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Post Letter to the Editor - Oct 24 2009
by Post Editor : letters@portervillepost.com

Dear Editor -- Question???? Just exactly what kind of city, state, country, world, have we let our lives deteriorate into??? When we now have to worry about the very lives and health of our friends, simply for their speaking out, i.e. exercising their RIGHT to FREE SPEACH, about or against the government??? We're in DEEP DOO DOO my friends!!!!

As all of you know, I'm well known for my out spokeness about or against this CORRUPT fresno city police departments, and the city government!!! Doing so in today?s climate, appears to be actually HAZARDOUS to your health!!! My FRIENDS, many of you have expressed a genuine concern and FEAR for my well being!!! Thank You ALL!!!

I've, from the very beginning of dyer's police chief appointment; have expressed my disapproval and disgust of him as police chief of Fresno. Jerry Dyer,is a pedophile!!! The actions he committed against a 14 year old, when he was a fresno police officer, at the age of 26, not so many years ago makes that a TRUE statement. That complaint and action, as many of you know, was swept completely under the rug.

Why you might ask??? Primarily because his puppet masters had much bigger plans in store for him, i.e. Police chief. It now appears that he has, at his command, nothing less, than a private "HIT SQUAD"!!! Their sole purpose is for "taking out" individuals, like myself, who refuse to stop exposing him for the CRIMINAL he really is.

Here's a warning for any business or group thinking about coming to fresno to conduct business!!! PLEASE!!! DON'T DO IT!!! Unless you're ready and prepared to "GREASE the SKIDS" of the fresno city police department, you're opening yourself up to some REAL OLD FASHION police brutality!!!! These "police officers" under the express control and authority of jerry dyer, have become nothing less than paid assassins. They've now become so arrogant about it; they'll even televise it, as demonstrated several months ago, with the televised killing of a homeless man on "G" street or the again televised beating of another homeless man out on Blackstone and Barstow.

Where's the outrage? Where are the voices that need to speak out? Can it truly be I'm the only one left out here in the wilderness that doesn't see a problem here?? Has the time truly come where nothing short of BLOOD in the streets can remedy this PROBLEM??? I pray not!!!

Apparently even the sheriff doesn't understand the power that she commands!!!! If she did, dyer would most likely be sitting behind bars himself!!! Our mayor appears to also be oblivious to this problem also!! I find it hard to believe and really don't think it's possible, that everyone downtown in city hall, can be that BLIND to what's going on. If this isn't the case, then the only other possibility is they're co-conspirators, aren't they????

Just how much more are all of you willing to stomach before you have to say, enough is enough??? Take a good look around at what's happening on your own lives. Look at how your standards of living have diminished!! Then ask yourselves, why?? Better yet, ask yourselves why your "PUBLIC SERVANTS" i.e., the police chief, mayor, etc. Continued to spend like a drunken sailors?? What's wrong with this picture??? How is it that we're allowing the courts to close their doors an extra day a week for the excuse of "budget cuts"??? Does the old adage of "justice delayed is justice denied" still have any meaning???

How is it that our mayor can come out and make a public announcement, with a straight face mind you, and actually tell U.S. she's cutting more services because of her out of control budget??? Then at the same time, hire more cops?? Why you might ask??? SIMPLE!!! They're the only revenue generators the city really has any more. Let's call it what it really is!!!! The "Robin Hood" syndrome works for me... Stop for a moment and think back, now ask yourself, when was the last time any of you witnessed a cop doing anything that didn't cost you a load of money???

I'm serious about this!!! Let me know what you think??? Also, I fear for my life and well being!!! Again, why??? Because of my stance against this city's corrupt police department and government in general. Should my emails suddenly STOP, PLEASE ask yourselves why???

Remember this statement: When injustice becomes law, rebellion Becomes duty! And ... "When the government fears the people, you have liberty. When the people fear the government you have Tyranny." ~Thomas Jefferson,

From Michael W. Golden -- mike_golden@comcast.net

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