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Post Faith Articles - Mar 05 2008
by Post Editor : editor@portervillepost.com

President : David Prado
President David Prado
President David Prado
Full Gospel Business Man's Fellowship International
President : Demos Shakarian
President Demos Shakarian and Evangelist Tommy Hicks
Evangelist : Tommy Hicks
Evangelist Tommy Hicks
Evangelist Tommy Hicks
Full Gospel Business Mans Fellowship International President recalls it's Prophetic History : by A.L.Lucketta : Post Editor

On March 5th the Post had a chance to interview one of GOD’s beloved servants, David L. Prado Sr. – President of the local Chapter of the Full Gospel Business Man’s Fellowship International (FGBMFI).

We began this interview in his front lawn, since it was a beautiful day, the Post quickly realized that Mr. Prado’s commitment and relationship to this Christian organization was more than a lesson in history, it soon becoming a lesson in Porterville’s Christian history and … it Prophetic Destiny.

20 some-odd years after Demos Shakarian founded the Full Gospel Business Man’s Fellowship in southern California, a chapter in Porterville was established. It’s founders included a few well known servant’s of GOD, such as Dan Davis and Ray Colman.

In 1978, David L. Prado Sr. joined the Porterville chapter and has held the position as president on more than one occasion. As well, he’s traveled on behalf of his chapter to far away places like England, Mexico and Honduras.

Last year, Mr. Prado participated as the master of ceremonies in Fresno and his long time friend, General Lopez from Honduras, came and spoke to a packed house. General Lopez, returned this year and spoke to the local chapter and had a few prophetic words for David, saying, “I sense that GOD has something for you and me to do.” He told Mr. Prado 3 times. And when he got up to speak, he questioned Mr. Prado, “I don’t know what it is David, do you know ? ” David said, “I don’t know either.”

Prophetic History :

Currently the FGBMFI can be found in 150 nations and as Evangelist Oral Robert prophesied at the very first meeting to Demos, “Demos, you’re going to have over a 1000 chapters.” But that first year really tried the organizations founder and members … until Evangelist Tommy Hicks – who was holding revivals all over central and south America – came to Demos prophesied over him and the new organization. From that time on, it continues it prophetic growth and destiny.

In April of 1952 – the same year he prophesied over Demos - Evangelist Tommy Hicks came to Porterville and held revivals on the west side of Porterville, just a little southwest of the corner of Newcomb and Olive, remembers David Prado.

Folks, it was written, traveled from all over the valley to make it to one of these meetings in Porterville. The prophetic spirit was there and so was the anointing.

People were getting saved and healed every day, recalls local Daniel Riles. The tent was always full and the Spirit was falling on the people all day and all night at the camp meetings.

And then Evangelist Tommy Hicks prophesied, saying … " someday there will be a great spiritual awaking in this area [Porterville}. I will not see this and some of you older one's will not see it either, but a young man in this audience will."

Then Evangelist Tommy Hicks called up on the plat-form the young Danny Riles saying, "...this young man thinks I'm gonna scold him for making a ruckus, but all I'm gonna say is someday there's gonna be a great spiritual awaking in this area - I will not see this and some of you older one's will not see it either, but a young man in this audience will … this will be declared as HOLY GROUND.”

It was prophesied, stated Mr. Prado, to the folks in that tent, that … “In Porterville, in the last days, it would be ‘the beginning’ of the last great revival.” Other great Evangelists have come through Porterville and prophesied the same things. We’re seeing those things take place today continued Mr. Prado.

Prophetic Messages :

1950 - Starting in the year of our Lord 1950 GOD decided it was time to reveal to the people of Porterville that HE had special end-time plans for this area. One of the first end-time prophecies that was ever spoken came from Pastor Pollock {originally from Monterey Park, CA} who prayed and fasting for two weeks, asking for GOD's direction for his life and here's what happened and what was prophesied.

Pastor Pollock - One of the first things that was spoken from Pastor Pollock was that a “ … specific family would be used by GOD to work in this area”. Little did this family realize at that time, that they would also be used to chronicle many more end-time prophecies to come.

1952 - Evangelist Tommy Hicks came to Porterville around the first week of April hoping to speak for about a week or so and ended up staying in Porterville for close three weeks, sharing GOD's Word and prophesying over Porterville.

In one of those meetings Evangelist Tommy Hicks at the end of the service, was stopped by the HOLY SPIRIT with a word of knowledge saying " ... someday there will be a great spiritual awaking in this area [Porterville}. I will not see this and some of you older one's will not see it either, but a young man in this audience will." Evangelist Tommy Hicks then called this young man up front to speak to him saying "...this young man thinks I'm gonna scold him for making a ruckus, but all I'm gonna say is someday there's gonna be a great spiritual awaking in this area - I will not see this and some of you older one's will not see it either, but a young man in this audience will … this will be declared as HOLY GROUND."

In 1954 – In this year Evangelist / Prophet Harry K. Bartel received a vision from the Lord. In that vision he was shown the Hispanic rioting here in the U.S. and specifically California. Eventually he was sent {1981} by God to Porterville to share the vision and a specific message {1984} for Pastors in the Porterville area.

In 1960 – Prayer / Intercessor Mrs. Esther Peck {from El Monte CA.} went on a 3 day water fast and received a vision concerning a great revival amongst the Hispanics here in Porterville. In this vision she saw the “Hispanics break out in a revival here in the Porterville area”. This prophecy was spoken in the City of El Monte {The Mountain}, by Mrs. Peck at an evening prayer meeting {at her home}. It was spoken directly to this same individual who had been charged by GOD earlier in life that he would see this end-time revival.

1984 – In this year Evangelist / Prophet Harry K. Bartel came to Porterville to speak to 30 some odd pastors, one being Pastor Elmer Golden – still living in Strathmore today. As Brother Golden recalls, Evangelist / Prophet Harry K. Bartel prophesied the following. “God called me off the missionary field {in Columbia} and told me to go back to the U.S. – specifically California, to advise those 30 some odd pastors to reach out to the Hispanic’s NOW with the Gospel and win them to the Lord, or you will be fighting them on the streets later – and or … there will be blood on your hands.”

1991 – In September : Prophet / Evangelist Dr. Paul Yongi Cho appeared on Trinity Broadcasting Network {TBN} and said the following to Paul Crouch, “… the Korean Church {Assembly of God} had been fasting and praying for the United States concerning our spiritual condition.” He then prefaced the vision by saying, “ … In 1990 a member of his congregation had received a vision concerning the U.S. This church member received a vision concerning revival coming to the United States. Something – the visionary said – was going to occur in the supernatural realm, out of the ordinary, in five (5) cities across the United States. One on the east coast – Pensacola Florida specifically {Brownsville}. Paul Crouch stopped the interview at this point to ask, ‘Do you mean Brownsville Texas ?’ Dr. Cho said no … Brownsville Florida. In all, 5 cities were mentioned in this vision across the U.S.” Dr. Cho added that this end-time revival, “… will start on the East Coast and cross over to the West Coast. And Pastor Cho did mention the name of the city on the west cost, which was Porterville, CA.” Paul Crouch from TBN asked, “Did you say Porterville ?” Dr. Cho said “ … yes. And … when the prophecy was given, we had never heard of this city so we had to look it up on a map.”

In 1997 – Brother Ed Rockholt of Porterville – On this date at a prayer meeting and bible study, Brother Ed Rockholt announced, … that the Lord appeared to him in a Vision and spoke these words. “The body of Christ is about to give birth to a great revival. But before this happens there is going to be great pain - and after the pain there’s going to be great joy.”

In 2001 – In March of 2001 Evangelist Bob Archer {from Jamaica} came to Porterville to speak to a local group of Full Gospel Businessman and was heard saying the following while preaching at a local restaurant, The Paul Bunyan. “ … this morning somewhere around 5 or 6 o’clock – I’m not sure when – I came in pretty late, some where along the line I had a dream, and while I was dreaming, I heard a choir, from Heaven signing, in the most beautiful sound, YOU ARE STANDING ON HOLY GROUND – and when I looked I was in a meeting, I was in this meeting, and people were being baptized in the HOLY SPIRIT, but the funniest thing was that, the meeting was not inside the building, it was on the street side, and there was people passing by, and the HOLY SPIRIT was falling on those people, and I remember one man, he was an old man, and when the Spirit of God came upon him, and hit him like a bolt of lightening, he started doing cart-wheels, he was rejoicing and dancing in the spirit, I saw a young man being baptized in the HOLY SPIRIT, I remember one young man, tall slim young man, he bowed to the baptism of the HOLY SPIRIT, but there was a spirit in the way - hindered him, and the HOLY SPIRIT said, cast out the demon, and I remembered I saw a Full Gospel Businessman – about 6 of us, came and laid hands on the young man, said we said … in the JESUS, we cast you out, and heard a portion of scripture being spoken, trampling upon serpents, and upon scorpions, and over all the powers of the enemy. And the LORD said to me, this city {Porterville} is as HOLY GROUND unto ME.”

In 2006 – Evangelist / Reverend Irma Diaz came to Porterville on Dec 17th 2006 at the Spanish Church of the Nazarene and before she prophesied she began by saying that, “ … up until now this area has been in a spiritual drought in the atmosphere.” “We have seen his mighty hand move before and we will see his mighty hand move again.” [at this point – while she was singing in the spirit Rev Irma said the following] “… 22 years ago a prophet came to Porterville and called the leaders to repentance. The prophets message was rejected because of legalism and a strong religious spirit. Punishment came upon the land resulting in a dryness in the atmosphere. GOD sent a prophetess here to declare that rain is coming to Porterville. The rain and Glory of GOD is about to fall on the people and leaders here in the San Joaquin Valley. Rain is coming to Porterville. Many {in the past} have tried to bring revival to Porterville, but they have failed in their fleshly attempts. GOD has His timing and plans. GOD is calling His leaders to repentance, to confess our faults. In the past He winked at our ignorance, but we are no longer ignorant – He is serious. The battles will be fierce but hang on and pray, and everything is going to be ok.” At the end, she reiterated that 22 years ago a prophet did come to Porterville to call the leaders to repentance.”

Prophetic quotes provided by Mr. Danial Riles

Prophetic Destiny :

Most of the time folks want to believe the spoken word. And we want to believe it right now. It sounds so good and so real, we want believe it’s going to happen today. And as GOD would have it, prophecy is on HIS time-table, not ours. Our job is to hear it, believe it, write it down and then pass it on.

As you have read, Porterville has had it’s share of prophets and prophecies and if we do not listen and learn, we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of our spiritual fore-fathers.

GOD had the Israelites write it all down so they wouldn’t forget. HE had the first century Christians write it down, so they wouldn’t forget. And in these last days, GOD said HE would pour out HIS Spirit and our young men and women would dream dreams and see things and we have written down a few of those here.

Spiritually speaking, we need to gather around those who have see or heard from GOD. We need to keep writing down those prophecies and spiritual utterances. And we need to pass the spiritual baton on to the next generation.

If Porterville truly is going to be one of the last few places that GOD has planned to use in the end time, then shouldn’t we take note ? And shouldn’t we take a little of our time and meet with those who seen all this happen and actually heard these things for themselves.

My guess is the wheat will respond to this article. The tares will not.

Here’s what you need to do …

First – You need to attend one of the local Full Gospel Business Man’s Fellowships meeting in town. Next, you need to spread the Gospel yourself. Third, you better look around and see he “Signs of the Times” and get your house in order.

For more info please call David L. Prado at (559) 920-6552

FGBMFI – Meets On ...
4th Saturday at Denny’s
Hwy 190 and Jaye St. 8am

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