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(Intro & Bio) - RIGHT INSIGHT© with James E. (Jim) Horn :
RIGHT INSIGHT © with James E. (Jim) Horn Jim is a retired Foreign Service Officer (Diplomatic Service). Born in Missouri and was raised in Minnesota. Jim joined the NAVY at the age of seventeen to see the world. He also learned that the whole world doesnt turn to ice in October and remain so until April. (Thats why he lives in California.) He learned Morse code and then other codes. He served one enlistment and moved on (because he gets seasick in a bath tub). Jim joined the Diplomatic service in 1966 and served abroad for 23-years, where his travels brought him to mostly third world countries where he and his family actually thrived. He received a rare civilian decoration for VALOR for actions he took while under hostile fire in Cambodia, in 1975. (More ...)

(Feb 20 2018) - Seventeen Dead at Stoneman Douglas School
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Another terrible tragedy has taken place: A brutal school shooting targeting students. So sad. Seventeen dead and fifteen wounded. Nikolas Cruz, the shooter was/is a terribly troubled person without parents, whose adoptive mother had recently passed away. Was he bereft? Did somebody, or a series of somebodies drop the ball and allow this tragedy to be repeated again? There is ample evidence that Cruz was a powder keg ready to blow up.

(Jan 07 2018) - Chains of Tyranny in California Governance ...
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Ill begin this one with a note and a disclaimer: The information and opinions offered in this article are protected under the First Amendment. You have a First Amendment right to either read, pay attention and learn or, to ignore it and remain ignorant. Its your free choice. I wish that I could wish everyone a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year. By any reasonable, responsible standard, California is off of the rails. The California elite have forgotten that America is a government of the PEOPE (citizens) and for the PEOPLE.

PORTERVILLE, CA -- Thank Santa For Trump ! On Friday, December 22nd, President Trump signed off on new, lower, taxes for the foreseeable future, said a few inspiring words, wished the world A Merry Christmas, and flew off to Florida for a well-earned break. Since taking office on January 20, 2017, President Trump has kept untold numbers of promise with over sixty major or significant accomplishments, and thousands of other successes. He dumped Americas involvement in a fake Agenda 21/2030 climate change program that blames America with about 5% of the worlds population for 95% of its pollution.

(Dec 03 2017) - AS 2017 ENTERS ITS TWILIGHT
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Its December already! Will 2018 be much different? The City of San Francisco collectively murdered Kate Steinle and turned the tool of their ugliness loose this week. I believe that some vigilante justice is in order where extra-legal actions could be taken regarding the politicians who made San Francisco into such a disgusting pit of depravity. As went Rome, so shall go San Francisco. There will be consequences: The Department of Justice plans to arrest the triggerman and deal with him appropriately.

(Nov 12 2017) - Saudi Arabia in Turmoil
PORTERVILLE, CA -- The Saudi Monarch, King Saliman, is aged and frail. His days are numbered. In Islamic terms, he has been liberal during his reign, establishing, for instance, that women should (at some time in the future) be permitted to drive cars. King Saliman is one of many of children sired by his father with multiple wives in a tradition that goes back 100+ years to when the modern Saudi nation arose out of the rubble of the Ottoman Empire which was dismantled following World War I when the Turks sided with the losing side, the Germans.

(Oct 30 2017) - The War on Civilization & Erasing Historical Truth
PORTERVILLE, CA -- The war is on! A couple of years ago it was the Dixie flags at state capitals in the old south. The progressive radicals of the left and Marxism won. Last year we endured a rash of progressives and BLM killing of cops, riots featuring BLM/AntiFa and related anarchists. This great nation is seeing the progressives attacking and eliminating historic statuary that pertains to the old south, to perceived slave owners of the distant past

(Oct 25 2017) - The Swamp Swallows Tillerson
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Secretary of State (SECSTATE) Rex Tillerson just humiliated himself and embarrassed the Trump administration. SECSTATE Tillerson seems to have been badly muddied by denizens of the Deep State swamp at Fogy Bottom. Tillerson failed to adequately sweep the halls of grossly inept employees. A majority of policy wonks and advisors at the Department of State are elitists from solidly leftist/liberal Ivy League colleges and universities. This means that many are ideologically stuck in the cement of arrogant willful ignorance about much of the world, especially the Middle East.

(Sep 25 2017) - Da Guy With the Yellow Hair
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Political Satire By James E. Horn Dis guy with yellowish blond hair who grew up in NewYawk City walked up to da podium at da Useless Nations, aka da United Nations General Assembly and give a speech dat put da world on notice. He told everyone dere: As President of the United States, I will always put America first, just like you, as the leaders of your countries will always, and should always, put your countries first. Hey Barak, you chump: Dat aint no JV team apology there. Dis born in da USA President is da Real Deal. Da lefties went into a dither squalling that dis honesty (dey called it a defiant warning) shocked delegates. Good for da Donald!

PORTERVILLE, CA -- The wheel goes around and around and stops at the same place For about fifty years, North Korea periodically goes off on a rant, starts a ruckus that neither we Americans, the South Koreans, or the Japanese have handled well, certainly not successfully. Now, it is peaking and President Donald J. Trump has been handed the can that appeasement minded Presidents from the time of Kennedy have kicked on down the road. The UN led by America halted the North Korean invasion, but since the cease fire have been partnering with us in appeasing an increasing ugly bully who has us over a barrel.

PORTERVILLE, CA -- Evil, nasty forces are at play and the stench is burbling up from the deepening swamp of Washington, D.C. in an all-out war directed at President Donald J. Trump, the peoples choice for President and the millions of us who support him. Donald J. Trump was clearly NOT the choice of the swamp dwellers, the Deep State. aka the Dark Side. They hate him with a passion and desperately want to destroy our President, a genuine altruist who has set out to protect our precious Republic from evil forces.

PORTERVILLE, CA -- I am a stalwart supporter of President Trump. President Trump has listened to his generals. President Trump has spoken. Barak Hussein Obamas legacy includes cashiering hundreds of very capable, competent flag grade officers whose first loyalty was to America. After gutting the militarys leadership, Obama promoted less capable, less competent and very accommodating acolytes such as National Security Council Chief (General) McMaster, Secretary of Defense (General) James Mad Dog Mattis, and Current White House Chief of Staff (General) Kelly, all of whom ae soft on Islam.

PORTERVILLE, CA -- On Thursday evening, August 17th) a throng of Republicans gathered at the Riverside County Central Committee (RCCC) meeting where the topic was Republican Caucus Assembly leader, Chad Mayes and his betrayal of our trust by his voting to support the Communist Socialist Progressive Gov. Jerry Browns Cap & Trade legislation. [Similar meetings have been taking place all over California.] Mayes drew six other RinoCrats in to join him to accomplish two things for the Democrats (and to dump on Republicans) ...
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