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Post Letter to the Editor - Jun 21 2011
by Post Editor : letters@portervillepost.com

Dear Editor, I'm Terry J. Hokanson, inventor of the two hundred mile per gallon automobile engine.

I've always had problems with the investors side of my ideas and inventions. For example, in the late 1970s, I was attempting to create a marketing vehicle somewhat resembling the Home Shopping Network by way of mixing my movie and rock video ideas with my list of foldout furniture designs. I soon found myself behind a billion dollar per year furniture store chain with my hands cuffed behind my back while the Florida Miami Dade Sheriff beat me about the head with his billy club.

By the early 1980s, I had developed a subliminal secret police interrogator whispering fraudulent police files and death threats in my ear in the workplace, as well as any public place I frequented. Although the government refuses to arrest me and produce any sort of evidence against me in court, I'm sure the shadow wing of the US Government, supervising this deadly police state, mental outpatient scam, has its methods of persuading you I'm a social pariah who doesn't deserve the same right to a speedy trial, and other due process of law provisions afforded to every other private citizen.

This Mafia protection rackets method, of generating great emotional distress by treating me as a convicted felon while refusing to officially charge me with a crime, somewhat resembles how vigilantes are recruited when convicted sexual predators move in next to a school located hundreds of miles from the state they were convicted in. Of course, instead of tacking my picture and criminal history on the neighborhood telephone poles, I've been forced to dwell on the symptoms of a devastating, man made psychological disease rather than focus on its cause. In other words, how can a prisoner of a very cloak and dagger police state file a writ of Habeas Corpus against a hypnotic\subliminal terrorist that, according to the Sheriff and FBI, can't possible exist on any private or government level?

Perhaps a better explanation of how this secret police stalking scam is designed to undermine my ability to bring my products to market is, starting from before the scope of this conspiracy was explained to me in the early 1980s, I can get nowhere in my search for investors in a potential fifty billion dollars in extremely high end home and office interior product sales over a twenty to thirty year time frame. Of course, throughout that time, I also came up with a long list of marketable, non-interior related products, many of which I can only vaguely remember when I see them sold under various corporate names, venues and so forth.

Today, I am looking for investors in my two hundred mile per gallon automotive engine design. I should be explaining things like, what brilliant 18th century mathematicians, observing energy transition technology of their day, etched in stone that now blinds MIT graduates to my otherwise obvious solution. Or, explain how my invention would reduce a typical forty dollar per week gas bill down to four dollars. Instead, I feel compelled to take my cloths off and talk about the Florida Polk County Sheriff locking me up for chemical treatment because the 'government crippled my business plans, bugged my home and smothered me in confessions' scam appears to be the political soapbox from which I'm forced to make slavery speeches from, rather than display engineer schematics which I cannot afford to patent, much less pay expensive attorneys fees to defend.

At www.terry-hokanson.com click on the “My Energy Correspondences” subject category, then click on the “My 200 MPG Engine Correspondence With Obama” heading, and then click on the blue, “View Here,” in line document locater in order to see my attempt at getting funding from the US Government. Obviously, my 200 mpg automobile engine competes with profits made by a powerful trillion dollar oil consortium that, as the rumors go, will choke my product off by any means, including my death. But then, as I presently recall, this whole mess started out with a comparatively small conspiracy to defraud me of a list of non energy related products.

In order to survive, I need to find the richest investors with the biggest brass knuckles who cannot continue the previous trend of separating me from my property, in part by threatening to either kill me or lock me up in an 8x10 prison cell with a weight lifting homosexual predator named “Bubbah.” Consequently, since it would require the backing of a government or at least one high security conscious billionaire to make my two hundred mile per gallon automotive engines readily available to the public, I still have that old Home Shopping Network idea, mentioned at top. But first I need to explain to potential investors the previous legal wrangling which may have been painted by the government to look differently than I had experienced it.

On February 2, 2006, I was in the process of sending my extreme fuel saving city power plant business proposals to several thousand city and state government officials when, apparently, the great and powerful Oz threw open his curtain in great anger, and finally decided to officially arrest me and charge me with a crime. As a result, the arresting officer swore in his arrest documentation that it is impossible to determine if my business offer is legitimate because not only am I unable to formulate simple coherent sentences but I dress and smell as bad as I speak.

In this business proposal, which the sheriff used as his legal vehicle to arrest me, I explained the type of secret police bully tactics used on me in the past, in my attempt at gaining the same equal protection of the law everyone else is supposed to be afforded during similar contract negotiations, as well as a long list of other civil rights issues. Consequently, the Florida Polk County Mental Court determined this is where it got its legal jurisdiction to lock me up and experiment on my mind with dangerous chemicals.

At the start of this mental court proceeding, one government official was declared to have asked the Florida Polk County Sheriff to investigate these extortion and murder accusations connected to my ultra fuel saving city power plant proposals. In turn, the Polk County Sheriff, whose extensive criminal training, and high level access to the police surveillance records that I've been led to believe are the foundation to this secret police run extortion scam, decided I'm going to have serious problems attempting to prove I ever had any sort of idea or invention worth generating any level of conspiracy to commit fraud around.

In order to make this burden of proof even more difficult, the Sheriff usurped what was left of my freedom and, through the above mentioned mental court, placed me in the custody of the county's chemical dosage specialist, who employed several methods of convincing me of various related topics such as, I don't have the mental capacity to come up with any sort of marketable invention, much less build manufacturing equipment to mass produce it.

Consequently, I can't make a move without first disproving these devastating government legal claims against my ability to support myself, therefore my www.terry-hokanson.com website opens to my 'Product Videos' page. Although I have many more inventions to choose from, a relatively poor but politically savvy investor, whose Boss Hogs in Hazard County isn't as pesky, should be able to safely pick a single product found in the videos, posted on this page, that we can mass produce and sell through various venues, such as Internet storefronts.

As for my designing and building the equipment needed to manufacture my inventions, I can use the animation program, which I used to produce my product videos, to demonstrate every aspect of any fully functioning machine I design. If investors find a flaw in any machine I design, I can fix it on the animation before proceeding to the cost evaluation, engineered parts drawings, and subsequent manufacture and building faze, or investors can hire an engineering firm to design and build the machine for them.

Thank You Very Much ... Terry J. Hokanson terry.hokanson@tampabay.rr.com from Florida

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