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Me's Bar and Grill - Jan 31 2008
by Mel Gillespie : m.gillespie@portervillepost.com

Mel's Corner of the World -- #1 The Beginning

Mel Gillespie, from Mel's Bar and Grill, a popular internet radio program, hits the tough issues that anyone in a court battle, or being hassled by rogue agents may have to face. Mel's Bar and Grill can be heard on FIRST AMENDMENT RADIO, on Sunday evenings from 6pm to 8pm. Join Mel's e-group, melsbarandgrill@yahoogroups.com and Mels-Bar-And-Grill@gmail.com for further resources e-mail melsbarandgrill@yahoo.com and melsbarandgrill@gmail.com
I am a product of my environment. Yes, I know, I am a work of art created by The One Most High. My friends and family, believe that I am a strange work of art. I have never discussed with anyone how I became so "fined tuned" and "refined". You, readers will be the first. But please know this, that while I have been a work of art from the time of my conception, created by My Heavenly Father, He put a hunger and thirst in me to learn all that I can, from every available source I can obtain from the world around me.

I believe I always knew that I viewed things differently than most people. As far back as I can remember, I listened and watched others as if I was someone standing outside looking through a window. I saw and heard what others were saying about their world outlook, about their life, but I couldn't relate, only admire. I, on the other hand, felt disjointed, like a jigsaw puzzle with pieces missing. I didn't feel all put together, like vital information about life, about how things worked, how life was supposed to be, was withheld from me. I dearly wanted someone to supply that information, to teach me, so that I could be made whole.

As I grew, gained years of knowledge and experience, married, had children and divorced, those feeling grew stronger and my thirst for knowledge, that special illusive knowledge just out of my grasp, became deeper. I was in my thirties, and had the feeling that so many pieces to the puzzle was still missing.

I studied real estate, income taxes, finances, and I became a whiz at them. I had friends in real estate, who were amazed at my creativity in finding ways financing could be arranged so people could buy their own property. I was told that few people have that gift. Numbers floated in my head all the time. While in college English classes, I gave speeches, and wrote thesis on using compound quarterly interest to make and save money. Surrounding me in the classroom, were those a few years younger than I, and who were just flabbergasted by my creativity in the use of banking and stocks to make money, at least the theory of it anyway. No one else knew enough to question anything I said in my informative speeches. The English teacher gave me an A on my year end thesis on creating a retirement fund for the private sector.

From the time I was 18 years old, I had studied taxes so well, that when I sat down with my CPA at tax time, I pointed out may deductions that he didn't even know about. The last audit I was invited to by the IRS, the agent not only allowed all of my deductions, but solemnly admitted, the IRS owed me money.

Since I was already in the medical field, and quite interested in the psyche, I took advanced Psychology and Anatomy and Physiology. I aced Psychology by doing case studies of my actual patient groups I followed at work, and came into Anatomy and Physiology 2 weeks after the course had already started. I passed that class of 90 in the upper 10 top students. I took a test in pharmacology, and out of 100 people, I was one of the four who passed.

None of this knowledge or any of my successes made me whole. I still felt disjointed, like those unobtainable pieces to the puzzle would never be in my life. I had my children, I had a career, owned my own home, had good friends. Yet, I wondered what was wrong with me, because I had never heard anyone else express the feelings that were like a looming forbidden darkness whose secrets were bound up and locked out of my reach forever.

I found my niche in politics when the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas debate began in congress and was televised. I became fascinated with all the twists and turns the story unfolded day by day. I taped it while I was at work, and watched it live when I came home until congress would adjourn for the day. Many days went by before the matter was resolved by congress. When the debate was ended, I felt this huge lacking thing going on that could only be quenched by a replacement of like kind. Yes, I know that is not good English grammar, and Mr. Gregg would probably turn over in his grave, but I just don't know how else to describe it. That is just how it was. I don't remember the circumstances, but somehow, in this huge void, I found Rush Limbaugh.

I began listening to Rush Limbaugh. He talked an awful lot (another English no-no] about critical thinking skills. From the beginning I was enthralled and hooked on his programs. I had never heard anyone talk like him before. I began to feel some healing, like I had found a missing piece to the puzzle. Now, let the Reader understand, this did not happen because of being a Rush groupie, but, because I had learned how to pare everything down to its simplest element, and then bring it to its logical conclusion. Everything became much clearer. I began breaking down issues, cut off all the frills to the bare essence of the issue, then using a logical progression, bring that issue to a predictable conclusion. When this was accomplished, I was able to see the folly in much of the propaganda around me.

Rush began a new TV series. There were no programs out there like his and I have seen none since. He exposed much of the corruption going on behind the scenes in congress on camera. It was no surprise when his show was cancelled after only a few shows. I was sad, because I learned things from that show that we would never see otherwise. This was my first real clue that something was really rotten, not in Denmark, but here in America, the land my father went over seas to Korea, and fought for our country, (no logical conclusion can be reached on that one. How did fighting in Korea become equated with fighting for our country? We invaded them. Anyway, on with the story] I listened to Rush for about another year, when he began sounding different to me. I believe I had finally, at last, learned critical thinking skill. It was those same critical thinking skills that helped me no longer listen to Rush Limbaugh, after he had taught me those same skills by example.

As I began to critically analyze what he was saying, in later programs, he no longer made sense. I had learned all I could possibly learn from him. He was desperately trying to support how Americans should get used to the downsizing, and that buying from other countries engaged in utilizing slave labor for goods was a good thing. Somehow, I was supposed to believe that putting Americans out of work and then expecting them to buy goods made by slave labor and resold here in America, was logical. How do people without incomes buy anything, no matter how cheap it is? He said that it would put a stop to corporate waste, and make corporations be leaner and meaner, slimmer and trimmer. Putting that school of thought to the critical thinking test, then brought to its logical conclusions, showed that thinking to be illogical. Americans with no money buy no products, therefore everyone loses. There is no such thing as slimmer and trimmer in that world, [global economy oxymoron?] except the thin, gaunt look of the poor who can no longer feed their children or themselves. So I stopped listening. I felt I was losing IQ points rapidly whenever I turned on his show.

After Rush exposed the corrupt congress on his TV show, he was now corrupt, and sold out to what I believe is, corporate treason against the American people. I needed to find out why. That is how I began, nearly 16 years ago, into an intense study that continues to this day. I have found those pieced to the puzzle that were missing. They are pieces that have been purposely hidden from all of us. It has been a long, hard road since I have found them, but I would never go back to being that disjointed person living the so-called American Dream, shopping to buy those cheap things from China while ordinarily hard-working Americans no longer have jobs. Few items are made in America anymore. I don't want to buy the party line that corporations should be slimmer, trimmer, leaner, and meaner. In fact the corporations have become just plain fat and mean from the souls they have absorbed, and lives that have been destroyed by them. In future articles, I am going to share with all of you the missing pieces I have found, that made me whole, a true work of art, (defined and refined), how to stop the destruction, and how we can live the American Reality, what America really has been and not as we have been programmed from the TV, by corporations. I want all of my readers to be whole.

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