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Getting it Right
by Regina Seppi
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Getting it Right  by Regina Seppi Print | Getting It Right ... with Prop 3
Getting It Right - Oct 28 2008
by Regina Seppi : regina@portervillepost.com

The Post recommends you vote NO on Prop 3.
Prop 3 promises $980 million in bonds for Childrens Hospitals all over California.

Fascism and Children's Hospitals :

It's shameless and self serving! Jim Uhler, a researcher for the National Tax Limitation Association said of the initiative. "The people that paid to qualify it are earmarked to receive funds from it." Hospitals such as Loma Linda, Lucille Packard, Rady in San Diego and Milers in Long Beach have spent $850,000 each, lobbying for the initiative, according to the Secretary of State website. Only a few years ago, Prop 61 asked for the same thing from voters money Uhler pointed out -- that hasn't yet been spent.

Lewis and Jim Uhler argue that children's hospitals are well funded. "These are not impoverished institutions. Several are from the well funded University of California system, and the others have substantial private and foundation support," reads limittaxes.org. "We can ill afford to be spending anymore in California when we are hemorrhaging at the rate of over a billion per month..."

Pro Bond

"This is a public-private partnership." Diana Dooley, CEO of California Children's Hospital Assoc. "That's what we do in a democracy." She told the Porterville Post, likening the bond to building water treatment plants.

More children are requiring help from Children's Hospitals, but, "the cost for that care has been high and the government payment for that care has been low." According to Dooley, this shortfall leaves hospitals with little to invest in new buildings.

Opponents argue that Prop 3 is a back door approach to making Californians pay for thousands of Medi-Cal and illegal patients who rely on the state to fund their way. State reimbursement requires more paper work and gives less money than insurance or personal payment.

Who Should Pay ?

Prop Three is built on the idea that the state [we] should pay for the treatment of all -- even from private institutions -- a step away from Universal Healthcare. But Socialism simply does not work, a fact realized by Hawaii, who only seven months after adopting Universal Healthcare for children, is opting out. http://thenewamerican.com/usnews/health-care/440

With the state already deeply involved in funding and regulating medical care, a high percentage of medical costs are to fulfill government mandates. Dr. Jane Orient wrote in her article Fractured Healthcare, that the government pays 50% off all medical bills, bringing with that payment regulations and bureaucracy. When big government and big business combine, fascism is the result.

Can the Free Market take care of Children's Hospitals ?

"Cut taxes" Jim Uhler says, free up the money neutralized by the capital gains tax and estate tax. Do this and people will give to Children's hospitals. There will be more production plus more jobs -- and as a result, more patients able to pay for medical care.

As Dr. Jane Orient wrote in her January 8, 2007 article Fractured Healthcare:

Only steps toward truly competitive, free-market care will get us to where we want to go because free-market care will expand the resources - with the result that even those who get smaller slices of the pie would be better off.

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The Post recommends you vote NO on Prop 3.

I would be glad to hear your questions or comments regarding this column. regina@portervillepost.com

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