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Right to the End© - Jun 26 2020
with Pastor Randy Minnick : minnick@portervillepost.com

RIGHT to the End © with Pastor Randy It is becoming increasingly certain that Joe Biden simply cannot beat President Trump in the upcoming election. Oh, sure; the polls have Biden ahead and the far left are desperately hanging their hopes on their pipe dreams and a false faade. But, we should confidently remember that they had Hillary Clinton as a strong leader in the polls in 2016. She is still smarting from being crushed by an electoral landslide that swept her into the sea of despair.

Dems have been squirming in their skin trying to figure out how to keep Biden confined so that he wont be discovered to be the incompetent individual that he is. He has been comfortably cooped up (caged?) in his basement where he has seen his numbers rise (for whatever reason). This ruse has worked somewhat for the time being. But, keeping him physically out of the public arena has been a priority because of his deteriorating health (lets be kind).

In an almost astonishing reversal, not only is he now being readied for the eyeball-to-eyeball debates (which are certain to render catastrophic political fallout) but he is actually attracting more (financial) support. So, what gives? Why would anyone pit a doddering old fool against a tough-as-nails president who is sure to eat him alive?

After stepping back a few yards and surveying the incoming information from the previous few weeks, it appears that the left, not only doesnt expect Biden to win, but is actually betting that he wont. That may be a tough pill to swallow but lets examine this matter.

Is their motto Ordu Ab Chao or not? ... Pastor Randy

For one thing, they have already stated that, If Trump wins, were going to burn the country down. This is a paraphrase but anyone who has stayed apprised of current events knows that they will do so (given that they are already doing it, anyway). For another, utter civil chaos has been their agenda all along, has it not? Is their motto Ordu Ab Chao or not? Isnt their goal accomplished in the struggle? Are they (the socialists, anarchists, communists, anti-Americans, un-Americans, Democrats, et. al.) not actively presenting anarchy and lawlessness to an extreme? Is what we are seeing today not the revolution for which they have been pining the previous two decades?

Does anyone at all actually believe that the death of Floyd was the true catalyst for this latest coup attempt? Of course they dont. One black man (YouTube) stated it this way: They kill (N-word) every day. Why is Floyd any different?. He isnt; the Floyd event was an excuse (though not a very good one and very likely a staged one) but not a true match that lit the rebellion (which magically appeared overnight thank you, George Soros).

And, just who are the left blaming for everything about this matter? President Trump, of course (God forbid that they should blame criminals for crime). There will be no changes in this obvious political projection as it is a tactic that is part and parcel of Rules For Radicals.

Take this fact with the statement above (re: Floyd only being a set-up) and what do you have? You have a (hoped-for) civil war and its all Trumps fault. Can you see where this is headed?

Biden cannot win. But, by losing, the Left will still have an excuse to kill, steal, and destroy (after all, We cannot allow evil Donald Trump to be president any longer!). And, out of that chaos, they will establish their racist socialist new world order.

And, out of that chaos, they will establish their racist socialist new world order. ... Pastor Randy

What with the fact that every Democratic (i.e. Leftist/Socialist/Communist/Progressive) leader, mayor, governor, Senator, and Congressman has been openly and utterly supportive of the current civil unrest, you can see that the ultimate showdown is on the horizon. This is the final countdown for this phase of the globalist takeover. Civil war is the end game for the traitorous Democrats.

Lets take the time machine back to May and June of 1944. Japan had no doubts that it would lose the war. Its military might had been, through great cost, sacrifice, and effort, smashed in only three years. Still, though desperate, it was not down for the count; Japan was prepared to pull out all stops to make its enemies pay a bloody price for an allied victory. That they did.

Part of the plan was using Kamikaze (Devine Wind) attacks.

Part of the plan was using Kamikaze (Devine Wind) attacks. This is a tactic that involved suicide attacks on the enemy. What few remaining aircraft resources were martialed, mustered, manned (largely with young low-time barely-trained pilots), and launched against the enemy at Leyte Gulf, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa. If that did not succeed in stopping the enemy, every able-bodied civilian was being prepared to fight to the finish (with an unfathomable loss of life) to save the homeland.

The effort was devastating, to say the least. Allied losses were high. In all of that, the Japanese were hoping against hope that their enemies would be dispirited and simply not accept the tidal wave of blood and carnage they extracted and simply sue for peace. That did not happen.

When we review the German tactics that preceded the end of World War Two, we see a similar dynamic. In December of 1944, the Germans, knowing that defeat was imminent, threw whatever available men and material into an assault called The Battle of the Bulge. Their hope was to launch a surprise attack across northern France and take the Belgium port of Antwerp (which would have deprived the allies of a much-needed supply line). Despite a brilliant initial success by the Germans, the allies fought tenaciously and won the battle. The defeat left the German military in ruins and the war was over in fewer than five months.

Fast-forward to the present. The tactics used by the Democrats in these pre-election months is much the same. However, their hope and odds of winning in the long run are actually very high. Remember that half of this country (but especially the black population) is as insane, delusional, and rabidly indefatigable, as they are. They are resolute that they will never be under the shackles of sanity, law and order, civility, patriotism, or peace. They will fight to the death for their chaotic agenda.

They will fight to the death for their chaotic agenda. ... Pastor Randy

Remember, also, that the younger generations are also brainwashed to hate their country, its history, its culture, and its heritage; many are willing to turn to violence on behalf of their militant un-American discourse (rendering them useful idiots). There is little hope for them.

Knowing these things, we can conclude that, whether they win the election or not, there may well be a win for their agenda. If they win the election (they wont), they can simply implement their evil legislation. If they do not win (they wont), they will destroy the country until they get their way by forcing the good people of our nation (worn down by decades of lunacy from the left) to capitulate; they will surrender their freedoms for the next century.

Another likely scenario is that we the people will simply be tired of the insanity and take on the civil war that the Democrats demand. It is sickening to think that the Democrats cannot be reckoned or negotiated with. They know but one thing; force. Force is their weapon of choice and there may be no recourse but to stop these lunatics by using their own tactics. Yes; there will be blood in the streets.

There has been no resistance to the left and their kamikaze tactics that anyone can tell.

One nagging and frightful question remains: just where do the Republicans stand on this matter? Why do they stand in silence (other than perhaps some perfunctory muttering for show) and watch the country go up in flames? Why are they not fighting for our country and our freedom?! Why do they stand and take body blow after body blow and do nothing but fret and stew?

Why do they let Nutty Nancy destroy our history and legacy in Congress (when she removed the pictures of previous speakers of the House)? Are they cowards? Have they morphed onto quasi-Democrats? It is doubtful that we actually have a two-party system given that the Republicans resemble the Democrats more often than they do Republicans (albeit without the enthusiasm of the left).

Are they pretending to be following a plan of some kind and hoping for a V-Weapon to save them? Since silence is complicity, are they truly on our side or are they just pocketing a paycheck and going through the motions of being a Republican while tacitly rooting for the destruction of the nation?

No army can win a war when their opponents have a passion for their cause and a vision for victory (even if its an evil vision) and they are silent and even complicit as they are being pummeled into oblivion. On that front, the right is losing.

If the Republicans fail us yet again, will we the people be forced to be kamikazes to save our lives and our land?

Let us pray not. God help us.

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