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(Mar 01 2024) - Bay Post : Blast at cafe injures eight
INDIA : At least eight people have been injured after a suspected home-made bomb exploded during lunch hour at a cafe in India's technology hub of Bengaluru, authorities say. The blast at Rameshwaram Cafe in the east of the city occurred just after 1pm when crowds from nearby offices were lined up for a quick meal.

(Feb 29 2024) - Post & Email : Many Conspiracy Theories are True
U.S.A. : If you're familiar with the occasionally published writings of mine (...), then you may know that I'm a staunch defender of HONESTY & TRUTH. Indeed, that I am. However, because of this personality trait of mine, you undoubtedly are going to ask how, at the same time, can I endorse “CONSPIRACY THEORIES?”

(Feb 28 2024) - Borneo Post : China naval presence worrisome
MANILA : Philippine President said the presence of Chinese warships in waters off the SE Asian country’s coast was “worrisome”. His comments came after the Coast Guard said Chinese navy vessels were detected last week during a gov't resupply mission to Filipino fishermen near China-controlled Scarborough Shoal.

(Feb 27 2024) - Richardson Post : Migration Out of Control
AUSTRALIA : Then Prime Minister John Howard set this standard in 2001. Now we learn from Senate Estimates that despite Foreign Minister Penny Wong announcing in November last year that only 860 visas would be issued to Palestinians from Gaza, over 2,270 have actually been issued since 7 October. Moreover ...

(Feb 26 2024) - Defense Post : Plan to Evacuate Gaza Civilians
GAZA : Israel’s military proposed a plan for evacuating civilians from “areas of fighting” in Gaza, Netanyahu‘s office announced Monday, after he said a ground invasion of the Palestinian territory’s southern city Rafah was necessary. Foreign govt's & aid organizations expressed fears that an invasion of Rafah would ...

(Feb 25 2024) - Huff Post : Trump Won South Carolina ...
CHARLESTON, S.C. : President Trump may have won the South Carolina Republican primary, but Nikki Haley’s better-than-expected performance here exposed glaring weaknesses in the 2024 GOP front-runner’s campaign that could hobble his chances against Biden. Trump beat Haley by 20 points ― an embarrassing loss - to be sure.

(Feb 24 2024) - Conservative Post : Biden Gets Confused About ...
WASH D.C. : Joe Biden gave remarks to the nation’s governors at the White House. The governors were in D.C. for the National Governors Association Meeting from Thursday - Saturday. He started off by saying, “If I were smart, I’d leave right now.” Biden apparently thinks that’s funny. But he didn’t leave right then, so ...

(Feb 23 2024) - Bangkok Post : SET vows tougher rules on ...
THAILAND : The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) is planning to raise the market capitalisation requirement for securities eligible for short selling & triple the fines for violators of short selling rules. In a statement, the SET said it would raise the bar on short selling and program trading supervision based on ...

(Feb 22 2024) - Goulburn Post : Mobile phone outages hit US
U.S.A. : A mobile phone outage has hit thousands of AT&T users in the U.S. disrupting calls & text messages as well as emergency services in major cities. More than 73,000 incidents were reported about 9.30m ET in locations including Houston, Atlanta & Chicago, according to outage tracker Downdetector.com.

(Feb 21 2024) - Denver Post : 3rd downtown restaurant closes
DENVER : Three Saints Revival is the third business in downtown Denver to close this month. The colorful Mediterranean restaurant, located at 1801 Wewatta St., held its last service on Feb. 18. Owner Robert Thompson, the original founder of Punch Bowl Social and upcoming Camp Pickle, opened the restaurant in 2021.

(Feb 20 2024) - Jerusalem Post : Loss of US support for Israel
ISRAEL : Starting October 7, many concepts are shattering before our eyes. The public was shocked by the intelligence failure, the non-functioning military systems & the dysfunction of many gov't offices, but for some reason, everyone ignores a “super concept” that “the United States will always support Israel.”

(Feb 19 2024) - India Post : From US to UAE ...
NEW DELHI : The construction, inauguration & restoration of its temples across the world is yet another testament to India building and deepening its ties with its 32 million-plus-strong diaspora and an estimated 1.2 billion Hindus across the world. Much before the British arrived in India & years after they left ...

(Feb 18 2024) - Financial Post : Telecom competition ramping up
CANADA : David Heger, senior equity analyst at Edward Jones, talks with Financial Post about how telecom competition is ramping up in Canada. He discusses why regulators, such as the Canadian Radio-television & Telecommunications Commission, are focused on having at least 4 competitors in the wireless market & more.

(Feb 17 2024) - Post Bulletin : Minnesota Legislature wraps up ...
ST. PAUL, MINN : The 2024 legislative session kicked off with a flurry of bills and committee meetings this past week, including a controversial sanctuary state bill and an adjustment to a bill that would have restricted use-of-force techniques by school resource officers. Highlights this week include ...

(Feb 16 2024) - Kathmandu Post : Cell phone is the biggest tool
NEPAL : The use of mobile banking, internet banking & digital wallets has been rising in recent years. As Nepal aims to transition towards cashless society, it has been signing agreements with various countries to permit online cross-border digital payment. Nepal has signed agreements with India, China and ...

(Feb 15 2024) - Scheer Post : Vote to End Assange Incarceration
AUSTRALIA : The Australian House of Rep's voted in favor of a motion supporting the end of Julian Assange’s incarceration & bring him back to Australia. Amongst the supporters of the motion is Australian PM Albanese, who, regarding the long term prosecution & detention of Assange, declared, “enough is enough.”

(Feb 14 2024) - Wash Post : New Russian ‘Space Threat’ ...
WASH D.C. : Russia has been experimenting with ways to disable satellites, raising concerns that classified intelligence about a new weapon could indicate a strategic threat to national security. The precise nature of the system was unclear. One person referred to it as “a new Russian space threat capability.”

(Feb 13 2024) - Frontier Post : No US troop withdrawal ... for now
IRAQ/SYRIA : The US military has been bombing Iran-backed targets in 3 different Middle East countries over the last few weeks, but this hasn’t changed the calculus of Tehran & proxies it backs from aiming to end the presence of U.S. troops in the region. And despite more than 170 attacks on US troops ...

(Feb 12 2024) - Post Millennial : VP Harris 'I'm Ready to Serve'
WASH D.C. : Amidst heightened scrutiny of Biden & his mental capabilities, VP Harris told reporters that she is "ready to serve." According to a Monday report from the WSJ, Harris said ... “I am ready to serve. There’s no question about that," when she was asked about the concerns regarding Biden's age & decline.

(Feb 11 2024) - Kansas City Post : Court ponders Trump's candidacy
WASH D.C. : Questions from members of the Supreme Court Thursday seemed to suggest the majority won't boot former President Donald Trump from Colorado's November ballot or allow other Democratic-leaning states such as New Mexico to do so. David Becker, executive director of the Center for Election Innovation & Research ...

(Feb 10 2024) - Nagaland Post : Does AI possess the image of God ?
WORLD : Christians believe that human beings are created in the image of God or imago dei (...). This image of God in human is classically interpreted in 3 ways: substantive (...) functional (...) and relational (...). These three are not to be understood in isolation. All three form an integral part of our humanity.

(Feb 09 2024) - Tucson Post : U.S. bombed wrong militant group
IRAQ : Feb 7th, a U.S. drone strike assassinated an Iraqi militia leader, Abu Baqir al-Saadi, in Baghdad. This was a further U.S. escalation in a major new front in the U.S.-Israeli war on the Middle East, centered on the Israeli genocide in Gaza, but already also including ethnic cleansing in the West Bank ...

(Feb 08 2024) - Daily Post : Strengthening libel & slander laws
NIGERIA : The Speaker of the House, Tajudeen Abbas, said this at a news conference on Thursday in Abuja. “I wish to make it categorically clear that the House has no intention to stifle free speech; instead, our objective is to protect the dignity of individuals and the integrity of public discourse,” he said.

(Feb 07 2024) - First Post : AN AGE OF CHAOS ...
U.N. : With a sharply split UN Security Council that is unable to address pressing issues like the Israel-Hamas conflict, UN Sec-Gen Guterres issued a dire warning today, predicting that the world is about to enter “an age of chaos”. Guterres issued a warning on Wed, as the Gaza conflict entered its fifth month ...

(Feb 06 2024) - Christian Post : Praying for a secure border ...
AMERICA : The debate over border control and immigration policies has been a contentious issue in the United States for decades, with passionate arguments on both sides. I’ve written extensively on this issue before, arguing that a biblical worldview on immigration means that “securing our borders, and (...)”

(Feb 05 2024) - Post Journal : Stricter Domestic Violence Law
NEW YORK : Assemblywoman Jen Lunsford wants New York state to be tougher on those who commit domestic violence crimes. Lunsford, D-East Rochester, recently introduced legislation to create a separate category of domestic violence crimes that'll be eligible for immediate arrest, cash bail upon arrest, and ...

(Feb 04 2024) - Sunday Post : NHS blunders mean ...
U.K. : Thousands of women may be unknowingly living with the risk of cervical cancer because of a series of NHS blunders dating back almost 30 years. Three women are known to have died and at least two more have been diagnosed with the deadly cancer after being wrongly excluded from screening programmes.

(Feb 03 2024) - Activist Post : Your Tax Dollars for Davos
WASH D.C. : A few weeks ago, while watching the 54th annual meeting of the (WEF) for updates on their coordinated strategy to promote Central Bank Digital Currencies & digital tyranny, something on my Twitter/X feed caught my attention. Amidst these events, Congressman Scott Perry introduced the “Defund Davos Act.”

(Feb 02 2024) - Palm Beach Post : Florida strikes out again
FLORIDA : Why can’t Florida, with all we’ve got going for us, produce a president? Or even a serious contender for either party’s nomination? We’re the third-largest state, with 30 electoral votes. We send large delegations to both national conventions, decisive in nominating the Democratic & Republican tickets.

(Feb 01 2024) - First Post : Deteriorating situation in Myanmar
INDIA : India wants an “early resolution” of the “deteriorating situation in Myanmar” & said it's has been advocating for a complete succession of violence & the country’s transition towards inclusive federal democracy. Feb 1, marks 3 years since the military in Myanmar declared a state of emergency and ...

(Jan 31 2024) - South China Morning Post : Trump & Taiwan ...
U.S.A. : Donald Trump, the leading candidate to secure the Republican Party nomination for US president, has sparked a new debate, with months-old comments about Taiwan doing the rounds on social media. In a clip recorded in July, the former president refuses to spell out whether the US would defend Taiwan ...

(Jan 30 2024) - Guam Post : Governor says more info needed ...
GUAM : Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero said she wouldn't want to completely shut Guam out of any energy options without thoroughly understanding how that energy works & she'll have to obtain more info before deciding whether she would veto a measure proposing to ban nuclear energy on the island, should the bill come to pass.

(Jan 29 2024) - Kenyan Post : See how Pope Francis reacted ...
VATICAN : Pope Francis (...) has described Africans as a special case when it comes to their acceptance of his directive on blessing LGBTQ+ couples. Speaking during an interview, the Pope defended his stance on blessing irregular & same-sex couples, noting that Africans are a special case regarding the acceptance.

(Jan 28 2024) - Orissa Post : Iran launches 3 satellites into space
IRAN : Iran said Sunday it successfully launched 3 satellites into space with a rocket that had multiple failures in the past, the latest for a programme that the West says improves Tehran’s ballistic missiles. The launch comes as heightened tensions grip the wider Middle East over Israel’s continued war on Hamas ...

(Jan 27 2024) - National Post : Tanker hit by Houthi missile
JERUSALEM : The crew aboard a Marshall Islands-flagged tanker hit by a missile launched by Yemen’s Houthi rebels extinguished an hours-long fire onboard the stricken vessel Saturday sparked by the strike. The attack on the Marlin Luanda further complicated the Red Sea crisis caused by the Iranian-backed rebels’ ...

(Jan 26 2024) - Patriot Post : Biden’s Border Standoff
TEXAS : Biden is allowing an invasion of the U.S. It’s undeniable. Illegal immigration has broken records every year of his occupancy & the ONLY thing he's done is make the problem worse. In fact, some conservative pundits are (...) referring to the border crisis as “Biden’s insurrection against America.”

(Jan 25 2024) - Kyiv Post : Another Russian Oil Refinery Fire
RUSSIA : Explosions rocked Russia’s biggest oil refinery on the Black Sea late Wednesday evening, in a Ukrainian drone strike run by the country’s national spy agency the SBU. Multiple still images and video showed the fire was on the premises of a Tuapse oil refinery operated by the Russian oil company Rosneft.’

(Jan 24 2024) - Pittsburgh Post : Trump's decisive victory
MANCHESTER : The much-fabled power of New Hampshire's fiercely independent voters wasn't enough to break the spell Donald Trump has cast over the Republican Party. Brushing aside Nikki Haley (...) Trump became the 1st Republican presidential candidate who wasn't a WH incumbent to carry the nation's first two contests.

(Jan 23 2024) - Salina Post : Landmark church destroyed by fire
KANSAS : A small Barber County community is mourning the loss of a landmark building to fire. Early Saturday fire crews from across Barber County responded to fight the fire at the old Methodist Church in the city of Isabel. By the time the first responders learned about the fire the structure was fully engulfed and ...

(Jan 22 2024) - Indianpolis Post : TikTok sued by Iowa AG
DES MOINES : Iowa Attorney-General Brenna Bird has sued video-based social media platform TikTok for allegedly misleading parents about their children's access to inappropriate content. In a lawsuit filed in a state court in Polk County, Republican Bird accused TikTok, owned by Chinese company ByteDance, of lying ...

(Jan 21 2024) - WST Post : World due for more conflicts ... ???
BRITAIN : Speaking on Monday, Britain’s defence sec' Grant Shapps warned in a speech that the UK has moved out of a post-war state & is now facing a ‘pre-war world’. His comments were made highlighting Britains need to increase its defence spending, but also demonstrated growing concern over current & future conflicts.

(Jan 20 2024) - Saturday Evening Post : The Pinch-Eyed Dog
U.S.A. : Each day on his way to work in the basement of Somerset Bank, Ignatius Jones skirted around the mosaic map on the lobby floor. Superstitious to the core, he knew the map warned not only about demons & dragons sinking hapless Portuguese caravels in ancient uncharted waters but, all others who strayed off course.

(Jan 19 2024) - Maravi Post : Why are poverty levels still high ???
MARAVI : “Why are most Malawians poor?” This was a thought-provoking question that came from a Zimbabwean friend of mine and I think he was being honest with me abiding by his observation. So I decided to give him an honest response as well. I think that most Malawians, for those who are employed, are poor because ...

(Jan 18 2024) - St Joseph Post : No deal on Ukraine aid
WASH D.C. : Biden’s White House gathering with lawmakers to find a compromise on foreign aid & immigration was “productive,” U.S. House Speaker said Wed, but a deal has still not been reached. Biden hosted congressional leaders & lawmakers to discuss the stalled $106 billion national security supplemental request ...
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