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Print | When does it become treason ?
Post Letter to the Editor - Feb 17 2009
by Post Editor : letters@portervillepost.com

Dear Editor -- When does it become treason?

I remember as a kid the disappointment of receiving a war bond for Christmas. At 7 I wasnt impressed with a fancy piece of paper, but in later years it reminds me that war can be economic as well as military. I try hard to keep track of current events and Im thoroughly convinced that we U.S. citizens are at war, but not just with an external enemy.

Everything that has brought us to this economic situation started with acts of Congress and the President. Dont point your finger at either major party, because at the top, behind closed doors, they merge. Nevertheless, with the economy in such terrible shape, one wonders when throwing billions of dollars at proven failures, like the stimulus package, becomes more than just folly or stupidity.

Trying to solve a debt problem by taking on 10 times more debt is like trying to repeal the law of gravity. At that point, you must acknowledge that this is not happening by accident. Article III Section 3, of the Constitution says, giving Aid and Comfort to the enemy in time of war is treason. When does outrageous spending by congress and the president qualify as treason? When do passing trade agreements like NAFTA, that dry up our ability to manufacture and put millions out of work qualify as treason? When does a state department activity, (Security and Prosperity Partnership), that secretly plans to end U.S. sovereignty and erase our borders NOT qualify as treason???

When does your representative no longer represent you? Its when one reply form fits all, and it comes with no mention of your comment, just tells you what a good job THEY think THEY are doing promoting legislation, with which neither you nor the Constitution agree.

So, do we just let the United States of America fade into the dust bin of history, and become a province of the New World Order?

Or, do we have some treason trials? Or was author John Harmer right when he wrote the book None Dare Call it Treason.

Glenn H. Rider -- ghdr-benz@sbcglobal.net (559) 584-5682

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