Babies
Dear Editor, I created a non-profit group to make blankets for the babies in Children's Hospital Central California. We are making tie blankets, quilts, crochet. Pretty much any size. Our group is called Blankets for Babies. And we will be making trips periodically to CHCC to drop off the blankets we create. Rebecca Underwood -- blanketsforbabies1@gmail.com from outside of the Porterville Area

From: Dave Millhouse -- davemillhouse@sbcglobal.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 06 Nov 2012, 20:56 PM
Subject: Re-Elected A Marxist
Dear Editor, I am very sad tonight for my Country. We have re-elected a Marxist for a second term in the White House. But that isn't what makes me sad - what makes me sad is that almost half of the voters said OK to our government not following our Constitution (it says in the Constitution that the Country will pass a Federal Budget every year), agreed to a trillion dollar deficit for the next 10 years Dave Millhouse -- davemillhouse@sbcglobal.net from outside of the Porterville Area

From: Maria Ferraz -- ferfe66@gmail.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 25 Sep 2012, 18:07:18 PM
Subject: The Polemical Papyrus
Dear Editor, Karen King (Harvard university) recently presented an ancient papyrus fragment that caused worldwide sensation as it refers to the "wife" of Jesus. But Professor Francis Watson, (Durham University), argues that it's a patchword of texts from the Gospel of Thomas: "The Gospel of Jesus's Wife is a modern forgery". Other Coptic experts are critical of its appearance, grammar, script, lack of context, and ambiguous origins. Maria Ferraz -- ferfe66@gmail.com from outside of the Porterville Area

From: Bob Inabinette -- bobeye@hughes.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 23 Jul 2012, 04:01 AM
Subject: AMERICA'S HUNTERS -- Pretty Amazing !
Dear Editor, We have "The world's largest army ... America's hunters!" I had never thought about this ... A blogger added up the deer license sales in just a handful of states and arrived at a striking conclusion : There were over 600,000 hunters this season in the state of Wisconsin. Allow me to restate that number : 600,000 over the last several months, Wisconsin's hunters became the eighth largest army in the world.
Sincerely ... Bob Inabinette bobeye@hughes.net from Springville, CA.

From: Rodney Martin -- rodney@rodneymartin.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 28 Jun 2012, 07:54:16 AM
Dear Editor, Today, a Corporatist Supreme Court joined a Corporatist President and Congress in transferring an enormous power that would appall the likes of Washington, Jefferson and Franklin. With the Supreme Courts codification that the Central Government plutocracy in Washington can compel citizens to purchase anything it deems appropriate, which benefits its corporate benefactors, our so called "Republic" today officially exceeded its intent. The great question is do "Americans" have the character of the likes of Washington, Jefferson and Franklin to do something real about the tyranny that rules us today in 2012, that is far worse than that of George III in 1776.
Thanks ... Rodney Martin - rodney@rodneymartin.com from the Porterville area

From: Glenn H. Rider -- ghdr-benz@sbcglobal.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 10 Jun 2012, 16:40:43 PM
Subject: Null and Void
Dear Editor, Some people are dissatisfied with the action of Congress, the President, and the government in general. So what is the problem? Unconstitutional legislation from Congress, and or Executive Orders from the President! So how do we solve these problems that probably seven out of ten citizens are oblivious to? Thanks ... Glenn H. Rider - ghdr-benz@sbcglobal.net from Hanford, CA.

From: Lisa Justiniano -- evacat66@gmail.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 23 May 2012, 09:06:02 AM
Subject: Vaccines, Cancer, Autism and Infertility
Dear Editor, I'd like to quote a few leading experts about, vaccines, cancer, autism and infertility. "The chief - if not the sole - cause of the monstrous increase in cancer has been vaccination" (Dr. Robert Bell, once Vice President International Society for Cancer Research). Also the (now deceased) head of vaccines at Merck, Dr. Maurice Hillerman, admitted that all of Merck's vaccines are contaminated with cancer and other viruses, and Hepatitis B vaccines, with a virus that caused the AIDS epidemic in the US. Thanks ... Lisa Justiniano - evacat66@gmail.com from Madrid Spain

From: Rodney Martin -- rodney@rodneymartin.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 13 May 2012, 06:23:28 PM
Subject: Reply to Porterville Recorders Questions
Dear Editor, I wish to take the opportunity to answer the questions you "wish you could have asked" this week's candidate forum. First let me correct you, Monday's Forum was the second Forum, the first being hosted by the Porterville Area Republican Assembly. A forum, ignored by the Recorder. A major disappointment with the joint Recorder-KTIP-Chamber forum was the lack of dynamic questions that reflect real issues. Many of the questions asked were the same questions asked in 2010.
Thanks ... Rodney Martin - rodney@rodneymartin.com from the Porterville area

From: John Owens -- jackowens5328@sbcglobal.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 07 May 2012, 03:07:00 PM
Subject: Soft Porn in Porterville Public Library
Dear Editor, I came across your web-site and, on the basis of your willingness to categorize yourself and the site itself as conservative/Christian, we may be able to support each other. The Porterville Public Library has a subscription to the magazine "Cosmopolitan" which has become pornographic and is available to patrons of all ages. (See Red-Hot Read, (PDF) an ongoing feature of the magazine.) Thanks ... John Owens - jackowens5328@sbcglobal.net from the Porterville area

From: Eva M Catalan -- evacat66@gmail.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 16 Apr 2012, 09:12:25 AM
Subject: Music, Fame and Hell
Dear Editor, In pop music certain elements invoke sinister "behind the scenes" practices, as dark rituals, initiations, pacts and mind control methods. Tiffany Evans, a music industry "insider" comments: "I really wish I could tell you what this industry really is and what stars are apart of destroying this world. The stars who worship Satan, and those who have killed to get the respect they have now. Satan uses influential people ... to help influence the world. Thanks ... Eva M Catalan - evacat66@gmail.com from Barcelona Spain

From: Bob Inabinette -- bobeye@hughes.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 30 Mar 2012, 01:51:24 AM
Subject: Short Range Transit Plan
Dear Editor, Normally I would not stick my nose into Porterville City business since I don't live there. The invitation came to me when it was disclosed that the $550,000 cost is funded by state and federal funds. I contribute, un-voluntarily, to both of these funds. The other point you may ponder on is that both our state and federal government is bankrupt! Well shucks, that is easily solved! We can raise the debt ceiling and borrow some more money from China!
Sincerely ... Bob Inabinette bobeye@hughes.net from Springville, CA.

From: Bob Inabinette -- bobeye@hughes.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 22 Mar 2012, 04:19:18 AM
Subject: Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome - Here & There
Dear Editor, After reading the headlines today about the US soldier who shot up Afghanistan civilians, I couldn't help noticing an irony. There is all this clamor to try this guy quickly and execute him, never mind his having suffered a traumatic brain injury. Yet this Major Hasan, who shot up Fort Hood while screaming Allah akbar, still hasn't stood trial ?
Sincerely ... Bob Inabinette bobeye@hughes.net from Springville, CA.

From: Bob Inabinette -- bobeye@hughes.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 09 Jan 2012, 21:26:42 PM
Subject: High Speed Rail Opposition
To: Supervisor Mike Ennis, I notice from the paper {Porterville Recorder} that this subject will be on the agenda tomorrow {Jan 10th 2012} at the Board of Supervisors meeting. I want to make it clear that I am in total opposition to this boondoggle. There have been reams of data put out showing that this will only waste taxpayer money and not benefit movement of people. This comes at a time when CA governor Brown is pushing for higher taxes on the "rich" and increasing sale taxes on everyone to finance his further wasteful spending. I urge you to oppose HSR also! Sincerely ... Bob Inabinette bobeye@hughes.net from Springville, CA.

From: John Keller -- john@kellers.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 22 Dec 2011, 01:42:03 AM
Subject: Open Letter to the Republican Establishment
Dear Editor, Ron Paul's surge to the top of the polls in Iowa, and increasing likelihood that he will win is causing angst among many of you "Establishment Republicans". You are quick to try and dismiss a potential win as some sort of fluke, or owing to Independents registering to vote for him. Your typical argument against him is that "Ron Paul is too far out of the mainstream", and that his rise in the polls could be bad for Iowa's standing as the first caucus and bad for the Republican party. Let's address the idea that Ron Paul is out of the mainstream, and by implication, unelectable. Regards ... John Keller john@kellers.net from outside of Porterville, CA.

From: Bob Inabinette -- bobeye@hughes.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 07 Dec 2011, 03:22:42 AM
Subject: Jerry Brown's Tax Increase
Dear Editor, Governor Moonbeam Brown has to be brain dead or thinks that the electorate is brain dead! He is asking to raise taxes on the "rich" and sales taxes. He neglects the facts that we are already among the most over taxed states in the USA. The "rich" and many companies are fleeing CA to Nevada, Texas, Florida and other states who have no state income taxes and are business friendly. The ones who are snuggled in comfortably are the illegal aliens and other welfare recipients. Sincerely ... Bob Inabinette bobeye@hughes.net from Springville, CA.

From: Russ Waymire -- russwaymire@sbcglobal.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 06 Dec 2011, 01:51:19 AM
Subject: High Speed Rail Bait & Switch
Dear Editor, I attended the recent High Speed Rail Hanford "Bait and Switch" meeting that promoted higher cost projections, reduced Quality and reduced Quantity. Here is some important information and solutions that I'd like to share for your readers. Thanks ... Russ Waymire russwaymire@sbcglobal.net from Hanford, CA.

From: Rebecca Gervasi, M.F.T.I., Psy.D. -- rebeccanjeff@clearwire.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 30 Nov 2011, 12:45:43 PM
Subject: Richmond Tea Party being audited
Dear Editor, Yesterday, the Richmond Tea Party announced that the group is being audited by the city of Richmond. This audit "coincidentally" came after the Richmond Tea Party challenged the city for its double standard in favor of the Occupation. Thanks ... Rebecca Gervasi, M.F.T.I., Psy.D. rebeccanjeff@clearwire.net from Porterville, CA.

From: Glenn H. Rider -- ghdr-benz@sbcglobal.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 24 Sep 2011, 01:26:25 AM
Subject: Our adversary is riding on OUR wagon
Dear Editor, Many Tea Party members and supporters consider Rick Perry as just one of the Republican candidates. Unfortunately, that is a very dangerous assumption considering the fact that the U.S. is floundering on so many fronts, and the general feeling is it is not happening by accident. And they are right. This (Rick Perry's) "candidate's baggage" is INTERNATIONAL in scope. Thanks ... Glenn H. Rider - ghdr-benz@sbcglobal.net from Porterville, CA.

From: Bob Inabinette -- bobeye@hughes.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 13 Sep 2011, 19:25:07 AM
Subject: Senseless deaths of our troops
Dear Editor, My heart goes out to the family of Douglas Jeffries who was killed in Afghanistan. I know their hurt for I have lost two children of my own. I can understand young Jeffries wanting to better himself by joining the military since there was no other obvious alternative. I did the same at age 16 in 1947. It worked out differently for me and it saddens me for his fate. Thanks ... Bob Inabinette - bobeye@hughes.net from Springville, CA.

From: Tom Fuentes PTPP -- tsfuentes@springvillewireless.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 12 Sep 2011, 04:01:58 AM
Subject: My Solution to illegals in this Country
Dear Editor, Here's my solution to illegals in this country. My Family came here legally in 1920. My grandparents native language was Spanish but spoke English the best they could. they loved this country because of the unlimited opportunity it affords its people. I've studied this problem for years and come up with a very simple solution to our Illegal problem in this country. Thanks ... Tom Fuentes PTPP - tsfuentes@springvillewireless.com from Springville, CA.

From: Bob Inabinette -- bobeye@hughes.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 14 Jul 2011, 02:47:19 AM
Subject: Obama's ineligibility to serve as POTUS
Dear Editor, this is the message I sent to our Congressman Devin Nunes. I'm not sure it will do any good as he has bought the phony birth certificates in the past. Dear Devin, Evidence mounts daily that Obama is not eligible to serve as POTUS. Experts have proven that the two birth certificates submitted are phony. I do not understand why Congress totally ignores this. It's as if there is a conspiracy to keep him in office. Thanks ... Bob Inabinette - bobeye@hughes.net from Springville, CA.

From: Bob Inabinette -- bobeye@hughes.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 07 Jul 2011, 05:32:26 AM
Subject: High speed rail AKA Amtrax on steroids
Dear Editor, The CA high speed rail system was established in 1996, California High-Speed Rail Authority (HSRA). It is a costly nightmare that is supposed to begin construction in 2012 but that is doubtful because our state is broke and other issues. Some have put the cost at $50 billion and others say $273 billion and most don't even know. Thanks ... Bob Inabinette - bobeye@hughes.net from Springville, CA.

From: Bob Inabinette -- bobeye@hughes.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 30 Jun 2011, 03:14:01 PM
Subject: The elderberry and the beetle
Dear Editor, I would like to shed a little light on this subject. If I err I am sure someone will correct me. I did a little research and turned up the following information. The Valley Elderberry Longhorn Beetle (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) is a medium-sized (about 2 cm long) beetle. This beetle is associated with elderberry trees (Sambucus spp.) in California's Central Valley during its entire life cycle. Thanks ... Bob Inabinette - bobeye@hughes.net from Springville, CA.

From: Terry J. Hokanson -- terry.hokanson@tampabay.rr.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 21 Jun 2011, 04:43:29 AM
Subject: Inventor Living Under Organized Crime
Dear Editor, I'm Terry J. Hokanson, inventor of the two hundred mile per gallon automobile engine. I've always had problems with the investors side of my ideas and inventions. For example, in the late 1970s, I was attempting to create a marketing vehicle somewhat resembling the Home Shopping Network by way of mixing my movie and rock video ideas with my list of foldout furniture designs. Thanks ... Terry J. Hokanson - terry.hokanson@tampabay.rr.com from Florida

From: Eva N Ferraz -- margar225@gmail.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 20 Jun 2011, 03:58:41 AM
Subject: Jesus On Facebook
Dear Editor, Surprisingly, Jesus Daily and The Bible are the two Facebook pages most visited in our global world. Websites aiming at the promotion of prayer or teaching the content of the word of God get an average of 1.809.810 and 1.018.280 interactions and are at the top of the list against 591.682 hits for Lady Gaga or 608.900 for Justin Bieber, this in spite of their massive and free promotion. Thanks ... Eva N Ferraz - margar225@gmail.com from Barcelona Spain

From: Pilar Montalban -- monpili22@gmail.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 01 Jun 2011, 01:33:46 AM
Subject: Legalizing Assisted Suicide
Dear Editor, Pro euthanasia groups such as "Dignity in Dying" give as a reason that most of the disabled people support assisted suicide. Nothing could be further from the truth: The Scope survey conducted in the United Kingdom concludes that some 70% of those who are physically handicapped are terrified by the pressure being applied nowadays on the British Parliament in order to legalize this practice. Thanks ... Pilar Montalban monpili22@gmail.com from Barcelona Spain

From: Roy Lingard -- dragnil@sbcglobal.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 25 May 2011, 04:23:29 AM
Subject: Seal Team 6 Killed OBL not BHO
Dear Editor, Let's be clear on this: *OBAMA* did *NOT* kill bin Laden. An American sailor, who Obama just a few weeks ago was debating on whether or not to even *PAY*, did. In fact, if you remember, a little less than two years ago, his administration actually charged and attempted to *court martial* *3 Navy SEALS from* *Seal Team 6*, when a terrorist suspect they captured, complained they had punched him during the take down and bloodied his nose. Thanks ... Ed Schriber -- Col. USMC (Ret.) -- "Semper Fi" from outside of Porterville

From: Catherine E. Haag -- haag3e@yahoo.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 23 May 2011, 01:34:51 AM
Subject: Booming Noise !!!
Dear Editor, I have called in many complaints about loud booming stereos and music. More and more are getting these loud stereos, in their cars or at out door parties. The NFA shows that this loud noise can cause cardiac arrest in the elderly, it increases violent behavior, it also damages the hearing of the young and disturbs their ability to study and learn. So why do we tolerate this man made noise pollution? Thanks ... Catherine E. Haag -- haag3e@yahoo.com from Porterville

From: Glenn H. Rider -- cpalexander@cox.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 12 May 2011, 21:36:18 PM
Subject: The National Debt
Dear Editor, Now that the Republicans have control of the House of Representative, we have heard lots of talk from them about how to cut spending and still pay the interest on the national debt; how we must increase the debt limit, and borrow more money to keep from defaulting on the national debt. Or from the White House, "0ne point three Trillion more for next years budget"! Thanks ... Glenn H. Rider -- cpalexander@cox.net from Handford

From: Craig Alexander -- cpalexander@cox.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 22 Apr 2011, 09:12:21 AM
Subject: CRA Recording Secretary Responds
Dear Editor, Please feel free to post my response to a Sacramento Bee's April 20th 2011 article written by Mr. Van Oot re: the CRA's convention last weekend. In case you are doing any follow up on this article - here is a part of a blog post I did yesterday about one of the important issues at the convention - delegate seating. It's my hope that this information will be helpful to you. Thanks ... CRA Recording Secretary : Craig Alexander -- cpalexander@cox.net from Sacramento

From: Roy Lingard -- dragnil@sbcglobal.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 25 Mar 2011, 03:23:04 PM
Subject: The Passing of Common Sense
Dear Editor, today I received another e-mail that I wanted to share with your readers re: "The Passing of Common Sense". The e-mail said that this little ditty was printed in the London Times a while back. I'm not 100% sure if it really was, but all the same, it needs to be re-printed again and again and again. Thanks ... Roy Lingard -- dragnil@sbcglobal.net from the Porterville Area

From: Roy Lingard -- dragnil@sbcglobal.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 17 Mar 2011, 22:34:11 PM
Subject: Not Made in the U.S.A.
Dear Editor, my name is Roy Lingard & I get e-mails from my friends all the time about different subjects & jokes. This one that was sent to me has been circulating the internet for sometime & so I sent it to you, thinking your readers would enjoy a little truth re: unemployment, wrapped up in a lot of pain re: what's "Not Made in the U.S.A". And now, the rest of the e-mail, as Paul Harvey would say ... Enjoy, Roy Lingard -- dragnil@sbcglobal.net from the Porterville Area

From: Katrina Huckabay -- klmarsbar@yahoo.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 05 Mar 2011, 12:17:03 PM
Subject: Helping the Jackson Family
Dear Editor, my name is Katrina Huckabay and I am trying to get my friends story out into the public. We are asking or your assistance with getting them the help with a CPS case that is being wrongly portrayed. THE JACKSON FAMILY STORY : Hi, my name is Destiny, my friends and family calls me Pork Chop. A lot of prayers have gotten me to where I am today; you see I am lucky to be alive. Katrina Huckabay -- klmarsbar@yahoo.com from the Porterville Area

From: Connie Dassance -- cgup1959@yahoo.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 26 Feb 2011, 21:22:35 PM
Subject: Slaughtering our nations mustangs and burros
Dear Editor, Please let your readers know where some of their tax money is being wasted. President Obama agrees with this horrible thing that the B.L.M. is doing ... slaughtering our nations wild mustangs and burros. They would rather have cattle and sheep run on the rightful land, that we have put aside for the protection and life of these creatures of God. Their being rounded, and held in cramped pens. Connie Dassance -- cgup1959@yahoo.com from the Porterville Area

From: Ana Coronado -- juslis111@gmail.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 20 Feb 2011, 06:33:17 AM
Subject: About Pornography
Dear Editor, We must censor pornography, especially in Internet, to safeguard the psychological and moral health of society. It is now a known fact that the increase in the number of underage rapists is linked to pornography: its effect is powerful as they are more receptive to the pictures. Ana Coronado -- juslis111@gmail.com from outside of the Porterville Area

From: Mr. Main Street -- mr.main.street@portervillepost.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 04 Feb 2011, 13:30:00 AM
Subject: PSALM 2009
Dear Editor, In 2009 I wrote this poem called PSALM 2009 about the obama adminstration and my fears regarding his plans to strip main street down to a socialistic level. I was hoping I was wrong, when I wrote this but now I know I was right and pray that America wakes up before all of the main streets in America are gone or economically wiped out.
Mr. Main Street -- mr.main.street@portervillepost.com from Main Street Porterville

From: Maria Ferraz -- ferfe66@gmail.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 02 Feb 2011, 23:18:03 AM
Subject: Transgenics are dangerous to health
Dear Editor, I need your readers to know that transgenics crops are spreading worldwide. From the Green Revolution in Africa financed by Bill Gates and Rockefeller, pressure is being applied for the implantation of GMO in poor - and in not so poor - countries, threatening with the loss of American financial aid. Maria Ferraz -- ferfe66@gmail.com from outside of the Porterville Area

From: Naomi Settle -- nsettle1@yahoo.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 13 Jan 2011, 05:05:36 AM
Subject: Dominion Theology
Dear Editor, I think this article may be of interest to you and your readers. Do you think you know the history of 'Dominion Theology'? To some, 'Dominion Theology' might be a standard heresy, as for most of the twentieth century the prevailing eschatology (doctrine of the end times) is premillenialism (teaches that the second coming will take place before, not after, the thousand year reign). Is it time to rethink this? I urge you to take a close look at this article: a compelling and brief study as to how we, as Christians, are called upon to have an active role to usher in God's kingdom. Naomi Settle -- nsettle1@yahoo.com from outside of the Porterville Area

From: Naomi Settle -- nsettle1@yahoo.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 06 Jan 2011, 16:25:34 PM
Subject: The Purpose Behind Engineered Economic Collapse
Dear Editor, As a CPA for over 20 years, I have a strong interest in understanding the deception causing the financial woes in this great country of ours. I felt Lucky to find this article, {The Purpose Behind Engineered Economic Collapse by Giordano Bruno} which I believe your readers will enjoy, as it makes plain the elite's goal of 'World Government'. Time well spent reading this one, for these issues are often made overly complex and impossible to understand. We are still a free enough people to take hold of our liberty and exercise it! Naomi Settle -- nsettle1@yahoo.com from outside of the Porterville Area

From: Maulana Abrar Alam -- abraralam@peaceinworld.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 28 Sep 2010, 15:00:14 AM
Subject: Religious United Nations in Karachi, Pakistan
Respected Editor, How can we finish poverty forever and establish peace in the world forever ? It is my sure prophecy forever that we cannot finish the poverty from world and we cannot establish the peace in world forever until we all mankind choose only one religion that is true and rightful religion near to God from various different religions of world, and then accept it by our open mind and heart, because the solution of all problems of the world is to establish only one true religion for all mankind. Maulana Abrar Alam -- abraralam@peaceinworld.com from outside of the Porterville Area

From: Lucia Rivera -- rivelu220@gmail.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 06 Sep 2010, 05:44:08 AM
Subject: God, Hawking and Collins
Dear Editor -- Stephen Hawking has surprised people by his statement "God has not created the Universe" . However, a recent poll showed that 40% of scientists believe in God although they do not "come out of the closet". This is not the case of Francis Collins, winner of the Principe de Asturias Award in 2001, director of the historic Project of the Human Genome who states ...
Lucia Rivera -- rivelu220@gmail.com from outside of the Porterville Area

From: Tim Watson -- watsonts@earthlink.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 21 Aug 2010, 11:11:36 AM
Subject: Re: The Voter Fraud Meeting in Tulare
Dear Editor -- I was an attendee at the voter fraud meeting in Tulare. I didn't catch your name when you asked your questions to the Gardner's, so please forgive me in addressing you properly. I wanted to thank you for the article in The Porterville Post about the meeting. In my opinion, it was done well and it was great to see some action plan information along with the rest of the article. Tim Watson -- watsonts@earthlink.net from outside of the Porterville Area

From: Robert Inabinette -- bobeye@hughes.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 01 Jul 2010, 14:51:21 PM
Subject: Obama's qualifications to serve as US President
Dear Editor -- This is a letter that I sent to my Representative. "Dear Congressman Nunes, This issue has bothered me greatly for months. There is no indication that Obama has had a background check to serve as President of USA. This issue was brought up before he was elected and ignored by Congress including the Republicans. I want to know why. I don't want to be brushed off as a nutcase birther. I want a straight sound answer." Robert Inabinette -- bobeye@hughes.net from outside of the Porterville Area

From: Harold R. Beasley, Sr. -- fecs1@cox.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 19 Jun 2010, 17:21:32 PM
Subject: Arizona Vs. California Immigration Law
Dear Editor -- My name is Harold R. Beasley, Sr. I am a retired Border Patrol Agent. I live in Sierra Vista , AZ. Telephone number (520) ***-**** {fecs1@cox.net}. I was the Deputy Chief Patrol Agent in San Diego for 5 years (1996 to 2001). I Then transferred as an Assistant Chief Patrol Agent to Tucson, Arizona ... and then retired in 2002. I did a little research and found that California has the same law (Penal Code 834b) on their books and are complaining about Arizona just Passing our New Immigration Law. Wow, is this the pot calling the Kettle black? Harold R. Beasley, Sr. -- fecs1@cox.net from outside of the Porterville Area

From: Friend of Sgt. Mack -- sgt.mack@portervillepost.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 31 May 2010, 10:18:46 PM
Subject: Dear Obama, Shape Up or Ship Out
Dear Editor -- Here's an e-mail that one of Sgt. Mack's readers wants the Post to re-publish. It's from a 95 year Old WW II Pearl Harbor Veteran and it's addressed to President Obama. This venerable and much honored WW II vet is well known in Hawaii for his seventy-plus years of service to patriotic organizations and causes all over the country. A humble man without a political bone in his body, he has never spoken out before about a government official, until now. He dictated this letter to a friend, signed it and mailed it to the president. Friend of Sgt. Mack -- sgt.mack@portervillepost.com from outside of the Porterville Area

From: Clark C. McClelland -- Clark0003@hotmail.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 30 May 2010, 19:24:02 PM
Subject: A Nation Of Complete Idiotic, Brain-Dead, Cowardly Sheep
Dear Editor -- This once great nation known as the United States of America has now disappeared. You may ask, why? - especially if you are a MORON. Because most of YOU who are reading this are to BLAME. I call all of YOU STUPID BRAIN-DEAD COWARDS. You have NOT initiated ACTION to save our beloved country. Can you UNDERSTAND THAT YOU ARE BRAIN DEAD? YOU have elected many other BRAIN DEAD and treasonous sheeple to govern YOUR LIVES. The birth-right, taxpaying, patriotic citizens in this now dead society have allowed a mass invasion from the South to destroy OUR educational and health systems and essentially, most of our State and Local economies. Clark C. McClelland -- Clark0003@hotmail.com from outside of the Porterville Area

From: Bill Fulkerson -- etls1@aol.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 20 Apr 2010, 18:41:22 PM
Subject: Thank's For the Chemtrial Articles
Dear Editor -- I would like to thank the Porterville Post for addressing the important issue of "chemtrails". This may be one of the most important issues of our lifetime yet it continues to be largely ignored by most media. According to former NSA/CIA high clearance operative A.C. Griffith, he and an associate were able to get inside information about the aerosol program by gaining access to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio which he states is the main headquarters for the program. Bill Fulkerson -- etls1@aol.com from outside of the Porterville Area

From: Clemente Ferrer -- clementeferrer3@gmail.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 14 Mar 2010, 09:48:11 AM
Subject: Forgiveness, the Strong Weapon
Dear Editor -- For some time now I have been deeply concerned at the growing restlessness in our Country. Even though things has transpired this past year that has greatly contributed to this uneasiness, I don't believe this has happened overnight. Allow me to me explaine. It appears to me that there is a growing conspiracy to undermine the confidence and ease of the American people. Further, it appears to me, that "certain conditions/circumstances" has been created in our Country.; and it also appears to me that these are manifesting themselves as scare tactics that would serve as a precursor to accomplish predisposed Government sanctions to be ultimately imposed on the American people. Clemente Ferrer -- clementeferrer3@gmail.com from Spain

From: Elaine Harris -- ejewelry1@netzero.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 12 Mar 2010, 17:03:32 PM
Subject: A Growing Restlessness in our Country
Dear Editor -- For some time now I have been deeply concerned at the growing restlessness in our Country. Even though things has transpired this past year that has greatly contributed to this uneasiness, I don't believe this has happened overnight. Allow me to me explaine. It appears to me that there is a growing conspiracy to undermine the confidence and ease of the American people. Further, it appears to me, that "certain conditions/circumstances" has been created in our Country.; and it also appears to me that these are manifesting themselves as scare tactics that would serve as a precursor to accomplish predisposed Government sanctions to be ultimately imposed on the American people. Elaine Harris -- ejewelry1@netzero.net from Porterville Area

From: Al Watts -- trebla@pvilleca.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 15 Feb 2010, 08:19:44 AM
Dear Editor -- The events of 2009 are a chapter in our history. What is of greater importance is what the chapter we write in 2010 will contain. The pending elections might be the most important in the history of this republic. This is how I see it. If the people of this country, through our election process, do not elect people who honor the Constitution and are committed to govern by it our days are numbered. The current administration is openly opposed to the form of government our Founders' intended. The founders believed government should be limited, balanced, and with carefully delegated powers. On the other side ... Al Watts -- trebla@pvilleca.com from Porterville Area

From: Al Watts -- trebla@pvilleca.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 04 Feb 2010, 21:35:02 PM
Subject: The Citizens Power Campaign
Dear Editor -- The purpose of this letter is to provide your readers with some information about the "Citizens Power Campaign" that is sweeping across California. This campaign is aimed at stopping the corrupt political machine made up of Public Employee Unions and Sacramento politicians. The Public Employee Unions are the strongest and most active special interest group in Sacramento. These unions and our elected representatives in Sacramento are bankrupting the state. The game is rigged and the taxpayers are footing the bill. Al Watts -- trebla@pvilleca.com from Porterville Area

From: Russell Waymire -- russwaymire@sbcglobal.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 04 Feb 2010, 14:17:41 PM
Subject: Costa's Roll Call and Turning the Pumps On Hanford Sentinel
Dear Editor -- I appreciate the opportunity to submit a letter to the editor to clarify to readers the information about events and votes on water legislation that has major economic repercussions for the entire Central Valley. I have attached a copy of a recent guest editorial that Congressman Costa has distributed in the Central Valley questioning my public comments concerning his voting record that he continues to distort. I live in an area that has waited for some positive news the five times came up last year in a Roll Call Vote to Turn On the Pumps, hoping it would pass to restore our water deliveries. Instead it was discouraging and disappointing to learn that our own Congressman, Jim Costa repeatedly voted against turning the pumps on. Russell Waymire -- russwaymire@sbcglobal.net from Hanford California

From: Al Watts -- trebla@pvilleca.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 04 Mar 2010, 13:04:34 PM
Subject: TEA OR COFFEE ?
Dear Editor -- Recently a Ms. Giddings wrote a letter which focused on her dislike of the Tea Party movement and the people involved in it. As I read the letter I could not help thinking how angry she seemed. She sounded like one of " those" people Nancy Palosi was talking about. Then I realized , it's probably just the coffee. Many of the facts in her letter were wrong, and she misrepresented what the Tea Party mission is. Being involved in this movement I feel compelled to respond. So who are these modern day Sons and Daughters of Liberty? Al Watts -- trebla@pvilleca.com from Porterville Area

From: Debbie Johnson : debjohnson1977@yahoo.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 31 Jan 2010, 21:13:15 PM
Subject: Flowers and Trees for Vincent Steen
Dear Editor - {Gentle Giant, Go Time #72 and The Lumberjack} I have been friends with the Connor/Steen family for 36 years. Vincent believed in God and had a reverence for nature. I invite all of you to plant flowers or a tree in rememberance. I think this will in a small way help with the grief of loss. He was a brother, son, grandson and nephew. He was also a friend to many. If you would like to share a thought or memory you can email me at debjohnson1977@yahoo.com. Thanks ... Debbie Johnson from Porterville Area

From: Al Watts -- trebla@pvilleca.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 27 Jan 2010, 20:36:44 PM
Subject: 2010 Tea Party Meeting Scheduled for Feb 8th
Dear Editor -- My name is Al Watts and I got involved in the Tea Party movement about a year ago. I was drawn to this group because of my long standing frustration with both state and federal government and the self-serving politicians in Sacramento and Washington. I also liked the fact that these folks were non-partisan. Like me, many of them believed that they had been betrayed by both parties. I knew I had to get involved in order to change things. Al Watts -- trebla@pvilleca.com from Porterville Area

Vincent Steen From: Debbie Johnson : debjohnson1977@yahoo.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 24 Jan 2010, 14:31:55 PM
Subject: The Steen/Connor family wishes to thank everyone
Dear Editor - The Steen/Connor family wishes to thank everyone for the outpouring of sympathy and support during our recent loss of Vincent. Your prayers, thoughts, financial assistance, flowers, gifts, kind words and deeds are greatly appreciated. Many of you also attended his memorial service to help us remember and celebrate Vincent's life. He was a blessing to his friends and family. We are grateful he touched so many lives. Your thoughts and prayers will continue to help us through this difficult time. With appreciation -- Family of Vincent Steen Debbie Johnson : debjohnson1977@yahoo.com from Porterville Area

From: Lisa Justiniano -- via : ctellez88@gmail.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 17 Dec 2009, 11:22:36 AM
Subject: Christmas is much more than just a tradition
Dear Editor -- Christmas is much more than just a tradition as it transports us to a very important truth: we are very important to God. Perhaps some may think that his or her life is a failure, having nothing to decently show for it to the world but however, �He who sees all�, God our Father is constantly calling us as his children (which is what we are). Lisa Justiniano -- via : ctellez88@gmail.com from Madrid

From: Eva N Ferraz -- ctellez888@gmail.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 08 Dec 2009, 12:39:14 AM
Subject: Copenhaguen : Questioning climatic change
Dear Editor -- Repeat a lie several times and it'll seem to be true. According to 'Nature' magazine, 125 000 years ago the sea level was 5 meters up and the temperature was 6 Celsiud degrees higher. This happened when there was no significant CO2 emissions from humans. Nowadays, we're being violently warned against this alleged global warming, that is to happen in a couple of centuries based on studies from 60 years back, while not even metereological previsions for the next day can be accurate. What's their point? Eva N Ferraz -- ctellez888@gmail.com from Barcelona Espa�a

From: Caleigh"Ragging Christian" -- califcaleigh@aol.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 17 Nov 2009, 14:30:35 PM
Subject: Preacher threatened with arrest for reading out extracts from the bible in public
Dear Editor -- Doesn't it say, "In GOD we trust" on our american money? Do we not salute the american flag and quote, "One nation under GOD?' It's bad enough our children can no longer talk or be taught about God in school, but now adults are being detained as well! When a person exercises their right to freedom of speech and is threatened we know we are "One nation under the Government." Thanks ... Caleigh"Ragging Christian" -- califcaleigh@aol.com

From: Michael W. Golden -- mike_golden@comcast.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 31 Oct 2009, 08:13:50 AM
Subject: Fresno Police At It Again
Dear Editor -- Once again, fresno's p.d. has decided to take on an ever increasing concern and problem, single handedly!!!! I speak of course about over population!!!!! Over the course of the last 2 days, under the direct command of chief Jerry dyer, the Fresno assassin force has succeeded in KILLING 2 more CITIZENS!!! This happening just after my prior WARNING to any and all businesses considering coming to the BIG, GOOD-OLD-BOY, cow town of Fresno!!!!! Thanks ... Michael W. Golden -- mike_golden@comcast.net

From: Michael W. Golden -- mike_golden@comcast.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 24 Oct 2009, 20:04:35 PM
Subject: Questions for Fresno's Mayor and Police
Dear Editor -- Question???? Just exactly what kind of city, state, country, world, have we let our lives deteriorate into??? When we now have to worry about the very lives and health of our friends, simply for their speaking out, i.e. exercising their RIGHT to FREE SPEACH, about or against the government??? We're in DEEP DOO DOO my friends!!!! Thanks ... Michael W. Golden -- mike_golden@comcast.net

From: Glenda M -- glenda_m75@yahoo.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 17 Oct 2009, 16:23:23 AM
Subject: Terrorist groups in Churches
Dear Editor -- Latest news reports are that five terrorist cell groups have been operating in many of our churches. They have been identified as: Bin Sleepin, Bin Arguin, Bin Fightin, Bin Complainin, and Bin Missin. Their leader, Osama Bin Lucifer, trained these groups to destroy the Body of Christ. E-mailed by way of Glenda M -- glenda_m75@yahoo.com from R.L."Mack"McElreath -- ssg6mack@gmail.com

Click to read From: Marshall Denning -- ambassadorsforchrist@hotmail.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 03 Aug 2009, 12:47:06 PM
Subject: PETITION : For Total Recall on Arnold
Dear Editor -- There is a tax payer group that have initiated a recall of the Governor due to his incompetence to run the state. They are circulating a petition {LINK} to attempt to recall the Governor. There website called www.TotalRecall2009.com where you can get all the info you need.
Thanks ... Marshall Denning -- ambassadorsforchrist@hotmail.com

From: Glenda M -- glenda_m@charter.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 27 Jul 2009, 02:29:53 AM
Subject: Colonel ED McMahon Died as a War Hero
Dear Editor -- June 23rd's edition of the paper was filled with page after page of accolades spewing forth about the of Michael Jackson. The other day, they had a couple of paragraphs on Ed McMahon's Hollywood career and aptly noted he died a pauper. Is something wrong with American journalism ? E-mailed by way of Glenda M -- glenda_m@charter.net from R.L."Mack"McElreath -- ssg6mack@gmail.com

From: Glenn H. Rider -- ghdr-benz@sbcglobal.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 10 Jul 2009, 06:22:40 AM
Subject: Mule vs Mountain Lion : Guess Who Won ?
Dear Editor, I came across this story and thought your readers might enjoy a little laugh. This may be a first ... A couple from Montana were out riding on the range, he with his rifle and she (fortunately) with her camera. Their dogs always followed them, but on this occasion a Mountain Lion decided that he wanted to stalk the dogs. Very, very, bad decision on the lion's part. Glenn H. Rider -- ghdr-benz@sbcglobal.net

From: "Mack" McElreath -- ssg6mack@gmail.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 22 Jun 2009, 12:27:21 AM
Subject: The "Public's Right" to Carry for "Public Safety"
Dear Editor and Senator Leno, As a law-abiding citizen, a veteran, an active state reservist, a newly-signed columnist for Porterville Post (an on-line news provider, with a growing readership) a member of REACT International (Radio Emergency Associated Communications Teams and [12yrs] former President of same [w/ 2yrs as President of the Central California Council of same]), an Elk and a retired federal employee, but still active with my union, I am vocally (with all of my associates and readers) unalterably opposed to restrictive anti-gun legislation. Sincerely, R.L."Mack"McElreath -- ssg6mack@gmail.com

From: Glenn H. Rider -- ghdr-benz@sbcglobal.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 08 Jun 2009, 16:09:03 PM
Subject: History we can�t change, But the future we can and must !
Dear Editor, If we continue on the road we are on, the future will not include our Constitutionally guaranteed freedom and sovereignty. The national problems we are now witnessing are NOT accidental. Let me repeat that. The national problems we are now witnessing are NOT accidental. Each has occurred exactly as planned, or as F.D.R. said, �Nothing ever happens in politics by accident. If it happens, it was planned that way�. Each new assault on the Constitution, the Bill Of Rights, States Rights or the Economy have the same purpose, surrender to WORLD GOVERNMENT, and it all originates from the same source! The Council on Foreign Relations, or CFR. Glenn H. Rider -- ghdr-benz@sbcglobal.net

From: Mar�a Catal�n -- ctellez888@gmail.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 08 Jun 2009, 11:02:03 AM
Subject: Abusive partners can lead to Abortion and Suicide
Dear Sir, I am e-mailing you from Barcelona, Spain because I want Americans to know that ... many women have abortions induced by harassment and threats from their partners. However, to have their babies is less harmful for their conscience and their daily lives. According to the publication Public Health and the Semergen-06 consultation, the first cause of death in women between 30 and 34 years old is suicide caused by having had an abortion and this figure triplicates their rate of suicide. At the same time, female sexual dysfunctions may increase to 182% when compared with women who have never had an abortion and also suffer abuse from their partners. Mar�a Catal�n -- ctellez888@gmail.com

From: Camille Rapparlie -- rhayco@ocsnet.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 13 Apr 2009, 06:46:09 AM
Subject: I am impressed!!
Dear Sir, Just by accident I found your "Porterville Post". I was looking to see if there was a TEA party planned for Porterville so I wouldn't have to drive to Fresno or Bakersfield when I came across your Internet magazine. I must say I was shocked and delighted all at the same time! Thank you for starting this Post as it is in my, never to be humble opinion, a much needed and greatly appreciated place for us God Loving, Conservative, and current Administration fearing people to read smart, reality based articles and to see that we are not alone in thought and deed. Camille Rapparlie -- rhayco@ocsnet.net

From: "Mack" McElreath -- ssg6mack@gmail.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 01 Mar 2009, 01:36:22 AM
Subject: Multi-trillion {Dollar} rip-off
Dear Editor, The more I hear about the proposed budget, the more red I see, politically, fiscally & emotionally. Essentially, we have a bunch of socialists, running an outrageous deficit scam, on the American public, and I'm really getting steamed. I'm more conservative than President Bush, fiscally, but at least part of his spending was justified by events. Things like a rail line to take people to Vegas, to gamble, and "justified" by the "jobs it will create", are so ludicrous that it boggles the mind. All the Best, "Mack" -- ssg6mack@gmail.com

From: Glenn H. Rider -- ghdr-benz@sbcglobal.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 17 Feb 2009, 14:22:31 PM
Subject: When does it become treason ?
Dear Editor, I remember as a kid the disappointment of receiving a war bond for Christmas. At 7 I wasn�t impressed with a fancy piece of paper, but in later years it reminds me that war can be economic as well as military. I try hard to keep track of current events and I�m thoroughly convinced that we U.S. citizens are at war, but not just with an external enemy. Everything that has brought us to this economic situation started with acts of Congress and the President. Don�t point your finger at either major party, because at the top, behind closed doors, they merge. Glenn H. Rider -- ghdr-benz@sbcglobal.net

From: Sarah E. Villicana -- sarahvillicana@hotmail.com
To: editor@portervillepost.com
Date: 04 Dec 2008, 11:17:38 AM
Subject: You should call your {News} Web site what it truly is - a blog
Dear Sir, It is my personal belief that you are making erroneous claims of news reporting when your request for writers basically says "liberals need not apply." That is certainly not the perspective of a patriotic U.S. citizen and is in direct conflict with the principals this nation was founded on. I think, in fairness, you should call your Web site what it truly is - a blog. Thank you for your attention. Sarah E. Villicana -- sarahvillicana@hotmail.com

From: Glenn H. Rider -- ghdr-benz@sbcglobal.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 31 Oct 2008, 09:18:17 AM
Subject: What the Propaganda of Change ... Changes
Dear Editor, The interesting thing about propaganda, it doesn�t have to be credible to be effective. All it takes is a lot of citizens that are gullible and uninformed. At this point in time we all want �change�, the tricky part is getting change in the right direction. The Russians wanted �change� and they got Stalin; The Germans wanted �change� and they got Hitler; The Cubans wanted �change� and they got Castro, bloody dictators all! Glenn H. Rider -- ghdr-benz@sbcglobal.net

From: Kathy Yenigues -- kbyeni@sbcglobal.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 12 Sept 2008, 08:12:14 AM
Subject: Call the Governor to VOTE NO on AB 2567
Dear Sir, Please call the Governor to VOTE NO on AB 2567 : I understand that AB 2567 has passed the California Assembly and the Senate and is awaiting Governor Schwarzenegger' s signature or veto. This bill will set aside May 22nd as a special day to celebrate the life of homosexual politician Harvey Milk in the public schools. Harvey Milk, I've been told, will be honored in the same manner as our Founding Fathers and Martin Luther King, although the only thing he is actually known for is being proud to be a homosexual! If you haven't heard about this bill it is because the liberal media is downplaying this bill so that it will pass. Kathy Yenigues -- kbyeni@sbcglobal.net

From: Kathy Yenigues -- kbyeni@sbcglobal.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 05 Sept 2008, 21:42:01 PM
Subject: Knowing Sara Palin Vice President Candidate
Dear Sir, Hello, I am writing today with much excitement. As many of you I am sure experienced waking up yesterday morning to the news and front pages of newspapers declaring that Republican presidential candidate John McCain had chosen a woman and the Governor of Alaska Sara Palin as his Vice President running mate. I cannot tell you the surprise and excitement I felt as I read the news. I felt the smile of the Lord once again. I want to write to you today to tell you a little of what I know of Sara Palin. Kathy Yenigues -- kbyeni@sbcglobal.net

From: Marshall Denning -- marshalledenning@hotmail.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 15 Aug 2008, 12:32:18 PM
Subject: McDonald's does it again with Homosexuals
Dear Sir, I think we should boycott McDonalds. I have been made aware that McDonald�s has done it again regrading homosexuals. First, the company paid $20,000 to become a member of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and to have a seat on the board of directors. Next, McDonald�s refused a request to remain neutral in the culture war by choosing to promote the gay agenda. Then McDonald�s accused those opposing the gay agenda, including same-sex marriage, of being motivated by hate. Marshall Denning -- marshalledenning@hotmail.com

From: The Gold Dust Twins -- z-golddusttwins@gmail.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 20 Jul 2008, 17:09:22 PM
Subject: Was America justified interning its Japanese American citizens ?
Dear Editor, On June 18th 2008 the Springville Senior Citizens hosted a potluck at the Springville Memorial Building. The speaker, Jim Nanamura, gave a program on the American internment camps for U.S. citizens who were of Japanese decent during World War II. Jim�s talk was enhanced by an accompanying film. He spoke on his personal experiences in this situation. Although, Jim was a child at the time, living in Lindsey, California, he remembers being removed from his home. Upon his return he remained living in the area. He joined our military where he was awarded the bronze star and he has always been a credit to our community. The Gold Dust Twins -- z-golddusttwins@gmail.com

From: Patrrick Schmitt -- pschmitt29@yahoo.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 19 Jul 2008, 17:37:44 PM
Dear Letter to the Editor, Please ... I am trying to locate my daughter Tori Schmitt. I need her to get ahold of me at (661) 229 7338. I have no contact information for her and have been looking for her for a very long time. Any help would be greatly apreciated. Patrrick Schmitt -- pschmitt29@yahoo.com

From: Ronald Ellis -- RAT423@Comcast.Net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 04 Jul 2008, 03:28:47 AM
Subject: Dear Editor - Please Shut Up !
Dear Editor, In regards to the article "this is a very, very bad sign" by: A. L. �LUCKY� Lucketta. I have been an independent trucker for 25 years and I have a request from you, please shut up. Your proposed solutions would have no effect in helping truckers, If every bank decided to write off a truckers debt in full and mail him the title to his truck it would equal about 3 days worth of fuel per month. That would not improve the ability to survive in an industry where the average rate is only 35% of where it needs to be to survive. Ronald Ellis - RAT423@Comcast.Net

From: DeLaby, Lisa -- DeLabyLi@butte.edu
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 03 Jul 2008, 01:43:13 AM
Subject: Butte College thanks Porterville fire department
Attention: Letter to the Editor - On behalf of Butte College I�d like to thank those in your fire department who responded to the Humboldt Fire in Butte County. They not only saved Butte College from serious and devastating destruction, but they protected our communities we all live in. Without their great efforts many more people would not have homes to return to, and much of our campus would not be available for providing education to those in our community. We�re very grateful for all of their help�they�re the greatest ! Sincerely, Diana Van Der Ploeg -- Butte College President -- 3536 Butte Campus Drive Oroville, CA 95965 -- (530) 895-2937 DeLaby, Lisa -- DeLabyLi@butte.edu

From: Robert Ybarra -- fadd@att.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 25 Jun 2008, 11:31:07 AM
Subject: FADD Gears Up for September !
Dear Editor, My name is Robert Ybarra, Founder, Fathers Against Drunk Driving or FADD as we call it. Our mission is to reduce the alcohol related deaths on our U.S. Highways. Presently we are gearing up for Recovery Month in September. Recovery Month is an annual nationwide campaign. This event is for those of us who work with individuals that have recovered from alcohol and other drugs. Every event is focused on bringing awareness and education to our local communities. Our focus this year is going to be our Stay Alive, Don't Drink & Drive campaign. This will be our slogan for this special time of year. Robert Ybarra - fadd@att.net

From: Corey Alvarez -- corey.alvarez@sbcglobal.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 08 Jun 2008, 11:44:24 AM
Subject: Summry Parole is a Sham !
Dear Editor, I am writing you today because I am concerned with the Governors proposal of Summary Parole. This should be called No parole. This is because Summary Parole is a sham. In the proposal, it states that a person who is on Summary Parole can only be violated if they are convicted of a new felony. This makes no sense. You are not going to violate a parolee if they receive a new prison term. Why would you, they are already going to prison. This means you can't violate an individual on Summary Parolee for gang association, possession of a knife with a blade over two inches, contacting their crime victims, for drinking alcohol if they have been convicted for multiple DUI's and other technical violations which control a parolees conduct while in the community. Corey Alvarez - corey.alvarez@sbcglobal.net

From: Sgt. Joseph Lucketta -- sgt.lucketta@portervillepost.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 25 May 2008, 02:49:17 AM
Subject: My Two Cents
Dear Dad, Well the court ruling is in....time for you to pack up and get out of that state! Plans are now being drawn up by military leaders to cordon off and quarantine the state of California in an effort to curb the spread of gayness throughout the country. What is our society coming to Dad ? Is this the kind of world that we are fighting and dying for in Iraq and Afghanistan? Has democracy just become a way for US corporations to come into a country and promulgate their wares? Along with freedom we will give you Starbucks and STDs. Morals will be replaced with pro-gay / pro-choice rhetoric being spewed from every television in every home. The THEORY of evolution will become the new religion. My Two Cents, Sgt. Joe Lucketta - sgt.lucketta@portervillepost.com

From: Karen Smith -- avoanco@hughes.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 24 May 2008, 12:52:06 AM
Subject: My New Home
Dear Sir, I want to tell you about -- My New Home : I looked through the travel brochures but did not find any for the Nation of the Vatican. It is in Italy somewhere. My travel agent told me I need to write the Pope for permission to go there. I do not think that will work, I am not Catholic. The Pope seems a nice man. He wanted the U.S. to be nice to it�s Mexican visitors. If I can get past the armed guards or border patrol and the high wall all around the Vatican, the Pope will probably provide me dinner and a place to sleep. Thanks, Karen Smith - avoanco@hughes.net

From: Chuck and Randi -- surefoot1@att.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 14 May 2008, 04:11:34 AM
Subject: A Fair Question for the Fair Board
Dear Editor, Why would the city let the porterville fair board make the handicap card holders, park in a parking lot across the street, while they sold the regular handicap parking spaces for $35 each? Do we have to go to this extent to make money? Two Concerned Citizens. Thanks, Chuck and Randi -- surefoot1@att.net

From: Diana Dankwa -- danaka1975@yahoo.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 03 May 2008, 09:15:00 AM
Subject: Application for Pen Pal from West Africa
Dear Mr. Lucketta, Here is my Application for Pen Pals --I am single and I am looking for Pen Pals in your honorable Golden State, CA. - USA - and I beg you kindly try your best to help me. I shall be very grateful if you will try as much as possible to publish my particulars in your newspaper "The Porterville Post" for me to get Pen Pals of any age and to learn each others culture and life. I hope my request will be considered. Thanks, Diana Dankwa -- danaka1975@yahoo.com

From: Karen Smith -- avoanco@hughes.net
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 01 May 2008, 20:10:45 PM
Subject: I want my school money back !
Dear Sir, I am unhappy with the school systems. I am afraid for my child to go to public school. I do not agree with the way my tax dollar is spent on schools. I want my money back. I want my child to go to a better school, maybe a private school one safer with better education. I want my tax dollar to pay for the privilege. When the public schools receive less money, they may lear a lesson on what a bad job they are doing. I have enough money and time to transport my child and I do not qualify for welfare. I do not want the stigma of being on welfare so will you call my tax refund a School Voucher. Thanks, Karen Smith - avoanco@hughes.net

From: The Gold Dust Twins -- z-golddusttwins@gmail.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 03 Apr 2008, 21:14:10 PM
Subject: Who's Statistics are the anyway ?
Dear editor, Witnessing Bill Gates addressing congress made my blood boil. I have heard big business in the U.S.A wants more illegal aliens to cross the border. Mexican big business is in agreement with this policy, even helping them with funds (because they send money home which buys a lot of goods and services in Mexico). AARP was started and ran by the aged. I presume it was for the benefit. Who is in change now ? According to one of their articles, there are almost no illegal aliens on our Social Services. Are both {agencies} at odds with the U.S. citizen ? How can we, the general public, cope with this assault and stupidity ? Who has ideas or solutions ? Thanks, Gold Dust Twins - z-golddusttwins@gmail.com

From: Jeanne Siegel -- jeannesplace@hotmail.com
To: letters@portervillepost.com
Date: 26 Mar 2008, 09:54:26 AM
Subject: Maybe you can help
Dear editor, This may sound so strange but I am wondering if you can help me find a man who lives in Porterville. We met on a Carnival Mexican Riviera cruise last week and had a great time chatting. I learned a lot about him but never got his last name or phone number, I guess I thought we would run into each other again. I would love the opportubity to get to know him better. I know his first name is Steve and he works for the sherriff's department in the courthouse, he's also a big karaoke fan. I am attaching a picture. If you can help put us in contact with each other, that would be wonderfull.
Thank You, Jeanne from AZ - jeannesplace@hotmail.com

From : ramiro cabrera -- cabrera108@yahoo.com
To : letters@portervillepost.com
Date : 19 Mar 2008, 09:53:12 AM
Subject : What would you name this car?
Dear Editor, I would call that car the Hummer Car 10 because the new Hummers keep getting smaller and smaller. I know who the owner is. His name is Ben. I saw him built the whole car from scratch i would tell you what the brand is but he has never told me. But we call it frankie short for frankenstein. Well if you need more info about the making of the car i will tell you more. Hope to hear from you soon. If you need to give me a call please call this number (661) ***-**** -Ramiro

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