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(Jun 12 2024) - Orissa Post : Denmark PM after attack ...
COPENHAGEN : In her first interview since a man attacked her last week, Denmark’s PM Mette Frederiksen said that she's still in the process of fully recovering. “I’m not quite myself yet,” Frederiksen told broadcaster DR. Frederiksen said she's mainly working from her office, but can still fulfil her duties as PM.

(Jun 11 2024) - Kenyan Post : EACC conducts early morning raids ...
KENYA : The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission conducted early morning raids at 6 a.m. on the homes of the Garissa County Secretary & County Executive Committee for Finance. Arrests included: 1) Mr. Mursal, County Secretary 2) Mr. Aden Hussein, Director of Health Services 3) Asha Korow, a relative and ...

(Jun 10 2024) - National Post : 'Safe supply' has only worsened ...
CANADA : London is home to Canada’s first “safe supply” program that started at London InterCommunity Health Centre in 2016. It was, in part, a response to a public health emergency of tricuspid valve endocarditis, HIV & hepatitis C related to the injection of hydromorphone capsules. The goal was to provide ...

(Jun 09 2024) - Sunday Post : Industry leaders warn ...
U.K. : Funding proposals for Labour’s flagship election pledge of a new state-owned investment company do not make sense & could risk a permanent exodus from the UK’s energy sector, the country’s leading trade body has warned. Jenny Stanning, external relations dir' of Offshore Energies, said it's not logical ...

(Jun 08 2024) - Pittsburgh Post : Israel rescues 4 hostages ...
GAZA STRIP : Israel on Saturday rescued four hostages who were kidnapped in the Hamas-led attack on Oct. 7, the largest such recovery operation since the war began. At least 94 Palestinians including children were killed as heavy fighting continued around the sites in central Gaza, the Health Ministry said.

(Jun 07 2024) - Indianapolis Post : Evacuating first island
PANAMA : Around 300 families are packing up for a significant change on a small island off Panama's coast. The residents of Gardi Sugdub, generations of Gunas who have lived by the sea, are set to relocate to the mainland next week. The move is the first of many expected for 63 communities along Panama's coasts ...

(Jun 06 2024) - Salina Post : Putin threatens U.S. and Germany
RUSSIA : President Putin warned Germany that the use of its weapons by Ukraine to strike targets inside Russia would mark a “dangerous step,” and “could in turn provide long-range weapons to others to strike Western targets.” Such action will further undermine international security & lead to “very serious problems”.

(Jun 05 2024) - Kyiv Post : Ukrainian Intelligence Behind Hacks
UKRAINE : Kyiv Post's sources in Ukraine's Military Intel' stated that HUR was responsible for a series of cyberattacks against multiple Russian state institutions & private companies, leading to widespread service disruptions in Russia. On Wed, June 5, electronic services (...) became inaccessible.

(Jun 04 2024) - WST Post : Cowboy legend Larry Allen dies at 52
U.S.A. : Larry Allen, arguably one of the greatest players in Cowboys history and perhaps the best offensive lineman in NFL history, has died too soon. Allen died Sunday at the age of 52. He was vacationing in Mexico with his family when he died. Inducted as a Hall of Famer on the inaugural ballot in 2013 ...

(Jun 03 2024) - Bay Post : Spying for U.K. ... ???
BEIJING : Beijing has accused 2 Chinese citizens of spying for Britain in the latest test of a relationship that's grown increasingly fraught. China & UK have clashed over Beijing's clampdown on free speech & open elections in Hong Kong, a former British territory that was guaranteed its own economic & political freedoms

(Jun 02 2024) - New York Post : Hotbed of Jew-hate ...
BRONX : One of the top private schools in the country has “devolved” into a “hotbed of Jew-hate,” parents charge. A Jewish student who graduated from the Ethical Fieldston School in the Bronx was tormented by classmates calling him an “ethnic cleaner” & “colonizer” witnessed a teacher give rabbis the middle finger

(Jun 01 2024) - Saturday Evening Post : News of the Week
U.S.A. : Can someone tell me what’s been going on with Jeopardy! Contestants are missing some rather easy questions. On recent episodes, no one knew that the Steve McQueen horror movie from the ’50s was called The Blob (...); no one could name Jimmy Stewart as the star of a couple of Alfred Hitchcock movies;

(May 31 2024) - Patriot Post : Trump Defiant Amid Conviction
MANHATTTAN : “The real verdict is going to be Nov 5th, by the people. And they know what happened here.” Said Trump late yesterday afternoon, immediately after a jury found him guilty on 34 felony counts of falsifying business records some 8 yrs ago. Apparently, the statute of limitations applies to everyone except ...

(May 30 2024) - St Joseph Post : President Trump reacts to verdict
NEW YORK : President Donald Trump became the first former president to be convicted of felony crimes Thursday as a New York jury found him guilty of falsifying business records in a scheme to illegally influence the 2016 election through hush money payments to a porn actor who said the two had sex.

(May 29 2024) - Post & Email : Elections : Mexico vs U.S.
MEXICO : Mexico has a presidential election every six years. The U.S.A. has a presidential election every four years. Therefore, every 12 years, Mexico and the U.S. have elections the same year. This year, 2024, is one of those years. Election Day in the United States is scheduled for November 5th.

(May 28 2024) - Conservatives Post : Full-Blown Freakout ...
WASH D.C. : How bad are things for Joe Biden at this point in the election cycle? They are so bad that Politico put no less than five reporters on a story detailing the “full-blown freakout” occurring within the Democratic Party over the president’s re-election prospects. That’s not hyperbole on my part.

(May 27 2024) - Borneo Post : Working with China on ‘peace’
TAIPEI : Taiwan’s president said Sunday he was still open to working with China on building “mutual understanding and reconciliation”, days after Beijing launched military drills around the self-ruled island in response to his inauguration speech. President Lai Ching-te was sworn into office on Monday, and ...

(May 26 2024) - Huff Post : U.S. Finds Itself Further Isolated
WASH D.C. : A U.N. court’s order that Israel halt its offensive in the southern Gaza city of Rafah has deepened a disconnect with the United States over a military operation that faces mounting international condemnation but that American officials describe, at least for now, as limited and targeted.

(May 25 2024) - Richardson Post : Bird Flu & New CoVid Strain
AUSTRALIA : Everybody panic, it’s happening again !!! Several cases of bird flu have been detected at a farm in Victoria, prompting a swift quarantine of the property as global cases continue to rise. Agriculture Victoria confirmed it was investigating several poultry deaths at the egg farm near Meredith.

(May 24 2024) - Defense Post : Training for Electronic Warfare
AFRICA : The US Army and Moroccan Royal Armed Forces have conducted electronic warfare training in Tifnit as part of a multinational exercise in Africa. The activity aimed to bolster allied interoperability in addressing electromagnetic threats while enabling sustained attacks against adversarial information systems.

(May 23 2024) - Goulburn Post : Nine killed in stage collapse
MEXICO : A stage has collapsed at a Mexican election campaign rally, killing 9 people & injuring dozens as high winds tore apart the large, concert-style structure, scattering politicians and attendees. At least 63 were injured at the rally for the Citizens' Movement party in the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon ...

(May 22 2024) - Denver Post : Expect Hours of Flight Delays
COLORADO : Denver International Airport is gearing up for a record number of Memorial Day weekend passengers, meaning travelers can expect a busy trip and long waits, airport officials said Tuesday. Between Thursday and Tuesday, airport officials expect nearly 450,000 passengers to pass through TSA checkpoints ...

(May 21 2024) - Hippocratic Post : New DNA origami technique
U.K. : A team of scientists, from the universities of Portsmouth & Leicester in the UK, has developed an innovative way to customise & strengthen DNA origami. DNA origami is the method of creating nanostructures with remarkable precision using DNA strands as building blocks. However, these structures are delicate and ...

(May 20 2024) - Bangkok Post : Iranian President died in helo crash
IRAN : Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has been killed in a helicopter crash in a mountainous area of the country. Rescuers on Monday found the helicopter that had been carrying the president and other officials including Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian, who also died, the semi-official Mehr news agency reported.

(May 19 2024) - Jerusalem Post : Progressives hate Israel ...
ISRAEL : Call me naive: I don’t believe that all these keffiyeh-wearing, quad-occupying students are simply rabid antisemites. The reason why progressives hate Israel is both simpler & complex. Israel is a threat because of its success. It's a threat because it shows what a battered, penniless people can accomplish ...

(May 18 2024) - Scheer Post : Russia & China: 2 Against 1
BEIJING : Chinese President Xi warm reception of President Putin in Beijing sealed the increasingly formidable Russia-China strategic relationship. It amounts to a shift in the world balance of power. The Russia-China entente also sounds the death knell by U.S. foreign policy to drive a wedge between the two countries.

(May 17 2024) - India Post : US imposes sanctions on entities ...
WASH D.C. : The US imposes sanctions on Russian entities for their involvement in the transfer of military equipment & components between North Korea & Russia amid the ongoing war against Ukraine, US State Dept' spokesperson said in a statement. America also claimed Russia has relied upon North Korea to wage its war ...

(May 16 2024) - Wash Post : PM Fico in serious condition ...
SLOVAKIA : Slovakia’s PM, Robert Fico, remains in serious condition on Thursday after being shot at five times at close range, leaving his nation looking for answers — and on edge. The populist leader was airlifted to a hospital on Wednesday and underwent extensive surgery for “life-threatening” injuries.

(May 15 2024) - Kathmandu Post : Captives in Kashmir rescued
NEW DELHI : Thirty-five Nepali workers who had been held captive in the Indian state of Kashmir were rescued on Tuesday. After three months of confinement, the victims were freed and brought to the Indian capital of New Delhi by the Nepali Embassy in India and ‘Kin India’, a social organisation.

(May 14 2024) - Post Millennial : UW Ring leader identified ...
SEATTLE : The identity of one of the ring leaders inside The University of Washington's Gaza camp has been revealed to be Aziz Junejo - former Seattle Times columnist & current columnist with the Mukilteo Beacon. Junejo has been in charge of directing black bloc Antifa militants & activists to defend the camp using ...

(May 13 2024) - Financial Post : Declining Canadian economy ...
CANADA : There is a lot of uncertainty for the average Canadian these days, including trying to navigate a complex macro-economic environment that's starting to have a material impact on their financial well-being. The glaring issue de jour is that the federal gov't is trying to keep pace with the U.S. administration

(May 12 2024) - Christian Post : Churches serving as shelters ...
BRAZIL : Local churches across southern Brazil have opened their doors to provide shelter & aid to residents in areas of the country that have been devastated by catastrophic floods that have claimed the lives of at least 136 people and have left almost 537,000 displaced. Working with their partners on the ground ...

(May 11 2024) - Post Journal : Cyber Security NATO Operation
OHIO : Terrance DeJesus, an Ohio resident & Jamestown native, recently participated in an annual cyber security exercise through an accredited (NATO) cyber defense hub - Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence. The cyber security exercise, the Locked Shields Cyber Exercise, began in 2010 and ...

(May 10 2024) - Frontier Post : Beijing issues warning to US
BEIJING : China’s military said it had tailed & issued a warning to a US Navy ship near the Paracel Islands in the disputed South China Sea. China “organised naval & air forces to tail & monitor the ship in accordance with laws & regulations issuing a warning to drive it away”, military spokesman said in a statement.

(May 09 2024) - Nagaland Post : AstraZeneca withdraws vax
U.K. : UK-based pharmaceutical major AstraZeneca has started global withdrawal of its COVID-19 vaxx, which was provided in India as ‘Covishield’ in partnership with Serum Institute of India, days after it admitted to rare side effects of blood clotting & low platelet counts. The withdrawal has been initiated due to ...

(May 08 2024) - SCM Post : Global Economy Threatened
WORLD : A top official with the International Monetary Fund has lamented the economic fallout from years of strained relations between China & the West, and warned the situation for the world economy would only grow more dire if the acrimony continues. With the world divided among 3 broad blocs of countries ...

(May 07 2024) - Kansas City Post : Student Gaza protests gaining
OHIO : After hundreds of Ohio students gathered at Kent State over the weekend to protest the conflict in Gaza, on the 54th anniversary of Vietnam War protests that left 4 students dead, student organizers say their movement's gaining momentum. Rachael Collyer said students condemn the violent mass arrest of protesters

(May 06 2024) - PSY Post : People who read a lot of fiction ...
U.S.A. : New research published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General suggests reading fiction offers small but meaningful cognitive benefits, particularly for verbal skills, empathy & ability to understand others’ perspectives. Despite the longstanding popularity of fiction, its benefits ...

(May 05 2024) - Daily Post : Zelenskyy on Russia’s wanted list
MOSCOW : Russia has placed the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy on its wanted list. The state news agency, TASS reported that the Russian Interior Ministry database showed Zelenskyy was on a wanted list but gave no further details. This was as Russia opened a criminal case against Zelenskyy.

(May 04 2024) - Huff Post : Progress In Gaza Truce Talks ...
TEL AVIV : A delegation of the Palestinian militant group Hamas was in Cairo Saturday as Egyptian state media reported “noticeable progress” in cease-fire talks, though an Israeli official downplayed the prospects for a full end to the war in Gaza. Pressure's mounted to reach a deal halting the 7-month-long war.

(May 03 2024) - Activist Post : Rockefeller Destroyed Healthcare ...
U.S.A. : Although Hippocrates, reportedly the founder of Western medicine, said, “Let food be your medicine & medicine be your food”, medical schools now provide almost no info about nutrition. In the Shadow of Flexner is a film by Justin Smith that exposes the corruption that altered the trajectory of healthcare.

(May 02 2024) - First Post : In pre-dawn action, police enter UCLA
CALIFORNIA : Hundreds of police officers armed with batons & shields have stormed UCLA in an attempt to disperse a pro-Palestinian demonstration camp that was attacked less than 24 hours earlier by supporters of Israel. According to L.A. Times, police - wearing helmets - proceeded to eliminate various objects ...

(May 01 2024) - Palm Beach Post : 6-week abortion ban starts today
FLORIDA : Dr. Jeffrey Litt has been delivering babies in Palm Beach County for so long that now he finds himself meeting some of them, grown up, when they come to him to deliver their own babies. For all the nearly four decades that he has been practicing here and the generations of lives he has brought into the world,

(Apr 30 2024) - Orissa Post : AstraZeneca admits side effect ...
LONDON : UK-headquartered pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca (AZ) has admitted that in ‘very rare cases’ its COVID vaccine can cause a blood clot-related side effect but the causal link is unknown (...) ‘The Daily Telegraph’ reports that in a legal doc' submitted to the High Court for a group action brought by 51 claimants ...

(Apr 29 2024) - Guam Post : Senators discuss concerns ... ???
GUAM : Lawmakers held an oversight hearing on the Department of Administration on Monday, with the main focus being the new Financial Management Information System for the government of Guam. The implementation of the new system is a five-year project that was expected to cost nearly $31 million. However ...

(Apr 28 2024) - Maravi Post : Climate change is bringing ???
AFRICA : When a small number of cases of locally transmitted malaria were found in the United States last year, it was a reminder that climate change is reviving or migrating the threat of some diseases. But across the African continent, malaria has never left, killing or sickening millions of people.

(Apr 27 2024) - Kenyan Post : Haiti here we come !!!
KENYA : President William Ruto is now on the verge of deploying the Kenya police to troubled Haiti. Ruto acknowledged the swearing-in of the Transitional Presidential Council after PM Ariel Henry submitted his formal resignation. He noted the latest development will help fast-track deployment of police in Haiti.
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