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Post Letter to the Editor - Apr 09 2015
by Post Editor : letters@portervillepost.com

Dear Editor, I sent the following to the NY State Board of Elections re: Senator Ted Cruz,

It has been reported that Ted Cruz has collected 31 Million Dollars in Campaign funds. Whether you want to admit it or not Ted Cruz is NOT a Natural-Born Citizen of the United States of America.

It is YOUR DUTY and OBLIGATION to enforce the Constitution of the United States. A Natural-Born Citizen is one that is BORN IN THE UNITED STATES to PARENTS who are BOTH Americans themselves.

This was affirmed in Minor v Happersett, U.S. Supreme Court.

An NBC MUST have both Jus Soli AND Jus Sanquinis. New York States interpretation of being an NBC as being Born a Citizen is NOT what Article II, Sec. 1 REQUIRES.

One Born a Citizen can be any Anchor baby with Jus Soli alone. That is NOT the Law. The Law is that an NBC MUST POSSESS BOTH JUS SOLI AND 100% Jus Sanquinis. To ignore this immutable fact is to be GUILTY OF MISPRISION OF FELONY AND TREASON.

Persons who usurp the Presidency,by fraud, during wartime are Traitors and spies under 18USC and 10USC. I think you KNOW that I am correct.

I urge you to take the appropriate measures to enforce the U.S. Constitution and save our Nation from foreign influences. To do less would be complicity with major election fraud against the voters of NY and the voters of the United States.

Robert C. Laity : Founder and President
Society for the Preservation of our American Republic

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