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Print | Porterville PD Pick Up X4 Norteo Gang Members
Post Gang Info - Jun 18 2008
by Post Editor : editor@portervillepost.com

Today in Porterville, Police Chief Chuck McMillan announced the arrests of several Central Varrio "VCP" gang members. 20 some odd warrents for these Norteno X4 gang members were issued and 18 were picked up in the early moring raids. Varrio Central Poros {Porterville Central Neighborhood} is one of three Norteno gangs who claim turf in Porterville or "Poros", the other two being "East Side Poros {ESP} and West Side Poros {WSP}."

The name Norteno's, for those who still are not up to speed on gangs, basically means north or northerner. They say they "claim" the northern part of California from Delano on up. They claim the color red and the gang tag X4 / X14, symbolising "N" the 14th letter of the alphabit. Their rival gang members are called Sureno's or southerners. They say they "claim" everything south of Delano and their gang tag is X3 / X13 and they claim the color blue. That's how it is on the streets ...

Now, I hate to bust the Chief's little bubble on the little victory, but the truth be told, the streets of Porterville will only be safe for about a week. And then decisions will be made from within the ranks of VCP as to who will be the new shot callers for the gang.

First there will be some "in-fighting" amoung themselves and it may get serious. Next the supposed new shot caller will demand allegiance to his leadership and call in whom ever it was who ratted the gang leaders off to the local cops. That's just for starters.

The gangs next big problems with will be with their own prison gang - the Nuestra Familia, and their rival street gang ... the sureno's. Why ? Because the drug cartel's need to be reassured that the new leaders from VCP can move their product back into that area. If they can't, then the cartels who push drugs in the Porterville area will be challenged by their rival drug cartel, the Sinaloa Cartel.

If this VCP gang cannot convince the gang leaders they can hold their turf and the word gets out that Poros is loosing ground to the Sureno's and Mexican Mafia, they will then call in some of the O.G.'s from Salinas. And that might happen anyway.

So here's what I need the Christians in Porterville to do ASAP. Start Praying and Fasting. The enemy of our souls is also the enemy of our families and our neighborhoods and cities. So pray until you can't pray no more.

Next ... and this is for all the mom's and dad's. Get a hold of your High School and let them know that you are concerned for the safety of your child and have them be on the lookout for extra "wanna-be" activity. Ask them if you can come to the school and vist with them and share your concerns.

LISTEN UP - This is not a safe time to be wandering around at night or hanging around a night club or bar. Everyone needs to lay low for about 3 to 4 weeks and let the police finish up what they started.

And finally ... you ask, how do I know about all this stuff about gangs ?

Look at the above picture and these {pic}{pic}{pic}. That your's truely in the pictures. Three years ago I was lead by GOD The HOLY Spirit to start a street ministry called Gang Watchers. And since that time I gain a lot of street smarts {gang tags} and credibility {pic}. And I'm here to tell you, it's not gonna be safe in the streets of Porterville for a while ... that's the truth.

Dear Lord, Please let the parents and teachers have eyes to see and ears to hear. I pray that our local authorities become more vigilant and finish what they have set out to do. Lord I pray for the protection of the people of Porterville. Lord I pray that the gangs will take this as a sign and not retaliate. LORD, I Pleade the BLOOD of JESUS CHRIST over those gang members who were arreested and that You'd send someone to them to share the Gosple so they will ture their lives around. And Lord I Pray for the wives and mother of these gang members who were arrested and I pray that they too will surrender their lives to YOU. In JESUS Name ...

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