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(Intro & Bio) - THE RIGHT WORD© with Brother Scott :

The RIGHT Word © With Brother Scott Start here first ... if you want to know what is important to know about me and why I write and speak weekly the things that I do! Except for my siblings and other relatives who call me by my first name (withheld!), I am known by all others as either Scott Riaubia or Brother Scott. The name originates from Lithuania (makes me wonder if thats why my last name ends in ia).

I was born in 1955 on a day when the country puts up our stars and stripes in June. I am a red-blooded American male, father and grandfather, and have been married to my bride of 42 years.

I am a military veteran of the Viet Nam era, although not a U.S Army combat veteran. After leaving military service I spent the next 27 years working for some of the largest corporations in America, generally in financial services in one way or another.

(Nov 26 2023) - "Sufficient" Means "Enough" - #3
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Before moving into the last analysis of what we can learn from what Paul wrote in this passage, I want to point out as an important review two things that we discovered in this passage that have been mentioned so far. From part one, we learned that the word "sufficient" used by the Holy Spirit infers a two-fold participation that is to happen between God and the believer. What He gives us as grace in our trials is to be recognized by definition as enough for the need and our benefit, it is just the right amount of help by God's wisdom, it will suffice and is just the correct dose of help for the purposes of God in our life regarding that problem area.

(Oct 29 2023) - "Sufficient" Means "Enough" - #2
PORTERVILLE, CA -- What I shared with you in part one of this short series on the subject of Gods grace was an important first step in walking in the benefits of that grace. There is no question that you and I have been given His grace or we would not be able to consider ourselves ones born again from Heaven. To put a finer point on what you heard in part 1, you might want to consider grace this way: There is every day grace that you and I are not even aware of and there is what we might consider as emergency grace or the favor and help of Gods grace needed when unexpected and serious things arise in our lives.

(Oct 04 2023) - "Sufficient" means "Enough" - !1
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Dear friends in Christ, On the heels of talking to you under the title How Can We Know, an important 3-part look at ones genuine faith in God as a Person, including what His Word says, and about ones love for God, today I want to tag onto what you should have taken to heart this subject today. It falls nicely in place as both a review for some of what we should know and live by, and for others, it will be instruction and an encouragement on how to live having strong faith in God and what His Word teaches us, as well as for one that loves God passionately and knows that He loves us even more than that!

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