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Print | Jerry Brown's Tax Increase
Post Letter to the Editor - Dec 07 2011
by Post Editor : letters@portervillepost.com

Dear Editor, Governor Moonbeam Brown has to be brain dead or thinks that the electorate is brain dead! He is asking to raise taxes on the "rich" and sales taxes. He neglects the facts that we are already among the most over taxed states in the USA. The "rich" and many companies are fleeing CA to Nevada, Texas, Florida and other states who have no state income taxes and are business friendly. The ones who are snuggled in comfortably are the illegal aliens and other welfare recipients.

Like any other government agency when they get themselves into a hole by over spending the first things they threaten to cut is police and fire protection then education. They never threaten to cut their "sacred cows", illegal immigration and welfare.

Here are some pitiful examples. Brown signed into law his version of the Dream Act" giving illegal aliens in-state tuition rates to our colleges. The Heritage Foundation reports that in 2005 in-state tuition for illegals cost CA from $222.6 to $289.3 million per year and yet he threatens to cut overall education funding if he doesn't get his way! We are only above Mississippi in education quality as it is.

He threatens to cut police protection when illegal aliens cause more crime than legal citizens. With their lack of knowledge of our regulations and overcrowding in housing they probably cause an above average number of fires

Brown's proposal "would raise about $7 billion a year for five years." Well Moonbeam, heres a better place to start. California spends $10.5 billion annually on illegal aliens. That amounts to $1, 183.00 per household and probably 50% of households don't pay taxes. You could raise more here than by your tax scheme! If anyone doubts these figures then just do a quick web search and you will fine multiple reliable websites to back this up. He could balance the budget just by clamping down on illegal immigration and their "benefits." What part of "illegal" does he not understand?

If California tries to borrow more to help pay its bills, it will be costly The state has the worst credit rating in the nation. The state treasurer's office estimates that California would pay an extra $500 million to $1 billion in lender fees on a $15 billion short-term loan. One out of 138 households in California received a foreclosure notice last April. It is past time to cut spending and taxes!

The only ones more stupid than the ones who might help gather 807,615 signatures to put the tax hike on the ballot will be the ones who vote for it if it makes it on the ballot!

Sincerely ... Bob Inabinette bobeye@hughes.net from Springville, CA.

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