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»  (Nov 23rd 2007) - THIS IS THE DAY THAT THE LORD DID MAKE ...
by A.L."LUCKY" Lucketta : Porterville Post Owner and Editor -


Welcome to the Porterville Post Welcome to the Porterville Post,
an on-line news service for the Porterville and surrounding area.
Our motto is " The Right News @ The Right Time© " and ... it has two meanings. First, we will wait upon the LORD for the "Right Time" to either research or cover a story and submit it at "The Right Time" to the public. Second, the meaning of the "Right News" -- "Christian and Conservative". In that sence we are very "Partisan" as a news service and we do not have the usual problems that other news services, in that they are so bound and beholden to their advertisers, they cannot report the whole truth. Some are even told to back off by their publishers and politicians.


PRIMARY GOAL : From the beginning our goal has been to report the right news at the right time. In other words ... when and where the LORD leads us. In doing this, we believe that the community will get a greater sence of being connected and a greater sence of being part of the "Move of GOD".

Our Second Goal : Our next goal is to report above and beyond the main stream media. Above in the sence that we will strive to hear what our LORD and Saviour would have us to investigate and report. If we {At the Post} do get a chance to meet privately to clear the air before we go public, we intend to do that. Our job is to report the story and right along those same lines to publish a better outcome. Too many times folks get both sides of the story and still cannot determine which way to respond, so the Post will, to the best of our ability, report a story with an outcome that would make it easier for the public to understand.

Our Third Goal : To Politically Inform and Educate the public ... regarding politics and the political process. As a "partisan" Christian Conservative news service, our goal is to correctly inform the public regarding America's Ideal's and Values which created "The America Dream" whom the people of the world still desires and the New World Order still hates. So with correct information, correct acclamation will occur. With incorrect information, multi-culturalism occurs ... another anti-American plan ... by the NWO.


November 22nd 2007 DAY ONE : Although we have stated that January 31st 2008 was our establishment date, our inspiration date was Thanksgiving Day - November 22nd 2007. For many days the LORD had been hinting at it but I just couldn't hear exactly what HE was asking of me. But all day on Thanksgiving I felt - what many watchman call being stirred in my spirit - that GOD The HOLY SPIRIT was getting ready to reveal something big !

November 23rd 2007 DAY TWO : On the following day the HOLY SPIRIT's Voice stirred my spirit again, however it was more prominate as HE challenged me to start a new news services for the Porterville area. My first reaction - once I knew this was not in my own head or my own heart - was to test the spirit {Christians do this} to see if this truely from GOD.

Since GOD had a plan to get this done and since HE knew that it would be necessary and Biblical to validate this "Mission" HE needed to demonstrate beyond a showdow of a doubt, that this "Mission" was truely from HIM and not something that was my own doing.


Right about 1:15 or so I {A.L.Lucketta} started looking for ideas on the internet that I could use to start this new online news service. After about 4 hours I became exhausted with the search and crusing the internet for ideas and inspiration and began doubting that GOD the HOLY SPIRIT actually wanted "me" to be part of this new news service.

Part on my research included looking for a name to call this news service. I'm here to tell you, I looked in vain for names that "I" thought would be good and easy for the public to remember. But to no avail, most of what I could come up with someone else had it or bought it wanting for someone like myself to come along and pay a huge price {$50.00 - $5,000.00} for the name. I was becoming discouraged and logged off the internet.

So I told myself, I'll just turn my computer all the way off and maybe the LORD will make it a little more clear as to what HE really wanted me to do in the next day or so. And as I finished that thought, I reached over to my computer to push the on/off button and then GOD The HOLY SPIRIT spoke ... "Porterville Post". I literally and physically stopped myself from turning off the computer. My hand and "finger" were no more than 10 inches away from the off button and I froze !

"Porterville Post" -- I heard it again ! Now I had a huge choice to make ... do I respond to the LORD by saying, " ok ... I'll try again tommorrow {Saturday} or do I log back on to the internet and see if anyone had this name ?" And remember my hand is still 10 inches away from turning my computer all the way off and I suddenly find myself arguing with GOD. "I know this isn't from You or You would've given me this name {Porterville Post} when I first logged on - 4 and a half hours ago."

I'm now squabbling with GOD over the name that HE just gave me, hoping that it wasn't true and I could go on with my life. In my head my next thought was, "Ok ... I'll log back on and prove that this name that You just gave me isn't real and someone else has it." And my second thought was, " ... but if it's really You LORD, then let me go to a certain web registration web site and type in this new name and if it comes up as being available then I'll know it from You."

As I get back on the web I start to get the feeling that GOD needed to show me who's going to be in charge of this news service and so I thought to myself as my computer re-boots onto the internet, "Is GOD directing my path right now ? Is HE trying to prove to me that HE's in control of all the affairs of my life ?" And then the screne lit up and I quickly moved to the link that had the web registraion information and paused ... only for a moment while GOD The HOLY SPIRIT said for a third time "Porterville Post".

I'm now at the web page where I need to be and typed in those very letters and words and hit the enter button. And in 1.3 seconds the return page said, "Congratulations - www.portervillepost.com is available ..." I was greatly taken back and stayed away from the big buy now button on the return page because I was afraid that GOD was actually showing me HE wanted to use me for HIS Glory. I then thought, "I don't want to pay a lot for the name of this new web site and GOD ... if You are listening to the thoughts in my head and heart and this is really you, then I don't believe that I should have to pay a lot of money and besides GOD ... this is the long Thanksgiving day weekend and there's no one who can really set this up ... properly."

And yes ... the LORD does hear your thoughts. I quickly got out of that name registration web site and the LORD impressed upon me to log on to one the web hosts that I use for the web sites I build. At first I thought this was my own thought because I assumed it was the long Thanksgiving day weekend and there's not going to be anyone there to receive my inquire or phone call. So I ask the LORD again, "If this is really, really from you, then there will be someone on the other end of that phone line and they'll be able to help me with all that's required to register a web site name and host it."

So I called ... and they picked up the phone and stated their name and said ... "How can we help you today ? " I was speechless for about 5 seconds and then gathered myself enough to enter into a dialogue.

" Hi ... why are you guys open on this Holiday weekend ? The man on the other side said, " Well, we've grow a lot this last year and the company decided that we needed 24/7 coverage to help our customers. How can I help you ? " Again I felt in my spirit that this was confirmation that this is GOD answering me. So I answered this man and said I wanted to know if he could look up a web site name and see if it was available. While he did that, we continued to talk for about a minute regarding the purpose of this new web site and he interupted me by saying -- "Yeah we can take care of that for you Mr. Lucketta." I asked ... "take care of what" again hoping that this may not be a GOD thing. He said yes, www.portervillepost.com is available and we can host that for you here.

Talk about getting the HOLY GHOST bumps ! I'm now about halfway convinced that GOD is doing a miracle right in front of me and starting to feel humbled for doubting. But I just had to ask ... "How much is this gonna run ?"

Well Mr. Lucketta, all this week we've been running a half price special and since this is the last day and you have been one of our valued customer, we're only gonna charge you $1.00 for the name registration." I about fell over ! I said to him, you're kidding ! He said no and continued. "As a matter of fact this weeklong special includes web hosting and for what you need it will cost about $520.00 but since you called this week and on the last day of our special we're going to know off another half off the half price sale. But since you've been with us for a while, we're going to reduce the cost to only $80.00 ... for the whole year."

Since I was the one listening to his lower than low prices I said, "Wow that's great. I guess you need me to call back on Monday for the payments ?" He said no ... we can take care of all that right now and you should be able to start uploading information to your new web site in a few minutes.

I started to weep before the LORD ! And silently thanked HIM while this web hosting business was processing my request and 15 seconds later he said, "We have e-mailed you the necessary information that you'll need to start working on you web site and thanks Mr. Lucketta for chosing our services again."

Now I'm really crying before the LORD ! I thanked HIM for putting this all together so quick and while I was still talking to the LORD my computer alerted me as to having new e-mail. I pulled it up and there was all the start up information I needed for Porterville Post. I clicked on the confirmation link back to the online web hosting business and new informantion was quickly e-mailed back to me. I then clicked on the second return link and www.portervillepost.com was first viewed online at 5:22pm on November 23rd 2008.

From the moment the HOLY SPIRIT spoke the name of www.portervillepost.com to actually seeing it on my computer screne took a little less than 15 minutes ! And in my professional experience as an award winning web-master and web-designer, that just does happen ... unless GOD's involved !

For the next 10 minutes I cried and laughed and cried somemore. GOD let me search in vain for a name that I was always good at coming up with. But not this time. GOD wanted to Bless me so I in return could Bless HIS people.


Part two was asking the LORD for writers who would help build this online news service. Are you the one ? Has GOD put in your heart to write ? If so, e-mail the Post at editor@portervillepost.com and let us know.

Here's where I say thanks to the LORD.

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Estab. Jan 2008

Welcome to the newest on-line news service in the Porterville area. Our goal is to report the right news at the right time. In doing this, we believe that the community will get a greater sence of being connected.

The Right News @ The Right Time

Our second goal is to report above and beyond the main stream media.

Politically Inform and Educate

Our third goal is to politically inform and educate the public at lareg.

A Conservative Publication

The Porterville Post is a conservative publication and news service and when the Post makes a mistake in our reporting, we'll address it "Right Here" and if needed, with an appology. Please feel free to contact us with your comments or suggestions.

Writers | Columnists | Reporters

The Post, in the new few weeks, will be looking for new writers, columnists and reporters. We understand the need for new writers to have the chance of starting a new career and we'd like to offer a free internship at the Post.

Porterville Post Editor : A.L.Lucketta

Welcome to the newest on-line news service for the Porterville area. In the coming days, weeks, months - and GOD willing - years, we hope to provide to the public another information outlet highlighting Christian and Conservative values, views and voices. BTW - If you've always prayed that GOD would open the door for an opportunity to write ... here it is baby. Fear not, let your heart be connected to your pen and send me an e-mail.


BIG LUCKY ENTERPRIZES is primarily a multimedia business. As we grow, we will expand our secomdary business enterprises throughout Tulare County and California.

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