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Post News Articles - Jun 14 2008
by Post Editor : editor@portervillepost.com

Click to Enlarge PORTERVILLE, CA. - On Saturday June 14th the “Porterville Art Association” held its - first ever - joint venture with Porterville’s very own “Sierra Vocal Arts Ensemble” at the First United Methodist Church. Together they shared their artistic wares with the public. And boy-howdie did they show their wares. As well, PAA entertained the public with a lot of artistic food - according to one of the assistants. Carol Byker, the current President of PAA told the Post that they had been preparing for this event for a while and we are pleased at the number of contestants and artists who brought their art and set up their display booths.

“Gleaning from our web site www.portervilleart.org Ms Byker continued, you’ll discover a lot more artistic talent then what we have displayed here today. Some of our more famous artists include Manual Abod, Joy Harvey - who travels back and forth to China and is considered a ‘Master Artists’ in China, and of course Mr. George Tanimoto - who won ‘Best of Show’ today.”

Become a Part - of - Porterville Art Association
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Another “Become a Part It” show-case winner was Ms Pauline Hayes. Almost 90 years of age – as she smiles – and still enjoys painting. She told the Post that she started painting when she was about 25 and has never looked back. She’s been a member of PAA for a great number of years and attends many of the membership meetings on the 4th Friday of every month. “Today she said, I won $75.00 for my entry {A Long Hair Golden Retriever} and this is the very first time that I’ve been interviewed by a newspaper for my paintings. I’m so happy.”

Well, congratulations are in order for all of PAA members for all their continued work and displays. The Post commends your efforts and purpose to expand these arts in the Porterville area. We hope and pray that your “165 PAA members” will double in the next year or so. For only $30.00 a year as an adult and $10.00 a year as a student, you’ll get to attended those monthly priceless art workshops as a member.

We Meet on the 4th Friday @ 6pm at Santa Fe Depot
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Not to be out-sung {joke} Mr. Fred Kneutson showed up with his choir and wowed the crowds. “Directing the Sierra Vocal Arts Ensemble has been a lot of hard work for us but it’s been a lot of fun as well. Our efforts have paid off and for our 20th anniversary we will be traveling overseas June 9th 2009 to sing in England. We’re all excited about that.”

Mr. Kneutson has been directing and teaching music for the same amount of years to many of our local high schools, and he’s always looking for new talent … hint-hint, so send him an e-mail {fredk@ocsnet.net} and sing him your song.

We Meet on the 4th Sat. @ 10am for a Workshop
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For more info on becoming a member, call Porterville Art Association at (559) 784-4323 or visit them in town at 152 North Main Street in downtown Porterville.

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