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(Intro & Bio) - RIGHT INSIGHT© with James E. (Jim) Horn :
RIGHT INSIGHT © with James E. (Jim) Horn Jim is a retired Foreign Service Officer (Diplomatic Service). Born in Missouri and was raised in Minnesota. Jim joined the NAVY at the age of seventeen to see the world. He also learned that the whole world doesnt turn to ice in October and remain so until April. (Thats why he lives in California.) He learned Morse code and then other codes. He served one enlistment and moved on (because he gets seasick in a bath tub). Jim joined the Diplomatic service in 1966 and served abroad for 23-years, where his travels brought him to mostly third world countries where he and his family actually thrived. He received a rare civilian decoration for VALOR for actions he took while under hostile fire in Cambodia, in 1975. (More ...)

(Jul 24 2019) - About Those Community Choice Aggregates (CCA)
PORTERVILLE, CA -- President Ronald Reagan once said that the most terrifying thing we can hear is: Im from the guvmint and Im here to help you. Consumers must beware ... A phony offering or promising (with abundant sweet talk, fuzzy math, and vague promises) to bring reduced electric bills Community Choice Aggregates is commonly known as a Regional Council of Governments (RCOG) or something similarly named. A Regional Council of Governments (RCOG) derives from or is subordinate to a state Association of Councils of Government (COG), which is subordinate to the National Council of Governments.

(Jul 15 2019) - France: je ne t'aime plus encore!
PORTERVILLE, CA -- The French-American love/hate relationship has always been in flux. Ive traveled to France several times, enjoyed its art, culture, cosine, and night life. Ive known, partied, and worked with wonderful French people. I wont consider going there now. France came to our side during the American revolution which we may not have won without French support. France supported the United States in our other conflicts with the British. For this we love and are forever beholding to France. We returned the favour twice ...

PORTERVILLE, CA -- Christians in Sri Lanka have never before endured such a large-scale attack by fanatic Moslem terrorists such as the ones directed at 13 hotels and Christian churches on Easter Sunday (April 21), killing at least 290 people and wounding hundreds of other innocent people. Moslems account for 9.7 percent of Sri Lankas population of about 22 million, which is 70% Buddhist, 12.6 percent Hindu and 7.6 percent Christian. In the past, there was trouble and violence between the Buddhists and Hindus while the minority Christians and Muslims stayed clear. Things are changing.

(May 18 2019) - College Admissions Scandals
PORTERVILLE, CA -- The College admission process has been a scam for generations. Currently, wealthy parents have been buying the way for their offspring into prestigious schools using all manner of bribes and incentives whether the kids were competitive, had passed SATs, entrance examinations, etc. or not. Parents paid professionals to take entry exams for their stupid children, and then paid professors to give passing grades all of the way along through graduation. In some cases, very worthy but less affluent children were disenfranchised. Is this fair?

(May 12 2019) - Middle East Wars, Round Whatever
PORTERVILLE, CA -- The next round is coming, and I suspect it will be within the next 30-days. Israel became independent in 1948, fought a war over the Suez with Egypt in 1956, the Six Day War in 1967, and the Yom Kippur War in 1973 along with a number of incursions into Gaza and Lebanon. Whenever the Islamists have attacked Israel, they have lost. Yet they continue to threaten and attack again and again. It is a part of what they are a pack of barbarians bent on the destruction of Israel, of every Jew on earth as their Mohammed decreed over a thousand years ago. They will never, ever cease their efforts to destroy Israel.

(Mar 31 2019) - Have no Sympathy for Ilhan Omar
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Ilhan Abdullahi Omar was elected to the U.S. Congress by a majority of the voters in her Minneapolis, Minnesota Congressional district. It is very doubtful that all of those voters were American citizens, but they were allowed to vote in Democratic Minnesota where billions of plundered taxpayer dollars are doled out to Somali Moslem refugees. Ilhan Omar is a very outspoken bigot who is openly anti-Semitic. Her message is evil and all about hate. There is more, much more to this.

(Mar 04 2019) - The Deal and The Plan
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Now, theres the latest new Deal by whatever color. Its part of the Plan, the statist Plan. To begin, I will use the word statist which includes bad actors such as Islam which is a political organization that hides behind the faade of being a religion, the Democrats, the Socialists, Progressives, the Communists, and fellow travelers. When George H. W. Bush returned from a conference Rio in 1992, he was asked about a treaty that he had signed and responded with a snide: Welcome To The New World Order. What did that mean?

(Jan 20 2019) - Kurds, Kurdistan, Stateless
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Moslems follow the teachings of Mohammed who demands to this day that all Moslem men must emulate him in every way that they can. Mohammed was a very vengeful person. On July 4th, 1187 the Kurdish General, Saladin led Moslem forces in driving Christian Crusaders out of Jerusalem and ended the second Crusade with the death of Guy, King of Jerusalem at Saladins hands, and two hundred Christian knights. In later years, the Turks rule grew into the Turkish empires ruling much of the Islamic world for centuries until the Ottoman empire was defeated during world War I and was then carved up and sectioned off by the victorious allies with the Sykes-Picot Agreement.

(Dec 23 2018) - Getting Out of The Syrian Sand Pit
PORTERVILLE, CA -- We hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth from the scrambled egg hat wearing brass at the Pentagon. President Trump is pulling out of Syria. I think that is wonderful and shows that President Trump is smart - brilliant. The brass hat generals are little concerned about the many American body bags that have already come home, and the hundreds of shattered, wounded men. They just want more American blood and guts spread in the sands of Syria. The vast majority of those generals and their sycophant staffers have no inkling of what the never-ending conflicts in the Ummah (the world of Islam) is about nothing zero.

(Dec 19 2018) - Strasbourg, Yellow Vests, Globalists, Colonization, Colonials and Citizens Kick Back
PORTERVILLE, CA -- We Americans missed the Colonizer boat, or we can say that we dodged that bullet? Still, we are in jeopardy. Led by the British colonization of America plus the British and the French, Western Europeans colonized, Africa, the Middle East, and much of Asia. They are now harvesting the fruits of their labor. Early on, the American colonies (with the valued help of France) kicked the British out, and weve (Americans, British, French) been more-or-less allies in many ways ever since. However ...

(Dec 07 2018) - The Grand Old (same old) Party?
PORTERVILLE, CA -- The California Republican Party has fallen so low right now that it is nearly six feet under. Can a new leadership step up and do it right, can they feed and energize the masses? I am one of the disappointed grass roots volunteers. I did not sit on my keester through this past election season. I worked and I am more than disheartened with the avoidable election results. Outgoing CAGOP Chairman Jim Brulte assumed the helm of a CAGOP that was essentially bankrupt a few years ago. He did what he had to do to bring in much needed funds that allowed continuing operations.

(Oct 27 2018) - Invasion Force Caravan, Pressure Release
PORTERVILLE, CA -- During my lifetime, I have observed that in order to get some people or animals to do something, the occasional application of a psychological cudgel is needed. Right now, we are facing a national emergency. The mob/caravan of invaders heading our way can and should be stopped by either their own governments, by Guatemala, or Mexico, or us. While some of the members of those caravans may be innocent, we cannot determine who are innocent or who are malignant violent career criminals, smugglers, slavers, America hating Moslem terrorists, druggies, pedophiles, rapists, drug dealers, etc.

(Oct 04 2018) - The Inquisition of Brett Kavanaugh
PORTERVILLE, CA -- The swamp cannot tolerate President Trumps being legitimately elected to the Presidency and anything and everything he is doing, most of which is good, decent, and valuable for the American people. The swamp has gone insane trying to destroy the Trump administration, and are seemingly destroying themselves. They are succeeding in this because they have no redeeming values, no class, no character. They have adopted the Napoleonic code of an accused of being guilty until proven to be innocent. Their current target is Brett Kavanaugh, his nomination to the Supreme Court, and the likelihood of his being seated on that august bench where he may spend decades passing down judgments (as opposed to liberal legislating from the bench) based on the Constitution and the laws of men.

(Sep 20 2018) - Spies, Espionage, Collusion ... THE SWAMP
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Former FBI director and now partisan hack Robert Mueller is a true boogeyman knowingly in search of a faux boogeyman dubbed Russian collusion based on a contrived (fake) accusation. After more than 500 days of not finding anything to implicate President Trump, Mueller needs to look at himself in a mirror to see a real, genuine enemy of we-the-peoples presidency. Muellers gross, failed witch hunt is simply disgusting. Nobody should doubt for a minute that Russians colluded by paying millions to Hillary and her gangster crew and sent millions to others in order to get their way. They failed. The Russians didnt provide squat to help Trump, OK?

(Sep 06 2018) - President Trump is a Tree Hugger ...
PORTERVILLE, CA -- President Donald J. Trump is a true tree hugger, and Im not sure he has ever been in a forest. We mustnt let any liberals, progressives, or snowflakes see this, they wouldnt be able to handle it. Many of those snowflakes claim to be tree huggers while they have in fact facilitated the destruction of forests. While the liberals/progressives have busily and forcefully obstructed good husbandry of our forests and wild lands, we have recently experienced some of the most violent and destructive fires imaginable. Those so-called wild fires have destroyed untold millions of trees.

(Aug 15 2018) - What about Community Choice Aggregates ???
PORTERVILLE, CA -- President Ronald Reagan once said that the most terrifying thing we can hear is: Im from the guvmint and Im here to help you. An organization proposing (with abundant sweet talk, probable fuzzy math, and vague promises) to bring Community Choice Aggregates is commonly known as the Regional Council of Governments (RCOG) or something similarly named. Unable to indefinitely raise taxes without accountability, Councils of Government have been established to generate income for various nefarious projects that taxpayers would normally reject or demand solid information on before passing a referendum or a tax increase.

(Aug 09 2018) - CENSORSHIP !!!
PORTERVILLE, CA -- We are many but not enough as individuals. Many are Politically Incorrect. We may be Agnostics and Atheists, Jews, Buddhists, Christians, Hindu, Shinto, or of any decent, respectful, or even humble belief system or faith not inclined to kick or to push back, until now. Oh yes, if we were anti-American Communists or Moslem Bolsheviks inclined to go off on a violent, intimidating, bulling, name calling rampage, it would be, and often is quite different. People fear Moslems because they often are, quite simply stated: nasty.

(Aug 06 2018) - FIRES! Who Wins? Who Loses?
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Californias fire season is in full swing with many terrible wildfires and hundreds of lesser fires. We have very low humidity, no rain, brutally high temperatures and winds to fan these along. It is awful, and it happens every year. It seems to be to be getting worse every year. Thousands of people have faced evacuations on short notice, and all too often many return home to piles of ashes. Each and every one of them is a tragic victim.

(Jul 20 2018) - MEDDLING
PORTERVILLE, CA -- The media (the leftists and their Democratic lap dogs) have their pants on fire in another (Russian inspired?) effort to discredit President Trump over so called Russian meddling in the 2016 elections. BooHoo! Why didnt they raise hell regarding Willie Clinton, Bush/43, and Obama who were very well aware of Russian meddling? One form of meddling would entail manipulation of data. Did he Russians manipulate data in GOP computers, in DNC computers, Hillarys computers, in voting databases, in news reports? Or did the Russians merely gather information?

(Jul 02 2018) - SOVEREIGN
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Sovereignty is defined as the full right and power of a governing body over itself, without any interference from outside sources or bodies. Sovereign nations have the full right and power to protect their citizens, their borders, and all that they govern. There are more than 157 nations on this globe and each and every one of them has sovereign rights to exercise for their own benefit or to ignore at their peril. Japan has a sovereign right to protect their nation and their people. They are very protective of their sovereignty at their borders, and to protect their sovereign nation, they have a powerful military defense force.

(Jun 23 2018) - FBI - Fear Biased Investigators
PORTERVILLE, CA -- When I was a child, I was enthralled by G-men who fearlessly sallied forth to deal with the evil parts of society. I watched TV shows, went to movies, read comic books about them a true believer, an innocent child. When I entered government service while in my 20s, it was kind of exciting to become a part of the brotherhood of federal employees dedicated to serving and protecting our nation, the national security agencies. My bubble faded as revelations and news articles began to circulate about J. Edgar Hoovers peculiar leadership of the vaunted Federal Bureau of Investigation.

(Jun 08 2018) - G7, 2018 and a Real President
PORTERVILLE, CA -- President Trump is in Canada where the other six members of the Group of Seven are prepared to assault President Trump and his position on tariffs. They will fail. The United States of America is on track to soon achieve 21-trillion dollars of debt. How did we get here? We have done several things to reach this point. We gave the whole store away. I was stationed at the American embassy in Brussels Belgium in the early 1970s when the European Union was getting rolling. I worked in the classified communications center where literally tons of messages were going back and forth between the American Embassy, the U.S. Mission to the EU, and dozens of agencies in Washington. I read many of them.

(Jun 02 2018) - Facebook and National Security
PORTERVILLE, CA -- We are many but not enough as individuals. We are Politically Incorrect. We may be Agnostics and Atheists, Jews, Buddhists, Christians, Hindu, Shinto, or of any decent, respectful, or even humble belief system or faith not inclined to kick or to push back, until now. Oh yes, if we were anti-American Communists or Moslems inclined to go off on a violent, intimidating, bulling, name calling rampage, it would be, and often is quite different. People fear Moslems because they often are, quite simply stated, nasty.

PORTERVILLE, CA -- We all have been treated to daily or even hourly internet notifications, TV newscasts, print news, and radio broadcasts, etc. about President Trump having to deal with the Deep States efforts to remove him from office by just about any means. The Deep State are low lives left over from the Obama administrations still deep swamp. Former FBI Director and close friend with fired (for just cause) FBI Director James Comey, Robert Mueler seems to be a point man in this very public assault on the office of the President.

(Apr 13 2018) - SWAP BEASTS (The Growing Stench)
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Were it not so tragic, the view of fawning of Senators and Representatives of both political parties at the feet of bigoted, biased, liberal Mark Zuckerberg during his two day visit to the D.C. swamp was shameful. Zuckerberg took names for sure, and bountiful contributions from Facebooks Sugar Mountain (Zucker = sugar in German, and berg in German = mountain) to campaigns of those feeble-minded butt kissing politicians will surely flow. The First Amendment rights of millions yes MILLIONS of American citizens are being trampled on and our corrupt, stench trailing Congress (with some few exceptions honorable men) is letting this happen. This is a travesty of justice.

PORTERVILLE, CA -- Sheriffs cannot be fired. Not by the Governor. Not by the State Attorney General. Not by county Supervisors. Not by Senators such as Kamala Harris. Sheriffs are elected and can only be removed in an election in normal circumstances. Police chiefs can be fired. Courageous police chiefs can be fired, but not easily. The Governor of California with the connivance of the California Attorney General, the Lieutenant Governor, the controlling Democratic Nazis in the State Assembly, and the State Senate have knowing and willfully VIOLATED THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES.

(Feb 20 2018) - Seventeen Dead at Stoneman Douglas School
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Another terrible tragedy has taken place: A brutal school shooting targeting students. So sad. Seventeen dead and fifteen wounded. Nikolas Cruz, the shooter was/is a terribly troubled person without parents, whose adoptive mother had recently passed away. Was he bereft? Did somebody, or a series of somebodies drop the ball and allow this tragedy to be repeated again? There is ample evidence that Cruz was a powder keg ready to blow up.

(Jan 07 2018) - Chains of Tyranny in California Governance ...
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Ill begin this one with a note and a disclaimer: The information and opinions offered in this article are protected under the First Amendment. You have a First Amendment right to either read, pay attention and learn or, to ignore it and remain ignorant. Its your free choice. I wish that I could wish everyone a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year. By any reasonable, responsible standard, California is off of the rails. The California elite have forgotten that America is a government of the PEOPE (citizens) and for the PEOPLE.

PORTERVILLE, CA -- Thank Santa For Trump ! On Friday, December 22nd, President Trump signed off on new, lower, taxes for the foreseeable future, said a few inspiring words, wished the world A Merry Christmas, and flew off to Florida for a well-earned break. Since taking office on January 20, 2017, President Trump has kept untold numbers of promise with over sixty major or significant accomplishments, and thousands of other successes. He dumped Americas involvement in a fake Agenda 21/2030 climate change program that blames America with about 5% of the worlds population for 95% of its pollution.

(Dec 03 2017) - AS 2017 ENTERS ITS TWILIGHT
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Its December already! Will 2018 be much different? The City of San Francisco collectively murdered Kate Steinle and turned the tool of their ugliness loose this week. I believe that some vigilante justice is in order where extra-legal actions could be taken regarding the politicians who made San Francisco into such a disgusting pit of depravity. As went Rome, so shall go San Francisco. There will be consequences: The Department of Justice plans to arrest the triggerman and deal with him appropriately.

(Nov 12 2017) - Saudi Arabia in Turmoil
PORTERVILLE, CA -- The Saudi Monarch, King Saliman, is aged and frail. His days are numbered. In Islamic terms, he has been liberal during his reign, establishing, for instance, that women should (at some time in the future) be permitted to drive cars. King Saliman is one of many of children sired by his father with multiple wives in a tradition that goes back 100+ years to when the modern Saudi nation arose out of the rubble of the Ottoman Empire which was dismantled following World War I when the Turks sided with the losing side, the Germans.

(Oct 30 2017) - The War on Civilization & Erasing Historical Truth
PORTERVILLE, CA -- The war is on! A couple of years ago it was the Dixie flags at state capitals in the old south. The progressive radicals of the left and Marxism won. Last year we endured a rash of progressives and BLM killing of cops, riots featuring BLM/AntiFa and related anarchists. This great nation is seeing the progressives attacking and eliminating historic statuary that pertains to the old south, to perceived slave owners of the distant past

(Oct 25 2017) - The Swamp Swallows Tillerson
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Secretary of State (SECSTATE) Rex Tillerson just humiliated himself and embarrassed the Trump administration. SECSTATE Tillerson seems to have been badly muddied by denizens of the Deep State swamp at Fogy Bottom. Tillerson failed to adequately sweep the halls of grossly inept employees. A majority of policy wonks and advisors at the Department of State are elitists from solidly leftist/liberal Ivy League colleges and universities. This means that many are ideologically stuck in the cement of arrogant willful ignorance about much of the world, especially the Middle East.

(Sep 25 2017) - Da Guy With the Yellow Hair
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Political Satire By James E. Horn Dis guy with yellowish blond hair who grew up in NewYawk City walked up to da podium at da Useless Nations, aka da United Nations General Assembly and give a speech dat put da world on notice. He told everyone dere: As President of the United States, I will always put America first, just like you, as the leaders of your countries will always, and should always, put your countries first. Hey Barak, you chump: Dat aint no JV team apology there. Dis born in da USA President is da Real Deal. Da lefties went into a dither squalling that dis honesty (dey called it a defiant warning) shocked delegates. Good for da Donald!

PORTERVILLE, CA -- The wheel goes around and around and stops at the same place For about fifty years, North Korea periodically goes off on a rant, starts a ruckus that neither we Americans, the South Koreans, or the Japanese have handled well, certainly not successfully. Now, it is peaking and President Donald J. Trump has been handed the can that appeasement minded Presidents from the time of Kennedy have kicked on down the road. The UN led by America halted the North Korean invasion, but since the cease fire have been partnering with us in appeasing an increasing ugly bully who has us over a barrel.

PORTERVILLE, CA -- Evil, nasty forces are at play and the stench is burbling up from the deepening swamp of Washington, D.C. in an all-out war directed at President Donald J. Trump, the peoples choice for President and the millions of us who support him. Donald J. Trump was clearly NOT the choice of the swamp dwellers, the Deep State. aka the Dark Side. They hate him with a passion and desperately want to destroy our President, a genuine altruist who has set out to protect our precious Republic from evil forces.

PORTERVILLE, CA -- I am a stalwart supporter of President Trump. President Trump has listened to his generals. President Trump has spoken. Barak Hussein Obamas legacy includes cashiering hundreds of very capable, competent flag grade officers whose first loyalty was to America. After gutting the militarys leadership, Obama promoted less capable, less competent and very accommodating acolytes such as National Security Council Chief (General) McMaster, Secretary of Defense (General) James Mad Dog Mattis, and Current White House Chief of Staff (General) Kelly, all of whom ae soft on Islam.

PORTERVILLE, CA -- On Thursday evening, August 17th) a throng of Republicans gathered at the Riverside County Central Committee (RCCC) meeting where the topic was Republican Caucus Assembly leader, Chad Mayes and his betrayal of our trust by his voting to support the Communist Socialist Progressive Gov. Jerry Browns Cap & Trade legislation. [Similar meetings have been taking place all over California.] Mayes drew six other RinoCrats in to join him to accomplish two things for the Democrats (and to dump on Republicans) ...
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