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Post Letter to the Editor - Jul 04 2008
by Post Editor : letters@portervillepost.com

Dear Editor,

In regards to the article "this is a very, very bad sign" by: A. L. LUCKY Lucketta.

I have been an independent trucker for 25 years and I have a request from you, please shut up.

Your proposed solutions would have no effect in helping truckers, If every bank decided to write off a truckers debt in full and mail him the title to his truck it would equal about 3 days worth of fuel per month. That would not improve the ability to survive in an industry where the average rate is only 35% of where it needs to be to survive.

Your politically correct doom & gloom prophecy's about peak oil & global warming are idiot fodder. Carbon fuels are not effecting the climate and oil is a naturally occurring substance that is not "running out", The U.S.A. has more oil reserves than all the middle eastern countries combined but our corrupt governments and court systems will not allow it to be accessed and refined. This "crisis" has been manufactured by the voters who elect Liberals to govern, so the voters deserve this pain. Long before the "box stores" become abandoned and stripped the pain felt by the voters will cause them to run the Liberals out of town and elect politicians who will remove the barriers that are crushing our country today.

I do not look forward to enduring these times but they are necessary to get people to change the way they vote. When the "endangered species act" is abolished & the "Sierra Club" is relegated to the annals of history (next to the Nazi's) our country will resume on it's journey of prosperity and innovation that has been a blessing to the whole world.

To spout the evil propaganda of the godless left while presenting yourself as a concerned Christian is an abomination. You have offended me as a trucker, an American and a Christian all in one article. Our problems have been created by voter sloth and will be resolved by voter diligence which will be brought about by individual suffering.

The banks are not the problem.
The oil companies are not the problem.
N.A.F.T.A. is not the problem.
Globalization is not the problem.

Brain dead Liberals binding the arms of American citizens and industry is the problem. The taking of private property rights, free speech and freedom of religion (if your a Christian) is the problem. Turning our public school system into a left wing propaganda machine for the left is the problem. The lazy voters who let all this happen are the problem, and the solution.

Please don't "help" anymore, there are already to many voices trying to shift the focus away from the real problem.

Ronald Ellis -- RAT423@Comcast.Net
Owner & Operator of R.E.T.

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