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Right to the End© - Sep 23 2020
with Pastor Randy Minnick : minnick@portervillepost.com

RIGHT to the End © with Pastor Randy This country needs to wake up and smell the Starbucks before it's too late. Its time to stop staggering around in unbelief at what we are seeing in front of our eyes. Its time to stop believing the lies of the enemies of our nation. Its time to draw a line in the sand: a line that, if crossed, will be met with deadly determination.

We are not witnessing peaceful demonstrations. We are witnessing a violent communist insurgency: an insurgency that has been brewing for at least 50 years. Its a multi-headed Hydra movement rooted in (at least) the 60s. It has its momentum gained from lies, half-truths, and a Marxist/socialist/communist agenda that is propagated by vile sociopaths and pathogenic liars.

It is a fire that is being stoked by billions of dollars from Marxists/socialists/communists (most of which, but not all, are Americas) who have no love for our country. These long-time enemies of peace and sovereignty want to see America engulfed in flames so that it can be rebuilt as part of the new world order: a one world government that tempts the fool with a "better (egalitarian) society" (but which can only end in tyranny).

We are witnessing open war being perpetrated on our nation and our enemy expects us to cower and comply with their lies and often delusional demands ...

We are witnessing open war being perpetrated on our nation and our enemy expects us to cower and comply with their lies and often delusional demands (e.g. reparations for blacks). They expect us to believe that they are only seeking the best interests of the people and attack us and label us with untruthful, hurtful, and demeaning names if we resist. They arrest us for hate crimes and prosecute us when we try to defend ourselves rather than being servile victims. We are hated and persecuted when we refuse to fall in line with their abhorrent un-American rhetoric; we are gainsaid when we speak empirical truth.

They are enemies who speak great swelling words about defending the Constitution and who portray themselves as those who are fighting for the soul of this great nation. But, its not about any such thing. Its all about the agenda, the agenda to remove our nation and even its history off the map and out of the history books: nothing else. Its all doublespeak: all of it

Doublespeak is, in fact, is one of the varied ways that the enemy uses to deceive so that they may kill, steal, and destroy with impunity. They actually expect us to believe their pernicious pontification and swallow it whole as we watch their chest pounding and emoting for the cause (which is their agenda). They are proud purveyors of the doctrines of demons and lies are their primary weapons.

We should not be caught unaware of their means and methods. There are two primary tactics used by the enemy and its time that we understood them so that we may defeat this evil that has flooded the land. One dynamic is to hide their intentions with distractions or seemingly pertinent causes while their true aims and goals are hidden.

This was demonstrated as of late by the George Floyd incident. Though this matter was hardly more than a blip on the social radar, it was used an excuse/tool to ignite a conflagration. One (online) black citizen commented (correctly) that, Blacks (he used a different word) are killed all the time. Why was Floyd any different?. It wasnt different. It was an excuse.

The next is related and it is to change everything except what appears. It only appears that the enemy is fighting for a righteous cause. It only appears that they are fighting for social justice. They appear to fight for civil rights and equality when this is not the case at all.

This dynamic can be called a lie skinned in truth. You have a core agenda but its hidden from immediate view and covered with partial truth, spin, and outright lies.

Our Civil War brought (true) justice to slaves. BLM and ANTIFA expect us to believe that they, too, are oppressed and that they are fighting for their freedom (from police brutality etc.). The truth is that they are far from being oppressed; they have only manufactured grievances on which to build their war.

When you are already equal under the law and the U.S. Constitution, then you are fighting/rioting for domination and control while looting is solely for the freebies as reparations. In other words, they are not freedom fighters but are anti-American Marxist, socialists, and communists. They are traitors to our nation and they must be dealt with accordingly.

We must also understand that their conflict is an out-and-out race war running concurrently with their social justice war (a multi-front war, if you please). It includes everything from immigration reform, LGBQTUVWXYZ (sic) rights, abortion rights, the climate change war, et. al. ). Its war. Its conflict. Its evil. Its all about the agenda.

The American people have been trying to avoid a civil war. We have silently suffered & tolerated these enemies as one who has a large tick boring into his flesh.

The American people have been trying to avoid a civil war. We have silently suffered and tolerated these enemies as one who has a large tick boring into his flesh. We have scratched and complained only to see the tick growing larger and being engorged on our blood. We have stretched the definition of tolerance to the limit. Patriots are vilified as NAZIs and lovers of this country and its flag are denounced as racist and xenophobic. It has all been tolerated.

These monsters have inflicted great evil upon us. They have inflicted almost inestimable carnage to our country, our property, our rights, our freedom and our lives. The time of tolerance is now over. No more lies; no more insanity. No more allowing the loonies to make the rules.

My fellow Americans, we are already at war. There is no avoiding that which is frightfully evident and no effort should be given to do so. It is as evident as the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. At that time, the people of this nation didnt do what the enemy expected! They expected a weak America (the fourth largest army and navy in the world) to immediately sue for peace. Their act of terrorism was meant to bring us to our knees so that the Japanese could continue their imperialism without hindrance or delay. They thought that we would simply tolerate a single act of aggression and the matter would go no further.They thought wrong.

We have been bombed as surely as if the bombs had come from those same Japanese bombers in the sky. Our cities flames are as hot as any ignited by high explosives dropped from any aircraft. Our dead are just as dead and our businesses are just as charred and silent. Our grief is just as real.

We must act. We must not remain in denial or fall victim to normalcy bias. To remain inactive is to be taken captive and even destroyed (please refer to English Statesman, Robert Burke).

Now, hear this: we the people have the right to defend ourselves: All power/authority is derived from "WE THE PEOPLE" and we do not have to ask "local authorities" for help. We do not need permission to stay alive or to keep our homes from being burned. We have both God-given and Constitutionally-derived rights that cannot be taken from us. We can, however, decide not to use them. We can surrender our rights at any time by simply not using them or maintaining them. Its our call.

It is not vigilantism by any means. ... Pastor Randy

It is not vigilantism by any means. Self-defense never has been but the defenders of evil and haters of good will try to convince us that defending yourself is somehow evil. This is also to note that our enemies invariably side with the lawless and the criminals. Its called anarchy.

It is inescapably true that many local authorities have elected to side with these anarchist criminals and enemies of our nation and our peace. Not only did they do nothing to resist the enemy (thereby violating their oath of office), they cheered them on. Treason is treason regardless of what color of tie the traitor is wearing.

These evil leaders are to be arrested for treason. They have aided and are yet abetting treasonous and seditious acts. We have the authority to make those arrests! We have the full weight of the law and Constitution on our side. What shall hinder us? Pray tell; just who can stop a well-armed and determined citizenry who are sick and tired of the lies, deceit, and being trampled by fools, lunatics, the hateful, the tyrannical, and the violent (you do remember the exact purpose of the Second Amendment, right?)? Who can stop those who have, with super-human effort, tolerated un-American and anti-American politicians and fellow citizens but who are now sick in their soul of their evil?

It's clear that BLM, ANTIFA, and the rest of the communists have initiated their revolution for "freedom from (white) oppression and capitalism". This is a full-blown communist insurrection and it must be crushed now lest it metastasize (and it most assuredly will) and we fall to our knees in submission to tyranny. We will lose our nation to communism just as Nikita Kruschev stated in 1960.

The enemies of our nation (and there are no few of them) have been fomenting this war for decades and they believe that now is the time to act. ... Pastor Randy

The enemies of our nation (and there are no few of them) have been fomenting this war for decades and they believe that now is the time to act. The have demanded civil war so that it will divide and destroy our land (divide and conquer is a primary rule of warfare); it is part of their credo and manifesto. In fact, their doctrines teach that, "progress is made through the struggle". Can war be labeled as anything other than that?

It must be noted that this is an implacable enemy who cannot be stopped by negotiations or appeasements (check with English Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain 1939). They know but one thing: force. It is natural law: he who has the biggest club wins. They will not compromise because their hatred and vision to destroy America is too great and their brainwashing is too complete. They will do or die. Ought not we be as committed to regain peace and safety in our land?

How long do you think that these SJWs will last if only a few hundred armed citizens order them to leave? How many dead murderous and violent SJWs will it take to convince them that we mean business? The answer is simple: very few. The rioting will stop in only one day (two, if they didnt get the message on the first day and the body count wasnt high enough).

Were dealing with purple and green haired useful idiots. We are dealing with cowards who sucker punch old people, who shoot babies in the face, and who are only tough guys when backed by a mob and only when they can pick off a lone good guy. They are mercenaries getting a nice paycheck to destroy our towns. Why are we giving them permission to win?

The Germans and Japanese had no less resolve to destroy American than do ANTIFA and BLM. The enemies of freedom in WW2 had to be brutally and mercilessly crushed because they were merciless and savage and gave no quarter. There is nothing new under the sun.

If we are to survive as a free nation, we must not deny our violent aggressive enemies the fight they are demanding or we will endure unimaginable suffering. We the (reasonable) people have suffered long (oh, but how we have suffered) and our bellies are full of tolerating this evil.

But, now, the suffering and their insanity has become intolerable. They expect us to stand still and silent while they kill, steal, and destroy for their just cause. They demand that we remain immobile while they pummel us with body punches and inflict immeasurable misery until we are weakened and impotent and ready to capitulate. Is that how we will fall and is this our end? They brought the war to our face; what shall we do?

The treacherous Socialist, Communist, Democratic mayors and governors have demonstrated that they are our enemies. ... Pastor Randy

The treacherous Socialist, Communist, Democratic mayors and governors have demonstrated that they are our enemies. No gainsaying or denying on their part will change this obvious fact. They stood passively and did nothing (with some actually cheering on the criminals). This, too, must be confronted. Arrests must be made for their inexcusable failure of placing our citizens and our property in jeopardy and their betrayal of their oath of office.

Elections are ongoing so the seats of those who have garnered the displeasure of their constituents are at great risk. Let us, therefore, also wage war at the ballot box all the while insuring fair elections (which, most assuredly, will not be done by our deceitful, conniving, power hungry, enemies).

America's fate will be determined within months of now. They have sown the wind; shall they not reap the whirlwind? They have sown evil; shall they not reap justice? What will our fate look like (in only a few months) if we do not meet them with fierce determination as defenders of freedom? Will we just surrender and fall in line as obedient servants to the BLM and ANTIFA/STURMABTEILUNG masters and only offer whimpering or bleating instead of resistance? Is it not time to either crush or be crushed?

The list of atrocities these "warriors" (murderers) is long (including the assassination of police officers and sheriff's deputies). They will not cease to create havoc and destruction until they are brutally stopped. We can hide and watch our nation die or we can "rally 'round the flag" and do that which our forefather did: save the nation and preserve our freedom.

Make note: just because the enemy accuses you of something/anything does not make it true. Therefore, stop listening to them and stop believing what they are saying. We are not required to conform to their desires and wishes. Stop accepting every lie that comes out of their mouth (especially the lies that you are racist and homophobic). Stop accepting white guilt and their white privilege argument! Stop accepting politically correct insanity because it is insane. Its is merely another tool used to conquer us. It's another tactic for the suppression of the truth and facts which they hate to hear and which they refuse to believe. Know this: they only have as much power and control over us as what we allow!

Kamala Harris has promised that the rioting will continue and fully supports the destruction of our nation (and even publically advised that the rioting should continue even after the election). She is a traitor as is almost the entire National Socialist Democratic American Workers Party (formerly known as the Democratic Party).

Its time to fight back on all fronts. ... Pastor Randy

We now have all the intel we need to see our immediate future and to decide how to respond accordingly. Its time to fight back on all fronts. Its time to fearlessly (and without resile) start calling out these liars and deceivers and telling the truth about who and what they are and what they are doing in front of our face: no more denial: no more hiding, cowering, and remaining silent while our country burns: no more tolerating that which is intolerable.

They fired the first shots; they dropped the first bombs; they projected the first hate, and they drew first blood. Their intentions are as clear as the attackers on 9/11. It is only the self-blinded and willfully-ignorant fool who would think otherwise.

Should we dare suppose that the chains of our slavery will rest lightly upon our shoulders? Should we trust our fate to the merciless and the murderers? We will fight and live free or, if we tarry, we will be taken captive and will probably die in servitude to tyrants. The war is raging; there will be a winner.

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