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Gang Watcher Ministry

For more info regarding gangs and the gang culture in the Porterville area, go to one of the best Ministries in the streets today - Gang Watchers.

With 100's of contact's, in and out of prison and a tom of street credibility, Gang Watchers can help your family, school, business and church.

Gang Watchers covers all aspects of the gang information -- including how to spot gang activity in your home, neighborhood, school and church.

Call today Gang Watchers today (559) 333.G.TOK and ask for our public speaking rates or how much it costs to set up our exclusive 4x4 Neighborhood Watch program.

You can pay me now ...
or you can a lot more later.

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Gang Information and Truth starts by calling
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Welcome to the newest on-line news service in the Porterville area. Our goal is to report the right news at the right time. In doing this, we believe that the community will get a greater sence of being connected.

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(Jul 22 2009) - U.S. offers $50m reward for capture of ten Mexican drug barons :
UNITED STATES -- The United States is offering a reward of $5 million (�3 million) for the capture of each of ten Mexican drug barons who have smuggled more than $1 billion-worth of narcotics across the border. The bounty forms part of the latest campaign against the Gulf Cartel and its �security wing� of former Mexican special forces soldiers, known as Los Zetas. Los Zetas was formed by a small group of deserters from Mexico�s Air Mobile Special Forces Group, who provided a personal security force for the cartel�s leader in the 1990s. The security force eventually became part of the drug trafficking operation with numerous murders and kidnappings to protect shipments. The US government now refers to the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas as a single entity called �The Company.�

(Dec 09 2008) - Tulare County Supervisors Award $70,000 to Local Non-Profit Organizations :
by Eric Coyne - Tulare County Media Officer & Tourism Manager :
TULARE COUNTY, CA. -- The Tulare County Board of Supervisors today awarded $70,000 in grant funding to non-profit organizations throughout Tulare County through the Step Up Youth Activities Grant Program. The organizations will use the funds to work with gang affiliated or gang exposed youth in Tulare County. "The focus on anti-gang programs is extremely important for our communities," said Board Chairman Phil Cox. "We need to invest in providing positive leadership activities for our youth if they are to be successful in the future."

(Oct 16 2008) - Gang Suppression Detail in Porterville :
by Sgt. Larry M. Rodriguiz - Porterville Police Dept :
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- On October 16, Porterville Police Officers and Detectives, in conjunction with Tulare County Probation, conducted a gang suppression detail throughout the City of Porterville. Officers selected specific target areas and residences to conduct Probation and Parole Court Compliance Checks on various known gang members throughout the City of Porterville. Over the course of the enforcement action, officers completed ...

(Sept 19 2008) - Step Up Youth Activities Grant Program applications available :
Press Release by Jeff Forbes - Board Representative II :
TULARE COUNTY, CA. -- The Tulare County Youth Commission is accepting applications for its Step Up Youth Activities Grant Program. Authorized by the Tulare County Board of Supervisors earlier this year, the grant program provides $100,000 in grants for local non profit organizations. Any organization that operates within Tulare County that has 501 (c) 3 tax status is eligible to apply. In May of 2008, the Tulare County Board of Supervisors established the Step Up Youth Activities Grant Program and the Tulare County Youth Commission, which will administer the grant program. The Step Up Youth Activities Grant program allocates $100,000 for grants to Tulare County non profit organizations. There is $20,000 available for each Supervisorial district, and grant award amounts will range between $2,000 and $10,000.

(Aug 15 2008) - Citywide Anti-Gang Suppression Detail :
by Sgt. Larry M. Rodriguiz - Porterville Police Dept :
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- On August 15, 2008, from 0700 hours to 1200 hours, detectives with the Porterville Police Department�s Special Investigations Unit (SIU) and the Tulare County Probation Department conducted a citywide anti-Gang Suppression Detail. Investigators conducted a narcotic search warrant, 15 probation compliance searches and 15 field interviews through out the City of Porterville. These contacts and searches focused on identified criminal street gang members. Investigating detectives made over five felony arrests and two misdemeanor warrant arrests. At one location detectives seized � ounce of suspected methamphetamine packaged for sales with an estimated street value of about $750. Detectives also made an arrest for a criminal street gang member threatening police officer, being members of a criminal street gang, possession of marijuana and cultivation of marijuana. The marijuana seized had an estimated street value of approximately $2,000.

(Jun 18 2008) - Porterville PD Pick Up X4 Norte�o Gang Members :
by Post Editor : editor@portervillepost.com
Today in Porterville, Police Chief Chuck McMillan announced the arrests of several Central Varrio "VCP" gang members. 20 some odd warrents for these Norteno X4 gang members were issued and 18 were picked up in the early moring raids. Varrio Central Poros {Porterville Central Neighborhood} is one of three Norteno gangs who claim turf in Porterville or "Poros", the other two being "East Side Poros {ESP} and West Side Poros {WSP}." The name Norteno's, for those who still are not up to speed on gangs, basically means north or northerner. They say they "claim" the northern part of California from Delano on up. They claim the color red and the gang tag X4 / X14, symbolising "N" the 14th letter of the alphabit. Their rival gang members are called sureno's or southerners. They say they "claim" everything south of Delano and their gang tag is X3 / X13 and they claim the color blue. That's how it is on the streets. Now, I hate to bust the Chief's little bubble on the little victory, but the truth be told, the streets of Porterville will only be safe for about a week. And then decisions will be made from within the ranks of VCP as to who will be the new shot callers for the gang.

(May 12 2008) - These Gang Summits Are Catching on ... :
by Post Editor : editor@portervillepost.com
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Today in Visalia, the Tulare County Gang Prevention Task Force met at the Tulare County Office of Education to up date it�s members and others who were interested in stepping up. Supervisor Phil Cox, as always, opened up the meeting and asked all who were there to introduce themselves and then they received the �Wrap Up� of all that took place with the Cutler-Orosi Gang Summit. Ms. Logan Robertson - 528-6949 shared that the Marth 12th 2008 Gang Summit was a success. At first their committees met weekly, to get well connected and then they ran with it. All total, Ms Robertson said that 4000 {English/Spanish} flyers were handed out to the high school kids from that area and it was reported by the fire marshal, that 2,200 people attended the summit and participated. In conjunction with those numbers, Ms Robertson said they handed out about 800 �Feedback Form� with good results.

(Apr 17 2008) - Gang Watchers of Porterville and Gang Talk Channel of Dinuba UNITE MINISTRIES :
PRESS RELEASE : : from Gang Watchers Ministry -
Mr. Donnie Sebreros of Dinuba and founder of Gang Talk Channel Ministry www.gangtalkchannel.com joined forces with Gang Watchers Ministry of Porterville to reach out to gangs ... creating a larger web-ministry for Tulare County. Today, as Mr. A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta took Mr. Sebreros around to the area ministries and formally introduced him, many encouraged him to stay and attend local gatherings. "As much as I'd like to stay, Brother Donnie said, I need to be in my church tonight." Brother Donnie did say that he'd come back real soon and wanted to interview Mr. Lucketta for his internet video program. The Post will let you know when that happens and we will finish our interview with Mr. Sebreros as well.

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