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Post News Articles - Jun 15 2008
by Post Editor : editor@portervillepost.com

Click to Enlarge PORTERVILLE, CA. - Someone once said that it’s called a recession when your neighbor is struggling to pay the bills and it’s called a depression when you’re struggling to pay the bills. Many economists call a neighborhood, city and or county, who are struggling to pay the bills, a depressed area. Governors simply declare states of emergency when they can’t make ends meet but nations who are depressed invariably end up in war.

Increased oil prices is the culprit here and the victims are those who need these commodities. No longer can we just get by without the use of oil. It’s in almost every product that we use. Some analysts say oil is connected to 500,000 items of production and when China and India continue to increase their needs for oil products and services; by 2010 we could see a gallon of gas at $15.00 to $25.00 dollars a gallon.

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In the last 6 months it’s been our truckers who have been hit the hardest with these oil increases. Up and down the streets of any city you will see a very very bad sign, and that’s a truckers dream – his truck - sitting next to a curb with a for sale sign on it. Some of these tractor-rigs are still new and cost as much as $150,000 dollars … especially when you ad in all the legal smog and idle requirements that California demands.

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A long-hauler from Georgia told the Post that a single round trip out to the west coast with about 10 stops cost about $7,000.00 dollars. What he said next was frightening. “There are many times when your diesel credit card is tapped out and you need to pay by cash. So what do most trucker do ? They carry a lot of cash in their security lock boxes. In my case I needed at least $2,000.00 on my hip to make it back.”

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And don’t be fooled. These truckers are looking into ways to extend their concealed weapons permit. Yes ... many do carry and rightfully so. Already we have seen and heard where criminals are developing ways to steal fuel form individual cars, owners, diesel trucks and gas stations. Farmers are hiring guards to protect their fuel and gas stations are being patrolled more and more by the local police. Yes … it’s already that bad and these gas rigs may end up with police convoy's just to make it to market.

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Another from long-hauler from Salt Lake City told the Post that they have some new trucks and have actually gone back to the truck dealer to give the trucks back. He said, “we’re going in the hole because of diesel prices and some of our delivery stops won’t let us pass on the cost. We sign delivery contracts with some of these business owners for a year in advance and they won’t budge so we have to eat it.” Continuing with the Post he lamented, “From June 1st of 07 to June 1st of 08, we averaged $90,000.00 for each rig and it’s getting worse.”

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Long-haulers who were sitting at the north side of the grape-vine (I-5) on Friday told the Post, “this 4 to 5 hour traffic delay will cost us our wages for the day. If we decide to take 233 and hit highway 58 over the east side of the grape-vine we will use up twice as much fuel as it would going over I-5, and so we have to turn off our trucks and wait … costing us just as much.”

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Many local truckers told the Post they were struggling as bad as the long-haulers. Collectively they shared these concerns, saying … Truckers will be forced to raise their prices. Instead of getting a call to make a delivery, they’ll look in their tanks to see how far they can go to deliver anything. A few had mentioned, when the government starts to ration who’ll get the fuel - then this time around - free enterprise for the little guy will be over.

So you say, let’s have a rally or truckers strike or better yet, let’s take our concerns to Sacramento and then to Washington D.C. Sorry folks, that’s already been done {Read} here in the states. Abroad, in Britain, Chile, Spain, Portugal, South Korea they have taken to another level. Some have blocked highways with their rigs, while others have stopped delivery of goods and services.

And just because it’s “Over-There” doesn’t mean we won’t feel it over here. Loading docks are stacking up and getting behind over seas. Shipping dates with produce are not being met, causing food to spoil and possibly harbor some new germ or disease.

New World Order globalist have lied :

This whole “New World Order” idea that the globalist’s had of being interconnected and interdependent has become joke … and no one’s laughing. G.A.T.T. along with N.A.F.T.A. has made us all so dependent upon each other that 1st world nations are now being pulled down by the 3rd world nations. Going into 3rd world nations to obtain cheaper labor, these globalist’s projected, would create another economy which could purchase better products and services like we have here in the states. Yeah they lied.

What globalists are saying now is this, “We don’t have enough oil to meet these global needs and we have too many people on the planet consuming.” But the people we told, if we went alone with your “New World Order” idea of interconnectedness, we’d be better off. Again they lied.

And get this, the G8 -- Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia and the United States met recently and stated that the prices of oil was going up not so much because of demands, it was going up because of speculation – from the stock markets - attempting to shift the blame on to the people who buy their oil stocks. And the main stream media let this one slide as well.

Protect and Defend the Constitution :

Politicians from both side of the isle beat the positive virtues these oil cartels long and hard and if there’s any blame, it must first go to both sides. The Constitution says they – Democrats and Republicans - took an oath to “Protect and Defend the Constitution” that protects the people of America – not the government, not globalists, not the bankers, not the oil cartels, not the freemasons and certainly not the North American Union.

Next, we the people need to fess-up as well. We’re all as guilty as the politicians. Looking the other way and praying it’s all gonna go away hasn’t worked. That hombre riding over the hill to save the day is now riding the other way. He has seen there’s nothing to save and no one who’ll pay. That knight in white shinny amour is not going to show up this time - unless it’s the one whose name is called “The King of King and Lord of Lords.” Rev. 19:15

In the “Great Depression” we saw many horrible pictures with families in soup lines and fields which dried up and grew nothing. Everyone was effected and it took some government assistance to pull us up a little and to kick start the economy.

Today, a chunk of the economic problem is the government. If our government was still connected to the American people and not to the share / stock holders and war bonds, that little $600.00 incentive could have helped. But the reality is this, inflation and the American dollar has been devaluated so much that it would actually take $60,000.00 dollars kick start this economy.

The final peak at Peak Oil :

Peak oil is basically what we have vs. what we use. This was the question(s) posed in the early 30’s. How much oil do we have ? How much have we discovered ? How much are we currently using and how long will it take before consumption overtakes production ?

First estimates targeted the 70’s and some hit the nail on the head. You remember the long gas lines, don’t you ? Well, peak oil expectations and analysis are pretty much in agreement regarding when this may happen. And their adjusted hard targets point to 2009 and 2010. Those are the dates when oil production will be overtaken buy oil consumption and the down hill slide will go very very fast.

In July 2006 a special report was published by the Chicago Tribune, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Paul Salopek described the consequences of Peak Oil by saying, “ . . . the consequences would be unimaginable. Permanent fuel shortages would tip the world into a generations-long economic depression. Millions would lose their jobs as industry implodes. Farm tractors would be idled for lack of fuel, triggering massive famines. Energy wars would flare. And careless suburbanites would trudge to their nearest big box stores, not to buy Chinese made clothing transported cheaply across the globe, but to scavenge glass and copper wire from abandoned buildings.

By 2010, many futurists and scientists predict, democracy will be on the run . . . economic hardship will bring out the worst in people. Fascists will rise, feeding on the anger of the newly poor and whipping up support. These new rulers will find the tools of repression -- emergency laws, prison camps {pdf}, a relaxed attitude toward torture -- already in place, courtesy of the war on terror. And if that scenario isn't nightmarish enough, Leggett predicts that "Big Oversight Number One" -- climate change -- will be simultaneously making its presence felt "with a vengeance." On the heels of their rapid financial ruin, people "will now watch aghast as their food and water supplies dwindle in the face of a climate going awry." Prolonged droughts will spread, decimating harvests.

Recession, depression or end-of-days :

For most people it really doesn’t matter what you call it when you’re in it, because you’re in it. Concessions are made daily and decisions are made weekly. However, resolutions are drafted when a body of people, determine a solution. And now’s the time for solutions, so please pay attention …

First -- Porterville needs all of its independent truckers to form a coalition ASAP and I mean NOW ! Call it Porterville Independent Truckers (PIT) Crew.

Next, our local bankers need to provide loan options to these truckers to keep their rigs. If the independent truckers cannot find work nor have no money to purchase fuel, then that bank needs to let that loan ride until that trucker gains employment.

Second, if our local bankers do not concede to these requests, then all independent truckers will pull out their monies / loans from their banks, and resolve to find a single bank that will work on this basis.

Third, the people in Porterville need to step up and do the same. After PIT negotiates these deals with the banks then the people need to resolve to pull their monies and loans out and transfer them to a local bank that will work on this basis.

Fourth, if the banks still will not work with the truckers and the people, then the banks board of directors need to be recalled and a new board of directors need to become elected and take over the day to day operations.

It’s time to unite and form Porterville Independent Trucking - Crew.

If you’re a Christian trucker, please e-mail the POST soon. We need to get this started.

We as a people have sinned and humbly ask for your forgiveness. If you allow us to get together and work through this horrible time we will be vigilant in giving you the Honor and Glory. We promise to take a portion of our profits and bless those who blessed us. We promise to show mercy where mercy is needed and promise to forgive those who have sinned against us. We ask LORD, in the Name of JESUS, please let know Your Will and please show us favor … one more time. A. L. “LUCKY” Lucketta – Editor.

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