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Post Letter to the Editor - Fec 25 2016
by Post Editor : letters@portervillepost.com

Dear Editor, The FBI wants Apple to open a truck sized door into their Apple systems so that the FBI (and by proxy anyone else) can go in and snoop into anybodys encrypted - private communications.

Encryption is for privacy. Encryption used to be the exclusive purview of government agencies to keep secrets from people. Increasingly, people are fearful of a government who goes snooping into their private affairs and violating their Fourth Amendment rights without a court order or a court hearing, just for shits and giggles, a violation of the First Amendment.

Ignoring a judges order, Apple has told the FBI to shove it. I stand with Apple. Im not even an Apple user or a fan. I believe that Apple is protecting the First and Fourth Amendment rights of citizens. And, naturally, those who dislike our First Amendment rights are annoyed. Be annoyed!

Yeah, sure, drug dealers, criminals of all types such as rapists, pedophiles and other sickos use encrypted communications but the FBI hasnt raised an eyebrow about getting into their private files.

We free, law abiding, decent patriotic people have nearly zero privacy anymore and using encrypted communications is something that some have started to do without someone like the FBI snooping around. They may exercise their First Amendment rights to say something unkind about some political hack, or some high ranking political appointee, dipwad general, or some rank-and-file jerk somewhere in the ranks of six million or so public employees, or even (gasp) bad teachers!

The FBI is upset because they cant get encrypted information reportedly floating around that involved the San Bernardino shooters Moslems. Had the FBI, the CIA, the Department of State, and DHS done their jobs properly and in a timely manner, the San Bernardino shootings would never have taken place.

I dont want the government having access to anything or everything that I may someday encrypt because, unfortunately, I do NOT trust my government anymore. That is a tragedy in itself, because I am not alone, I am part of a rapidly growing majority of patriotic Americans.

The FBI as well as every other law enforcement or security agency employs (have been infiltrated by) thousands of Moslem Brotherhood members. The Moslem Brotherhood is a mortal enemy of America, an existential enemy of the American people. The Moslem Brotherhood is determined to destroy our Constitution and replace it with bigoted, biased hateful Islamic law sharia, starting with our First Amendment. They want the ability to snoop on Americans who are Islam-Aware who know what the Moslem Brotherhoods intent is. This would really help the Moslems, aka ISLAM subvert our nation, the American people.

The FBI claims that by gaining access to what may be on the San Bernardino shooters cell phones they could possibly thwart other terrorist acts. Take that with a grain of salt. If the FBI and the USG want to forestall any further terrorist attacks being undertaken by ISIS inspired followers of Mohammed, dont let any more Islamists Constitution haters into our nation, and start compelling them to return to their homelands. If there are no Sharia compliant Islamists in America, there would be no devout Moslem terrorists attacking and killing innocent Americans guaranteed!

Jim Horn : From outside of Porterville, CA.

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