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Right to the End© - Nov 15 2015
with Pastor Randy Minnick : minnick@portervillepost.com

RIGHT to the End © with Pastor Randy I dont recall the exact program (its been a few years) but I do remember the incident. Liberal poster boy, Alan Dershowitz, and a particular right winger (whose name escapes me at the moment) were being interviewed on a talking-heads program of some kind on whatever news program. The guy on the right made a simple comment in passing concerning a person of color. Dershowitz went straight to the moon as if someone had uncorked a phosphorous grenade in his skivvies. Out of nowhere he scowled and growled, That was a racist remark! I was stunned because it was so far from a racist remark that it was ridiculous. That wasnt a racist remark, was the cool and immediate response from the conservative gent. Even the commentator agreed that the remark wasnt even close to being racist. Yes it was! averred Mr. Party Pooper. What concerned me was that Dershowitz only heard the word black and man and, with a classic twisted liberal logic, re-scripted the mans entire context and meaning! He literally didnt hear what the guy said!

This truth-denying and truth-defeating phenomenon is one that Ive noticed on no few occasions. It's notable that there are a couple of dynamics involved. One concerns those who are proud and erudite. The Bible has something interesting to say about this phenomenon: .. Knowledge puffeth up, but charity edifieth (1 Corinthians 8:1). Pride is a problem.

People are filled with whatever knowledge, training, and schooling they seek but they are, as is common to man, also easily filled with pride. Note that truthful or accurate knowledge is not a requirement here. It means whatever knowledge learned whether it is good, bad, or indifferent. For instance, having vast amounts of mathematical knowledge is as likely to make a person as prideful as someone who has vast amounts of the knowledge of English. The Bible has no other qualifiers on this matter. Then, men place great confidence in that knowledge.

We see a second phenomenon as well. That is the matter of being so emotionally adamant about a matter that facts and "truth" simply dont matter. They are so firmly entrenched in their feelings and beliefs that the truth is sacrificed on there personal altar of emotion and pride. They refuse to hear the truth believing that their "truth" is better than someone else's "truth". In other words, "truth" is subjective and is far from absolute (denying absolute truth being a distinctly liberal trait).

It isnt difficult to see this exact dynamic during the O.J. Trial. Facts just didnt seem to matter. Evidence and truth were irrelevant and no amount of it was going to be allowed to confuse the issue. The jury not only didnt hear what the prosecution was saying, they didnt want to hear what they were saying. This attitude is more than a little dangerous. Those who engage in this deception will fight desperately against the truth even unto their own captivity and hurt.

We should certainly note at this point that this is where liberal demagoguery rears its ugly head. To a liberal, truth is subjective (without qualification!). It is what remains after someone wins an argument or debate. Is this not what we witness (after all the screaming and shouting has subsided) with Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, or Louis Farrakhan? They feverishly orate and pontificate (along with all the other ates including bloviate) from every bully pulpit reinforcing the doctrines of captivity and self-defeat and ensuring enslavement.

While this writer usually attributes such hear no truth, speak no truth, see no truth aberrancies to liberals, he is more than appalled to note that there are (far too many) conservatives who are now deceived into employing this same dysfunctional dynamic. The most notable example is that of Democrat Howard Dean at the 2004 Democratic Party caucuses. He was in the midst of a rah- rah-rally of his election campaign troops. All the guy did was to give the Rebel yell to help spur the faithful. Thats all it was. It wasnt a melt down as it was egregiously labeled. The Republicans made a field day of a matter that shouldnt have even so much as raised an eyebrow. They turned something trivial into the battle of the Little Big Horn in the same way that Dershowitz turned a breeze into a hurricane over a simple comment. Make no mistake; Im no Deanie Bopper by any means. Hes not my cup of pea gravel. But I would never shoot a man in the back like that. Sure, they gunned him down. But, this event will forever stink in the annals of Republican politics because they lowered themselves to the same dank political dungeon of Democrats.

The point is that I was deeply disturbed to see the Republicans emergency-dump their minds and descend upon him like piranhas on a bloody foot in a shallow pond. Stop and think about it; right wing or wrong wing, who would want to vote for someone who had no heart and wasnt passionate about their cause? This is whats called common sense (what an amazing concept). Surely, the Republicans hated Dean and wanted an excuse to blast him into the dirt of the streets of Laredo. But to cast rationality and civility into the toilet and embrace insanity for the purpose of political gain and expediency is inexcusable. Thats playing on the liberal's turf of vileness and is unacceptable to anyone with a sense of conscience and who has any semblance of decency.

This is serious cause for alarm. There has to be at least some link to reality and sanity. There has to be a standard of common sense and decency that is in consistent alignment with our morals and values. There has to be adherence to the Constitution and to that which is above political corruption and contamination.

It would be reasonable to assume that conservatives would be such a link and carry the flag of "righteousness" because it is certain that the Looney Left isnt going to convert to sanity any time soon (they are out in space beyond the moon with no fuel to get back home). But, alas, theres that word assume. We all know what happens when you assume; it makes an ass of u and me.

While conservative leaders are, for now, a far cry from being labeled with such an appellation as insane, the gap appears to be closing. This isn't good. Such an example as the slam-dunking of Dean is enough to warrant suspicion that their tracks are greased and that they are, therefore, headed downhill. Lets look at it this way: while they are somewhat morally conservative , they are otherwise completely part of a socialist police-state mentality wholly headed for a New World Order with all alacrity. This also isn't good.

This means that they are infected with the pernicious virus of liberal-think which invariably leads to terminal stupidity, lack of the ability to lead a country, a lack of offense for moral turpitude, and probably a lack of bowl control. There is a subsequent loss of the knowledge of bottom-line truth and a further loss of common sense. They are basically liberals with a coat of whitewash who will sell their grandmother to the Gypsies for a boost up the political ladder.

It is only a matter of time before this illness runs its full course of riotous ruin of rationality in the same way a little leaven leavens the entire bagel. We can no longer place full trust the Republicans. To do so is to invite disaster. They must be reined back towards true conservatism by those of us who still know what that means.

Now, the good news; I am greatly pleased and relieved to find out that Im not the only one who has taken this position. Others agree and have forsaken those who pass themselves off as conservatives and Republicans yet who consistently betray the American people and the Constitution. There is a solid constituency of people who are quite capable of clearly seeing and hearing bottom-line truth and are letting others know about it. These genuine Americans may or may not have a specific (political) label per se. But, they have set their faces like flint to lay hold on truth and justice and to preach the "gospel of freedom".

These are they that will help fight for the truth (i.e. fight for the freedoms that our founding fathers gave us). They are fighting to restore and keep those things that have been sacrificed on the altars of power and greed of corporate moolah mongers. They militate against the perverse ideologies of left-wing socialist idiots, lackeys, and stooges and against perfidious professional politicians (who is it that cant name a wad of those?!) who promise one thing and do another. They are set n full battle array against those who operate with a seared conscience and with no regard for we the people.

My faith has been buttressed after having found no few sources on the Net that are sounding the clarion call of and for truth. This is the truth that isnt based upon a mixture of a myriad of philosophies which are based upon the shifting sands of the desert of liberalism. Rather, it is bottom-line truth that is based solidly on the concrete facts of the Constitution (which doesnt need to be interpreted but needs only to be obeyed), common sense, good law, ample education, the Bible, and ten thousand years of empirical human history (like understanding that socialism doesn't work).

These are they who have the moxie to criticize all evil and who do not just speak from a purely-partisan position. They fearlessly call a spade a spade and couldn't care less for the vile and opprobrious epithets hurled at them by the defenders of political correctness, those of whatever political persuasion, and the supporters of socialism. They are the vociferous redoubts of reason.

Let's take a closer look at some of these champions of the Constitution, truth, justice, and the American way (please overlook my shameless and super patriotism)? They are those stalwart individuals who pump red, white, and blue and who operate websites, shortwave radio programs, maintain a print media, and those who contribute articles of truth to these truly patriotic news media and sources. It is very likely that youve already seen some of their names, listened to some of their programs, and read some of their articles and essays. A few are: Devvy Kidd, Linda Kimball, Nancy Levant, Jim Kouri, Pastor Chuck Baldwin, Frosty Wooldridge, Betty Freauf, Anthony LoBaido, Michael Cook, Nathan Tabor, Carl F. Worden, Paul Cappadona, Phyllis Schlafly, Kurt Schlichter, and Selwyn Duke (my apologies to a host of others whom I would love to specifically name but cannot at this time due to space considerations).

A few of the websites that are hammering out the truth are: First Amendment Radio (www.firstamendmentradio.com), Truth Radio (www.truthradio.com), News With Views (www.newswithviews.com), Olive Tree Ministries (www.olivetreeviews.org), American Expose (www.amerikanexpose.com), The Federal Observer (www.federalobserver.com), Color Country Courier (http://colorcountrycourier.com), "VCY America" (http://www.vcyamerica.org/ ), "AFR - Focal Point" (http://www.afr.net/afr-talk/focal-point/ ), and many others (again, my apologies for having to be limited).

Though there seems to be an army of liberal thinkers (particularly in seats of leadership) who have rejected truth and the concept of absolutes and who have laid siege to our country with political doctrines of insanity, there is hope, indeed. But, we must pay attention and must be alert. We must do our "homework" and stay on top of political matters lest we be caught unaware and off guard. Ignorance is captivity at the least and, at worst, is destruction. It is one hundred percent avoidable and preventable given the amount of information available on the Internet.

As long as such champions of truth have a mouth and an outlet and as long as people have ears to hear and are praying, there is every reason to believe that current events can be altered and shaped so that we may have a truth-filled (and therefore free) nation. It has happened before in history. It can happen now if we can be in one accord with a unified effort to resist these numerous evils and evil doers. We can overcome if we believe and doubt not and do not faint in our minds (didnt we do it in 1775?).

We can and must pray that God have mercy on this nation and that such freedom fighters that have been mentioned be able to maintain the strength to fight the good fight of faith. Certainly its an uphill battle. The loonies have developed a considerable momentum and have cloaked their pernicious philosophies in black and parked them on our court benches. They are attacking with rabid dog ferocity. But, they are still only human and therefore are not invincible (though they think otherwise, to be sure). The activist America-hating judges can be impeached and ousted. Legislators can be thrown out on their keisters. We can sow the seeds of truth with every breath and to every person and we can gainsay and judge evil and the lunacy of liberalism with the powerful strokes of the pen.

We need not go into slavery willingly or ignorantly and without our vocal cords being stretched to the limit and our heels making drag marks in the concrete. We must maintain our faith and hope for, without a pressing optimism, man loses that hope and without hope, defeat is assured. Staying informed and apprised of "the truth" and staying spiritually strong will insure mountain-moving faith and "all things are possible unto him that believeth".

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