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(Jun 05 2023) - First Post : Another goods train derails
ODISHA : Another train tragedy occurred in Odisha on Monday after several wagons of a goods train derailed near Sambardhara in Bargarh district. The incident comes just couple of days after three-train accident in Balasore area of the state claimed lives of over 280 people and wounded more than 1,100.

(Jun 04 2023) - Bay Post : Scores detained on Tiananmen Square
HONG KONG : Hong Kong police have searched & detained scores of people, 4 arrested for "seditious" intent, as authorities tightened security for the 34th anniversary of the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown. Restrictions in Hong Kong have stifled were once the biggest vigils marking the bloody crackdown by Chinese troops ...

(Jun 03 2023) - Saturday Evening Post : News of the Week
U.S.A. : The Scripps National Spelling was held this week. That’s that annual televised competition where you’re equally impressed by the kids’ knowledge of words and horrified by the amount of pressure they must be under. The winning word was “psammophile,” which is an organism that prefers or thrives in sandy soils.

(Jun 02 2023) - Huff Post : Twitter's Content Moderator Steps Down
CALIFORNIA : Twitter’s top content moderator has reportedly stepped down after just 7 months on the job under CEO Elon Musk. Ella Irwin, who joined the social media platform in June 2022 & took over as head of trust & safety last fall, when Musk officially acquired the platform, confirmed her departure to Reuters.

(Jun 01 2023) - Phnom Pen Post : ... International Children’s Day
CAMBODIA : The gov't celebrated this year’s International Children’s Day with a major event, held in Phnom Penh June 1 under the theme “We must unite to safeguard & develop children in the shade of peace in the digital age”. Minister of National Assembly-Senate Relations & Inspections Men Sam An, who officiated the function

(May 31 2023) - Denver Post : House debt ceiling vote to ...
WASH D.C. : Crossing a crucial hurdle, the debt ceiling and budget cuts package to avert default headed toward House passage late Wednesday as President Joe Biden and Speaker Kevin McCarthy assembled a coalition of centrist Democrats and Republicans against fierce conservative blowback and progressive dissent.

(May 30 2023) - Post Bulletin : Minnesota legalizes marijuana
ST. PAUL : Minnesota has legalized recreational marijuana for adults, with the new law set to go into effect Aug. 1. Gov. Tim Walz on Tuesday, May 30, signed into law a bill allowing marijuana possession for people 21 and older, expunging marijuana conviction records & creating a new regulatory plan for the substance.

(May 29 2023) - Goulburn Post : NATO Soldiers Step in ...
KOSOVO : NATO peacekeeping soldiers have formed security cordons around 3 town halls in Kosovo as police clashed with Serb protesters, while Serbia's president put the army on the highest level of combat alert. The tense situation developed after ethnic Albanian mayors took office in northern Kosovo's Serb majority area

(May 28 2023) - Post South : Memorial Day 2023 : Remembering ...
AMERICA : This weekend honors those who served our country but whom we never could thank with a handshake, applause or a ticker-tape parade − because we never had the chance. They are the people who fought & gave their lives for America (+) allies. In most cases, they never knew the outcome of their ultimate sacrifice ...

(May 27 2023) - Financial Post : Brace for sticker shock ...
CANADA : Canadians are looking to fly more often but are showing increased wariness about costs, according to a report by travel app provider Hopper Inc. that found customers are checking the price more frequently before they book than in the past. The company’s data shows travellers are checking the price ...

(May 26 2023) - Hippocratic Post : Stop subsidising tobacco farming
WHO : On World No Tobacco Day, the World Health Organization (WHO) urges governments to stop subsidizing tobacco farming and support more sustainable crops that could feed millions. “Tobacco is responsible for 8 million deaths a year, yet governments across the world spend millions supporting tobacco farms,” ...

(May 25 2023) - Nagaland Post : Snow kills 290,000 livestock
MONGOLIA : More than 290,000 livestock have been killed in the Mongolian provinces of Sukhbaatar and Khentii due to the recent dust and snow storms, local media reported on Thursday. The overall number of fatalities is however, expected to increase since many livestock still remain still unaccounted for ...

(May 24 2023) - Bangkok Post : Climate scientists flee Twitter
PARIS : Scientists suffering insults and mass-spam are abandoning Twitter for alternative social networks as hostile climate-change denialism surges on the platform following Elon Musk's takeover. Researchers have documented an explosion of hate and misinformation on Twitter since the Tesla billionaire took over ...

(May 22 2023) - Frontier Post : China bans U.S. chip maker ...
BEIJING : China says products made by US memory chip giant Micron Technology are a national security risk. The country’s cyberspace regulator announced Sunday that America’s biggest maker of memory chips poses “serious network security risks”. It means the firm’s products will be banned from key infrastructure projects ...

(May 21 2023) - WST Post : British private schools in China ...
CHINA : British private schools in China are teaching children to march with guns in military uniform with Chinese flags and to ‘protect the motherland’, footage shows. In one video of a ‘Cranleigh’ school in Wuhan, China, children can be seen goose-stepping in military uniform with rifles and China’s national flag.

(May 20 2023) - Post Millennial : Justice Gorsuch slams ... (Biden)
WASH D.C. : On Thursday, after the Supreme Court dismissed a case to preserve Title 42 orders, Justice Neil Gorsuch issued a statement condemning the invasive restrictions on civil liberties during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Since March 2020, we may have experienced the greatest intrusions on civil liberties ...”

(May 19 2023) - Kathmandu Post : India to withdraw rupee notes
INDIA : India will start withdrawing 2,000-rupee ($24.5) notes from circulation, its central bank said Friday, adding that evidence showed the denomination was not being commonly used for transactions. The notes will remain legal tender, but people will be asked to deposit & exchange them for smaller denominations ...

(May 18 2023) - Christian Post : Report : 'Worse than Watergate' ...
WASH D.C. : Politicians, media & legal experts are reacting to the release of the Durham report, which concluded that federal law enforcement agencies had a faulty basis for opening an investigation into President Trump’s purported relationship with Russia & alleged foreign interference in the 2016 presidential election.

(May 17 2023) - Daily Post : $12bn needed for oil spills
NIGERIA : Nigeria, one of Africa’s largest oil producers, would need $12 billion to clean up several yrs of oil spills in the Niger Delta region. DAILY POST reports this was contained in a report by the Bayelsa State Oil & Environmental Commission. According to the Commission, 2 international oil companies ...

(May 16 2023) - Courier Post : Feds decision on nuclear waste
CAMDEN : Holtec International has received a federal license to build and operate a nuclear-waste storage facility in New Mexico, a goal the firm has pursued for eight years. But opponents said a new state law in New Mexico and ongoing challenges in federal court “could prevent the project from going forward.”

(May 15 2023) - Activist Post : 3 Layers of Financial Preparedness
U.S.A. : As our banking system implodes all around us, you may be wondering how on earth we can be financially prepared for the future in a world where our national currency is at extreme risk. While it’s easy to say, “Invest in precious metals,” it’s also important to know that PMs aren’t your 1st layer of preparedness.

(May 14 2023) - NY Post : California Republican slams Newsom
CALIFORNIA : Newsom has come under fire from a top Sacramento Republican after he declined to support slavery reparations recommended by his reparations task force of up to $1.2 million for black residents. The democratic governor argued that dealing with the legacy of slavery “is about more than cash payments,” and ...

(May 13 2023) - San Antonio Post : Extra troops sent to border
DALLAS : To prepare for a possible surge in illegal immigration when COVID-19 restrictions, known as Title 42, end this week, the Biden admin' & Texas state gov't will deploy forces to the US-Mexico border. Title 42, which has been in place since 2020, gives US authorities the power to quickly expel migrants ...

(May 12 2023) - Guam Post : Ukraine achieving some success ...
KYIV : Russian and Ukrainian forces are engaged in heavy fighting in Bakhmut, the eastern city where Ukrainian soldiers have held out against a months-long assault by the Russian army, officials of both countries said. But accounts differed on whether it's the start of Kyiv's much-anticipated spring counteroffensive.

(May 11 2023) - First Post : Imran Khan's arrest was 'illegal'
PAKISTAN : Pakistan’s Supreme Court declared former PM Imran Khan’s arrest “illegal” & ordered his immediate release. Imran Khan was on Thursday produced before the top court after it ordered the country’s anti-corruption watchdog to bring the former PM as it heard his plea against his dramatic arrest ...

(May 10 2023) - Patriot Post : Tucker Takes It to Twitter
U.S.A. : By announcing plans to move his top-rated cable show to Elon Musk’s platform, Carlson is doubling down on free speech. In a 3-minute video he posted to his Twitter account yesterday afternoon, Tucker Carlson told his audience that he’d found a new home for the top-rated show he’d done on Fox News : Twitter.

(May 09 2023) - Kenyan Post : Pastor selling body organs ???
NAIROBI : Former PM Raila Odinga’s newfound friend Pastor Ezekiel Odero may be rearrested again. This is after police discovered new evidence to suggest that he may have been in the business of selling the body organs of his victims in collaboration with Pastor Paul Mackenzie. According to a police office ...

(May 08 2023) - Pagosa Post : The Most Dangerous American Cities
COLORADO : Over the last few years, I’ve seen a lot of Internet chatter, repeated on several networks, about how New York City and Atlanta among the most violent places in America. But are they really? I looked at the data, for the most dangerous cities as well as the safest, to see if this is the case ...

(May 07 2023) - Kyiv Post : OPINION: 30 Seconds Over Moscow
MOSCOW : FALSE FLAG or not, the Kremlin drone attack may serve as a wake-up call to Russia and a message of hope to Ukrainians – just as the 1942 surprise Doolittle Raid did in World War 2. During the early morning hours of May 3, a drone operated by an unknown actor was captured by surveillance cameras ...

(May 06 2023) - National Post : 'God Save the King'
LONDON : King Charles was crowned alongside the Queen at a lavish ceremony in Westminster Abbey in London on Saturday starting at 10 a.m. (5 a.m. Eastern Time). The King ascended the throne after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, in September last year, making him the oldest new monarch in British history.

(May 05 2023) - Palm Beach Post : Covid cases are down ...
FLORIDA : Although Florida COVID case counts remain elusive because state health officials no longer report them on a weekly basis to the federal government, hospitals continue to show a decline statewide (...) The good news Friday came from the WHO, which declared COVID-19 over as a global health emergency.

(May 04 2023) - SCM Post : Chinese AI holds key to better vaxx ???
CHINA : Researchers with Chinese tech giant Baidu say they have developed a new artificial intelligence algorithm that can identify the optimal mRNA sequence for a stable & effective Covid-19 vaccine in just minutes. The team led by Baidu Research, the AI-focused arm of the tech company, said the algorithm ...

(May 03 2023) - African Post : Finland Joins NATO ...
FINLAND : Finland joined the NATO military alliance Tues, dealing a major blow to Russian President Putin with a historic realignment of Europe's post-Cold War security landscape triggered by Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. The Nordic country's membership doubles Russia’s border with the world’s biggest security alliance.

(May 02 2023) - Orissa Post : Unclear who'd help Taiwan in a war
CANBERRA : Taiwan intends to fight for itself in any armed conflict with China & is unclear as to what countries might stand beside it, the self-governing island's foreign minister said. China claims Taiwan as its own territory, to be brought under its control by force as concerns are rising about an armed conflict.

(May 01 2023) - Richardson Post : 36 Billion a Year on Migrants
GERMANY : As Germany’s population continues to set new record highs & migrants are set to cost over €36 billion in 2023, there are those warning that severe social consequences could ensue. Tübingen Mayor, of the Green party, is one of those voices & in many ways (...) his voice carries more weight than others.

(Apr 30 2023) - Salina Post : Kansas Legislature approves bill ...
TOPEKA : The Kansas Legislature narrowly passed a bill forbidding state and county public health officials from issuing test, isolation and closure mandates to counter spread of infectious disease and blocking the state from requiring COVID-19 vaccinations of children in schools or daycare facilities.

(Apr 29 2023) - Jerusalem Post : Judicial reform protesters ...
ISRAEL : The Saturday night judicial reform protests come on the heels of a pro-judicial reform demonstration that was held in Jerusalem last week. For the 17th week in a row, Israel's anti-judicial reform protesters are set to hit the streets on Saturday evening in 150 different locations around the country.

(Apr 28 2023) - Defense Post : Vessels in Near-Crash ...
SOUTH CHINA SEA : A Chinese coast guard ship cut off a Philippine patrol vessel carrying journalists in the disputed South China Sea, causing a near-collision, an AFP team on board another boat saw. The near-miss off the Spratly Islands on Sunday was the latest in a steady string of incidents between China & Philippines

(Apr 27 2023) - Pittsburgh Post : Jerry Springer, dies at 79
CINCINNATI : Jerry Springer, the onetime mayor & news anchor whose namesake TV show featured a 3-ring circus of dysfunctional families willing to bare all on weekday afternoons including brawls, obscenities & blurred images of nudity, died Thurs. At its peak, “The Jerry Springer Show” was a ratings powerhouse and ...

(Apr 26 2023) - St Joseph Post : Terrorist behind bombing is dead
WASH D.C. : A ground assault by the Taliban killed the Islamic State militant who spearheaded the Aug 2021 suicide bombing at the Kabul airport that left 13 U.S. troops & about 170 Afghans dead during the chaotic U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, officials said. Initially, neither the U.S. nor Taliban were aware

(Apr 25 2023) - Post & Email : Pilot had Cardiac Arrest & Collapsed
VIRGINIA : TSA Officers Allen & Collier were reportedly in the middle of their duties at the airport, on Apr 11, when an airline pilot suddenly collapsed from cardiac arrest. “I looked over just as the pilot fell to the floor.” The pilot reportedly approached a railing, staggered & fell down unconscious.

(Apr 24 2023) - Maravi Post : The Value of Big African Companies ...
JOHANNESBURG : While only 5% of companies listed on Africa’s 24 stock exchanges have a woman as CEO, those that do have a woman CEO outperform financially by a wide measure according to a new analysis by Africa.com. To mark the evolution of Africa.com’s Definitive List of Women CEOs, sponsored by Standard Bank Group ...

(Apr 23 2023) - First Post : Crisis in Pakistan deep enough to ???
ISLAMABAD : Former Pakistan PM Abbasi said MARTIAL LAW always remained a possibility if the system failed or when there was a conflict between institutions and the political leadership was unable to chart a way forward. However, Abbasi urged all stakeholders to initiate a dialogue to chart a way forward.

(Apr 22 2023) - Saturday Evening Post : You Are What You Eat
HOLLYWOOD : Soylent Green takes place in a dystopian 2022 where the wealthy hoard most of the resources & the poor are in a terrible state of food scarcity. It’s so hopeless that people can check out permanently at their local euthanasia center. In the midst of this, police detective Thorn begins to tug on a conspiracy.
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