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Post Letter to the Editor - Apr 20 2010
by Post Editor : letters@portervillepost.com

Dear Editor -- I would like to thank the Porterville Post for addressing the important issue of "chemtrails". This may be one of the most important issues of our lifetime yet it continues to be largely ignored by most media.

According to former NSA/CIA high clearance operative A.C. Griffith, he and an associate were able to get inside information about the aerosol program by gaining access to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio which he states is the main headquarters for the program.

Griffith discovered that part of the purpose of the program is as support for the US Navy's RFMP ( Radio Frequency Mission Planner) system which controls the VTRPE (Variable Terrain Radio Parabolic Equation) system. Basically this enables a three dimensional remote view of a landscape and structures for weapons targeting purposes. The required ingredients in the spray to make the atmosphere amenable to these operations are high amounts (hundreds of tons) of Aluminum and Barium salt, both of which are highly toxic to most life on earth, including plants. Griffith also states that people have been threatened with death and actually die d for trying to reveal this program.

Then there is Tom Bearden who is a highly respected scientist, Director of The Association of Distinguished American Scientists, and retired US Army LT. Colonel. Bearden had written several books about these events long before anyone ever heard of or noticed "chemtrails". He has been continuously studying all facets of aircraft delivered aerosols and associated electromagnetic experiments which have been ongoing since 1976 when the USSR, continuing it's advancement of some of Nikola Tesla's energy weapons theories, introduced what is now known as the "Woodpecker aiming grid signal" into the atmosphere.

This "signal" according to Bearden is actually a series of Electromagnetic scalar waves which have the potential for unimaginable destruction if even slightly mishandled. Bearden says that one purpose of the aerosol program is to render this signal visible, and is actually in attempted self-defense on the part of the American military. The problem remains however, the toxicity of the aerosols.

The two men mentioned above, outside of the actual perpetrators, are to my knowledge the world's foremost experts on military aerosol spraying and it's purposes. Though they both admit not knowing the full purpose of "chemtrails", one thing they both state emphatically , and risk their lives doing so, is that these aerosols are being sprayed, and with every attempt at secrecy. There are many other theories as to the purpose of chemtrails as well, and every one I've seen agrees that high amounts of Aluminum and Barium salt are being sprayed onto people all over the world without their permission or knowledge.

Anyone who wants to know more can easily educate themselves with an internet search engine by entering any of the names or acronyms I have mentioned above. Hopefully there is someone out there who has more knowledge about this complex and dangerous situation than I, as this is something we need to get stopped ASAP before a potentially "extinction event" type disaster takes place. It is truly that dangerous.

Thanks again to you Mr. Lucketta for bringing this extremely important issue to your web pages!

Sincerely, Bill Fulkerson -- etls1@aol.com from outside of Porterville Area

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