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Post Important Issues - Aug 29 2008
By Post Editor : A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta

Back in July the Post was off line {story} for about a week and what our ISP discovered, along with millions of other internet users that Comcast was blocking the flow of internet traffic longer than what was accepted by the FCC - of which they were fined for this abuse {story}.

What we don't know is this. Have other big internet service providers shut or slowed down their internet traffic like Comcast and is this a common practice amongst the big ISP's. As important -- What was their real gain in this finable action ? And, how can the public find out who's shutting or slowing down internet traffic ? {story} Unless the FCC discloses who their investigating, we can't even calculate time off the internet unless we purchase software that monitors the internet for shutdowns and slowdowns.

But lets just say we have the same software capabilities as the FCC and we can monitor the internet the way they do. Now we have another porblem of too much time on the internet ... especially when Comcast and possibly other big ISP's are now charging for more internet gigabytes used.

CNet News reported, "starting October 1st {2008} customers of Comcast's residential data services will have an invisible barrier on their monthly data usage. Under the new guidelines of Comcast's Acceptable Use Policy announced Thursday, that cap will be set at 250 gigabytes per month, per account."

Basically, Comcast - or should I save "ConCast" - is "Casting-a-new-Con" on it's unsuspecting internet customers. If they were practicing unprofessional business practices in the past and increased their revenue, they'll continue to do the same until they get caught by the FCC again.

Most big companies don't really care about any government agencies or their fines. If they know that their profit is greater that their penalty, it's still looked at as profit. Stock holders of that company reason, "Well, I wasn't the one who performed this illegal and immoral practice, however, if it effects my percentage of stock then we will take it to the Board of Directors. And if they don't maintain a level of revenue, then we'll have to remove the BOD's."


Now here's the interesting feature about big businesses vs little businesses. Big businesses can afford to conduct their business practices immorally and illegally. And they have the legal personnel and semi-certified public accountants who find ways to write off the fines and penalties or to simply pass the buck on to the customer. Small businesses, on the other hand, don't have those resourses and capabilities. If they get hit with a big enough fine ... their out of business.

Big business sometimes create these business problems as a way of getting rid of the small businesses or to buy up those small businesses that are on the virge of loosing it all. In big business boards they reason this is the best way to monopolize the product and get rid of the small business guy at the same time. Once the small business guy pays for all the fines and penalites he or she cannot afford to expand their business for the next month, let alone the next quarter - and that business drop-off shows up at the bank and at Wall Street.

Next, big busness run to someone in government to make sure that no one else makes the same big mistakes - like they made - again. Continuing ... they'll agressively lobby congress to create new legislation to make it a bigger criminal offense to conduct business in the same illegal and immoral manner they conducted business, knowing full well that the smaller business and the newer business can't afford the overhead of increased rules, regulations and laws. Consequently ... big business wins by default and new products never make it to market.

Comcast, the Post has observed, is following right down this path. They don't care if they have the increased government oversight for their business practices or ventures. And we know these big ISP's don't care about First Ammendmant Right or American's Rights to Privacy. They only care about monopolizing the price of product and getting rid of their competition.

This practice, most business folks admit, has been going on since the beginning of time. And in their own defense, they'll say the best theng for small business to do, is not get big. That way the big business boys know you won't move in on their venues and arenas. And when the time is right, the big business boys helps you with your competition and use their resourses on your behalf ... knowing in the end, you and your small business won't move in on their territory.

In the end, it appears as if - for the good of society - businesses are forced to murge at a discount rate ... just to save their competitor, because they want you {Mr. Joe Public} to believe they purchased this business because they really ... really ... care about you.

But it now appears that Comcast has determined to cast the baby {consumer} out with the bath water {competition}, hoping that both will crawl back to pay for their increased services. As far as the Post is concerned, it's time to cast off Comcast and choose another internet service provider while you still have that freedom and luxury.

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