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Print | MHS Swimmers getting gold from the blue
Post Sport News - Mar 09 2008
by Post Sports Editor : sports@portervillepost.com

Stephen Imbach and Coach Brian South
MHS Swim Pictures
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On Saturday, March 8th Monache High School hosted a Swimming Invitational joined by seven other high schools. While most came gaming for the gold, Monache claimed the most.

One of Monache's standout's this year was Senior Stephen Imbach {pictured}. Just out of the water and picking up the gold for the 200 freestyle, the Post was there with this exculsive interview -- set up by MHS Coach Brian South.

One of the first things folks want to know is, how'd you get so good and what does it take to become a champion ? "Well, I've been swimming for about 11 years, since I was 7 yrs old and I've practice alot. I've had to give up a lot of my social lie, but it's been worth it. There are times when I'd like to just hang out with my friends, but to get you times down, you just have to practice. You really have to put your heart into it. On average I swim about 2 hours a day."

Stephen continues ... "Since I'm a senior now, I have been looking at colleges. Northridge {Division 1 College} has contacted me and I've also looked into Fresno Pacific."

Another standout this year was MHS Junior Elyse Borba, {pictured}. As well the Post asked, what does it take to be the best and how did you do today.

"I have been swimming ever since I was 6 years old and I practice every day ... sometimes an hour and a half, sometimes 2 and a half. I'm also a diver at Monache and that's why I practice so long." "Today I did ok and made my times," Ms Borba told the Post. "I got another year left and I want to do better." As well Junior Borba told the Post that she's been on other swim teams including the Porterville Netunites.

Coach Brian South concluded our brief interview by saying, "The city of Porterville really gets behind it's swimmers. They have two summer swim leagues and a water polo league and that's why I beleive that all of our high schools compete so well. I've been coaching for 9 seasons here and this is my 6th Invitational. Over all, I've been involved with swimming and coaching in this area for about 16-17 years."

As well, Coach Brian wanted the Post to know that before the events took place, they stopped to honor one of their past classmates, Army Sgt. Timothy P. Martin, who had fallen in Iraq. Coach said that they read a brief statement in his honor and had a moment of silence.

To read what was read to the participants and audiance, click here.

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