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Post Letter to the Editor - Mar 17 2017
by Post Editor : letters@portervillepost.com

Dear Editor, Yea I know everybody's up in arms about the proposed pipeline out west. For me I don't think we need it right now but in the future who knows. But guess what! I say build a pipeline from Alaska to Texas but not for oil for water.

One more thing everybody is talking about is global warming caused by people or nature it doesn't matter the glaciers are melting. All this clean fresh water is just running into the seas or oceans.

A pipeline that could tap into this melting water and then send it from smaller pipelines that branch out mostly to the west and midwest were they have more droughts then in the northeastern area of the country.

First Lake Mead to supply the Hoover Dam and the Colorado River. My understanding is that the water being pumped to grow most of our food in the west and midwest from underground supplies of water are running out and scientists say it can not be replaced just by rain alone.

Wells drilled years ago at 200 hundred feet to reach water now have to drill to 800 feet or more. Again if this free water was pumped down the 200 ft wells in the Ogallala aquifer that are not in use I believe we could refill this water supply.

Billions of gallons of water going to waste and also raising the ocean levels.

How to pay for this pipeline right now farmers are spending millions to drill deeper wells and in the future states, government, and anyone connected to the food and drinking water industry will have to do the same.

Who ever builds this pipeline will charge per gallon that's a lot of money.

We can live with out oil, solar,wind,natural gas, nuclear power, battery powered cars, and manny others that scientists are working on right now but you can't live without water.

I believe many funds such as the Gates Fund and others would contribute to get this accomplished.

A small tax and I mean small on every one that uses this water would be fair. Because it is only water being pumped thru this pipeline I think you would get less resistance from people that are fighting the oil pipeline.

After all this work writing this email I'm thirsty and going to get a glass of water.

P.S I wrote this email with the Ogallala aquifer in mind before watching the video of the problems with California aquifers I think the draining of these aquifers could be refilled the same way. I have no interest in building or profiting in any way from this idea only to help mankind.

Thank you, Don McDougal From outside of Porterville, CA

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