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Print | President Trump's Authority Over Immigration
Post Letter to the Editor - Oct 18 2018
by Post Editor : letters@portervillepost.com

Dear Editor, One of the main reasons Donald Trump was elected as POTUS was his promise to solve our immigration problem. His biggest test is coming with the herd of illegal immigrants that is on the way to our Southern border.

Few people are aware that prior to WWll the primary duty of the US Army was to guard our Southern border. Today we have 1,094,456 troops stationed in the contiguous USA and 20,000 in Alaska with none of them assigned to our border.

We also have 80,637 stationed in Asia, with 53,660 being in Japan and 26,045 in So. Korea. We also have 64,494 in Europe including 35,369 in Germany, 12 645 in Italy, 9,132 in UK and 3,607 in Spain. We also have 52,417 in the Pacific Ocean which includes Hawaii (42,675).

Keep in mind that most of our troops on foreign soil are guarding their borders while none of our troops are guarding ours!

It took me some time to put this information together so I hope you will read it and pass it on. You will see from the article by Joe Miller that POTUS Trump has the authority to stop this invasion by himself!

We know that the POTUS has authority to declare war by our Constitution. I contend that the possible invasion of our Southern border is enough reason to declare war.

Thank you, Bob Inabinette From Porterville, CA

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