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Print | THE PAPER BOY : Part III
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Please add the Paper Boy to the endangered species list

It’s still not hip to be square but it is trending. We are starting to use the words but saying “it’s all good” is just more of the same broad way culture marching to destruction. We are not really reversing course yet but something is shifting.

• My instincts are that we are on the cusp of a reckoning.

A reckoning might be painful and necessary as we all will have to pull together out of necessity. Restoring the bonds of the family and the churches to get through this next period seems likely. We print money to avoid the pain of bankruptcy and now that’s run its course. We are lying to ourselves at an accelerating rate leading to this reckoning both materially and spiritually.

• We need to seek unity again and restore the spirit of 76’.

Printing Money Is The Root Cause of Inflation

Printing money is the root cause of inflation and we are printing money like the Weimar republic a hundred years ago. As it says in the good book there is nothing new under the sun. We are beginning to realize that we are just like the Weimar republic when it takes a wheelbarrow of cash to do anything anymore.

• In California our Kids may never be able to own a home because of green energy “Solutions.”

The value of money is being destroyed at a very high rate but what most folks are reeling from is the rising cost of energy. The longer we embrace green energy the higher the cost and the more painful it will become. I sincerely hope and pray that we can change course back to the world that works. We are doing all the things that led to the gas chambers in WWII including a foray into health passes and yet nobody it talking about it like a grown up. We are all “toys are us kids” and most of us can’t afford toys anymore and thinking is out of the question.

• This idea of bankruptcy and inflation is reflected in our culture.

When I look back I can clearly see the American apostasy even in my short life reflected in the devolution of our culture. The decadence, debauchery and depravity of our culture today started out slowly and gradually. Every generation embraces taboo’s to be counter cultural. I described the culture to my kids 10 years ago describing the trajectory as “the stupider the better” in reaction to advertising about the caveman and the talking gecko. Then we became what we focused on. Stupid.

I remember when calling something “Bad” was celebrated as good. The bad boy cool and the bad girl cool taboos of yesteryear inverted the culture. Now to be countercultural being good is the stand out. We went from saying that’s “Bad” to proclaiming things “Sick”. We become what we focus on and now we are living in a sick society. I’m sick of it.

• It seems to me also that retirement is a myth. A 20th century creation.

There was no such thing as retirement for the vast majority of people in all of history. Only the super elites could afford this notion. Mostly because the world had never experienced the individual prosperity that America had brought to the world, through free trade and free markets.

Western Civilization Is Built on The Judeo-Christic Foundation of Morality and Ethics.

We are now beginning to see what happens with moral and ethical decay. This helped me see why Christianity was so important to the world. Without Christ we can have no freedom and that includes free markets. There must be truth, trust, mutual benefit and common sense in our foundation or all will be lost.

• Freedom requires a Judeo-Christic foundation based on the individual.

Privacy and private property are protected because they relate directly to conscience. Your thoughts are your thoughts and you own them. Your thoughts are your property. A world based on anything other is not prosperous, free or expanding and in most cased barely surviving. Sending other countries money we borrowed from China will only hurt our country.

I noticed looking back it made sense again about why wars happen. Most of the wars follow economic cycles. On the macro of course. I often have said that we cannot escape the laws of economics any more than we can escape the laws of God.

• Economics is not math but behavior.

Through this prism of American culture we can see more clearly this simple idea of building a nation on a solid foundation. The solid foundation is of God and the Judeo-Christic Ethic. I posit that Christ is the cornerstone of the Church, so also The Declaration of Independence the Cornerstone of America. All men are created equal points directly to our creator. America did not evolve It was created. Clearly we have devolved from the founding era and that’s not progress that’s regress.

• America as founded, was frugal and self-reliant.

America once eschewed the welfare state and operated with less government and a solid ethical foundation and suffered less as a result. It is clear by all measures that we have not suffered the economic problems as much as those without those foundations. Moreover the American culture had suffered in the past and those that survived and thrived were those that lived within their means. Folks that knew better than to be controlled by the snare of debt.

• Welfare was stigmatized and derided as those less free and not self-reliant. SOVEREIGNTY.

Welfare was not good and would bring shame to the family because they could not provide for their own. Folks on welfare used to be seen as a drag on society. Boy has that changed.

Now it’s very common and EBT cards are excepted everywhere and even campaigned for openly by the uniparty. California has 34% of the welfare of the U.S. and only 14% of the population.

• The new normal is not normal at all - it’s a downward spiral that is still going down.

The Welfare to Work programs of the past have all been dismantled and not for the greater good. The emotionalism today is a “polite racism” claiming some groups are victims and must be protected and supported. Complete with self- censorship and real censorship controlled by emotionalism.

When Countries Run Out of Money
Strife and Animosity Emerge

An entitled society thrives on greed and avarice. Vice begets vice and downward the culture goes until the opposite happens. Usually after great trauma like war a reckoning occurs.

America does the right thing eventually but the cycle of culture has to run its course and doing the right thing will be the last thing. Why isn’t it the first? Kind of like reading the instructions after you failed at putting together some manufactured junk you bought. In this case mired in debt with few choices hampering our recovery.

Individuals and families are like this also. We don’t read the bible and turn our lives around until our lives become unmanageable. It’s no coincidence that the Original 12 Step program emerges in the 1930’s America during the “Great Depression.”

We bounce back as individuals when we hit bottom and trade our vicious ways for virtuous ones. We don’t bounce back as well as a collective and once people learn they can vote themselves money the entitlement mentality becomes like a cancer on society.

The Bible makes plain the difference between right and wrong.

The Bible makes plain the difference between good and evil. The Bible makes plain that there are only two paths and all this nonsense today that claim there are more than two paths are just lies. The main thing to understand about the bible and these conflicts is that the bible rightly teaches that human nature does not change.

Evolution is still a theory yet it is taught today as if it’s a fact, which is astonishing.

Wars come into view when man deludes himself thinking he can decide what is good. Wars come into view when man thinks he’s in charge. Wars come into view when men are corrupted by power and money. Wars come into view when countries are not managed well by men that think they know better.

Wars com into view to take from others what is not yours or to defend and attack from others trying to do the same to you. Wars also have this other quality and that is to hide or mask the economic collapse of a government that spent too much money.

Growing up in the generation that followed World War II helped me to better understand what the people in past wars and genocides must have experienced. I learned this second hand from my grandparents. Those men that taught us about hard work and golf as kids. The honor of service and sacrifice made real by real men and family values.

• The culture war is talking and fighting verbally.

When the talking stops the fists and bullets begin to fly. Censorship is the resistance to change. Secrecy is to hide the problems and leads to more conflict and fear. I guess that is the best way to begin to look at why our first Amendment is so important and why it’s number one in the Constitution.

Imagine teaching the constitution in grade school like they did when I was a boy. A free press can only happen if there is free speech. Free speech means free preach which is freedom of religion. America was founded to create and protect a place for Judeo-Christic freedom.

We all know this is true because it is written on our hearts and in our minds and on our souls by the creator of the universe. To deny this is to deny freedom and consciousness itself. To reject this is to tear at the very foundation of America.

We May Need To Put The Paper Boy
On The Endangered Species List

We need to reintroduce this species back into the public square. We need to restore the habitat that sustains the culture of the paper boy era. We need to restore the ecosystem of family values and serving our neighbors in the local fashion the paper boy thrived in. Sticks and Stones will break your bones but words will never hurt you.

• Let’s spend more time trying to inspire others and less time worrying about offending others.


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