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Print | A Growing Restlessness in our Country
Post Letter to the Editor - Mar 14 2009
by Post Editor : letters@portervillepost.com

Dear Editor -- For some time now I have been deeply concerned at the growing restlessness in our Country. Even though things has transpired this past year that has greatly contributed to this uneasiness, I don't believe this has happened overnight. Allow me to me explaine.

It appears to me that there is a growing conspiracy to undermine the confidence and ease of the American people. Further, it appears to me, that "certain conditions/circumstances" has been created in our Country.; and it also appears to me that these are manifesting themselves as scare tactics that would serve as a precursor to accomplish predisposed Government sanctions to be ultimately imposed on the American people.

Never in the history of our Nation has there been such a surge of Governmental warnings! Last year it started out with the H1N1 Flu scare. Citizens swarmed Medical facilities like flies! Parents of babies and small children were basically scared into putting that potentially dangerous drug into their childs body. That should have been a parents choice! Don't you think? HElLLO! And for what?

I totally believe it was all a Party ploy to stir up a smoke screen/scare in order to get that Health Care Bill passed! It almost worked! When are we, as true Americans, going to stand up and be , simply put, our own person! I do have a point in all this. Just where do I think this is all headed?

There is not a day that goes by without some sort of recall, drug warning, social injustice, etc.. Most of what is being warned about has been going on for years! Why now? Why all of a sudden throw out all these food/drug warnings when the American people has been fighting this for years without the Governments/FDA's interference? Cribs have been around for years. Blinds have had draw strings for decades! Toyota has made millions for years selling those same cars. Why now? Why indeed! There is much more going on here than what meets the eye. The very core of our confidence is being undermined!

Here is where , I believe it all comes together. I totally believe, if the American people don't wake up, and appreciate the God given Freedom that we have in our Country then we will wake up to a Society that is Government run.I believe the biggest changes to transpire will be regarding our children.

In this Government run Society ,I believe, over a period of time and circumstances, children will be taken from parents/grandparents homes, and placed in Government sanctioned care centers/homes/schools. They will be taught and cared for "properly". The Government stressing and pointing out that if they have them all the time, they can be sure the children are fed, clothed, and educated ., thus eliminating the need for Welfare to the parents,(relieving a big tax burden on the American people) thus making sure medications are administered and the children are secured with a good education.( I predict a lot of changes in the Curriculum).

I believe in the next few years a blueprint will be laid out for this very thing! We all know that this all could come in a variety of ways.

The American people have brought a lot of this upon themselves. There are children in our Country that have and are being abused dreadfully. We must somehow take our children back! We must take the time to love them! To be there for them! To protect them! To guide them, to teach them! My friend, if we don't, The Powers that be will!

In closing, this is only one area of my concern, but I believe this concept will ultimately extend into all areas of our lives if we allow it. I personally don't believe the Government knows what is best for my family, do you?

God bless you ! Elaine Harris -- ejewelry1@netzero.net from Porterville Area

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