Never forget President Reagan's warning in 1964


(Dec 27 2008) - Global Naval Forces go in one direction, Media in another
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Another slight of hand by the boys who want total control on your money, liberty and now information. Why haven't we heard from the major news outlets what's going on in the Gulf of Aden ? Internet sites are reporting that global navy's have sent some of the biggest and baddest military ships from US, Iran, China, Japan, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, European Union and India to this area to ... protect the shipping lanes aganist the Somali pirates ??? Get Real ! Something else is up ! Stay tuned ...

(Dec 26 2008) - MOVIE : THEY LIVE Scheduled for Remake
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Last night I had a chance to view for the first time - thanks to Larry Fox - John Carpenter's film, THEY LIVE. Click to View 1988 Movie WOW ! What an eye opener ! Back in 1988, John Carpentar came out with this partial sci-fi "B-Rated" movie. The central theme in this film was the government had gone too far in eaves-dropping and media-manipulation of the masses. 20 years ago, John Carpenter presented this "Big-Brother B-Rated Movie" to the public, I believe, as a warning and Hollywood is gearing up to remake it. I just hope they stay true to the theme and update us on today's technology ... like those HDTV's.

(Dec 24 2008) - When Trust Runs Out
U.S.A. -- by Gary North : Every society and every institution rests heavily on trust. There is active trust, the result of "trust, but verify." I call this stage one trust. Then there is stage two trust, which I call default trust: "Trust, and assume that someone else has verified." Next, there is stage three trust, which I call blind trust: "Trust, because there is nothing else worth trusting." Then there stage four trust, which I call tooth fairy trust: "Trust, despite all evidence to the contrary." This form of trust is the foundation of all Ponzi schemes.

(Dec 24 2008) - Americans prefer news from Web to newspapers
U.S.A. -- The Internet has surpassed newspapers as the main source for national and international news for Americans, according to a new survey. 40% said they get most of their news from the Internet, up from 24 percent in September 2007, and more than the 35 percent who cited newspapers as their main news source. TV, however, remains the preferred medium for Americans, according to the survey by the Washington-based Pew Research Center for the People & the Press.

(Dec 23 2008) - Adviser to Calif. official pleads to child porn
SAN DIEGO -- (AP) A former military adviser to President Bill Clinton and to California's current lieutenant governor has pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography. The U.S. attorney's office says 67-year-old Wade Sanders admitted Monday in federal court in San Diego that he possessed a computer with more than 600 sexual images of minors. Authorities say the computer also contained a 21-minute sex video depicting prepubescent girls.

(Dec 21 2008) - PFD Practiced a Controlled Burn on Tomah
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Saturday, hundreds of lookie-loo's and rubber-necker's drove down West Tomah Ave to witness a controlled burn by the Porterville Fire Department. Starting around 3pm the PFD and the locol police sectored off the street and housing area next to 1492 W. Tomah - the house which was burned. Most of the time the fire crews conduct these fire drills at station number two on Newcomb ave, but today they had a real burn and got a lot of training. And in less than two hours it was all but gone {pics 1|2|3} and so were the spectators. Good work guys ...

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MICHIGAN -- The Great Depression has reached Detroit. The average price of a home is now $18,513 and unemployment has reached 21%, and it’s expected to get worse. Detroit is facing a crisis of epic proportions that officially puts Detroit statistically (and real term) on par with the great depression. Many readers of Tribble Ad Agency are advertising centric.. and due to the rash of layoffs within all Detroit Advertising firms has put the city on the map for the wrong reasons. It has become the center of all that is wrong with America… and nothing of what is right.

WASH D.C. -- (News With Views) Everyday my mail box is filled with requests to investigate corruption at all levels of government. It's regrettable that so much time and effort has to be directed in exposing Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro, aka Barry Obama, aka Barack Dunham, aka Barry Dunham as a fraud, but it must be done. In my last exclusive on the U.S. Supreme Court, December 15, 2008: 'Has the U.S. Supreme Court No Shame?' I covered the cowardice by those justices earlier this week.

(Dec 17 2008) - More challenges fail in Supreme Court
WASH D.C. ( -- Two cases raising questions about Barack Obama's eligibility to be president under the U.S. Constitution's requirement chief executives be "natural born" citizens have been turned back by Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. Kennedy denied without comment an appeal by Philip J. Berg which alleged Obama is a citizen either of Kenya or Indonesia and thus ineligible, as well as a California case making similar claims, according to a statement on the court's website.

(Dec 11 2008) - Ex-Nasdaq chair arrested on fraud charge in NYC
NEW YORK (AP) -- A former Nasdaq stock market chairman was arrested on a securities fraud charge Thursday, accused of running a fraudulent investment business that lost at least $50 billion before he confessed to senior employees it was a "giant Ponzi scheme," authorities said. Bernard L. Madoff, his silver hair reflecting the lights of a federal courtroom, was released on $10 million bail secured by his signature and that of his wife. He declined to comment as he walked out of U.S. District Court in Manhattan.

(Dec 14 2008) - Adolescent Anarchists Egged on by Agent Provocateur's ?
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Agent provocateurs are not new in the business of exciting the angry masses over issues, especially when it comes to planting FALSE FLAGS - you know, those "secret blackops" which create a problem for one group or area and then blame it on another. Prime target's in this case are the banks {pics}, which in turn will create another banking crisis. PLEASE FOLKS -- Don't fall for these "FALSE FLAGS". PRAY Like there's no tomorrow, cause there may not be.

(Dec 12 2008) - Fed Refuses to Disclose Recipients of $2 Trillion
WASH D.C. ( -- The Federal Reserve refused a request by Bloomberg News to disclose the recipients of more than $2 trillion of emergency loans from U.S. taxpayers and the assets the central bank is accepting as collateral. Bloomberg filed suit Nov. 7 under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act requesting details about the terms of 11 Fed lending programs, most created during the deepest financial crisis since the Great Depression.

(Dec 10 2008) - Federal Reserve Wants to Issue Debt
WASH D.C. -- ( The WSJ reports that Federal Reserve is now said to be thinking of issuing it’s own debt. The concept could include selling bills or some other form of notes. This would be the first time in history for such an action be taken. The mainstream media has already begun to sell the idea to the public citing that the action would give the fed more “Flexibility to stabilize the market.” No specifics as to how this would be achieved.

(Dec 09 2008) - County Sup's Award $70,000 to Local Non-Profit's
TULARE COUNTY, CA. -- The Tulare County Board of Supervisors today awarded $70,000 in grant funding to non-profit organizations throughout Tulare County through the Step Up Youth Activities Grant Program. The organizations will use the funds to work with gang affiliated or gang exposed youth in Tulare County. "The focus on anti-gang programs is extremely important for our communities," said Board Chairman Phil Cox. "We need to invest in providing positive leadership activities for our youth if they are to be successful in the future."

(Dec 09 2008) - Illinois Governor Arrested on Corruption Charges
ILLINOIS, Chigago -- (Bloomberg) Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was charged with trying to sell Barack Obama’s vacated Senate seat, according to a criminal complaint by federal prosecutors who said the governor had put a “for sale” sign on his administration. Blagojevich, 51, a Democrat, and John Harris, 46, his chief of staff, are to appear today in federal court in Chicago, according to U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald. The two men allegedly threatened to withhold state assistance to now-bankrupt Tribune Co., publisher of the Chicago Tribune, in connection with that company’s sale of its Wrigley Field ballpark.

(Dec 08 2008) - Feds approve fourth Communist bank from China
WASH.D.C. -- ( Once again, the Federal Reserve has made another UN-AMERICAN decision regarding banking in times of war. It used to be this was considered trading with the enemy and if you'll recall, in WWII Union Bank had it's banking charter revoked for basically the same thing. And the biggest explination the Fed approved this 4th bank, " it had determined that they had adequate anti-money laundering safeguards." Someone better call Congressman Nunes.

(Dec 07 2008) - Really ... Should GM Get a Bail Out ???
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- As you can see from the video, General Motors had built an electric car, but decided the public wasn't ready for it. Instead they scrapped it for a HUMMER and possibly a couple of oil wars. As far as I'm concerned, each one of those board members who want this bail out needs to put their "PRIVATELY OWNED" property and banking assessts on the table for collateral ... just like the rest of us. On one hand they say there's too many cars on the highways and now on the other they say there's not enought ??? It's time to wake up folks. You are being manipulated Again !!!

(Dec 06 2008) - Hyperinflation forces Zimbabwe to print $200 million notes
HARARE, Zimbabwe (CNN) -- A DAYS WAGES FOR A LOAF OF BREAD. Cash-strapped Zimbabwe revealed plans Saturday to circulate $200 million notes, just days after introducing a $100 million bill, Finance Minister Samuel Mumbengegwi said. After the $100 million note began circulating on Thursday, the price of a loaf of bread soared from 2 million to 35 million Zimbabwean dollars. Amid allegations of illegal foreign currency trading, the government also fired top executives at four major banks Thursday, according to The Herald, a state-owned newspaper ...

(Dec 05 2008) - Getting it Right© ... in the 4th Congressional Dist
Getting it Right © by Regina Seppi Getting it Right - by Regina Seppi : Post Columnist
Student Volunteers Make Difference in Congressional Race
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Senator Tom McClintock announced victory three weeks after Election Day over contender Charlie Brown for California's 4th district Congressional seat. "It is appropriate that the tally should be completed on the eve of Thanksgiving Day." McClintock stated on his blog Wednesday. The election results stands at: McClintock 185,615 and Brown at 183,840. This lead of 1,775 votes is a margin of victory that puts the race well outside the possibility of a recount changing the outcome.

PORTERVILLE, CA. -- {20:40} Tonight thousands of Portervillian's came out to see Porterville's Annual Christmas Parade. As expected the local school bands came to celebrate with songs from the season. Additionally, floats filed down "Main Street" advertising their joys. However, this evening was all about our Saviour, JESUS CHRIST -- GOD'S Greatest Gift to mankind. The Porterville Post wants to thank those entries, bands and floats who honored our LORD.

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(Dec 04 2008) - ABC Schedules a ‘Homeland Security’ Series
NEW YORK -- ( BAD BOY's - BAD BOY's, Wha cha gonna do - wha cha gonna do when they come for you, BAD BOY's - BAD BOY's. Yes, as you would expect, our all to gracious main-stream media will be working hand-in-glove with HOMELAND SECURITY to produce a T.V. series, just in time {Jan} for the switch-over from analogue to digital T.V. {Feb} ... and to groom the viewers into either silence, compliance and eventually control.

(Dec 04 2008) - Obama's New World Order
WASH.D.C. -- ( It was hard to miss the message that Barack Obama was sending with the powerful tableau lined up behind him onstage in Chicago. "I assembled this team because I'm a strong believer in strong personalities and strong opinions," the President-elect said of his national-security picks. The top three members of that team certainly fit the description. In Hillary Clinton, Obama is getting a Secretary of State who battled him to the bitter end of a Democratic primary season focused largely on the question of who was better equipped to be Commander in Chief.

(Nov 27 2008) - Introducing Barack Obama’s New World Order :
U.S.A. -- ( Change - or - More of the Same Criminal Syndicate ? Barack Obama promised to bring CHANGE to America. What few people understand is what that change will look like. The massive dumbed down and happy American population hasn’t got a clue and will blindly follow him into the New World Order like sheep going to the slaughter. Almost half the people on the Transition Economic Advisory Board “have held fiduciary positions at companies that, to one degree or another, either fried their financial statements, helped send the world into an economic tailspin, or both.”

(Nov 24 2008) - Congress should not bail out the Auto Industry :
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- If Congress bails out the auto industry - because of their inability to manufacture an auto that runs on electricity - then American's should be the benificiary of the lower prices ... RIGHT ? Ain't gonna happen ! The auto industry is really asking "YOU" Mr. and Mrs. "IDIOT" to help them {GM & FORD} pay for another FREE-RIDE to another country. This time it's Brazil.

Click here to go to Free Lakota Bank (Nov 24 2008) - People of Lakota Launch Private Bank :
HILL CITY, Lakota -- In a stunning development, the Free & Independent People of Lakota announced today the introduction of the world's first non-reserve, non-fractional bank that accepts only silver and gold currencies for deposit. "Today is a great day for us, a day that we begin to exercise our rights as a sovereign people with strength and pride," comments Canupa Gluha Mani, Tetuwan Council Judicial Member of the Cante Tenza "Strong Heart" Warrior Society. Mani's 2500 member warrior society has contracted to provide private security services for the Free Lakota Bank.

(Nov 24 2008) - SUITCASE-GATE DECODED : A bad day in Buenos Aries :
MIAMI, FL. -- ( At least two of the four defendants convicted of working as illegal foreign agents in Florida for Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in the Suitcase-Gate Scandal had ties to an international criminal organization which was operating successfully in Venezuela, and with seeming official impunity, long before Chavez himself came to power, The MadCowMorningNews has learned.

(Nov 24 2008) - Fed Bails Out Rich Arabs in Citigroup Deal :
WASH D.C. -- For several days there was a fierce national debate over whether American car companies in Detroit deserved $25 billion of taxpayer money and whether American jobs should be saved. The automakers and a union representative were ridiculed, didn’t get the money, and were told to come up with a “plan” to save the companies. After backing the $700-billion Wall Street bailout, Bill O’Reilly of Fox News said Detroit didn’t deserve any federal money because the car companies had been mismanaged.

(Nov 23 2008) - Congress hides Israeli telecom spying on American's :
WASH D.C. ( -- Earlier this year, top investigator Tom Flocco, put together many of the left over notes from news services that came up empty ... right after the FISA bill was passed. Not unlike other spy vs spy stories, this one continues to cause constitutional concerns which many in Congress chose to coverup and overlook. So ... print this one and file it under freedoms lost.

(Nov 22 2008) - US officials flunk test of history, economics and civics :
DELAWARE, Wilmington (Civic Literacy Report) -- US elected officials scored abysmally on a test measuring their civic knowledge {PFD}, with an average grade of just 44 percent, the group that organized the exam said Thursday. Ordinary citizens did not fare much better, scoring just 49 percent correct on the 33 exam questions compiled by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI). "It is disturbing enough that the general public failed ISI's civic literacy test, but when you consider the even more dismal scores of elected officials, you have to be concerned," said Josiah Bunting, chairman of the National Civic Literacy Board at ISI.

(Nov 21 2008) - Petitioners tell president-elect to prove his eligibility :
WASH D.C. (World Net Daily) -- Thousands of people are jumping aboard a petition that demands documentation of President-elect Barack Obama's eligibility to hold the highest office in the U.S., not just assurances from party officials. Within only a few hours of its launch, more than 10,000 petitioners today had joined the effort coordinated by WND founder and editor Joseph Farah. A report accompany Farah's petition explains the many questions raised about Obama's eligibility, from an apparently fabricated "Certification of Live Birth" posted online to questions about what nation's passport he used during to travel to Pakistan.

(Nov 19 2008) - CWA forms New Chapter in Tulare County :
Post News Articles : Post Editor -
CWA forms New Chapter in Tulare County LINDSAY, CA -- Tuesday night {Nov 18th 2008} women gathered from all parts of Tulare County to form a new Concerned Women for America Chapter. Assembling first in Lindsay at Sonlight Christian Fellowship, Ms Patricia Thompson – the Chapter’s new Chairperson - invited Ms Phyllis Nemeth, the California CWA director, to be their first guest speaker. Ms Nemeth, touched on the main areas which CWA {web} has been concerned about, namely the sanctity of life, religious liberty, the Biblical definition of a family unit, education, pornography and national sovereignty. Part of project 535, Ms Nemeth also travels to Washington D.C. one day a month, to speak with legislators and to promote Biblical values.

(Nov 19 2008) - Mexico detains Interpol liaison in drugs probe
MEXICO CITY, Nov 19 (MSNBC) - Interpol is sending a special investigative team to Mexico to determine whether sensitive information from its database on criminals and terrorists was leaked to drug cartels, the agency said Wednesday. Interpol launched the probe after Mexican federal police official Ricardo Gutierrez Vargas was placed under house arrest as part of an investigation of law enforcement officers who allegedly shared police information with traffickers. The arrest of Gutierrez Vargas — who served as director for International Police Affairs and Interpol at the Federal Investigative Agency — was the latest blow to Mexico's police forces, which have seen a number of top officials linked to the nation's powerful and violent drug gangs.

(Nov 17 2008) - The G-20 Washout
WASH D.C. (Information Clearinghouse) -- As expected, the G-20 Economic Summit in Washington turned out to be a total bust. None of the problems which have pushed the global economy to the brink of disaster were resolved and none of the main players who gamed the system with their toxic securities were held accountable. Instead, the visiting dignitaries gorged themselves on stuffed quail and roast rack of lamb before settling on a toothless "Statement on Financial Markets" which accomplished absolutely nothing.

(Nov 16 2008) - U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe: Cancel the 'blank check'
WASH D.C. — U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe said Saturday that Congress was not told the truth about the bailout of the nation's financial system and should take back what is left of the $700 billion "blank check'' it gave the Bush administration. "It is just outrageous that the American people don't know that Congress doesn't know how much money he (Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson) has given away to anyone,'' the Oklahoma Republican told the Tulsa World. "It could be to his friends. It could be to anybody else. We don't know. There is no way of knowing ...

(Nov 14 2008) - 'Constitutional crisis' looming over Obama's birth location
SAC., CA -- Alan Keyes lawsuit warns America may see 'usurper' in Oval Office : The California secretary of state should refuse to allow the state's 55 Electoral College votes to be cast in the 2008 presidential election until President-elect Barack Obama verifies his eligibility to hold the office, alleges a California court petition filed on behalf of former presidential candidate Alan Keyes and others. The legal action today is just the latest is a series of challenges, some of which have gone as high as the U.S. Supreme Court, over the issue of Obama's status as a "natural-born citizen," a requirement set by the U.S. Constitution.

(Nov 13 2008) - The Great Southern California Shakeout Starts today
LOS ANGELES, CA -- At 10 a.m. on November 13, over 5 million people throughout Southern California will participate in the ShakeOut Drill {}, the largest earthquake preparedness activity in U.S. history! Basically, southern California will be performing emergency drills all over southern California to prepare for ... THE BIG ONE. The Post, as most already know, has been on the frontline of emergency earthquake prepardness for the Porterville area. So please pay attention to the information presented in the video. It just might save your life.

(Nov 11 2008) - Celebrating Veteran's Day in Porterville :
Celebrating Veteran's Day in Porterville Post News Articles : Post Editor -
PORTERVILLE, CA -- On this day Porterville honored our Vet's with our Annual Verteran's Day Parade. The Parade started at 10:00am and continued for two hours. At 11:00am the Parade stopped and a moment of silence took place in rememberance of those who gave the ultimate price for Freedom ... Their Lives. The Post heard many stories from Veterans from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, a few from Iraq, Iran and Afganistan. But the story I was waiting to hear from was from my own son "Sgt. Joe Lucketta". I can hardly wait until you've finished debriefing and make it home safe.

(Nov 11 2008) - Miracles and More : GOD SAVE MY LIFE
Submitted to the Post by John and Susan Hilbert : This is the account of how our wonderful God intervened to save my life and restore me {Susan Hilbert} to health after a nearly-fatal vehicle accident. To Him belongs all the glory! It was January 16, 2007. I was waiting at the green light for oncoming traffic to clear, so that I could make a left turn onto Highway 65. When the other vehicles were gone, I drove into the intersection to make my turn, not realizing that the light had changed. Suddenly I heard what seemed like a very loud "bang". I thought I had hit something as I turned. I opened my eyes, and through the broken windshield I could see other cars stopped at the signal. I said, "Jesus, I need help." Then everything went black. More ...

(Nov 09 2008) - Kenya banking on Obama payback
(WORLD NET DAILY) WASH D.C. -- Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga is demanding payback from President-elect Barack Obama for silencing WND staff writer and bestselling author Jerome Corsi, who investigated Obama's links to the authoritarian African official. Odinga told Kenya's newspaper, The Nation, that he expected Obama's election to provide a windfall of U.S. trade, tourism and investment. "What we want to see is the expansion of relationships in terms of trade and direct investments," said Odinga. "We want to see more of our products finding markets in the U.S. and expect more direct investments by the Americans in the country."

(Nov 09 2008) - Who are the Architects of Economic Collapse ?
(Global Research) -- The October 2008 financial meltdown is not the result of a cyclical economic phenomenon. It is the deliberate result of US government policy instrumented through the Treasury and the US Federal Reserve Board. This is the most serious economic crisis in World history. The "bailout" proposed by the US Treasury does not constitute a "solution" to the crisis. In fact quite the opposite: it is the cause of further collapse. It triggers an unprecedented concentration of wealth, which in turn contributes to widening economic and social inequalities both within and between nations.

(Nov 08 2008) - Emanuel Was Director Of Freddie Mac During Scandal
(ABC News) WASH D.C. -- President-elect Barack Obama's newly appointed chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, served on the board of directors of the federal mortgage firm Freddie Mac at a time when scandal was brewing at the troubled agency and the board failed to spot "red flags," according to government reports reviewed by {Somehow} ... Emanuel was not named in the SEC complaint but the entire board was later accused by the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight of having "failed in its duty to follow up on matters brought to its attention."

(Nov 07 2008) - The Israeli Who'll Run Obama's White House
( ISRAEL -- The Israeli editors at Ha'aretz proudly proclaim that Obama's first pick was "Israeli Rahm Emanuel" to run the next administration. Americans should be aware that Obama's chief of staff will be an Israeli, with terrorist roots and a clear loyalty to the state of Israel. Although the Israeli Emanuel has been named as Obama's chief of staff, none of the Zionist-controlled media outlets in the United States seem as open as Ha'aretz to discuss Emanuel's family roots with the Nazi-linked Zionist terror gangs in Palestine in the 1930s and 40s.

(Nov 06 2008) - Mexico Tries to Curb Plane Crash Rumors
(NY Times) MEXICO CITY -- Mexican officials tried to rein in speculation that swirled Wednesday over the cause of a plane crash on Tuesday evening that killed the interior minister and a former prosecutor who once led the fight against the country’s violent drug cartels. The authorities said the crash appeared to have been an accident and they promised a thorough investigation. Officials took unusual actions to head off speculation that the plane had been sabotaged, including releasing radar images of the small jet’s final moments and recordings of the pilot’s last communications with air traffic controllers.

(Nov 06 2008) - Comrade Obama is not America's next President
(News With Views) by Deevy Kid -- "In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot." Mark Twain, Notebook, 1904. I'm not going to comment on the carefully orchestrated show put on yesterday by the media; that will be my next column. What a scam. As I have covered in previous columns, between dirty voting rolls, voter registration fraud, illegals voting and corrupted electronic voting machines and scanners, we have NO idea who was legally elected yesterday. I updated the compilation of vote fraud links; see at the bottom.

(Nov 05 2008) - Obama aunt not seen in recent days
(Boston Herald) BOSTON -- Caught up in a controversy over her immigration status, Barack Obama’s aunt hasn’t been seen at the South Boston housing project where she lives for days, neighbors say. Zeituni Onyango, a quiet 56-year-old Kenyan native, lived in total obscurity until a week ago when The Times of London reported that she was Obama’s aunt. She is the half-sister of Obama’s father, Barack Obama Sr. and is believed to be the “Aunti Zeituni” in Obama’s memoir, “Dreams From My Father.” Two women who know Onyango and live in the same housing complex off West Broadway said they hadn’t seen Onyango in four days - about the time it was revealed that she was living in the United States illegally.

(Nov 01 2008) - Obama says he didn't know aunt's illegal status
(MSNBC) WASH D.C. -- Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said Saturday he didn't know that one of his relatives was living in the United States illegally and believes the appropriate laws should be followed. The Associated Press found that Obama's aunt had been instructed to leave the country four years ago by an immigration judge who rejected her request for asylum from her native Kenya. The woman, Zeituni Onyango, is living in public housing in Boston and is the half-sister of Obama's late father.

(Oct 31 2008) - What the Propaganda of Change ... Changes
Letter to the Editor from Glen H. Rider :
Dear Editor, The interesting thing about propaganda, it doesn’t have to be credible to be effective. All it takes is a lot of citizens that are gullible and uninformed. At this point in time we all want “change”, the tricky part is getting change in the right direction. The Russians wanted “change” and they got Stalin; The Germans wanted “change” and they got Hitler; The Cubans wanted “change” and they got Castro, bloody dictators all! Glenn H. Rider --

(Oct 31 2008) - Riddin’ with Ray at the Boys and Girls Club
Click to Read PORTERVILLE, CA. -- This afternoon Ray Pacheco was giving FREE RIDES in his “Odyssey” - an all-terrain vehicle - to all the kids who attended the local Boys and Girls club. The kids waited all day for Ray and couldn’t wait for that moment when he strapped them in and took them for a little spin in the parking lot. Matthew Keel, the Boys and Girls Club director was stationed on the Westside lawn area and couldn’t get to the Post for comment, but Ms Windy Rambo, the newly hired education coordinator, took a little time to update the Post regarding this past year.

(Oct 31 2008) - Berg's Writ's to U.S. Supreme Court
(AMERICA'S RIGHT) U.S.A. -– Philadelphia attorney Philip Berg was at the United States Supreme Court on Thursday at 3:15 p.m. and filed a Petition for Writ of Certiorari, as well as an application to Justice Souter--the applicable Justice given this region--for an immediate injunction to stay the presidential election currently only five days away. Berg, who filed suit in district court here in Philadelphia back on August 21 alleging that Barack Obama is constitutionally ineligible to serve as president of the United States, said that he hopes the Supreme Court will "do the right thing" by the United States Constitution and the American people and hear the case on its merits and, in so doing, avoid a constitutional crisis.

(Oct 29 2008) - The Great Obama Swindle of 2008
(FAMILY SECURITY MATTERS) By Raymond Kraft : U.S.A. -– I have become 100% convinced, to a moral certainty, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Barack Obama is not only not a "natural born citizen" as required by the U.S. Constitution to be president, but that he was not even born in the USA, not born in Hawaii, probably in Kenya, never naturalized. If he is elected, he will be the UnConstitutional President from the moment he takes the oath of office, the first president who is not a citizen of the United States.

(Oct 28 2008) - Getting it Right© ... with Prop 3
Getting it Right © by Regina Seppi Getting it Right - by Regina Seppi : Post Columnist
Fascism and Children's Hospitals : -- VOTE NO on PROP 3
PORTERVILLE, CA -- "It's shameless and self serving!" Jim Uhler, a researcher for the National Tax Limitation Association said of the initiative. "The people that paid to qualify it are earmarked to receive funds from it." Hospitals such as Loma Linda, Lucille Packard, Rady in San Diego and Milers in Long Beach have spent $850,000 each, lobbying for the initiative, according to the Secretary of State website. Only a few years ago, Prop 61 asked for the same thing from voters money Uhler pointed out -- that hasn't yet been spent.

(Oct 27 2008) - Obama's birth certificate sealed by Hawaii governor
(WORLD NET DAILY) By Jerome R. Corsi : HONOLULU, Hawaii -– Although the legitimacy of Sen. Barack Obama's birth certificate has become a focus of intense speculation – and even several lawsuits – WND has learned that Hawaii's Gov. Linda Lingle has placed the candidate's birth certificate under seal and instructed the state's Department of Health to make sure no one in the press obtains access to the original document under any circumstances. The governor's office officially declined a request made in writing by WND in Hawaii to obtain a copy of the hospital-generated original birth certificate of Barack Obama.

(Oct 27 2008) - Follow the M3 money to hell
(Online Journal) –- By Jerry Mazza : Let me not keep you in the dark. As Wikipedia states, our money supply has three large components. M1 is physical currency circulating in the economy plus demand deposits (checking accounts). This measure is used by economists to try and quantify the amount of money in circulation. M1 is the most liquid measure of money supply since it only contains cash and assets quickly usable for conversion to currency. Hang in. M2 is MI + time deposits, savings deposits and non-institutional money-market funds. M2 is a wider category of money than M1. It’s also used to quantify the volume of money in circulation and to explain economic conditions.

(Oct 26 2008) - Obama's spring break in Pakistan
U.S.A. –- By Don Fredrick : As any red-blooded American male can tell you, spring break for college students means Florida beaches and wet T-shirt contests. If what I’ve seen on the E! Network is any indication, things have gotten a lot looser than when I went to school. Still, even in the 1970s and 1980s a good time could probably be had by all. Heck, even a learned bookworm like Barack Obama might have had a little fun once in a while, right? Or did the boy-wonder spend all his waking hours studying the U. S. Constitution, looking for Presidential qualifications loopholes?

(Oct 26 2008) - USGS Records 2nd Quake Near Porterville within a Week
PORTERVILLE, CA -- On Sunday, the USGS recored another earthquake {2.1} in less than a week {2.4} near Porterville. As it turns out, this second quake is in the same geographical area. Yesterday the Post asked one of the rock quaries close to Lake Success if they had been blasting ? They said, " they are not allowed to use explosives to loosen rock or gravel." But a close look at the USGS quake map indicates that these quakes appear closer to the reservation than to the rock quaries.

(Oct 25 2008) - Military bracing for wartime presidential transition
WASH D.C. -- The U.S. military, bracing for the first wartime presidential transition in 40 years, is preparing for potential crises during the vulnerable handover period, including possible attacks by al-Qaida and destabilizing developments in Iraq or Afghanistan, according to senior military officials. "I think the enemy could well take advantage" of the transfer of power in Washington, said the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adm. Michael Mullen, who launched preparations for the transition months ago, and who will brief the president-elect, the defense secretary nominee and other incoming officials on crisis management and how to run the military.

(Oct 25 2008) - Newspaper plugs Obama as Kenyan Born ?
( U.S.A. –- Here's the 64 Trillion dollar question for all those liberal idiot's in the media. Most folks enjoy the prospect of having one of their own come out on top - Kenya being no different ... so why is it they ( were able to say to their readers in American and Kenya, that Senator Barrack Obama was BORN IN KENYA ??? It's obvious that the story has been, shall we say ... politically removed, but you can still up-load the graphic that is linked and hosted by Amazing ...

(Oct 24 2008) - Newspaper shows Obama belonged to socialist party
(WORLD NET DAILY) By Aaron Klein : JERUSALEM –- Evidence has emerged that Sen. Barack Obama belonged to a socialist political party that sought to elect members to public office with the aim of moving the Democratic Party far leftward to ultimately form a new political party with a socialist agenda. Several blogs, including Powerline, previously documented that while running for the Illinois state Senate in 1996 as a Democrat, Obama actively sought and received the endorsement of the socialist-oriented New Party, with some blogs claiming Obama was a member of the controversial party.

(Oct 24 2008) - Kenyans Warn Americans About Obama Victory
(THE DAILY JOT) By Bill Wilson : WASH D.C. -- In recent days, readers from around the world have contacted me at The Daily Jot expressing their viewpoint on the U.S. presidential election. Many are concerned that the United States is headed in the wrong direction this election, especially with the possibility of electing Democratic nominee B. Hussein Obama. Normally, I wouldn’t put much credence into those who live in other countries regarding commentary on America’s elections, but these Christian men and women are very concerned from the standpoint that America always has been the standard bearer for helping people in need around the world, sending Christian ministries to spread the word of God, and generally that we do not understand the implications of an Obama victory.

(Oct 23 2008) - Recalling Congress Secret Session from March 2008
NEW WORLD ORDER EXPOSED by Post Editor - A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA -- It's been over 6 months since Congress held a "Super-Secret-Session" regarding many issues that could effect the American way of life and American society as-a-whole. Congress has yet to be forth coming since the March of 2008 meeting and by all counts, may never reveal what was discussed. However ... what leaked from this rare meeting included "the imminent collapse of the U.S. economy to occur by September 2008." So ... if congress knew about the collapse ahead of time, then so did Wall Street. And they both conspired to defraud the American people and America, all the while sheltering their concerns under "National Security".

(Oct 23 2008) - “Pirate Madness” Tips-Off New PC Basketball Season :
Porterville College Public Information Officer : Mr. Monte Moore
PORTERVILLE CA. - The exciting phenomenon known in the college basketball world as “Midnight Madness” makes its debut at the Porterville College Gym on Thursday, Oct. 23 at 6 p.m. PC Athletic Director Eric Mendoza announced that “Pirate Madness” will usher-in the 2008-09 basketball season, as a free community event that will introduce fans to the new men’s and women’s teams – and feature a 90-minute program that will provide entertainment for all ages.

(Oct 22 2008) - Israeli Revealed as owner of South Sudan bound weapons ship by Porterville Post Editor : A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
At the beginning of October the Post highlighted the story regarding Somali Pirates capturing a ship loaded with weapons from Russian and China. And then a news "Brown-Out" occured with the eastern media. Recent developments revealed that the true owner of the ship and it's eventual destination was ... kinda classified. So, with much caution the Post recommends that you read this Oct 10th story and get before our LORD and Saviour to Thank HIM for HIS Protection ... cause we are really gonna' need a whole lot more in the coming days.

(Oct 21 2008) - USGS Records a 2.4 Quake 8 mile from Porterville
PORTERVILLE, CA -- On Tuesday, early in the moring the USGS recoreded a 2.4 earthquake 8 miles south, south-east of Porterveiile. No one reported to the Post form that area if they did in fact feel it as it shook. Thanks again to Mr. Snyder form USGS for looiking after us.

(Oct 21 2008) - Police prepare for unrest
( By Alexander Bolton : Police departments in cities across the country are beefing up their ranks for Election Day, preparing for possible civil unrest and riots after the historic presidential contest. Public safety officials said in interviews with The Hill that the election, which will end with either the nation’s first black president or its first female vice president, demanded a stronger police presence.

(Oct 19 2008) - Obama's List of Lies General Powell Overlooked :
by Post Editor : A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE CA. - Today, General Colin Powell endorsed Barack Hussein Obama Jr. for President. When questioned by Tom Brokaw on "Meet the Press" regarding his endorsement, General Powell first complemented Senator McCain for his many accomplishments, however, his decision to endorse Obama wasn't on his accomplishments ... but his ability to inspire {hypnotize} people. As well, and with a smile, Powell attempted to discount changing political parties as a history making move to elect the first African American. Continuing ...

(Oct 19 2008) - PPD Saving Lives - One Child at a Time :
by Post Editor : A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PPD Saving Lives - One Child at a Time PORTERVILLE CA. - Around 3:00pm, one of Porterville’s Peace Officers noticed that a young child was left unattended in the front driver’s seat of car parked in a lot at a local restaurant. Instinctively he stopped to check on the child and observed that the parent was inside the restaurant picking up a “To-Go” order. The child was accompanied by an older sibling – still younger than state law requires. As it turned out there were three children and one female parent, who was informed by Porterville P.D. that she needed to transport children this young and small in Child Safety seats or Child booster seats. This more-than-kind officer instructed her not to drive home this way and to contact someone who had child safety seats. To be sure, this was an accident waiting to happen. DMV records show that the number one cause for death among children ages 2 to 14 are due in large part to the nonuse or improper use of child seats and safety seats. Good looking out PPD !

(Oct 18 2008) - Was a Communist Obama’s Sex Teacher ?
PDF : This Report is Graphic ! Senator John McCain won’t talk about Barack Obama’s racist Reverend Jeremiah Wright, an adviser to Obama for 20 years. This may be a factor in McCain losing the election. But the McCain campaign has done a few ads about Obama associate Bill Ayers. These ads, as well as the media coverage of the “radical” Ayers, fail to tell the human story of the carnage and suffering that Ayers and his wife, Bernardine Dohrn, inflicted on innocent people. But even more scandalous than the relationship with Ayers and Dohrn, members of the communist terrorist Weather Underground, was Obama’s association as a young man with a Communist sex pervert, Frank Marshall Davis. Rush Limbaugh mentioned this on the air on his Tuesday radio show. It is a story that has the potential to change the course of the presidential campaign.

(Oct 15 2008) - Getting it Right© ... with Prop 2
Getting it Right © by Regina Seppi Getting it Right - by Regina Seppi : Post Columnist
Chickens, Wingspans and the Free Market -- VOTE NO
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Proposition 2 proposes to give chickens enough room to stretch their wings and for pigs and veal calves to turn around freely. Sponsored by the Sierra Club, Rep. Maxine Waters, Caesar Chavez Foundation and the Union of Concerned Scientists, the initiative purports to phase out extreme confinement of animals raised for food. Paul Shapiro, from the Humane Society, Fresno, said that California has an anti cruelty code but it is almost never applied to farm animals. He points out that the space allotted for laying hens is less than an 8½ x 11 sheet of paper.

(Oct 12 2008) - Welcome back Paul Tuttle and Porterville Target :
Click to Enlarge Porterville Post Article : PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Porterville’s newly expanded and remodeled Target opened up today with one of the grandest openings ever. From early this morning shoppers couldn’t wait to get inside and look at all the new merchandise – let alone stroll through some of the longest shopping isles in town. Paul Tuttle, who’s transferred from southern California in 94, told the Post that this Target originally opened in 1992 and has had steady flow of customers ever since. Some folks, Paul added, when out of their way today to say ‘we’re so glad you’re back open.’ ”

(Oct 12 2008) - Getting it Right© ... with Prop 1A
Getting it Right © by Regina Seppi Getting it Right - by Regina Seppi : Post Columnist
Proposition 1A High Speed Rail Bond -- VOTE NO
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Nov. 4 Californians have the option to subsidize high speed rail through the heart of the state. Prop 1A would deliver 9.95 billion in bonds for a plan to be constructed in the next 10-20 years. The rail is repeatedly described as a solution to (presumably human caused) Global Warming, but 31,000 American scientists have signed a petition stating that there is no "convincing scientific evidence" that human release of greenhouse gasses is causing the earth's surface to heat. Critics question whether tax money should be apportioned when California's budget is in crisis.

(Oct 12 2008) - Americans Declare their Independence :
Melinda Pillsbury-Foster By Post Columnist : Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
PORTERVILLE, CA -- They had been expecting it since the unrest that rippled across America in the wake of the massive Bank Bail Out in early October. It was shorter than the one received by King George, III but this one had more signatures and was landing on the desk of every head of state. The one addressed to Buckingham Palace was one of many, neatly addressed and sent under ordinary mail and via email just to make sure they arrived. Clever of those yanks to do it like this, the Under Secretary had said. Most of the paper was names in thriftily small print. Thick.

(Oct 12 2008) - The unknown 20 trillion dollar company :
Porterville Post NWO Report -- By Ming the Mechanic : Almost 5 years ago, a little know stock keeping trust called "Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation" was reported on by Ming the mechanic. What he discovered, to say the least, was simply unbelievable. Five years ago no one in the main-stream media, let a lone the world wide web, reported on this unknown quasi-governmental trust / coopertive. Reading a little further, you'll discover that in 2007, DTCC settled more than $1.86 quadrillion in securities transactions. And it's this "HOLDING COMPANY" who hold the deeds to all that bought and sold. NOT YOU !!!

(Oct 11 2008) - The Quadrillion Dollar Powder Keg Waiting To Blow :
U.S.A. -- By Bob Chapman ( The heart of the current crisis is the quadrillion plus derivative market. Roughly half of these derivatives are listed on exchanges, but the other half are on the totally unregulated, totally opaque, poorly documented and mostly naked (no reserves or collateral given to secure performance) OTC derivatives market. The subprime and Alt-A mortgage debacles, and the soon to be recognized prime mortgage debacle, are little more than a side show with what will become their one to two trillion in losses which the Phony-Fraudie nationalization and the Paulson Ponzi Plunder Plan are meant to address, albeit futilely.

(Oct 10 2008) - World markets tumble after huge U.S. losses :
LONDON -- Europe’s stock markets plunged Friday after Wall Street opened a breathtaking 7 percent lower — below the 8,000 level — but they soon recouped some of those losses when the Dow Jones index made a partial comeback. In spite of the huge bailout in the U.S., Britain’s plan to buy up stakes in troubled banks, coordinated interest rate cuts around the world and massive central bank liquidity provisions, the sell-off in stock markets shows no signs of abating so long as lending rates between banks remain elevated.

(Oct 10 2008) - World Bank Under Cyber Siege in 'Unprecedented Crisis' :
( -- Well ... I guess this is as good a time as any, according to the World Bank, to let the public know that hackers have been breaching their computers for over a year. Will they use this as a 'SCAPE-GOAT' to hide their real losses ? Only time will tell. Or will they be forced to come clean with who really cleared the way for these breaches and ... possibly who transfered the newly found 'LOST-MONEY'. Get ready for a completely new money and credit system. Read your BIBLES people !!!

(Oct 10 2008) - Did Obama Join Marxist-Socialist 3rd Party In 90's ?
(BloggerNewsNetwork) -- Democratic candidate Barack Obama was a member of the socialist New Party during the 1990s, according to new evidence unearthed by web bloggers, receiving the party’s endorsement for his state Senate run in 1996. Reports earlier this summer that Obama was associated with the New Party were vigorously denied by the Obama campaign and the New Party, but researchers examining Internet archives have found New Party documents clearly indicating Obama was a member of the party, received its endorsement, encouraged Party members to work with him in the Illinois statehouse, and signed a contract agreeing to maintain a relationship with the Marxist-led party during his senate term.

(Oct 10 2008) - Proof Obama backed ruthless, foreign thug :
(WorldNetDaily Exclusive) -- Sen. Barack Obama designated a personal aide as his direct contact for the 2007 Kenyan presidential campaign of Raila Odinga, who later was appointed prime minister after his election loss was followed by widespread, deadly violence that destroyed or damaged 800 Christian churches, according to e-mails obtained by WND senior staff writer Jerry Corsi during a trip to Kenya.

(Oct 09 2008) - Bank of Japan injects record 4 trillion yen into money market : TOKYO, Japan -- The Bank of Japan (BOJ) pumped a record 4 trillion yen into the Tokyo money market on Thursday for the 17th consecutive day of emergency operations to facilitate interbank borrowing. The BOJ conducted its biggest ever single-day liquidity provision in the money market as credit conditions remained tight amid concerns over the course of the market despite coordinated interest rate cuts by six central banks in North America and Europe on on Wednesday.

(Oct 05 2008) - Ceding the Kingdom back to the King :
KINGDOM OF HAWAII -- The US Supreme Court announced today that they have accepted the writ of certiorari filed by the State of Hawaii seeking to reverse the Hawaii State Supreme Court’s decision of January 31, 2008, that curtails the State’s ability to sell or otherwise dispense, what is commonly referred to as “the Ceded Lands.” The acceptance of the “cert” means that the US Supreme Court will review the submitted arguments and render its decision. The State of Hawaii is counting on a favorable ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court. At stake is the very survival of the 50th State of the union.

(Oct 09 2008) - Bank of Japan injects record 4 trillion yen into money market : TOKYO, Japan -- The Bank of Japan (BOJ) pumped a record 4 trillion yen into the Tokyo money market on Thursday for the 17th consecutive day of emergency operations to facilitate interbank borrowing. The BOJ conducted its biggest ever single-day liquidity provision in the money market as credit conditions remained tight amid concerns over the course of the market despite coordinated interest rate cuts by six central banks in North America and Europe on on Wednesday.

(Oct 05 2008) - Ceding the Kingdom back to the King :
KINGDOM OF HAWAII -- The US Supreme Court announced today that they have accepted the writ of certiorari filed by the State of Hawaii seeking to reverse the Hawaii State Supreme Court’s decision of January 31, 2008, that curtails the State’s ability to sell or otherwise dispense, what is commonly referred to as “the Ceded Lands.” The acceptance of the “cert” means that the US Supreme Court will review the submitted arguments and render its decision. The State of Hawaii is counting on a favorable ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court. At stake is the very survival of the 50th State of the union.

(Oct 03 2008) - Judge Orders Obama to Produce Birth Certificate :
Obama is not a Citizen ? ( by Jon Christian Dryer
On September 29, 2008 US District Court Judge R. Barclay Surrick, the federal magistrate for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania ruled in the matter of Philip J. Berg vs Barack Hussein Obama, et al as the world was distracted by the $700 billion subprime mortgage crisis. Obama signed a breathe of relief as the mainstream media chose to ignore the question: "Can Senator Barack Hussein Obama legally seek the office of President of the United States?" The flap began in June when National Review's Jim Geraghty raised the question and asked the Obama Campaign to release a copy of his birth certificate in order to prove that he actually was born in the United States. (Reports had previously surfaced claiming that Obama's Kenyan grandmother, Sarah Hussein Obama, told reporters that Obama was not born in Hawaii, but in Kenya. To read more click

(Oct 03 2008) - Bush signs $700 billion financial bailout bill :
WASH D.C. - President Bush signed into law Friday a historic $700 billion bailout of the financial services industry, promising to move swiftly to use his sweeping new authority to unlock frozen credit markets to get the economy moving again. “It’s complicated, and we’re going to make sure whatever we do is done in a deliberative fashion,” Bush told reporters after he signed the bill {pdf} as soon as he got it from the House, which passed the measure after a topsy-turvy week of legislative victories, defeats and power plays. But he promised to get the ball rolling quickly, because the authority is “essential to helping Ameica’s economy weather the financial crisis.”

(Oct 03 2008) - THE FINAL [ Yea | Nays ] VOTE by Congress :
WASH D.C. - To see if your Congressman "Suicided Main Street" Click here. The sad note in all this, many Congressmen where actually threatened with blackmale and were told if they didn't vote for this bail-out, that MARTIAL LAW would take place and they would be blamed. I'm sure as the days and weeks role by those who were threatened and those who did the treats will be made known. LORD, please forgive us for what we do ...

(Oct 03 2008) - Bailout May Actually Run To $1.8 Trillion :
WASH D.C. - As Poss Perot use to say, "the devil is in the details". Low and behold the POST was right about this bill ... pork that would give a pig diabetes and laws that would give a dictator the giggles. And yet, we still believe that our federal "Plantation-Corporation" government will make good on these bail-outs for their buddies.

(Oct 03 2008) - Hijackers off Somalia show no sign of giving up :
(Palm Beach Post) by Mohamed Olad Hassan - Hijackers off Somalia show no sign of giving up : MOGADISHU, Somalia — Pirates holding a hijacked ship off Somalia gave no indication they planned to surrender, as six U.S. warships circled the vessel Friday with clearance from the Somali government to attack it, and a Russian frigate headed toward the standoff. Meanwhile, activists condemned Kenya's arrest of a Kenyan maritime official on Wednesday night who had been the first to tip off media that the weapons aboard the ship hijacked nine days ago were heading to Southern Sudan. His account was later confirmed by the U.S. Navy and Western intelligence sources.

(Oct 02 2008) - Judge Suppresses Report on Voting Machine Security :
(Freedom to Tinker) - By Andrew Appel : A judge of the New Jersey Superior Court has prohibited the scheduled release of a report on the security and accuracy of the Sequoia AVC Advantage voting machine. Last June, Judge Linda Feinberg ordered Sequoia Voting Systems to turn over its source code to me (serving as an expert witness, assisted by a team of computer scientists) for a thorough examination. At that time she also ordered that we could publish our report 30 days after delivering it to the Court--which should have been today.

(Oct 01 2008) - Cold War stand-off over pirates' weapons ship :
(The - By Daniel Howden : Tanker laden with deadly military hardware remains under the control of hijackers off the coast of Somalia; Russia sends frigate to the Indian Ocean, joining US vessels as concern grows over fate of cargo. Russia has dispatched a frigate to the scene of an increasingly tense stand-off between the US Navy and pirates who have seized a tanker laden with tanks and weapons in the Indian Ocean off Somalia. The tussle over the fate of the Soviet-designed tanks captured off a failed African state has developed into an international incident worthy of a James Bond novel.

(Sept 30 2008) - Russian jet flies within 90 seconds of U.K. :
( - By Jessica Salter : A Russian nuclear bomber managed to get within 90 seconds of Hull in a mock attack as RAF radars failed to pick it up. The supersonic Blackjack changed course 20 miles from UK airspace, it has been reported. The jet was picked up on RAF radars but only after it had turned back. Critics of the Government’s cuts in defence spending say that they have left the country at risk. Four years ago four squadrons of Jaguar and Tornado F3 fighters were slashed from the RAF’s books. In January it emerged that the Ministry of Defence will have to cut its budget by an extra £1.5 billion a year over the next three years, leaving the three armed forces vying with each other for the money.

(Sept 29 2008) - Protect yourself, your family and America :
Melinda Pillsbury-Foster By Post Columnist : Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
When your drug-sodden brother starts taking out loans and expects you to pay your remedy is to run a notice in the paper under LEGAL NOTICES. We have all seen them. The time has come for all of us to do just that. Do it today. Protect yourself and let Congress, and the world, know we are not going to stand for it. Get on record. READ LEGAL NOTICES : We, the Undersigned, hereby notice all that we are not responsible for the debts assumed by Congress by bailing out the banks. More ...

(Sept 28 2008) - The U.S. under Martial Law - Fact or Fiction ?
( - It's not like we didn't see this coming, but did the House conduct another "Secret Midnight Meeting" wherein Martial Law was declared by the Speaker of the House ? What's currently circulating on the web is a C-SPAN Video basically saying ... "I understand that we're under martial law as declared by the speaker last night," from REP. Michael Burgess. Rep Michael Burgess R-Texas 26th district, Lewisville, Ft Worth Texas. Maybe there's a new proceedure in the House Representatives, which declares "they" are under martial law ! To be sure, the web is a buzz regarding this video and the Post will stay on it as long as possible or until someone reveals this was just another hoax. Please let it be a hoax. And Please Pray for our government !!! READ UP-DATE

(Sept 28 2008) - Porterville get's a another shaker {1.7} at 10:27pm
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Tonight, just about 5 miles east of Porterville, USGS reported another small earthquake - 1.7 in magnatude. No one reported feeling the quake, but the good folks at USGS are looking after our area. BTW, this is the second quake that showed up very close to Lake Success and miles west of the Premier Fault. This was also the third small quake that's been recorded in 30 days. Is the land's characteristics changing ? Only Mr. Snyder and the folks at USGS can say. Anyway ... we'll keep you posted for anymore earth quakes.

(Sept 28 2008) - Injury Traffic -- Johnny Storm ? No, Drunk Drive
Local News and Traffic by Juan F. Alvarado - Porterville Post Traffic Report :
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- On Saturday September 28, 2008 at 1100 PM on highway 190, drunk driver flew off the road and unto a utility pole next to Porterville College. The driver, a young Hispanic male, was driving a black sedan a high speeds, swerving on the highway and almost collided with other drivers before he drove his car off the road. I personally witnessed firework like sparks coming from the college as I was heading westbound on HWY 190 and pulled over to see what happened. When I reached the scene of the collision a fire broke out in the brush area and the car.

(Sept 27 2008) - $1 Quadrillion of Unregulated Debt At Core of Coming Derivatives Crisis : - By John Tiffany : Despite all the blather and swearing-on-the-Bible pronunciamentos from establishment “pundits,” our house-of-cards financial system is not fundamentally sound. Expect such indices as the Dow to tumble even much lower when the Pandora’s box of derivatives is fully opened. Believe it or not, the Dow is still not far from its all-time peaks, with a lot further to fall. The depression is still in its early stages. We are looking at $1 quadrillion of unregulated debt, with much of it at risk. (And we used to think $1 trillion was a lot.)

(Sept 25 2008) - It's Time to Abolish the Federal Reserve Bank :
For too many years, Conservative Republican's in the House of Representative, have warned us that this day would soon be upon us. They alerted each and every administration to no avail. Congressman McFadden gave his life for this cause and now Presidential Candidate and Congressman Ron Paul introduced in June of 2008 a bill to abolish the Federal Reserve Banking system.

(Sept 24 2008) - Stalling for Obama
The Larry Fox Report© by Larry Fox :
The Larry Fox Report © Today, September 24th 2008, Senator John McCain announced that He would be suspending His campaign for President. Why? I think that it is because Senator McCain knew that the Democrats in Congress are stalling on the bailout bill until after his debate with Senator Barack Obama is over. The Democrats know that as long as the economy is in trouble this will help their candidate against McCain. If they pass the bill before the debate this would make the playing field even. And that is something that they would not like. Just the day before some leaders in the Democratic Party called for McCain to vote on the matter to show were He stands on the bailout.

(Sept 24 2008) - Gore urges civil disobedience to stop coal plants : NEW YORK (Reuters) - Nobel Peace Prize winner and environmental crusader Al Gore urged young people on Wednesday to engage in civil disobedience [SAY WHAT?] to stop the construction of coal plants without the ability to store carbon. The former U.S. vice president, whose climate change documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" won an Academy Award, told a philanthropic meeting in New York City that "the world has lost ground to the climate crisis." "If you're a young person looking at the future of this planet and looking at what is being done right now, and not done, I believe we have reached the stage where it is time for civil disobedience to prevent the construction of new coal plants that do not have carbon capture and sequestration," Gore told the Clinton Global Initiative gathering to loud applause.

(Sept 21 2008) - Paulson resists calls for added help in bailout :
WASHINGTON -- ( Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said Sunday that the nation's credit markets remain frozen and Congress must move quickly to pass a $700 billion bailout package for financial firms. But key Democrats said the legislation needs changes to provide better protections for taxpayers and homeowners in danger of losing their homes. "The credit markets are still very fragile right now and frozen," Paulson said in an interview on NBC's Meet the Press.

Yesterday it was revealed exactly what was needed and what could be stolen ... and I mean stolen. In Section 8. entitled "Review", we read ... and PAY ATTENTION "Decisions by the Secretary pursuant to the authority of this Act are non-reviewable and committed to agency discretion, and may not be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency." Game -- Set -- Match !

(Sept 21 2008) - An Interview with Mr. Andy Snyder from USGS :
by Post Editor : A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
Click to Read More. Last week the Post had a chance to interview geologist Andy Snyder, who works for the United States Geological Survey {USGS} - right in his own back yard, or better yet, right in the middle of earthquake territory - Parkfield California. Mr. Snyder was gracious enough to grant the Post an impromptu interview and shared some interesting, albeit, important information regarding earthquakes in this state. Most folks, who live in California, know that sooner or later you will feel an earthquake. Hopefully the magnitude won’t be that large or the epicenter won’t be that close to where you live. But if it shows up anywhere in California, you can bet your last dollar that the USGS has instruments all over this state to tell you, when, where and how big.

Post World News -- (Ontario Weather Service) Southern California meteorologists Kevin Martin {web page} has been forecasting weather for years and includes in many of his forecasts weather conditions as a results of Chem Trails {web page} - which are different from contrails {condensation}. Kevin Martin is one of the few meteorologists who have tracked these chemtrails with his satelite programs to give his audiance another perspective on southern California's sky's.

(Sept 19 2008) - Step Up Youth Activities "NEW" Grant Program
Press Release by Jeff Forbes - Board Representative II :
TULARE COUNTY, CA. -- The Tulare County Youth Commission is accepting applications for its Step Up Youth Activities Grant Program. Authorized by the Tulare County Board of Supervisors earlier this year, the grant program provides $100,000 in grants for local non profit organizations. Any organization that operates within Tulare County that has 501 (c) 3 tax status is eligible to apply. More ...

(Sept 17 2008) - McDermont to open FLOWRIDER Sept 19th :
Porterville Post Special Events : A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
LINDSAY, Calif. –McDermont Field House today announces the opening of the Flowrider indoor surf machine on Friday, September 19 at 4:00 pm. “After much anticipation, we’ve received the state’s final certification and we are now ready to surf in Lindsay,” stated Assistant General Manager Brad Albert. The Flowrider at McDermont Field House is the Central Valley’s newest water attraction and the only indoor Flowrider surf machine in the state of California.

(Sept 16 2008) - How the Masters of the Universe ran amok and cost us the earth : Post World News -- (The Scotsman) SLAM. Slam. Slam. Slam. Like a scene from a gathering of Mafia dons, the doors of 30 black Lincolns slammed shut as their besuited occupants stepped out into a Manhattan downpour – and into a global financial storm. That storm broke yesterday, with stock markets tumbling around the world. In London, the FTSE 100 plunged almost 4 per cent to 5204.2. Scotland's banking giants were among the biggest victims. HBOS slumped 17.5 per cent; Royal Bank of Scotland lost 12.2 per cent. In the US, the Dow Jones industrial average suffered its biggest fall since 9/11.

(Sept 16 2008) - Calif. lawmakers end record-setting budget impasse :
Post State News -- (Fresno Bee) California lawmakers early Tuesday ended the longest budget impasse in state history, approving a roughly $145 billion spending plan that relies on accelerated income tax payments rather than borrowing or new taxes. Lawmakers acknowledged the proposal would get the state through its current fiscal year by closing a $15.2 billion deficit but would not solve California's persistent fiscal problems...

PORTERVILLE, CA -- The new Fall show is now up at the Porterville Art Association¢s Gallery, 152 North Main Street. Over 100 Pieces of art from local artists are on display and many are for sale. The gallery is free and open to the public Wednesday through Saturday 10 AM until 4 PM. Our local area has many very talented artists. Watercolor, oil, acrylic, pastel, pencil, collage, photography, gourds, sculpture , bronze work and ceramics are all represented in this new show. The show will run through the end of the year.

(Sept 13 2008) - Porterville Thanks the U.S. Forestry Crews and Mr. Contreras :
Post News Articles : Post Editor - A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
Click to Enlarge PORTERVILLE, CA. - Saturday the Post had a chance to interview Air-Base Manager Raul Contreras, who’s been with the U.S. Forestry Service for 26 years and today he was manning the air traffic control tower at Porterville’s Air Base – in the northeast sector of the Porterville Air Port. This fire season has been one of the worst on record and if it wasn’t for the dedicated men and women who work at Porterville’s Air Base, they’d still be burning. It’s understood by many who work for the U.S. Forestry Service, that they could be called at any time and work for many hours and at great peril. All too often this goes without saying and all too often goes with delayed compensation.

(Sept 13 2008) - Ike wears itself out beating up on Texas :
Post World News - (CNN News)
GALVESTON, Texas (CNN) -- Rescuers in Galveston, Texas, were going door-to-door Saturday to check on 20,000 people who failed to flee from Hurricane Ike -- which has slowed to tropical storm status. President Bush declared 29 Texas counties a major disaster area, making federal funds available for recovery from the storm. Ike was downgraded Saturday to a tropical storm 11 hours after it crashed ashore as a Texas-sized hurricane that walloped southeast Texas and southwest Louisiana. The storm's sustained winds dropped to 60 mph as it moved north across Texas, expending its power along the way.

(Sept 12 2008) - Getting your facts, faith and fear right :
Post Opinion : Post Editor - A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Over the years I have observed what motivates people and groups of people into activity or inactivity. First there's information given to the public at large and then the pollsters set about registering their response to that information -- good or bad. And for the most part, polling {another psychological tool} attempts to either reinforce that information or attempts to discredit it or it's sourse. The results, by-in-large - hedged with bias, creates unofficial results designed to increase activity or decrease it. And the media which reports those results - including the Post, opinionate it's observations or obfuscations.

(Sept 12 2008) - Call the Governor to VOTE NO on AB 2567 :
Letter to the Editor from Kathy Yenigues
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Dear Sir, Please call the Governor to VOTE NO on AB 2567 : I understand that AB 2567 has passed the California Assembly and the Senate and is awaiting Governor Schwarzenegger' s signature or veto. This bill will set aside May 22nd as a special day to celebrate the life of homosexual politician Harvey Milk in the public schools. Harvey Milk, I've been told, will be honored in the same manner as our Founding Fathers and Martin Luther King, although the only thing he is actually known for is being proud to be a homosexual! Kathy Yenigues

(Sept 11 2008) - Powerful earthquakes strike Asia : Post World News (BBC) -- Two powerful earthquakes have struck the north-eastern Indonesian Moluccas islands and Japan's northern island of Hokkaido, triggering tsunami alerts. The first, which had a magnitude of 6.6, occurred at 0902 (0002 GMT) about 120km (75 miles) north of the city of Ternate, the US Geological Survey said. A few minutes later, a 7.2-magnitude quake hit Hokkaido's coast, 220km (135 miles) east of the capital, Sapporo. There have so far been no reports of casualties from either country.

(Sept 10 2008) - Porterville get's a little 1.2 shake as well
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Today, just about 5 mile east of Porterville, the USGS reported an earthquake about 1.2 in magnatude. Few felt the mid afternoon quake, but it did in fact register 1.2. What's interesting is this, Porterville has quakes this close to town. Most center closer to Bakersfield and their fault lines. And as always, we'll keep you posted for anymore earth-shaking events.

(Sept 09 2008) - Worst Case: Collider Spawns Planet-Devouring Black Hole : National Geographic News -- With the Large Hadron Collider firing up for the first time Wednesday, some critics have speculated that the world's biggest atom smasher could spawn a black hole that would devour Earth. Most physicists respond that the collider is safe and even necessary for the advancement of humankind. But what if they're wrong? What exactly would happen if the 17-mile (27-kilometer) circular tunnel under pastoral France and Switzerland opened up a black hole—or black holes? Physicists across the globe are on the edges of their seats, but not because they're worried about a Franco-Swiss black hole.

(Sept 08 2008) - California prison guards seek Schwarzenegger recall : SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) -- California's prison guards union said on Monday it will seek the recall of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger after he ordered a pay cut for its members amid the state's protracted budget deadlock. "We're going to move it as quickly as possible," union spokesman Lance Corcoran said of efforts to launch a referendum to remove the Republican governor, who entered office in 2003 after a recall election of then-Gov. Gray Davis, a Democrat.

(Sept 08 2008) - London Stock Exchange trading hit by computer crash : LONDON, England (Telegraph) -- Trading on the London Stock Exchange has been halted after a computer system failed on one of the most frantic days of trading seen so far this year. No orders can be entered and no trade executions will occur, the exchange said on its website. The LSE plans to bring back trading in a “controlled way’’, but couldn't say how long that will take. The glitch comes at a time when the LSE is facing strong competition from several rivals and on a day of heavy trading following the US bailout of mortgage lenders Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

(Sept 07 2008) - 1000’s of spectators, 100’s of cars, car clubs galore
Porterville Post Special Event : Editor - A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta :
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- This afternoon at the Porterville Fair Grounds, Peter and Jose Miranda from JM Events, put together one hoppin’ car show that many car enthusiasts enjoyed. Cars and car clubs came from all over California to be at this new event in Porterville and many car clubs told the Post they’d contact other clubs concerning come back next year. “I started putting together cars shows about 7 years ago in Tulare, says Jose Miranda, and each year JM Events produces annual events, parades and Cinco de Mayo’s. We all have a great time and we hope to return to Porterville next year.”

(Sept 05 2008) - Will the DNC be forced to choose another candidate ? :
from : As campaigns come and go, so do the countless alternative web sites that flesh-out what the media refuses to report. Tracking what has revealed about Presidential Democratic Barack Obama, the possibility another candidate isn't all that far fetched. Many in the DNC are very worried about Obama's past and his true birth right and questions have been asked concerning a vacancy. To be sure, the Post will follow this story ... just as close as the Clintons.

(Aug 30 2008) - McCain's VP Choice Reassures Evangelicals :
Republican Presidential Candidate Senator John McCain with Vice Presidential Candidate Governor Sarah Palin John McCain's running mate was raised in a Pentecostal church, has called herself "as pro-life as any candidate can be" and already has energized conservative religious leaders who worried the Arizona senator would choose an abortion rights supporter. Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is "straight out of veep central casting," said Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religion Liberties Commission. Land said he urged the McCain camp to consider the political unknown. Gary Bauer, one of McCain's most enthusiastic evangelical supporters, called it a "grand slam home run" that is "guaranteed to energize values voters."

PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Back in July the Post was off line for about a week and what our ISP discovered, along with millions of other internet users that Comcast was blocking the flow of internet traffic longer than what was accepted by the FCC - of which they were fined for this abuse. What we don't know is this. Have other big internet service providers shut or slowed down their internet traffic like Comcast and is this a common practice amongst the big ISP's.

(Aug 24 2008) - IN LOVING MEMORY : Alberto R. Servin - August 21st 2008
Porterville Post : Editor - A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
IN LOVING MEMORY : Alberto R. Servin The family and friends of deceased Alberto R. Servin washed cars all day Sunday to raise funds to pay for a proper funeral viewing {10-4pm }-- which is scheduled for August 28th at the Webb-Sanders Funeral Home Chapel in Lindsay. The funeral service will be held on Friday, August 29th at Sacred Heart Catholic Church at 6pm. – also in Lindsay. Alberto R. Servin who passed away after an auto accident on August 21st 2008, will be missed by his whole family, his brother said. “He was a happy and friendly person and always very social.”

(Aug 24 2008) - Homophobic Free Zones in Sydney and Gomorrah ?
Porterville Post : Editor - A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
Was this a political stunt as some were saying or are they really serious about creating a homophobic-free-zone in Sydney Australia ? Yes it’s true ! {Story} The city council in Sydney Australia is seriously considering rezoning a specific area that will be free of any one who fears / hates homosexuals. This is not a joke ! These city council people who fear being voted out by the homosexuals are now playing with fire … and brimstone.

(Aug 23 2008) - Calling Homeland Security -- Anyone Home ?
Post Opinion : Post Editor - A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
Click to Enlarge Picture On August 20th the Post was informed that the new phone system of the Department of Homeland Security was hacked into and several Middle East calls were made through the FEMA part of this brand new "HIGHLY SECURE" phone system. Now, all-things-being-equal, we should expect this to happen ... if everyone is equal, or knows what everyone else knows.

(Aug 21 2008) - The Real Population Bomb
by Steven Milloy - From Junk Science :
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- As time and truth flesh-out most mis-information, the catastophic case fearing population growth has all but proven one thing -- facts trump theories every time. And so it went with Paul Ehrlich's highly acclaimed book, The Population Bomb ... bombed itself. Theorizing and predicting global this and global that, newly converted liberals from the 60's and 70's bought his book and accrued a false sense of reality, albiet truth. Yet, they continue to cry ... at least we got some of it right ... LOL. Read ...

(Aug 16 2008) - Thanks Nagi for the Gas Price War in Porterville :
by A.L."LUCKY" Lucketta : Post Editor
Thanks Nagi for the Gas Price War in Porterville PORTERVILLE, CA. - Once again, Nagi Mossen from C & L Mini Mart dropped his gas prices, telling the Post, “This is what American’s do when times are hard and prices are high. And maybe by next week we will drop our process again to maybe $3.95 a gallon. I just felt bad for the people, continued Nagi, they kept coming into the store complaining about the high gas prices and having to take the bus, ride a bike or walk. I just thought to myself, someone has to do something, and I guess that someone will be me.”

(Aug 16 2008) - Christian Crop Circles land in the U.K. ??? :
Click to Read by A.L."LUCKY" Lucketta : Post Editor
PORTERVILLE, CA. - On August 15th 2008 one of those world famous crop circles showed up in the U.K. and wouldn’t you know it, looks like “Christian Aliens” are trying to tell us something from outer space. For all intents and purposes, these “writers in the wheat” have left little to no impression on this writer. For many years I have followed these crop circles and listened to folks explain how they were made and speculate by whom. Folks, if you need a sign to believe, then you stand a risk of being deceived. If you need to know about signs, then read your Bible. It’s all in there. I can just hear them now in the U. K. saying … “see, GOD really does want us to know that the UFO Aliens are nice and we really should help GOD set up a NEW WORLD ORDER for His Kingdom. It all make sense now.” Please people ! Wake Up !

(Aug 16 2008) - Another Great Off-Site Animal Adoption in Porterville :
Post News Articles : Post Editor -
Click to Read PORTERVILLE, CA. - Today Michelle Shanley, volunteer coordinator for Tulare County Animal Control shelter, came to Porterville with a bunch of happy four-legged-friends, looking to be placed / adopted by happy two-legged-families. Ms. Shanley, who’s been with the animal shelter for 7 years says, “I come out here mostly for the kisses, however, if we do not come out here and place these animals with good families, they will eventually be put down.”

(Aug 15 2008) - Dear Sir, I think we should boycott McDonalds :
Letter to the Editor from Marshall Denning
PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Dear Editor, I think we should boycott McDonalds. I have been made aware that McDonald’s has done it again regrading homosexuals. First, the company paid $20,000 to become a member of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and to have a seat on the board of directors. Next, McDonald’s refused a request to remain neutral in the culture war by choosing to promote the gay agenda. Then McDonald’s accused those opposing the gay agenda, including same-sex marriage, of being motivated by hate.

(Aug 09 2008) - Teaming Up for TEEN SERT :
by A.L."LUCKY" Lucketta : Post Editor
Teaming Up for TEEN SERT PORTERVILLE, CA. -- Welcome to the Second Annual Hot Summer Days Music Festival Car and Bike Show … the signs and booths said. And for the most part Main Street was sectioned off as crowds came and went through out the morning and into the afternoon. Of course food and vender booths set up their displays along with many well known and fully restored cars from Rolin’ Relics car club. This year, at the Second annual “Hot Summer Days Music Festival and Car and Bike Show” Porterville’s Student Emergency Response Training (TEEN SERT) organization received benefit from the efforts of a few local businesses, mainly Melissa Lentzner from Tantrums clothing store and a newly formed motor cycle club ...

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge

(Aug 03 2008) - BACK IN THE DAY : When gas was 27 cents a gallon
by A.L."LUCKY" Lucketta : Post Editor
PORTERVILLE CA. - Folks who lived in the Porterville area and went through the great depression and participated in WWII – now called the Great War - had a few “Back in the Day” stories that many of us baby boomers heard and appreciate. They told us how they made it through those hard times and how they pulled together. They told us about the shops where they met on week ends, such as the coffee shops, the auto shops, and the barber and beauty shops. They told us what it was like during the lean years and what it was like during the good years.

Back in the Day Pictures Back in the Day Pictures Back in the Day Pictures Back in the Day Pictures

(Aug 08 2008) - Georgia says Russian aircraft bombed its air bases :
Post World News : Sent to Post Editor - A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
DZHAVA, Georgia (AP) - Russia sent columns of tanks and reportedly bombed Georgian air bases Friday after Georgia launched a major military offensive Friday to retake the breakaway province of South Ossetia, threatening to ignite a broader conflict. Hundreds of civilians were reported dead in the worst outbreak of hostilities since the province won defacto independence in a war against Georgia that ended in 1992.

(Aug 08 2008) - Israel backs Georgia for Oil Pipeline Battle with Russia :
Post World News : Sent to Post Editor - A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report - Georgian tanks and infantry, aided by Israeli military advisers, captured the capital of breakaway South Ossetia, Tskhinvali, early Friday, Aug. 8, bringing the Georgian-Russian conflict over the province to a military climax. Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin threatened a “military response.” Former Soviet Georgia called up its military reserves after Russian warplanes bombed its new positions in the renegade province. This has not gone down well in the Kremlin. Therefore, as the military crisis intensifies in South Ossetia, Moscow may be expected to punish Israel for its intervention.

(Aug 04 2008) - Chavez warns U.S. after getting Russian warplanes :
Post World News : Sent to Post Editor - A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
MOSCOW - President Hugo Chavez said Venezuela had taken delivery of 24 Russian Sukhoi fighter jets, and warned the U.S. Fourth Fleet that his country is ready to defend itself. "We've received the 24 Sukhoi aircraft," he said Sunday. "They're for defensive purposes; we're not going to attack anybody." The deal included training for pilots and crews, as well as missiles for the fighters. Chavez said the Sukhoi missiles have far greater range than those of the U.S. F-16 fighter jet, and warned the U.S. Fourth Fleet to keep out of Venezuelan waters. "Any gringo ship that sails into brown waters [river waters] will itself turn brown and go to the bottom, because they'll not get through," he said.

(Aug 03 2008) - Local Town Used to MINOT AFB Making Mistakes ???
BISMARCK, N.D. -- Folks in Bismark, it would seem, have long given up on the Military making mistakes - this article aludes. They have become so complacent it makes one wonder, why don't they care ? Here in their own town you'd expect some type of protest and yet the folks are basically silent, saying ... "As long as it {ICBM rocket booster} ain't going off, we're OK, and if it did, it wouldn't matter anyway." As far as the Post is concerned, this is unacceptable and Congress needs to halt all transporting of any type of munitions until an investigation is conducted. In the last few months, Minot Air Force base has made way too many "Mistakes" and the spooks are getting caught. Here's another take on the mistake.

(Jul 31 2008) - Aluminum Thieves Attack Westwood Bridge :
Post News Articles : Post Editor - A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
Click to Enlarge PORTERVILLE, CA. - This afternoon Porterville’s water department responded to a call from a citizen - yesterday - saying that several brackets, braces and bolts were missing from one of the cities pipe lines which spanned the west side of Westwood Bridge. Robert Alvarez, who was on sight taking pictures and surveying the structure of the bridge, told the Post that “the bridge is safe and structurally sound.” Continuing, he said, “… about two dozen of these brackets were removed and several were damaged. To my knowledge, this was the first time something like this has happened.”

(Jul 30 2008) - Angel on window draws more seekers :
by Post Editor : A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
Click to Enlarge PORTERVILLE, CA. - And what a spectacle this was. They started coming again last night around 7:30 hoping to position their cell phone camera’s just right to get a picture of the angel in the window – like the hundreds had done on previous nights. In the background you could hear a few in the crowd asking, “What is this all about and what is the “Angel in the window” trying to tell the people of Porterville - let alone the rest of the world.” In the foreground and standing in front of Color Tiles angelic windows, you could see and hear Christian’s preaching the Gospel and attempting to explain what the crowds were trying to see and how the lights from across the street from the Express Mini mart gas station in conjunction with other lights conjured this display of lights.

(Jul 24 2008) - Missile crew falls asleep with nuclear code device
Click to Read MINOT AFB - Members of a US Air Force nuclear missile crew face disciplinary action for going to sleep while in possession of an invalidated nuclear launch code component, the air force disclosed Thursday. The breach occured July 12 at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota, the scene of two other recent high profile lapses involving nuclear weapons or nuclear-related components, according to the spokesman. An investigation into the violation of procedures "concluded that no compromise of the classified material occurred," the air force said in a statement.

(Jul 22 2008) - Sounds of Faith in Exeter
by New Post Columnist Ms Lady Brady :
Click to Read This past Sunday, The Church of God of Exeter and the Cornerstone Church put on a musical revival in Exeter City Park. Several Christian bands rocked the park attracting hundreds of people to gather and worship God together. Strong-man group Power House got the audience charged for Jesus with amazing feats of strength that reflected their testimony. Hundreds were moved to dedicate their lives to Jesus during a beautiful sunset alter call. The popular Christian rock group Pillar brought the audience to their feet, dancing and singing praises to God. In the midst of this summer's triple digit heat wave, a cool breeze pushed pleasant clouds overhead that shaded the park as the sun relented, making for one of the most beautiful days this summer. It seemed as though God Himself was expressing His favor for this event.

(Jul 20 2008) - Republican Party of Tulare County Starts Rally
Click to Read VISALIA CA. - Former California Secretary of State and California campaign chairman for Senator John McCain - Bill Jones - stopped by the Republican Party headquarters in Visalia on Sunday to speak to Tulare County Republicans about why we need Senator John McCain in the White House in 2008. Sharing Senators McCain’s military history and his personal relationship with President Ronald Reagan, Mr. Jones talked openly about his efforts and why it’s necessary for the local Republicans to get involved in this campaign.

(Jul 19 2008) - My Right to be a Bride
by New Post Columnist Ms Lady Brady :
Click to Read On May 15th 08, California’s Supreme Court hastily overturned the states ban on same sex marriage. When the new law went into effect on June 16th 08, a new format for marriage licenses was released. The marital titles of “Bride” and “Groom” had been changed to “Party A” and “Party B.” By changing the forms used at the Registrar of Vital Statistics, the California Supreme Court has stripped me and all other persons planning to be married hereafter of our constitutional right to our marital titles. They are on the brink of threatening the simple basics of other constitutional rights as well.

by Post Editor : A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta - Today as I was watching them watch us, I came across this "Lawful Intercept Worksheet" {pdf} from COX Communications, Inc. I understand it's their standard form asking special "Big-Brother" agents to fill out before services are rendered. Now ... what I found interesting about this request form is that COX Communications states, "COX reserves the right to require payment in advance, to withhold deliverery of information until payment is received and to seek enforcement of charges." Don't you just love the media ? Just wait until digital T.V. get's fully hooked up - Big Brother won't need any more forms to fill out. Wake Up People !

by : The FCC is considering rule changes that could force Christian radio stations to either modify their messages or be forced from the air. Although not directed specifically at those using the airwaves to disseminate the Good News of the Gospel, potential rule changes could put Christian Broadcasters in an untenable position. If enacted, the proposals could force Christian radio programmers to either compromise their messages by including input from those who don’t share the same values, or to run the risk of costly, long and potentially ruinous government inquiries.

By Joan Veon -- from -- : We live in a globalized world—a world without barriers or borders, which means every aspect of our economic structure has to change. A private corporation, we call the Federal Reserve, controls the majority of our monetary system. To understand the new set of powers being advanced by the U.S. Treasury Department to the Federal Reserve, we first must recognize that the Federal Reserve Act passed in 1913 never gave them (the Feds) total power over our economy.

(Jul 11 2008) - Chinese Gov Top Foreign Holder of Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac :
WASHINGTON (BUSINESS WIRE) -- : As politicians call for taxpayer bailouts and a government takeover of troubled mortgage lenders Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, FreedomWorks would like to point out that a bailout is a transfer of possibly hundreds of billions of U.S. tax dollars to sophisticated investors and governments overseas. The top five foreign holders of Freddie and Fannie long-term debt are China, Japan, the Cayman Islands, Luxembourg, and Belgium. In total foreign investors hold over $1.3 trillion in these agency bonds, according to the U.S. Treasury's most recent "Report on Foreign Portfolio Holdings of U.S. Securities."

By Post Editor : A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta : Last week the Porterville Post was off line for about a week and our internet service provider and web host had both confirmed there were routing problems but neither could put their finger on what or who was the culprit. Increasing the confusion, all agreed - after pinging / tracert from the internal cmd promps - that some could see the Post and others couldn't. What or who was disconnecting the internet ? And for some unknown reason and without any explination from anyone ... it all kinda cleared up. Or was it all cleaned up because of the preasure that was put on the FCC because of Comcast's tom-foolery ?

(Jul 11 2008) - The Value of Vaseline glass by Gayle Semple :
Gayle Semple - Antiq's and More © PORTERVILLE CA. - There are so many things to write about this peticular glass I am afraid there wouldn't be enough space alloted to do it justice. Number one Vaseline glass comes in a number of different colors, from lemon green to bright red. I have a beautiful piece of amber/orange at the shop. More interesting, this glass was made as early as the 1700's and as late as yesterday, depending where you go for the product. So you have to beware of what you purchase or you will get a reproduction, and if you don't care and just like the piece and have a blacklight cabinet - as I do - anything you buy will light up and surprise the admirer.

(Jul 10 2008) - Entrepreneurs lug cheap Mexican fuel across border
TIJUANA, Mexico (Reuters) - U.S. and Mexican entrepreneurs with an eye for a quick buck are buying subsidized fuel in bulk in Mexico and hauling it across the U.S. border to make big profits, officials say. With a yawning gap between the cost of Mexico's state-subsidized fuel and record U.S. pump prices, tanker truck owners and people doing business on the border are filling up tanks or plastic barrels with Mexican fuel and selling it in the United States. Gasoline in Mexico is around a third cheaper than in the United States. For diesel, prices are more than double -- well over $4 a gallon in U.S. border states compared to just over $2 in Mexican border cities.

(Jun 28 2008) - Hill Side Grass Fire on East Morton :
Click to Enlarge by Post Editor : A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta -- At around 2:30 this afternoon, a grass fire ignited in a vacant unplowed 15 acre lot just west of the Zavala’s home at 1584 East Morton Ave. As the fire calls came in, two were already on their way and they weren’t from the Porterville fire department – they were good people performing great deeds. Richard Sukat told the Post that he was outside cleaning off his porch when he smelled smoke and fire. He looked in the direction of the Zavala’s home and saw there was a grass fire breaking out and the wind was pushing it eastward. More ...

In America, the Dow Jones fell more than 350 points to its lowest level in almost two years. It is now on course for its worst June performance since the Great Depression of the early 1930s. General Motors – America's largest car maker – slumped to a 53-year low, and there were more concerns about the sub-prime exposure of Citigroup, the country's biggest bank. More at ... Bank Implode-O-Meter

(Jun 25 2008) - Obama Adviser On FISA: We'll Trust The Inspector General To Prevent Surveillance Abuses : by Huffinton Post : WASH D.C. — Dennis McDonough, a foreign policy adviser to the Obama campaign, said in a conference call this morning that legislation expanding presidential power to conduct warrantless surveillance of Americans' communications is acceptable to Senator Obama because the United States Inspector General will ensure accountability. In other words, the Obama campaign's position is now that the duty and power to protect the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic, now resides primarily not with the President, not with the Congress or the Courts, but with a bureaucrat created by administrative law whose job is to conduct internal investigations of government agencies.

(Jun 25 2008) - FADD Gears Up for September ! :
Letter to the Editor from Robert Ybarra
POTERVILLE - Dear Editor, My name is Robert Ybarra, Founder, Fathers Against Drunk Driving or FADD as we call it. Our mission is to reduce the alcohol related deaths on our U.S. Highways. Presently we are gearing up for Recovery Month in September. Recovery Month is an annual nationwide campaign. This event is for those of us who work with individuals that have recovered from alcohol and other drugs. Every event is focused on bringing awareness and education to our local communities. Our focus this year is going to be our Stay Alive, Don't Drink & Drive campaign. This will be our slogan for this special time of year. Robert Ybarra -

(Jun 21 2008) - Jacquie B Steals Show with Pitt Special
by Post News Feature : PORTERVILLE - Jackie “B” Stole the Show with her 1986 Pitts S-1T. Weighing almost 850 pounds, this special made bi-plane pulled some “G”s for the Porterville crowds. “ It has been eleven years since Porterville has had an air show like this, said ‘Jacquie B’ and I was more than happy to start this show for the folks in Porterville.” In our exclusive interview with Jacquie B, we learned that she’s had her pilot’s license for 22 years and she didn’t start flying aerobaticly until 1998, ten years ago. She’s been flying in air shows for six years now and told the Post, “ … ever since a friend took me up in a plane and flew me up-side-down, I knew this is what I wanted to do. And believe me, you’ll either love it or hate it.”

(Jun 18 2008) - Porterville PD Pick Up X4 Norteño Gang Members :
by Post Editor :
Today in Porterville, Police Chief Chuck McMillan announced the arrests of several Central Varrio "VCP" gang members. 20 some odd warrents for these Norteno X4 gang members were issued and 18 were picked up in the early moring raids. Varrio Central Poros {Porterville Central Neighborhood} is one of three Norteno gangs who claim turf in Porterville or "Poros", the other two being "East Side Poros {ESP} and West Side Poros {WSP}." The name Norteno's, for those who still are not up to speed on gangs, basically means north or northerner.

(Jun 15 2008) - This is a Very Very Bad Sign :
Post News Articles : Post Editor -
Click to Enlarge PORTERVILLE, CA. - Someone once said that it’s called a recession when your neighbor is struggling to pay the bills and it’s called a depression when you’re struggling to pay the bills. Many economists call a neighborhood, city and or county, who are struggling to pay the bills, a depressed area. Governors simply declare states of emergency when they can’t make ends meet but nations who are depressed invariably end up in war. More ...

(Jun 14 2008) - Be a Part - of - Porterville's Art Association :
Click to Enlarge Post News Articles : Post Editor
PORTERVILLE, CA. - On Saturday June 14th the “Porterville Art Association” held its - first ever - joint venture with Porterville’s very own “Sierra Vocal Arts Ensemble” at the First United Methodist Church. Together they shared their artistic wares with the public. And boy-howdie did they show their wares. As well, PAA entertained the public with a lot of artistic food - according to one of the assistants. More ...

(Jun 13 2008) - Another Senseless Tule River Fire :
Click to Enlarge Post News Articles : Post Editor
PORTERVILLE, CA. - The south bound lanes entering highway 65 from Olive Avenue was cordened off today by CalTrans to safeguard those drivers who could have come into harms way because of another senseless Tule River fire. Backed up for almost half a mile, you could clearly see the frustration with drivers -- and Porterville's local CalTrans workers. "Every year, this river seems to catch on fire, says Lino Beatran - who's home is right next to the river. If it's not over where we live then it's further up stream. And it got just a little too close."

(Jun 13 2008) - : Water-fuel car unveiled in Japan
by Post World News : JAPAN - Japanese company Genepax presents its eco-friendly car that runs on nothing but water. The car has an energy generator that extracts hydrogen from water that is poured into the car's tank. The generator then releases electrons that produce electric power to run the car. Genepax, the company that invented the technology, aims to collaborate with Japanese manufacturers to mass produce it.

(Jun 13 2008) - : Powerfull Earthquake Strikes Japan
by Post World News : TOKYO, Japan (CNN) -- Six people were killed and at least 144 hurt Saturday morning when a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck northeastern Japan, Japanese officials said. Another eight people were missing, fire officials said. Several landslides covered roads, some highways buckled, a few bridges collapsed and bullet trains stopped, but two nuclear power plants in the region were not affected, officials said. The quake, which hit at 8:43 a.m. (7:43 p.m. ET Friday), was centered 100 kilometers (60 miles) north of Sendai, Japan, in southern Iwate Prefecture, the Japanese Meteorological Agency said. Several strong aftershocks followed, it said.

(Jun 10 2008) - The art of collecting - COMIC BOOKS by Gayle Semple :
Gayle Semple - Antiq's and More © PORTERVILLE CA. - We are going to discuss the art of collecting, COMIC BOOKS. This is a fun thing and can be very much a savings account for the collector, as the Comics do evaluate in time. In other words as they get older they get more valuable in price, but that also depends how carefully you pick and choose.
As I tell all customers, condition is everything. When they come into my store, and discover that I have Comic books, I hear the whirl of the book rack and that is my clue to go to the rack and inform the browzer that the books are in plastic for a reason and to not bend them or open them, with out my help.

(Jun 08 2008) - Dear Editor: Summry Parole is a Sham ! :
Letter to the Editor from Corey Alvarez
PORTERVILLE - Dear Editor, I am writing you today because I am concerned with the Governors proposal of Summary Parole. This should be called No parole. This is because Summary Parole is a sham. In the proposal, it states that a person who is on Summary Parole can only be violated if they are convicted of a new felony. This makes no sense. You are not going to violate a parolee if they receive a new prison term. Why would you, they are already going to prison. Thanks for you time -- Corey Alvarez -

Post World News : A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta - Editor
TIMES ONLINE -- The two most senior officials in the US Air Force have been forced to resign following incidents that threw into question the safety of the country's nuclear weapons. Robert Gates, the US Defence Secretary, accepted the resignations yesterday of Michael Wynne, the Air Force Secretary, and General Michael Moseley, the Chief of Staff, in the wake of two recent embarrassing incidents. "I believe that we needed a change of leadership to bring a new perspective and to especially underscore the importance of accountability in dealing with these kinds of problems," said Mr Gates.

(Jun 06 2008) - Porterville Post Partners with New Media Alliance
Post Editor : A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
New Media Alliance Member PORTERVILLE, CA. -- The New Media Alliance, Inc. is a foundation of Heritage New Media Partners, Inc. established to promote and defend traditional social, political and economic principles nationally. They are a non-partisan, nonprofit, tax-exempt educational foundation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Codes. Their work is achieved primarily via their national coalition of citizen writers, journalists and grass-roots media outlets who have assembled to provide needed balance regarding the important issues of our day given the anti-intellectual predisposition of our corporate media.

(Jun 03 2008) - IN GOD WE TRUST ... wins
In GOD We Trust ... wins by Post Editor :
PORTERVILLE CA. - The people have spoken and IN GOD WE TRUST wins !!! How important was this measure ? It was BIG ! So big that many Christians did contact the Post to say that they will be praying that this measure would pass. Having "In GOD we Trust" over the banner of our City Logo in the councils chambers was a fight that past Mayor of Porterville -- Kelly West -- fought and won. However, it was the next council who became skiddish and decided to let the people vote on it. And the people did vote ! More ...

(Jun 01 2008) - From Shiloh Acre : by Post Columnist : Betty Washington
Click to Read PORTERVILLE CA. - Welcome to Shiloh Acre, a place where GOD and I live. When Mr. Lucketta asked me to write for the Post, I'm sure he was being lead by the HOLY SPIRIT. He had no idea that I had written in the past but he did know how to listen to the SPIRIT and so he came up to Shiloh Acre with Mr. Riles. Once we shared a bit Mr. Lucketta and Mr. Riles left and I then prayed about becoming a writer for the Post -- And here we are ... ready to move when the SPIRIT says move, and ready to write whatever the SPIRIT say write. I pray that my column will move my readers to become very sensitive to the HOLY SPIRIT and be Blessed ... Betty Washington, from Shiloh Acre.

(May 31 2008) - Open House at Fire Station No. II :
Post News Articles : A.L."LUCKY" Lucketta
Click to Enlarge PORTERVILLE CA. - Today the Porterville Fire Department had an open house and invited the public to come and see how their local home-town hero’s practice saving lives and putting out fires. As an added feature, the public had a chance to watch the Tulare County Fire department use Porterville’s training station and equipment. Captain Jeff Dodd -- who’s been in the department for 14 years and works at Fire Station No. 2 -- told the Post, “ the new fire chief wanted the department to be more pro-active and people orientated this year. He wants to make sure the citizens know that we know what we’re doing.”

(May 25-26 2008) - It's Always good to remember : Click to Enlarge
by Post Editor : A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE CA. - U.S. Veterans understand why we take the time to remember. They are America's men and women who heard the call and signed up for duty. And this weekend, we honor those who paid the ultimate price. As well, we honor all those who stayed behind and supported their efforts and who have also gone on to be with the LORD. For our young mem and women who'd like to know a little more Memorial Day history, here's a good link we suggest. GOD Bless America and GOD Bless all those who have gone before us.

(May 25 2008) - Dear Dad ... Here's My Two Cents : Sgt Joe Lucketta
Letter to the Editor from Sgt. Joe Lucketta
IRAQ - Dear Dad, Well the court ruling is in ... in time for you to pack up and get out of that state ! Plans are now being drawn up by military leaders to cordon off and quarantine the state of California in an effort to curb the spread of gayness throughout the country. What is our society coming to Dad ? Is this the kind of world that we are fighting and dying for in Iraq and Afghanistan ? Has democracy just become a way for US corporations to come into a country and promulgate their wares ? Along with freedom we will give you Starbucks and STDs. Morals will be replaced with pro-gay / pro-choice rhetoric being spewed from every television in every home. More ...

(May 25 2008) - Energy expert: Gas could reach $15 per gallon :
Could we reach these Gas Prices ? RAW STORY : MSNBC - : Robert Hirsch, senior advisor for Science Applications International Corporation, sat down with MSNBC’s Alex Witt to discuss the possibility of an upcoming oil crisis. Hirsch says that gas could reach $15/gallon within a few years because it is “essentially certain” the world has reached the maximum levels of oil production. “The problem is that there’s not that much oil left in the ground,” Hirsch says.

(May 24 2008) - Taking Care of Business :
Click to Enlarge
More ... pics pics pics pics
PORTERVILLE CA. This Memorial Day week end the Tulare County Fire Dept's and the California Department of Forestry want you to know … they’re taking care of business. As was demonstrated on Friday at Lake Success – in this controlled fire – controlling fires takes a lot of man power ... and a lot of water ! Fighting a fire by yourself just ain’t smart ! As fire seasons come and go and the paths and cycles of fire’s is becoming more difficult to master, it's always a good idea to create and maintain a fire break around any structure that has a lot of dry weeds and grass. So please, take care of your business, before it’s too late.

(May 23 2008) - Jerry Waller's running for City Council
Jerry Waller with Caroline Johnson PORTERVILLE CA. - 32 years ago when Jerry Waller moved from Lakewood California to Porterville, he knew that Porterville was the place where he wanted to “Live the Good Life” and eventually retire. Viewing the area as safe and sound and a good place to finish raising his family, Jerry also determined to smooth out some of the areas rough edges and to fine-tune the local emergency departments … just a little more. So … one of Mr. Waller’s first “Fix-Um-Up-Ventures” was to help develop a local volunteer fire department in Tulare County. And by 1992, Mr. Waller was honored as the Volunteer Fireman of the Year for his efforts there and as Chief of the Springville Division.

(May 17 2008) - Landmark looks like a Landfill :
Porterville Drive In Post News Articles : Post Editor -
PORTERVILLE - For over 50 years, the Porterville Drive-In Theater had entertained many residents from Porterville and surrounding areas. Originally developed and constructed in 1950, by Verne and Maymie Schwin, it now resembles a landfill instead of a landmark. So what happened and why is it this terrible condition … and better yet, what can be done to repair or restore it as a “Historic Landmark” – one that we can all be proud of.

(May 14 2008) - Getting it Right with June's Propositions
Getting it Right - by Regina Seppi : Post Columnist
Getting it Right © by Regina Seppi California Eminent Domain amendments are NOT created equal ! Following the Supreme Court’s historic Kelo v. the City of New London, over 40 states have passed laws restricting eminent domain abuses symbolized by Kelo. In California, a Kelo-Plus amendment failed to pass in 2006 when environmental interests and Gov. Schwarzenegger opposed it. Now, June 3rd, Golden State voters have a choice between two constitutional amendments, Propositions 98 and 99. Both bills restrict the state from seizing private land for a state approved private use. Both allow for claiming land for government/ public use, like roads and schools. But there the similarity ends.

(May 14-18 2008) - Click here to see who had fun at the Porterville Fair

(May 13 2008) - China's new naval base triggers US concerns
Post World News - : WASHINGTON -- China's new underground nuclear submarine base close to vital sea lanes in Southeast Asia has raised US concerns, with experts calling for a shoring up of alliances in the region to check Beijing's growing military clout. The base's existence on the southern tip of Hainan Island was confirmed for the first time by high resolution satellite images, according to Jane's Intelligence Review, a respected defence periodical, this month. It could hold up to 20 submarines, including a new type of nuclear ballistic missile submarine, and future Chinese aircraft carrier battle groups, posing a challenge to longstanding US military dominance in Asia. China should not pursue such "high-end military options," warned Admiral Timothy Keating, the top commander of US forces in Asia, in an interview with the Voice of America last week.

(May 12 2008) - These Gang Summits Are Catching on ...
Click to Read More. Post Gang Info - : Today in Visalia, the Tulare County Gang Prevention Task Force met at the Tulare County Office of Education to up date it’s members and others who were interested in stepping up. Supervisor Phil Cox, as always, opened up the meeting and asked all who were there to introduce themselves and then they received the “Wrap Up” of all that took place with the Cutler-Orosi Gang Summit.

(May 08 2008) - Celebrating 100 Years of Mothers Days
MOTHERS DAY DATES : On May 10, 1908, the first official Mother's Day service was held in Andrews Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia. Eventually West Virginia Governor W. E. Glasscock issued the 1st Mother's Day proclamation on April 26, 1910. In 1912, at the General methodist Conference in Minneapolis, MN, Ann Jarvis was recognized as the founder of Mother's Day. A joint resolution in the Congress designated the 2nd Sunday in May as Mother's Day, and President Woodrow Wilson made it official in 1914.

(May 07 2008) - Three Pirates make ALL-STAR Team
PRESS RELEASE : Monte More - Public Information Officer
Porterville College Athletic Director, Eric Mendoza, has announced that 3 members of the PC Pirate baseball team have been named to the All-CVC first team all-stars. First baseman, Mike Bakula, freshman from Clovis, was the most feared hitter in the conference with his production of 13 homeruns, .336 batting average, and 41 RBIs. He was also a good defensive player on the infield. He plans to return to PC for his soph year. Shortstop Raul Cepeda, soph from Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, had an outstanding season.

(May 05 2008) - Central Valley Shofar's usher in the Spirit :
Post News about Faith : by A.L.Lucketta : Post Editor
Click to Enlarge LINDSAY (CA) - Where the Spirit Leads … we shall Follow : One of the biggest spiritual struggles that men and women in Christian circles have had throught the centuries was to clearly hear from GOD's Spirit and then to perform those functions or directions "The Spirit" provided. "GOD is GOD" one participant explained "... and HIS Word {Bible} says HE will pour out HIS Spirit in the last days, however, it's up to the Believer who hears HIS Voice too move by Faith and put into action what the Spirit spoke." And in Lindsay, participants came from Sacramento, Fresno, Squaw Valley, Tulare, Porterville, Lindsay, Visalia, Pasadena, Hanford, Pixley, Teviston, Exeter, Strathmore, Terra Bella, Bakersfield, Tollhouse, Mexico and Guatamala. Many of these Christians who had been walking by Faith responded to the call, heard the sound of the Shofar's and heard how GOD was getting ready to move in a Mighty Way ... in the Porterville and surrounding areas.

(May 04 2008) - Melody Castillo Earns Post Endorsement
Melody Castillo for CAPT Vice President PORTERVILLE - Sunday evening the Post observed a "Pre-Election" party held at the Pizza Factory, where one of the "vice president candidates" for the Porterville Chapter of the California Association of Psychiatric Technicians invited their opponent. And believe-you-me, the Post wanted to see {pic} that as well. Melody Castillo, as many of her friends know her, is running a local campaign for VP position in this local CAPT Chapter. "I discovered a long time ago that I really enjoy being involved and representing others who needed a helping hand. I have done this on many levels and enjoy sharing what I know with others on my radio program, so it was only natural for me to help the local Psych Tech's as well."

(May 04 2008) - Man asks court to change his name to 'In God We Trust'
by Post World News : Steve Kreuscher wants a judge to allow him to legally change his name. He wants to be known as "In God We Trust." Kreuscher (CROY'-shir) says the new name would symbolize the help God gave him through tough times. The 57-year-old man also told the (Arlington Heights) Daily Herald he's worried that atheists may succeed in removing the phrase "In God We Trust" from U.S. currency. He recalls that the phrase "God Reigns" was removed from the Zion city seal in 1992 after courts deemed it unconstitutional. Zion was founded as a theocracy – by a sect that believed the Earth was flat.

(May 03 2008) - Another Great Show by the Rollin' Relics
by Post Events Editor : A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
Today Porterville got another treat when the Rollin' Relics car club displayed what was near and dear to their hearts -- their cars. And boy-O'-boy did they put on a show. This was their Eighth Annual Car and Motorcycle Show were all glad they had it at Veterans Park. All of the proceeds, the Post was told, was raised to benefit the youth in the Porterville area.

(May 03 2008) - Letters : Application for Pen Pal from West Africa
Letter to the Editor : Dear Sir, Here is my Application for Pen Pals -- I am single and I am looking for Pen Pals in your honorable Golden State, CA. - USA - and I beg you kindly try your best to help me. I shall be very grateful if you will try as much as possible to publish my particulars in your newspaper "The Porterville Post" for me to get Pen Pals of any age and to learn each others culture and life. I hope my request will be considered. Thanks, Diana Dankwa. More ...

(May 02 2008) - Duggin’s Citrus Express plays country standards on Main
by Post Events Editor : A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
PORTERVILLE - If you didn’t get a chance to listen to Sally Barbaric belt out a few country and western standards, you really missed out. Sally, backed up by Duggin’s Citrus Express was live and on-stage in down town Porterville at their usual get-together on the Friday night. Sally, who’s been in and around the band for almost 12 years, is one of their many lead singers. “What the band does on stage is basically a jam session, says Susan Newsom – another lead signer for DCE – we never know who’s gonna show up and join in on a number.” Historically, Ms Newson told the Post, the band was called “The Friday Night Group” and started out 12 years ago at Golden Hills mobile home park and out grew their space and moved over to the Santa Fe Depot, where they continue to “Jam” every Friday night, except in the summer months and that’s when their on Main St.

(Apr 30 2008) - Assembly Candidates assemble at City Hall
34th Assembly Candidates PORTERVILLE – Tuesday night, starting around 6:30pm, five new assembly candidates, Connie Conway (R), Becky Maze (R), Bob Smith (R), Jon Zellhoefer (R) and Desmond Farrelly (D), assembled in the chambers of city hall to answer or debate questions from the media and public regrading their political positions and or promises if elected to the 34th Assembly District. The way that this Q and A forum was set up by the local media, debating any issue almost didn't happen.

(Apr 28 2008) - Kelly's Conservatives Convene in Costa Mesa
Rev. Lou Sheldon and PARA President Kelly West CALIFORNIA – One of the oldest and some say most influential conservative republican groups - the California Republican Assembly - convened in Costa Mesa this week end. And Kelly’s conservatives - the Porterville Area Republican Assembly – dispatched their delegates down south as well. Since 1934, the California Republican Assembly has been involved in grass-roots politics and local campaigns. Touted by President Ronald Reagan as the “Consciousness of the Republican party”, these main-frame conservative chapters have carried Constitutional concerns and patriotic platforms up and through the California Republican Party to the White House. And this weekend was no exception.

(Apr 19 2008) - Prophecy in Motion class offered in Porterville :
Post News about Faith : by A.L.Lucketta : Post Editor
Prophecy in Motion Classes Most of the public thinks that the Biblical gift of prophecy is no longer available or used now-a-days. As well, many so-called believers’ say these gifts passed away when the New Testament prophets and apostles passed away. But that just wasn’t the case today at “La Iglesia Nazareno Chruch” in Porterville where Gods’ women of faith assembled under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the teaching of Aglow International. { } Today at an all-day “Prophecy in Motion” teaching seminar, sponsored by Aglow International, women were taught the truth about the gift of prophecy and how to use it. More ...

(Apr 17 2008) - Another Hang-up on Henderson
by Post Editor : A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
Click to Read The time 3:30 pm, just after school let out. The place … Henderson Avenue and highway 65. The Hang up … a fender-bender at the light between a Chevy pick-up and a small late model Honda Accord. Guess who went to the hospital and guess who went to the wrecking yard ? As a precaution, the first responders took the passengers in the pick-up to the hospital and the tow truck took the Honda to a garage. More ...

(Apr 17 2008) - Gang Watchers and Gang Talk Channel UNITE :
by Post Editor : A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta
Mr. Donnie Sebreros of Dinuba and founder of joined forces with Gang Watchers Ministry of Porterville to reach out to gangs ... creating a larger web-ministry for Tulare County. Today, as Mr. A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta took Mr. Sebreros around to the area ministries and formally introduced him, many encouraged him to stay and attend local gatherings. More ...

(Apr 12 2008) - HOPE RIDES ALONE : Written by Sgt Eddie Jeffers
Post Special Addition : Submitted by Sergeant Joseph Lucketta On April 9th 2008, Sgt Joseph Lucketta forwared to the Post this inspirational letter written by Sgt Eddie Jeffers, just before he died in Iraq - Sept 19th 2007. This letter has been well circulated on the internet and in memory of Sgt Jeffers, the Post will do the same. Thanks Son ...

(Apr 10 2008) - Porterville College receives threats of gun violence :
Press Release by Monte Moore - Porterville College Public Info Officer :
PORTERVILLE - This morning, a telephone call came into the Porterville College campus, stating that a person was on his way to the campus cafeteria and was going to shoot as many people as he could. Campus security , the crises response team, and local police responded very quickly. The cafeteria was evacuated and the campus was put into total lockdown. After the police conducted an investigation and interviews, they declared the campus clear to resume classes and officers are Stationed around the campus until further notice.

(Apr 07 2008) - Gang violence … no one’s talking - cept the Post
by A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta - Porterville Post Editor :
Click to Enlarge PORTERVILLE - So here’s kinda-sorta what happened. We say that because we’re gonna let this Police Officer submit his report to the department and let them play a little more referee with these kids, their parents and their schools. However, when the Post arrived, one of these young guns caught a sucker punk and was bleeding pretty good … enough that the “attending officer” called for an ambulance. Was this gang related, the Post asked. “It could be, the officer stated, but were not sure. We need to check with the schools and we should have a report finished in a couple of days. We’ll let you know.”

(Apr 07 2008) - Web could collapse as video demand soars
By Lewis Carter - : Soaring visitor numbers to video websites such as YouTube and the BBC's iPlayer are putting the copper wires, which underpin parts of the internet, under severe strain. Experts warn that unless billions of pounds is spent on upgrading the web's infrastructure, it could slow down or even collapse. An internet meltdown would have a disastrous impact on the economy. Larry Irving, co-chairman of the Internet Innovation Alliance, an American industry group lobbying for universal improvements in the web's network, said: "Our streets in cities like London or New York were designed for a certain amount of traffic.

(Apr 03 2008) - Assembly Candidate Conway addresses PARA again
Assembly Candidate Connie Conway and PARA President Kelly West PORTERVILLE – "Yes ... my father was in politics," Supervisor Conway initially opened, and I guess that's were I get most of my inspiration. My mother, who's 82 and still working is another reason I'm so driven. It's kinda how I was raised and who I really am. I guess you could call it Valley Values." Supervisor Conway told the Post that she gave a lot of thought to the timing of running for the 34th Assembly District and she didn't want to run against her friend Bill Maze while he was in office but waited until he termed out.

(Apr 02 2008) - What's it like to be© "A Woman Pastor" by Paul Sherrod :
What's it like to be a Woman Pastor That little twelve year old girl had no idea what was in store for her when she gave her heart to the Lord that night long ago! Her walk with the Lord has taken her through some tough times and to many places. The Ministry, of which she was part, traveled throughout the country doing God’s work. One day the woman, who was once that little girl, found herself back home in Porterville. The Lord had given her a Vision. The result of that Vision is Landmark Christian Center. The woman who guided the Vision is Pastor Paulette Blaylock. So, “What is it like to be a Woman Pastor in Porterville?”

(Mar 30 2008) - This was not his final destination !
Mr. Lawrence Cha Post News Articles : Post Editor - It was just about a quarter to 4, when all of a sudden Henderson Ave. was awash with people. They ran from both sides, first from Starbucks Coffee and then from Rico Taco and McDonalds, saying very loud … there’s been a horrible accident – someone please call 911 ! Since I was at McDonalds with my family and heard the collision and screams, my first reaction was as a “First Responder” and quickly ran in to the middle section of the road.

(Mar 30 2008) - Most Likely to Succeed : Police Explorers at the Park
Saturday, as you drove past Veterans Park Porterville Police Explorers in Porterville, you saw what looked like folks celebrating another week-end of Easter. But that wasn't the case ! It was more like the youth of Porterville getting together to explore successful encounters and relationships. And that’s what coming together at parks basically does. Folks meet each other at parks to have fun, enjoy the activities, strive to understand each other and to find a common purpose ...

(Mar 26 2008) - New evidence suggests 2nd shooter killed RFK :
The Raw Story : by David Edwards and Nick Juliano -
Robert Kennedy Forty years after Democratic rising star Robert F. Kennedy was killed at a Los Angeles hotel during his presidential run, new evidence suggests the man serving a life sentence for his murder did not fire the shots that killed the charismatic senator. Forensic scientists met at a conference in Connecticut this week to discuss their independent findings that cast serious doubt on the Kennedy assassination. Sirhan Sirhan is serving a life sentence in Kennedy's death, but the conference presenters argue he could not have fired the fatal shot that killed Kennedy.

(Mar 24 2008) - Landing Pad or Learning Pad at PC :
Post News Articles : Post Editor -
Is this AREA 51 ? As strange as this looks, this is not a landing pad for UFO’s at AREA 51 ! It’s actually the roof of the “Breeze-Way” that connects the old library to the brand new learning center at Porterville City College. Roger Alter, construction superintendent for Lewis Nelson and Son Construction {out of Selma} told the Post, “We started this project around November of 2006 and are scheduled to have it open and ready to use by May 1st 2008.”

(Mar 22 2008) - What's Missing ?
Post Faith Articles : Post Editor -
The Post pictures of crosses on many our local churches to demonstrate only one purpose ... and that is to say, JESUS CHRIST is missing from these crosses because HE defeated death for you and I on the cross and "Rose from the Grave". That's why Christian's celebrate the RESURRECTION OF CHRIST, not a chocolate easter egg ! The world wants to steal the real meaning of this HOLY-DAY by creating a sacraligious message.

(Mar 20 2008) - 10 will get you one -- car that is :
Post News Articles : Post Editor -
Lil-Frankie 10 days ago the Post place on the front page a picture of a funny looking car, hoping to find it's owner, albiet creator and find out how this funny car came into being. Well, yesterday the Post finally caught up with our mystery car and it’s owner in front of the Post Office and here’s just what we found out. The cars owner is a Mr. Benjamin Zamora, originally from Wasco, and the make and model of his car goes something like this ...

(Mar 19 2008) - PC Art Exhibition of George Tanimoto :
Click to ENLARGE -- Art by George Tanimoto Post News Articles : Post Editor -
The public is invited to see the Art of George Tanimoto, a Porterville artist. The reception is for Thursday evening, April 3rd, from 5 – 7 pm. George Tanimoto, a mixed-media artist, describes himself as a “line artist”. His watercolors, acrylic paintings, and colored pencil drawings, although quite varied in subject matter, all have in common an original and somewhat off-centered perspective on the world. As one critic noted, “One look at a George Tanimoto painting will put a smile on your face”.

(Mar 18 2008) - Dr. Lane addresses Medi-Cal issues at Landmark :
Dr. Keith Lane and Paul Sherrod Post News Articles : Post Editor -
One of the first questions that Dr. Lane addressed, last night, to a group of seniors at Landmark Christian Center was the difference between Medicare and Medi-Cal. There is a big difference and it’s basically who pays for what and when. Dr. Keith Lane pointed out that you don’t have to be “Welfare-Poor” to receive any one of these entitlements from the government. You paid your 40 quarters in, now you’re entitled to receive those benefits.

(Mar 17 2008) - Same Old Dirty Tricks
The Larry Fox Report© by Larry Fox :
The Larry Fox Report © It is obvious from the Primaries so far this year that the Clintons are up to their same old dirty tricks. Do whatever and say whatever it takes to get elected. Hillary went around the other day, apologizing to African Americans for Geraldine Ferraro’s and Hillary’s husband Bill’s comments. Geraldine Ferraro is credited as saying “If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position," and "And if he was a woman (of any color) he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept."

(Mar 17 2008) - Green, the “Good-Luck-Color” in Porterville :
(Mar 14 2008) - All American Academic Team Honors for two PC Students :
(Mar 09 2008) - Travesty of justice in California :
(Mar 09 2008) - MHS Swimmers getting gold from the blue :
(Mar 09 2008) - Who do you trust in Porterville ?
(Mar 07 2008) - City Council Candidates Saddle Up for Seats
(Mar 07 2008) - Assembly Candidate Win's Approval from Post
(Mar 07 2008) - Americans Don't Trust The Press :
(Mar 06 2008) - At the Crossroad :
(Mar 05 2008) - Prophetic History : Prophetic Messages : Prophetic Destiny :
(Mar 01 2008) - Former Lady Pirate Wins Prestigious Award :

(Feb 25 2008) - Porterville Pet Fair: Under New Management :
(Feb 24 2008) - Living and Dying at Lake Success :
(Feb 22 2008) - Post Special : We risked our lives, we’ll tell our stories
(Feb 18 2008) - Post Article : Welcome to Lindsay Land
(Feb 18 2008) - Santa Maria group stops at Coffee Camp :
(Feb 18 2008) - Lowe’s opens with commercial event :
(Feb 15 2008) - Crime Report : Burgler suspect caught in the act
(Feb 12 2008) - Rescue Mission : Delivered from Hell unto Heaven
(Feb 10 2008) - Clintons: Ingredients for Separation : from Juan for the Post
(Feb 08 2008) - Post Article : Conservative concerns from PARA
(Feb 06 2008) - Lessons on the Road to Liberty : from Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

(Jan 31 2008) - Hidden Treasures : from Patricia Thompson
(Jan 31 2008) - Mel's Corner of the World : from Mel Gillespie

We sure do miss you President Reagan

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