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(Dec 09 2019) - Maravi Post : LGBT mob turns on Hillary Clinton
NEW YORK -- Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emphatic declaration of her lack of interest in dating other women has cost her some points with the LGBT community. The 2016 Democratic presidential nominee appeared Wednesday on Howard Stern’s show. Clinton was on the show to promote “The Book of Gutsy Women,”

(Dec 08 2019) - SCM Post : Fears for wider terror plot after ...
FLORIDA -- A Saudi suspect videotaped the scene & 2 others watched from a nearby car as a fellow airman carried out a mass shooting that killed 3 American service members at a Navy base in Florida, a federal official said. The 3 additional suspects also allegedly watched videos of mass shootings at a dinner party

(Dec 07 2019) - Palm Beach Post : Shooter watched shooting videos
PENSACOLA -- The Saudi student who fatally shot 3 people at a U.S. naval base in Florida hosted a dinner party earlier in the week where he & 3 others watched videos of mass shootings, a U.S. official told The Associated Press on Saturday. One of the 3 students videotaped outside while the shooting was taking place ...

(Dec 06 2019) - Kathmandu Post : Govt owes a debt to migrants
NEPAL -- While states have a duty to protect their citizens & to look after their welfare, Nepal has embarrassingly failed to do so. This starts with the fact that Nepalis have to continue to look for work in faraway lands; the years of remittance inflow has not sufficiently been fuelled into productive sectors and

(Dec 05 2019) - Baghdad Post : US Concludes Withdrawal of Troops
SYRIA -- The United States’ army has completed its withdrawal from northeastern Syria while keeping about 600 troops on the ground but elsewhere in the country, said Defense Secretary Mark Esper. “It will be relatively static around that number. But if we see things happen ... I can dial up a little bit,” Esper said

(Dec 04 2019) - Post News : SDA Speaker: Hide Illegals from ICE
MICHIGAN -- A guest speaker at Andrews University, a 7th-day Adventist school in Michigan, urged students to harbor illegal aliens in their churches because ICE & Customs Enforcement does not usually raid churches, Campus Reform reported. "People are being hurt right now across this country," the event's speaker said.

(Dec 02 2019) - Patriot Post : A Sanctuary Nation is no Nation at All
AMERICA -- “This Constitution, and the laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law of the land; and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the Constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding.” - Article VI, U.S. Constitution

(Dec 01 2019) - Sunday Post : Prisons have become training grounds
LONDON -- The extraordinary release of a dangerous terrorist like Usman Khan from prison to kill on the streets of London highlights again the acute but highly unpredictable threat of Islamist terror anywhere in the UK. Khan, then aged 19, was originally given an indeterminate life sentence for a 2012 plot ...

(Nov 30 2019) - Pakistan Christian Post : Knife ram pager shot ...
LONDON -- A suspected terrorist attack was thwarted by London's Met Police after a knife rampager was first grappled to the ground by local citizens and then shot dead by armed officers. One man who is featured in several photos taken by witnesses even managed to grab the knife from the assailant but not before ...

(Nov 29 2019) - Financial Post : USMCA ... Getting There
CANADA -- The push to ratify a new North American trade pact is “getting there” Mexico’s top negotiator says, though some “difficult issues” remain as U.S. Democrats continue to insist on stronger labour enforcement. Jesús Seade, Mexican Undersecretary for North America, met with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and ...

(Nov 28 2019) - Copenhagen Post : ISIS fighters loose citizenship
DENMARK -- Under new legislation, the Danish government deprived a 25-year-old man and a young woman of their Danish citizenship, while out of country. This happened due to their proved involvement with the Islamic State in Syria. Court order prohibits the publication of the names of the accused. The new emergency law ...

(Nov 26 2019) - Hippocratic Post : Antibiotic Resistance ...
WORLD -- The World Bank estimates that between 1.1% and 3.8% of global GDP could be lost due to antibiotic resistance, (known as antimicrobial resistance /AMR), if left unchecked – roughly the same as the global economic impact of climate change. At the Extreme Medicine Conference in Edinburgh, leaders ...

(Nov 25 2019) - Wash Post : Navy secretary forced out ...
WASH D.C. -- Defense Sec' Mark T. Esper asked for the resignation of Navy Sec' Richard V. Spencer on Sunday after losing confidence in him over his handling of the case of a Navy SEAL accused of war crimes in Iraq. Spencer’s ouster was another dramatic turn in the story of Chief Petty Officer Edward Gallagher ...

(Nov 23 2019) - Saturday Evening Post : Considering History ...
AMERICA -- While not as prominent nor as straightforward as the growing movement to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day, recent years have seen a complementary challenge to how we think about Thanksgiving. For instance, native historian & public scholar Philip Deloria recently wrote a bracing article ...

(Nov 22 2019) - Courier Post : Church is rebuilding credibility ...
NEW JERSEY -- Just a week before state law may unleash a torrent of new priest abuse lawsuits, Cardinal Joseph W. Tobin of the Newark Archdiocese said the church is working hard to rebuild trust with the more than 1.3 million Catholics under his watch. The church's credibility was "shot" after a series of scandals ...

(Nov 21 2019) - Kyiv Post : Riaboshapka investigates leak ...
KYIV -- Prosecutor General Ruslan Riaboshapka said on Nov. 20 that law enforcement is checking audio recordings that allegedly implicate State Investigation Bureau Chief Roman Truba in wrongdoing. The recordings were leaked by an unknown source on Nov. 19 through a Telegram channel called “Trubu prorvalo” ...

(Nov 20 2019) - Greanville Post : Coup plotters trained by US
BOLIVIA -- “The role of military & police officials trained by the US was pivotal in forcing regime change.” The U.S. played a key role in the military coup in Bolivia & in a direct way that has scarcely been acknowledged in events that forced the country’s elected president, Evo Morales, to resign on Nov 10.

(Nov 19 2019) - Jesuit Post : What is Truth ... ???
U.S.A. -- “What is truth ?” This is the question Pontius Pilate poses to Jesus during His trial, after the Lord says that His mission was to testify to the truth. Some version of this question is currently stumping social media giants Facebook & Twitter as they look toward an ever-divisive political climate ...

(Nov 17 2019) - Monroe County Post : Dangerous form of cocaine
GENEVA -- Geneva & Canandaigua city police will address 7 overdoses that took place overnight Saturday & early Sunday in Ontario County at a press conference today at 11 a.m. The victims were saved; police are trying to work with them to learn more. 5 of the overdoses took place in Geneva & 2 happened in Canandaigua.

(Nov 14 2019) - Activist Post : The Birth of the Deep State
WASH D.C. -- Every presidential administration finds some degree of internal resistance. That which has confronted the Trump Administration, however, seems to be the most active and aggressive ever. From “Anonymous”, to a record number of leakers, to physically hiding documents from the President, a large and active bureaucratic resistance is at work to stymie many of the Executive branch’s goals.

(Nov 11 2019) - Post & Email : Citizen Files Complaint with ABA ...
NEW YORK -- On Monday morning, P&E reader and New York State citizen Robert Laity sent a letter of complaint to the American Bar Association (ABA) concerning one of the attorneys representing the Ukraine “whistleblower” whose allegations spurred the current “impeachment inquiry” against President Trump.

(Nov 10 2019) - Patriot Post : U.S. Marine Corps Birthday
U.S.A. -- On Nov. 10, 1775, the 2nd Continental Congress resolved to create 2 battalions of Continental Marines for the War of Independence from Britain. In 1798, President Adams signed the Act establishing the United States Marine Corps. The 13th Commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen' John A. Lejeune, issued ...

(Oct 31 2019) - Post News : Millennials likely to vote socialist
U.S.A. -- The 4th annual report on “US Attitudes Toward Socialism, Communism & Collectivism,” commissioned by the anticommunist Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation & conducted by YouGov, found a sharp growth in interest in socialism among youth in the US over the past year. The study has been conducted ...

(Oct 30 2019) - Greanville Post : Defining U.S. Foreign Policy
WASH D.C. -- The New York Times continues to lie about Joe Biden’s involvement in the Ukraine and about Ukrainian involvement in the U.S. election. Today it also lied about a fact in relation to Lieutenant Colonel Vindman who was yesterday questioned by the Democrats ‘impeachment inquiry’. The NYT reported ...

(Oct 29 2019) - Post & Email : Clapper & Brennan to be Implicated
WASH D.C. -- At approximately 1:40 PM EDT, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL1) tweeted that he believes Obama’s director of national intelligence, James Clapper & CIA director, John Brennan, will be “implicated” as the U.S. attorney designated to identify the origins of the Russia “collusion” narrative delves into possible criminality ...

(Oct 28 2019) - Frontier Post : Trump considering releasing video
WASH D.C. -- U.S. President Donald Trump said Monday he is weighing releasing to the public video footage of the raid that led to the death of Daesh’s former leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Asked about the matter by reporters before departing the White House, Trump said “we’re thinking about it.” “We may,” he said.

(Oct 27 2019) - Sunday Post : State of Emergency Declared
CALIFORNIA -- California’s governor has declared a statewide emergency, with nearly 200,000 people ordered to flee their homes because of wildfires fuelled by historic winds. Millions are without electricity after the largest utility cut power in some areas as a precaution to prevent other fires.

(Oct 25 2019) - Conservative Post : Russian Sub's Launch Missiles
SIBERIA -- Russian submarines operating dangerously close to US waters launched two ICBMs over the weekend. The two massive missiles hit dummy targets in eastern Siberia. The exercise was designed to test new liquid and solid-fuel propulsion systems. But also to provoke the Trump Administration.

(Oct 24 2019) - Christian Post : Texas Gov Intervening Case ...
TEXAS -- The governor of Texas is intervening in a custody case amid controversy over a decision of a Dallas jury allowing a mother to proceed with gender transitioning against the wishes of his father. The case of James Younger, a 7-year-old boy who has been at the center of a complicated & bitter divorce ...

(Oct 23 2019) - Pickering Post : Welcome to the Digital Gulag
AUSTRALIA -- Australians today, are living in the digital age. That may sound fine & in many ways it is. This revolutionary new method of data exchange & info sharing, however, comes at a very high price. We know that those with a desire to control, are drawn to abusing this technology like a magnet is attracted to iron.

(Oct 22 2019) - Bangkok Post : Emperor proclaims enthronement
JAPAN -- Japanese Emperor Naruhito officially proclaimed Tuesday his enthronement before roughly 2,000 guests, including some 420 dignitaries from about 190 countries & international organisations, in a ceremony at the Imperial Palace featuring elements of ancient protocol. "I pledge hereby that I shall ..."

(Oct 21 2019) - Wash Post : Trump slams Dem's & Republicans
WHITE HOUSE -- President Trump lashed out against the impeachment process during a raucous Cabinet meeting Monday, turning the White House gathering into a Trump-run war room as he continues to unnerve many of his Republican allies by insisting on a personal and largely uncoordinated response to his mounting challenges.

(Oct 20 2019) - First Post : Demands from Hong Kong Protesters
HONG KONG -- Protesters flooded the city's streets on Sunday in defiance of a ban by the authorities on their march, setting up roadblocks & tossing firebombs amid the firing of tear gas by police. Protest leaders carried a black banner at the front of the procession that read, "Five main demands, not one less" ...

(Oct 19 2019) - New York Post : Mob whacked Pope John Paul I ???
ITALY -- He helped kill the pope — so his pals could stay out of hell. That’s the shocking claim from longtime Colombo gangster Anthony Raimondi, who says, in 1978, he went to Italy with a team of hit men who whacked John Paul I. They allegedly poisoned him with cyanide just 33 days into the pontiff’s reign ...

(Oct 16 2019) - Irish Post : Irish people 'ought' to love Trump
IRELAND -- Ireland has been urged to show President Donald Trump more love and affection by a leading Irish American businessman. Brian Burns, a Florida-based businessman who was Trump's first choice to by US ambassador to Ireland before he declined due to health reasons, made the comments while being interviewed ...

(Oct 15 2019) - SCM Post : US-China trade talks to resume ...
WASH D.C. -- High-level trade talks between China & the US will resume next week as the two sides aim to finalise a “phase one” agreement during an upcoming regional leaders forum next month, US Treasury Sec' Steven Mnuchin said on Monday. Mnuchin & US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer plan to have a phone call ...
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