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UNALIENABLE RIGHTS © with Ed McKervey 1778 : THE PAPER BOY : Part IV

If it’s not in print did it really happen?

As a boy I was always an avid reader. The adventure of the mind cannot be replicated or replaced. The long form pod cast might be great to listen to a lecture or learn about something and can be very powerful. In fact you can learn more today from a long form podcast than you would in any classroom in America because it would be something that you were focused on and less socially engineered and more focused on learning.

I read whole shelves of mystery books as a child and the theater of the mind is much more fulfilling than a CGI movie and you get to take part in the adventure. I strongly encourage people to read and develop this undeveloped skill. My mother read to us constantly as children and those fairy tales are very important to childhood growth through imagination. The simple purity of a mother reading to her children about principles through fairy tales is essential to maturity in my opinion. This was the beginning of the journey of the paper boy in hindsight.

This Was The Beginning Of The Journey
Of The Paper Boy In Hindsight

Learning language context and comprehension through reading is essential. You learn to recognize words, patterns, principles, themes, imagery, verse, and many other things. Shakespeare wrote about this in the Tempest and it is very profound. The paper boy and his journey seemed like a good central theme to illustrate this idea.

We visited the National Archives in Washington DC back in 2015 and I was delighted to discover this phrase outside on one of the statues. Interestingly enough the phrasing is used in the military to understand wars in the context of culture. Past is Prologue.

The founders were prolific as they read the greats throughout history such as William Shakespeare. Much of the “Log Cabin” education of President Lincoln was centered on Shakespeare and the Bible. Imagine reading by candlelight in a log cabin the Bible and Shakespeare and that was most of your education. Why is that not common knowledge that most of the greats were homeschooled? The founding generation had no TV they read books.

• Ben Franklyn was a printer and published the “Poor Richards” Almanac.

When I was young we used to go to Poor Richards pizza all the time. Back then they had old black and white silent movies like Laurel and Hardy and the slap stick era. The town was much smaller then. As I recall there were only a few stop lights and less than ten thousand souls.

Between Friday night Rocky Hill speedway, The Porter Theater, Poor Richards and Murray Park that was much my world at the time we threw newspapers. Main was a one way street back then and we loved riding our bikes everywhere. In the Skateboard craze we would ride across town to Plaza Hobby to check out the new boards and spend time racing slot cars.

Video games were just emerging and they had a space wars game at Montgomery Wards in the cafeteria. Poor Richards still had shooting gallery games back then. Boy I miss the shooting gallery games. Life was full of possibility back then we lived in a world where people wanted to be free. I think about this a lot.

We become what we focus on, it’s a shame we are now focused on so many dumb things.

It’s a shame that our schools turned into activist farms are more focused on being less offensive than focused on being free and inspiring others. Times have changed but the paper boy ideal remains. The nostalgia I have for our fair city is calling for restoration of that ideal.

Maybe we can shift our focus from activist causes back to freedom and making our city great again. We become what we focus on so I would love to see us focus more on local and what makes Porterville such a great town. Just like that old TV sitcom only the names have changed. We are still Porterville. “Who would of thought they would need ya?” Porterville needs you.

Porterville Needs You

Let’s get back to teasing each other about our shortcomings and not taking ourselves so seriously in that paper boy culture that cherished freedom and didn’t shy away from responsibility. We need to call stupid, stupid again. We need to do some character carving and turn the bricks into stones again.

There is a replica Magna Carta in the rotunda of the capital, when I was there, we saw it and we thought this it awesome. We started to notice many of the statues had a hand pointing up. At first I was like why are they are all pointing up and I couldn't figure out. Duh, they are pointing up to God. The imagery is all around us. Past is Prologue. This is why the angry activist left wants to tear down statues, they want to tear down our history.

We I need to figure this out, and we need to erect some statues here in Porterville.

Let’s get a couple of bronze Fire Fighters erected to honor our fallen heroes. Men that run into danger show us in action what valor and courage is. We need to honor that legacy of Ramon Figueroa and Patrick Jones. The paper boys of old dreamed of becoming firemen and policemen. So many sacrifices have been made for our freedom we cannot take them for granted. I’m sure there are many others to add to this list and remind us of what is really important.

• Figures that honor our history and our legacy are essential.

When you see a statue and it's pointing up it's pointing to God. Look closely at the figure on top of our capital building, it points to God. Symbols are all around Washington DC many of them point to God. They point to God. Moses and the 10 commandments positioned directly above the Supreme Court Justices in the inner chambers. No Photo’s Allowed.

Past is prolog is real simple. It just means that you can know who you are through history and you can see its Providence. You can see the past and you can see the future this is why we study history and teach history. Because human nature doesn't change despite all the evolutionary theories. Theories are not facts. The ideas and the understanding of the ancients and the ancient texts of The Holy Bible still hold true. As true today as it was yesterday and will be true again tomorrow.

It's amazing how this idea of human nature hold on despite all the efforts to transform it in the age of technology. Why are we so fascinated with the artificial? Why aren't we talking about the real? A favorite author I read is Stephen Meyer. I highly recommend his most recent book “The Return of the God Hypothesis” and prior to that “the Signature in the Cell.” Amazing author and scientist.

Why are we so fascinated with the artificial?

Why aren't we talking about the DNA enigma as the most creative force ever known while we try to modify it? For some reason we are trying to preserve nature but think human nature should be changed? The artificial will always be artificial and the real will always be the real. Reject the artificial and its empty rhetoric. Embrace the real.

It so important to understand this basic premise. As we talk about trying to make predictions about the future. We must understand that human nature doesn't change and this is what progressives hate. Seems to me the progressives read the bible only to deconstruct it. The Vanity is astonishing today as we watch the education system focus on changing behaviors under the false premise that human nature can be changed. Embracing evolution while rejecting the role of DNA and also trying to change your DNA at the same time reminds me of the story of Frankenstein. Maybe it’s the ENVY of creation that drives them mad?

Progressives reject God and yet God is the ultimate premise.

If you reject God, you might buy into the lie that human nature can be changed. If you reject God you might think people can be transformed into something man made that is better than the creator.

In the movie the Matrix, which I know view as a Sci-Fi documentary, the machines turned humans into batteries. As we enter the robotics age it is becoming clearer in the post-modern vernacular describing humans by this great analogy. Today we describe people in terms of human capital, human resources and people operations. These progressive phrases depicting humans with souls is frighteningly soulless.

Every time man tries to be good and decide what is good we see it leads to debt, dependency, misery and ultimately war because it is simply the hubris of man. If we had Humility Month it would be a step in the right direction. The pride is the folly of man and we are living in a nightmare created by pride and a haughty spirit. Hopes springs eternal and this too also shall pass as we see throughout REAL history.

• Progressives want to suppress history at best and re-write it at worst.

When our education system deems pornography as education you know we have reached the nadir. I sincerely hope we have found our bottom and we begin to bounce. We see through the censorship industrial complex today a race to control all information through the written word.

Without news print and books definitions can change instantly and history erased in a heartbeat through technology. We are burning books at an accelerating rate with censorship through technology. TECHNOCRACY

History Is Written In The Headlines

If the headlines and the printing press are full of lies we may ask ourselves again in a new way “is what is in print today real or fake.”

• Will the progressives succeed in rewriting history right before our eyes in this fake age?

• Will we win the race for truth underway right now if we don’t have a free press?

• Will history remember this time properly or objectively with so much bias and politicization of media? I think so but we must all be engaged and we cannot take our freedoms for granted we must defend them and secure them for the next generation.

The only sustainability we really need to be focused on is Family, the traditional nuclear family.

The Kids are our future lets tell them the truth and raise of a generation of American kids that love freedom more than safety. This is real sustainability and it’s based in objective and absolute truth.

That’s the headline that matters.


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