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Print | My Solution to illegals in this country
Post Letter to the Editor - Sept 12 2011
by Post Editor : letters@portervillepost.com

Dear Editor, Here's my solution to illegals in this country.

My Family came here legally in 1920. My grandparents native language was Spanish but spoke English the best they could. they loved this country because of the unlimited opportunity it affords its people.

I've studied this problem for years and come up with a very simple solution to our Illegal problem in this country.

Anyone here who over stayed their visa, work permit, students from foreign countries who over stayed, or came here illegally must leave within the next 6 months. Take all the anchor babies with them. No exceptions. If you want to come back here you must go through the same channels as everyone else who wants to be a citizen here. They must go back to their country of origin and qualify like every other Immigrant . You can't treat people who came here illegally differently just because they have children born here.

Any employer who employs Illegals will be fined heavily. After the 6 month grace period to leave you will be considered a Felon. The Federal Gov't has many buildings vacant where these people could be incarcerated before deportation. However if you do not leave in the 6 month grace period you and your family will not be welcomed back here.....ever.

Secure the borders with military strength and no exceptions "shot to kill" if fired upon.

No more printing gov't documents and voting ballots in 20 languages. English only!

Unemployment Compensation should only be 90 days. The Welfare will only be given for 3 months also with no pay back. After 3 months you will be required to do Community Service (Cleaning Roads and Highways etc.) to continue to receive assistance. All recipients of Gov't assistance must pass random drug tests. All the unemployed can take the jobs left by Illegals. I'll bet they will start doing the jobs "Americans won't do " if the Gov't $$$ runs out in 3 months!

What do you think?

Thank You Very Much ... Tom Fuentes PTPP
tsfuentes@springvillewireless.com from Springville, CA.

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