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Post Letter to the Editor - Aug 10 2015
by Post Editor : letters@portervillepost.com

Dear Editor, The Issue of illegal immigration has not and will not go away until the Congress acts affirmatively. We have been facing this issue since 1964 when a Bracero visa program ended. Millions of Mexicans had worked under the program which provided laborers, primarily in the agricultural sector. When the program ended, there was nothing to replace it, and chaos began.

Big agriculture the farming conglomerates such as Heinz (tomato products), Green Giant (canned vegetables), Cargill, Pillsbury, General Mills, etc. all wanted cheap labor. Those cheap laborers who were derogatorily referred to as wetbacks came in droves to get those jobs that paid poorly, provided no benefits, and abused Mexican workers. Who were the real criminals here? Why are they still abusing desperate South-of-the-Border people? These stalwart members of corporate America are busily buying members of the Congress to assure that good visa laws are NOT passed. It might raise the cost of their products by a dime.

These legal enterprises exploited poor people who were encouraged to break laws to come here to earn pitiful wages which most of these workers sent back to their families in Mexico. The workers were compelled to do this because their own governments did NOT and do NOT care about them or their welfare.

I have seen them in California, doing back breaking work in the unforgiving sun on the produce farms in the Imperial Valley, the strawberry patches in San Diego County, the nut farms in the San Juaquin Valley and other mostly menial jobs. Thousands do the landscaping for housing developments all over the country, and at the end of the week, they first go to the post office or other facility to remit money to their families south of our border, pay their rent and then go to the grocery store and get a case of beer for their day off. These honest workers are also victims of predators who come across the border.

With the tragic death of a young woman in SanctuaryFriscoville and the outspokenness of Presidential candidates like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and now Donald Trump, the issue of Criminal trespass on American soil has come up again. Will anything actually be done this time? The Betrayer-in-Chief refuses to address the issue of stopping those who are evil criminals from traipsing across the borders into our republic. Violent, predatory criminals who come here are being coddled, are not prosecuted, imprisoned or deported for committing often violent crimes. They are instead being released onto our streets to continue to prey on innocents. If decent people in the Congress pass serviceable laws, Obama will surely veto them. Anything that is good for America is destined to garner a veto from Obama. We will need a 2/3 majority vote from the Senate to block Obamas preying on America.


Long ago, General Santa Ana lost the Mexican-American war. Mexicans (not all, but certainly many) hate us today because Mexico was the loser, and they have not forgotten nor forgiven the USA.

During World War I, Mexico allied itself with Germany and even went so far as to send bombers over the copper mines in Arizona to drop bombs on American soil in an effort to help the Germans. Americans suffered at the hands of the Mexican air force, but our war materials production moved forward and we won the war. We should have, but failed to retaliate against the Mexican government and armed forces. Shame on us.

During World War II, Mexico again sided with the Germans and provided war materials, diplomatic and other types of support, safe harbor for AXIS whips, facilitated German spies entry into the USA, and committed acts of sabotage on American soil. They harbored Nazis after the war ended. They suffered no adverse consequences from these open acts of hostility towards the USA. Shame on us.

Mexico provided relief for the Cuban communists during the cold war, again providing material and diplomatic support, and we failed to hold the Mexican leadership accountable. Shame on us.


In 1986, President Reagan signed a law that provided amnesty for trespassers. Senator Ted Kennedy and others had promised to enact laws that would provide for work visa programs and much more. After President Reagan signed the law, Kennedy and the Democrats flipped their middle fingers at the President. Irresponsible Democrats laid the groundwork for what we face today.

And these same fools are demanding another round of amnesty which will lead to more of the same problems and issues that we face. A retired Diplomat who worked in embassies and dealt with visas, I have a unique understanding of this issue which I address at length in chapter 8 of my book EXPERIENCING ISLAM.

We need to establish workable, functional laws that will benefit our republic and those who are already here, as well as those who want to come from other parts of the world.


We need an effective program that will constructively and incrementally move things forward and get our nation out of the mire and muck that Democrats and America hating Mexican officials have established and continue to support.

Recognize and acknowledge that the Mexican government and other governments south of our borders have economic, social, and political problems that they, themselves, not American do-gooders who operate from a position of willful ignorance need to address constructively. These governments push and dump people that they cant deal with on us. And, yes, Donald Trump was right, the governments south of our borders are sending people who are undesirable in their own countries. There is no obligation for us to accept this abuse of our goodness, decency, and hospitality. Enough is enough.

Refuse to recognize any Mexican Consular document that they have passed out to illegals. Revoke drivers licenses handed out to illegals unless they can justify having licenses including comprehensive auto insurance. If stopped while driving without a license or insurance, impound their cars for a minimum of 30-days, and no release until they can present proof of insurance.

Assign law enforcement and border patrol professionals to ALL management and supervisory levels. Keep political hacks out they are mostly useless and cause more damage than they do help.

FIRST: Our borders are porous and this needs to be addressed with fences, walls and other means to deter crossing over. We can take illegals who are in detention and who have no criminal offenses on record and give them jobs building those border facilities. We can pay them, provide English language lessons, and reduce their sentences based on their performance. A road to a green card would be a part of this package.

Some may even qualify for jobs as border patrol officers and early opportunities for citizenship as a reward for their accomplishments.

Our border patrol/immigration authorities including patrol agents need to have their hands untied so that they can detain and arrest, and if and when necessary return hostile gunfire without the threat of hostile action being taken against them by our government. Our border patrol is woefully ill equipped and other than a few observation balloons and cameras can do little to locate intruders and interdict them. An example: Senator McCain has been instrumental in blocking the acquisition and use of very effective seismic devices that can detect intruders up to ten kilometers off, determine the number of intruders, whether they are laden with drug backpacks, their speed, and direction. Installation of such seismic devices (undetectable to illegal invaders) will go a long way to catching intruders.

SECOND: As we gain control of our borders, we must begin exporting anyone with a criminal record back to their countries of origin. If they return, they go to jail for a minimum of five years, no exceptions.

THIRD: Begin a work visa program and recognize that many will never qualify for green cards. In these cases, as they work, have them pay into special 401 types of pension plans where their money is invested in their home countries for them when they return home and after the age of 65.. This will give them a vested interest in their home country and get them active in managing and protecting their investments, etc. A part of the visa program would require that they return home at a determined time determined by a lottery date included with the issuance of their work visas, and apply for a regular visa at an American Consulate. Some may not qualify for a return. So be it.

FOURTH: Everyone seems to use the words drug war regarding the export of contraband, human slaves, and drugs to America. Agree that we are at war and inform Mexico that we expect them to deal with the drug cartels to stop the traffic. If they cant, we will use weapon carrying drones to interdict drug traffickers in Mexico.

FIFTH: OTM (other than Mexican) illegals need to be detained to determine why they came and deal with it from there. Anyone associated with ISIS, al Qaeda, etc, would be detained indefinitely.

Jim Horn : From outside of Porterville, CA.

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