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Juan for the Post
by Juan Alvarado

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Print | Clintons: Ingredients for Separation
Juan for the Post - Feb 10 2008
by Juan Alvarado : j.alvarado@portervillepost.com

I might stir the pot a little or to some much, but I can't contain the fire in my soul. From my assessment of eight years of the Clintons in office I have observed these things. When running for president William J. Clinton ran supposedly for minorities and the poor. How funny that our leaders themselves separate between gender, race, culture and in this case financial status. While in the White House President Clinton performed sexual acts with you know who. In my belief not only was he disrespecting The Oval Office, his position as the president of The United States, the partner (when he lied about it), our First Lady (his wife), and women in general. Now they are claiming that they fought against racism. Not once did President Clinton appoint a minority to any of his cabinet positions. Our current president has and the opposite party has made their services as difficult to accomplish as possible. This does not smell good to me.

I'm illustrating this to make my case. I believe that many of the habits within a group come from a source. Some of these sources are parents, teachers, heroes, Hollywood stars; radio, leaders and you fill in the rest. Therefore if one hears someone making racial comments, for example more then likely there was an influence from a higher source. This is a theory nothing more, but in my humble opinion it is a strong theory.

My best friend lives in a state, where racism somewhat sill exists and some women make a career of being barefoot and pregnant. He has commented to me that upon there arrival to the town where they live. They noticed that whites would not attend church with blacks. He made it clear to me that they decided to break the barrier by encouraging and preaching against racism at their church. Friend, they have. Today, they are a multicultural church where blacks, Hispanics, and whites congregate.

Today Hillary Clinton is running on the first woman president. Why does she have too run on this gender issue? Mrs. Clinton please tell us Americans what are you going to do, how youre going to do it, and provide us with your vision for America. Frankly, I'm not interested that youre a woman. I'm interested in what you're going to do and don't bring gender into your campaign.

I hope Americans see the Clintons for who they are and not for whom they say they are. After all isn't expressing ones race, culture, gender, and other diversions ingredients for a separated state. My message to the Clintons is this. Stop dividing our country. Because, while there are some of us who want to be united you surface the very things that separates our country and cause division within the people of America.

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