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Right to the End© - Jan 29 2021
with Pastor Randy Minnick : minnick@portervillepost.com

RIGHT to the End © with Pastor Randy Because of the fear, doubt, unbelief, waving faith, and even surrender to the enemy being seen in the body of Christ today (regarding the apparent defeat of President Donald J. Trump), it is time to get things straight about this matter. People are losing their faith and hope (which the Bible calls fainting in the mind - Galatians 6:9) and some are even in despair with others accusing certain prophet and servants of God of being false prophets. This ought not to be.

We need to examine a few facts about what is happening to bring this situation into focus and not lose faith and/or hope. There are man rock-solid facts with which we are dealing and these facts must not be so casually cast aside.

Since this is not a pep talk, lets take the long way to Tulsa on this.

First, we are at war. If you dont understand that part yet, you have already lost the battle. There is a raging war for the very soul of this country and the enemy as openly and loudly declared this exact fact to everyone. If you are unaware of this, you arent paying attention. Not paying attention to what the enemy is saying and doing assures that evil will triumph over good.

Next, this is spiritual battle; if you didnt know this, be prepared to be taken captive by Satan at his will because ignorance is captivity at the least and destruction at the worst (Isaiah 5:13 and Hosea 4:6 respectfully).

In the middle of combat is not the time go to boot camp. ... Pastor Randy

In the middle of combat is not the time go to boot camp. When you are fighting for your life, your culture, your nation, your heritage, and your religion, is it not best to be fully prepared to meet an evil, desperate, deceiving, lying, cunning, and merciless enemy? It isnt wise to send raw recruits into heated combat; they are only cannon fodder. Though WW2 was raging, our military didnt thrust untrained men into combat. All of them were well trained and only released for combat after a stipulated and rigorous training program.

Therefore, take up the Biblically-prescribed position of combatant and put on the full armour of God and use the primary weapon of warfare: prayer. Then, pray (fight) without ceasing. This brings Gods will into the earth. If you dont know how to do this, you need to find out how to and do it now. You are at war and Satan delights in defeating an unarmed ignorant enemy. Build up your most-holy faith (Jude 1:20) and fight the good fight of faith lest you not be an over-comerand be taken captive.

Further, when in military combat, there are certain things that are understood. One is that you dont tell the enemy what your plans are. Another is that the plans of the Generals are to be executed without delay. The next is that you dont plan for failure and you fight to win and not to appease.

An example is the D-Day Invasion at Normandy, France. The Generals had planned the matter for several months and laid out plans in detail. These plans were kept secret even from the troops until the last minute. There were even propaganda measures, decoy troop and equipment movements, and even fake military equipment that included tanks and artillery placed in strategic locations to influence the enemy.

The plan had been put into effect and, as history details, was very effective ... Pastor Randy

Counter intelligence moves included calculated deceptions that saw the allies dropping propaganda leaflets over enemy territory and even leaving a dead body (one that had fake intelligence papers on it) in a place where the enemy would find it. No few steps or measures were taken to insure victory. The plan had been put into effect and, as history details, was very effective in that the exact location of the invasion caught the Germans completely by surprise (they thought it would be Calias).

The Generals made a plan and the plan, over a period of time and after much preparation, we put into effect. In other words, the ball was rolling despite what anyone could immediately see. We can say this: the Generals laid the plans and made commandments that were ultimate made manifest on June 6, 1944. That had spoken and it came to pass.

This takes us to the next part: God has spoken: President Trump will serve two terms. What He has said cannot be seen but it is nevertheless law because it is not subject to change. Gods word (all of it) is forever settled in heaven. Therefore, do not be motivated by things that appear but by things that do not yet appear but which are more real than those things/evidences that we can see.

The Lord has given us His word through His servants, the prophets (heres the given on that: ....Believe in the LORD your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper - 2 Chronicles 20:20). This means that we shouldnt be finding ways to disbelieve God (and, in some cases, call Him a liar).

The danger is that, if we dont take all of the information that God has revealed to us (and there is actually a lot to work with, if were paying attention), then we will start trying to interpret prophecy to see where we went wrong. This can be very dangerous to our faith as it inculcates doubt into the faith dynamic which then creates wavering and unstable faith making it ineffectual (James 1:6-7).

As of late, sincere men of God are back-peddling on what the Lord has said because our President wasnt re-elected. We can see this with our natural eyes and it is certainly factual and we can call it a truth. Some are also now saying that God hasnt missed it but that we misinterpreted Him.

They say that President Trump will, indeed, serve two terms but that God didnt say anything about consecutive terms. While no one can argue that point at face value, it should immediately become apparent (to those who are paying attention) that all of the facts and details are not being considered.

When all of the available facts are considered, and we are not operating in panic mode, a very real revelation comes to light as to what President Trump (an instrument in the hand of the Lord) has already done.

When all of the available facts are considered, and we are not operating in panic mode, a very real revelation comes to light as to what President Trump (an instrument in the hand of the Lord) has already done. The truth is that, when he left office, the heavy lifting was already accomplished. There is actually nothing else left for him to do but to allow the law to complete its required course.

We can say this: President Trump promised us a number of things (to drain the swamp, the US will never be a socialist country, to make American great again, et al). He isnt a liar and did not walk away and simply leave us at the merciless hands of a Godless, socialist, America-hating enemy.

But, I doubt if even a single one of us actually heard and understood what he meant or the size of his undertaking. He was basically taking on the entire global political, financial, and commercial (mostly illegal) cartels along with the most powerful people on the planet. This was accomplished in four years: four years and it is still unfolding as we speak.

Stop to think about what is happening. Trump has declared Martial Law and has invoked the Insurrection Act (IA). Would he not do this in light of the fact that the Democrats were calling what happened on January 6 and act of insurrection? He did do that. What we didnt see is that he didnt tell the world about it (remember the part about not telling the enemy your plans?) but it is in force now. The ensuing events verify this.

National Guard troops were called in for security purposes. OK. Thats not a problem except the thousand or so that were expected turned into an unheard of thirty thousand uniformed guardsmen. There is a reason for that though we cant immediately see it.

You cannot change governments during the (IA)

One fact stands out: there is a part of the Insurrection Act (IA) that states that you cannot have a regime change during the time that the (IA) is in force. Did you catch that? You cannot change governments during the (IA). What does that mean? That means that it is impossible for Joe Biden to have been legitimately sworn into office on January 20th.

So, why are they playing out this pantomime? We dont know but this is the part where faith comes into play. We are to be moved by Gods word and not the visible presentations which may or may not be true and accurate. In fact, it wouldnt take a lot for the entire inauguration ceremony to have been pre-recorded and staged (with lots of CGI included; remember, you cant trust your eyes,only the word of the Lord).

We must believe, then, that the plan is finished. It merely needs to be made evident to all. Just as Satan was sure that he had killed the Messiah and contravened Gods plan for salvation, the plan was already a done deal when Christ died. Satan was defeated though it looked like he had won the victory.

One could wonder why we have high fences with the fencing facing towards the Capitol as if to keep people in rather than out. Why havent the majority of guardsmen gone home after the inauguration? Why wont military people salute Mr. Biden? Why isnt he allowed access to high security information? Why do videos of Mr. Biden in the Oval Office seem to not look quite right? What does all of this mean? Should we jump to conclusions (or civil war, for that matter)? Will it not all be brought out into the open...just like weve all been praying?

Has God not heard? Has He forsaken His people and cast away our well being and the welfare of our nation and abandon us to the communists, oh, ye of little faith?

There is yet much to say about this matter but it will take too long to address it all. Suffice to say that, when President Trump left the White House, his entire four years of planning was put into motion and it is now being carried out. Because of declared Martial Law and because of the Insurrection Act and the EO specifically enacted for this very hour, all darkness (including but especially the massive voter fraud) is coming to light.

All bad actors (both Democrats and Republicans) will be brought to military tribunal to be tried. ... Pastor Randy

All bad actors (both Democrats and Republicans) will be brought to military tribunal to be tried. All evidence will made available exactly because its military law and not civil law. Nothing will be withheld.

These things will be accomplished without a civil war. This is no small thing. If President Trump had acted on the immediate voter fraud issue and the (pre-planned) Capitol Building compromise (and he most certainly could have), there would have been a massive insurrection by the left: civil war almost certainly would have ensued. He has avoided this because, as it is, the military will be doing all of the accusing and prosecution according to existing laws. Its a brilliant move, we have to say.

This is the conclusion: fear not; be not afraid; the Lord has heard, answered, and has given us His word; it is finished.

President Donald J. Trump will serve another term and it wont be non-consecutive. Rather, it will be in a newly re-established Republic; he will have made America great again by freeing us from Corporate Washington DC (if you dont know what that means, you may want to do some homework as there is much information on the Internet). We will be on the Gold Standard instead of on a fiat currency standard that has continually stolen the wealth of we the people for more than a century. And, there many more benefits will be made obvious soon (not the least of which is those who perpetrated this evil upon us will face justice).

Let us act in faith not accepting as final those things which do appear or which seem to appear. But, let us remain immovable on the sure word of God while giving Him the glory for this wonderful and marvellous thing that He is doing (and which only He could do)!

Let us ever shout for joy because He defends those who put our trust in Him alone.

Let us be moved only by His will, His word, His wisdom, and His understanding for so shall we dwell peacefully in the land.

Let us stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.

Let us stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.

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