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»  (May 03 2008) - Another Great Show by the Rollin' Relics

Today Porterville got another treat when the Porterville's Rollin' Relics car club displayed what was near and dear to their hearts -- their cars. And boy-O'-boy did they put on a show. This was their Eighth Annual Car and Motorcycle Show were all glad they had it at Veterans Park. All of the proceeds, the Post was told, was raised to benefit the youth in the Porterville area.

Rollin' Relics Car Club 8th Annual Car Show at Veteran's Park | Click on Pic's



Now ... here's the story about how "The Youth" got on the front page. We figured, since this was about helping the youth out, the Post {A.L.Lucketta} took it a step further. We asked if they wanted to be on the front page of the Post and of course they saud YES ! We then asked them what were they willing to do to get on the front page ? One said, "What do you want us to do ?" This is what we said ...

How many of you guys are Christians ... raise your hands. Five hands went up immediately. So I then asked, how many of you guys really prayed and asked JESUS CHRIST into your hearts ... six hands went up. Next I asked, do you know how pray and ask the LORD to come into your hearts ? Four hands went up. I then said, listen to me pray out-loud. I prayed, they listened and asked one more time ... how many now know that you are saved and are Christians ? All hands went up but one. I then asked the rest of these young men and women to talk to him latter. They said they would. GOD Bless you guys and do us proud in Porterville.

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