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(Aug 24 2008) - Homophobic Free Zones in Sydney and Gomorrah ?
Post Opinion : Post Editor - A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta

Was this a political stunt as some were saying or are they really serious about creating a homophobic-free-zone in Sydney Australia ? Yes its true ! {Story} The city council in Sydney Australia is seriously considering rezoning a specific area that will be free of any one who fears / hates homosexuals.

This is not a joke ! These city council people who fear being voted out by the homosexuals are now playing with fire and brimstone. How in the world can anyone call the police saying I know that guy is homophobic because he wont talk to me. Or how about this, I want that man arrested Officer hes with a woman.

Come on folks, the longer we allow ourselves to believe that homosexual behavior is completely harmless the quicker they will take over. Yes I said take over. Ive been saying for many years that most homosexual organizations want more than equal rights, they want what we inherently possess a normal sense of self. And since they cannot have we possess, then they want us to feel guilty for not accepting or loving them and their abnormal behavior.

But since the business community is more interested in business and not abnormal behavior, they could care less. And of course Hollywood is making a ton of money advocating on the big and little screens for homosexuals in Hollywood.

Just image one day, when your son or daughter comes home from school and tells you they were told they were going to be placed in a foster home because they live in a homophobic home. Dont think it will happen ? Then youre just not thinking.

Homosexuals are not happy people ! If they were, they wouldnt be so demanding and angry at GOD. And since they see you as the closets thing to GOD, they need to get rid of what you stand and live for. This is the only way in their abnormal way of thinking to resolve their sense of sin.

At the other end of their hatred is this quandary. Some homosexuals actually believe that GOD made them homosexuals and they demand you treat them like you would any other Christian but without all the Christian words and works.

In truth, they dont even know how to be liked, let alone be loved. They do not want to resolve the sin-factor like normal people do admit youre a sinner and repent. They dont see fornication like normal people see fornication. They only see what they want to see.

Bottom line is this. If society continues to side in with sin and sinful behavior, all is lost, for the sinner. However, if that sinner wants his or her life to have real meaning and a real relationship then certain behaviors must stop or the Spirit of GOD will be quenched.

Fornication is fornication whether its with the opposite sex or the same sex. And its called adultery outside of the union of marriage.

Final Question : Do you think if we gave the homosexuals half the world to live on, would they stay on their side of the fence ?

A. L. "LUCKY" Lucketta - Editor

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