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Print | Voter Fraud : Simple, Easy and Undeniable
Post Political News & Reports - Aug 20 2010
by Post Editor : editor@portervillepost.com

Dean and Ruth Gardner Last night, somewhere around 140-150 Tea Party Patriots and participants from Fresno, Kern, Kings and Tulare County assembled in the City of Tulare to hear former 30th Assembly Candidate Dean Gardner (R) of Kern County talk about the horrors of voter fraud and how simple, easy and undeniably rampant it is.

In 2002 Dean Gardner - a local Kern County businessman - entered into the 30th Assembly District race, believing that he could make a difference in Sacramento. With many in Kern and Tulare County supporting his bid for the district ... the race was on. Little did the Gardner's know, that politics is dirty and to win - at any cost - means just that.

Honesty, a basic hallmark of both Dean and his wife Ruth meant nothing to the opposition. They'd been down this road before and knew how to win at any cost - even if it meant lying, cheating and stealing votes from honest hard working electors.

A week or so before the election, Dean Gardner was ahead in the polls by 18% over Nicole Parra (D) and by nights end, Parra was ahead on the count with less than 200 vote. The Gardner's were in disbelief and wondered ... what happened ? We followed the rules and regulations, understood that many of aims and objectives with the people in that district were basically the same and overnight ... the numbers flipped. 121,000 people had voted in this election and when it was all said and done, the numbers simply didn't add up.


Tag teaming this evening was Mrs Ruth Gardner. Quantified by her husband as having a background in math and science, he briefly introduced her findings and then she took center stage. Knowing that the numbers were more than fuzzy, Mrs Gardner wanted to do a little post election polling due to the aftermath of the math and sampling close to 3,000 suspicious votes.

Others helped the Gardners in this investigation and a questionnaire was sent out to 14,000 new registered democrat voters in a selected area within the 30th Assembly district.

A red flag came up for this area because of so many new democrats in that area of the district who were registered to vote between March of that primary and November 2002. "Anyone who's done voter registration knows that you don't get those kind of numbers." Their hunch paid off.

In that simple questionnaire a $500 dollar award was to be given if it was accurately returned. 2650, believe-it-or-not were returned. It must have had something to do with the money. Here are the three questions that they had to honestly answer and return.

1.) Do you live at such-a-such address, and fill in the blank.
2.) Are you a citizen of the U.S.?
3.) Are you working on getting your citizenship ?

Ruth, "A few more than 700 of these questionnaires, according to the U.S. Postal Service - were undeliverable, no such person, no such address, no such house - and 54 of those people voted."

Continuing with the results, Mrs Gardner stated, "1691 questionnaires were returned by electors. 93 admitted 'in writing' they were not citizens. 273 stated that they were not registered to vote and did not live in the 30th Assembly district. One woman who lives in Porterville, CA. voted twice, while 69 more admitted they voted more than once."

Summarizing, Mrs Gardner said, "The bottom line of all these 2650 returned questionnaires, 1318 had voting irregularities. 37% of the democrat votes were fraudulent and of the 2650 votes we can prove that 905 were illegal."

In Delano a woman who was caught illegally filling out the absentee ballots was finally prosecuted. Her father, according to Mrs Gardner, was running for city council in Delano and he was elected by 3 - 4 vote margin. Odds are a deal was struck to lesson the punishment of this crime but the facts remain, voter fraud was done in Delano and continuing to commit fraud could very well show up in November.


"In order to combat voter fraud, you have to know how it's done." Ruth Gardner ...

The basic tried and true "High Propensity Voter" - HPV, is the target of another voter scam. This person never misses an election. As well, these HPV have a tendency to vote using the absentee ballot.

Your absentee ballot can be easily negated by these perpetrators simply by returning another absentee ballot in your name. Once the signatures are viewed at the elections department and are found to be different or changed, they cannot be counted and are then placed in another file or box that's identified as "Signature Don't Match" and that's the objective of this scam. They know they can't cast a ballot in your name, however, they can cancel, nullify or negate your vote with a false signature.

The key California law here is this, the last submitted absentee ballot received at the elections department becomes the official voting ballot signature - but because the signature was a bit different or changed it will not count.

Another voter scam is the "Low Propensity Voter" - LPV, Mrs Gardner told the audience. "This is the guy who most likely isn't even registered to vote. What happens next is the opposition hires shills - people impersonators. They will travel from poll to poll with a list of names that are typically hanging on the walls at the voting polls looking to see which one's are eligible to vote at that particular polling place."

Fore the most part, all of the parties have campaign, party and poll workers who go in and check these names to see who's voted and who hasn't. Many of these lists are updated every hour, so that campaign worker will call in the names of folks who have yet to vote.

Once they have this poor smuck's name they send in the shill to use the name of that LPV person who has yet to vote. After they do thses shills go to the next poll, use another LPV name and vote according to how they were instructed or paid.


According to the Gardner's, it won't be don't by the legislators, the governor or California's Secretary of State fraud unit. "It's gotta to be done by Californian's changing California's Constitution. It's probably going to take a revolt, said Dean Gardner - like the prop 13 revolt against high home taxes."

California's voting system can no longer be trusted. The peoples right to cast an honest vote is laughed at by many from the left. Voting scams have criss-crossed this state for so many years it's not even funny. Once elected and in power, they find ways to silence officials and special agents who are commissioned to investigate voter fraud complaints.

Lamenting this problem, Dean Gardner reminded the audience, "that you are required to have a voter ID in Mexico but not in California, and by-the-way, it's illegal to ask someone for their identification at the polls and it's a felony for the election worker at that polling place to ask for your ID and you can get up to three years in prison for asking the question."

Who came up with that law ? Willy Brown (D), Sacramento's past Assembly speaker of the Assembly.


First - Go and check your signature at the election department. For many of us in Tulare County the elections department in located in Visalia. Ask them to show you your signature they have on file. If it is different, then ask for a copy of what they show you. Odds are that someone came down to the elections department requesting voter registration cards and re-registered your name with a changed signature. That someone had to sign with the elections department for those registration cards which are numbered and if the last registration card they have on file that was changed it could be construed as fraud by who signed for those registration cards.

Next - and I know this may fluster a few, but re-register with the elections department as a regular voter. Make sure they understand that you no longer want to be an absentee voter. This will surely send a message to those at the elections department and hopefully those who are hell-bent on voter fraud.

Third - Make a copy of your new voter registration card before you give it back to the elections department.

Fourth and final - Become a poll watcher. These voter fraud crimes are committed when no one cares and where there are very few poll observers. Take down the license plate number of large cars and vans which transport people to the polls. If something looks a little fishy, or something doesn't feel right, take note. Tea Party people will ... why don't you ?

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