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Print | Legally Speaking on Donald Trump's Behalf
Post Letter to the Editor - Oct 19 2016
by Post Editor : letters@portervillepost.com

Dear Editor, I decided to write this legal type post because I am tired of seeing women accusers and the Left Wing Media passing off Gossip as facts to sway America's voters by telling tall tales about sexual in counters where allegedly Mr. Trump sexually attacked these women, or walked in on them while they were dressing. To prove these stories have no legitimacy and are mere gossip pieces that belong on puff shows like Wendy and the View, I am going to fill you in on the legal conduct needed to determine a controversy of this sort, or any case in a US COURT.

First of all, if these gossip pieces had any merit, Mr. Trump would have been arrested by now, and have been disqualified by law from his candidacy by America's suffrage Laws. So, having said this, why are these women and so called legit left WING Media giants like ABC and the New York Times getting away with passing off gossip alleged sexual attack stories for legit news? It might be because they have all been coached on how far they can push gossip without ending up in a real court case for slander and libel.

I don't want to go into the laws of slander and libel here, because this post would take too long, but suffice it to say that this law has too many loop holes for people to get away with these kinds of acts. Okay, so let's prove why these attacks on Mr.Trump are nothing more than alleged gossip laced with hearsay and NO real facts that would, or can, be admitted into a court of law: First law has a set of rules for guidance, conduct, and the need to present real hard facts or "EVIDENCE" to determine guilt and resolve REAL controversies like these alleged Trump sexual attacks. These rules fall under the area of Facts, Evidence, and LEGAL PROOF. Of course I can't cover all of the rules in this short piece, but I am going to present the needed rules that govern the needed facts, or evidence to determine real guilt.

Second, the public, jury, and judges that hear cases, like (if Mr. Trump was really guilty) these women's accusations, need facts to decide a case, or to see if a law has been broken, because more often than not all cases are decided on FACTS than on law. Having said this, I can now point out that the reason these women's charges are not real legal charges because they are not really presenting hard facts or evidence, which allows them to spread their alleged gossip stories without having to defend them in a court of law, which they probably fear.

Before I present the key to my proof or argument, I should note that all legal books point out that "Law suits, [or in this case accusations or alleged gossip], "Recollections, documents, and things relating to past events constitute the 'evidence' on which courts and lawyers act are are the stuff out which the [real] 'facts' are constructed" (Cohen and Cohen's Readings in Jurisprudence and Legal Philosophy, Philip Shuchman, 1979, Little Brown Co.). Without real evidence like the name of the bar, plane, witnesses to collaborate the story, dates, times, hard evidence for example Mr. Trump's suit color, etc, there is no case and it becomes gossip. We should note here that opinions are not accepted in a trial unless it's given by an expert, so again we see that these alleged stories of sexual attacks against Mr. Trump, have no (according to law books) validity, or solid evidence being offered in the news stories.

To conclude, although I can't show all of the laws of evidence here, because to do this I would have to publish its volume here, I think I have shown that the reason all of these alleged sexual attack encounters, by these women, are being purposely done in a gossip format is so that NONE of these accusations/charges against Mr. Trump will end up in court. Although some of these women's stories meet some of these basic rules, and in many ways do not meet many of the rules evidence, we have to ask ourselves why is this being done, if they do not meet these rules of evidence?

Here are some of these rules :

(1) Evidence not relevant to the legal issues before the court cannot be received. (2) Hearsay Evidence cannot be received.. Hearsay is essentially assertions made outside the court. (3) Testimony in the form of opinions or or conclusions cannot be received, except from experts. (4) Evidence must be offered in accordance with specified formal and procedural rules (Cohen and Cohen's Readings in Jurisprudence and Legal Philosophy, Philip Shuchman, 1979, Little Brown Co.).

As we can see from these few rules of evidence, some of these rules are being avoided and ignored in the alleged sexual stories of Mr. Trump. By now, I think we can see that these rules are evidently being carefully avoided to allegedly give legitimacy to these ladies' alleged sexual attacks by Mr. Trump.

Still think this big, well coordinated military like plan of attack is not backed by a group intent on making sure the Obama/Clinton plan for America is not derailed? America you need to smarten up; you're being played, and it's working.

Reginaldo Cornejo From Porterville, CA.

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