(Jun 12 2015) - Christians Arise !!!
PORTERVILLE, CA -- This politically active writer was astounded by certain information tendered by CNN during the previous three election cycles. The fact was that a mind-bending 75% of Christians dont vote! The impact of this deliberate and inexcusable inaction is almost incalculable. Stop and think; there would be no close elections at all if Christians would just vote. Almost all of the elections in the previous decade have been lost or won by a hairs breadth and some involved great controversy. Please hear this ...

(Feb 09 2015) - When the Enemy Comes In Like a Flood: Pt II
PORTERVILLE, CA -- In "Part I", we discovered that our warfare is very real, very deadly, and that it brings an opportunity to abide in fear continuously (because the evil isn't going away). It is not at all a "fleshly" or "carnal" war but rather it is a "spiritual" fight literally "to the finish" (i.e. to the end of the age/world). The victory will be "to him who overcomes". In other words, if you don't fight, you will lose the "good fight of faith" by default just as a football team would lose a game by not showing up to play. That doesn't make sense in the natural realm and it certainly doesn't make sense in the spiritual realm. Surrender has never been an option in Christianity at any time for any reason!

(Jan 23 2015) - When the Enemy Comes In Like a Flood
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Without controversy, the enemy of our nation, our prosperity, our heritage, and our culture are here. His war against us incorporates his hatred for our race and his vengeance will fall heavily upon us for our daring to be white Christian nation. Speculation as to his intentions are now made concrete by his overwhelming multi-spectrum categorical attack against us (read: "fundamental change").

(Dec 13 2014) - Dealing With Insanity
PORTERVILLE, CA -- What does one do when the entire world around them has gone absolutely crazy? How do you handle dealing with people who never allow the truth, facts, empirical evidence, or a boat-load of history, culture, and tradition to interfere with their thinking? In other words, just how do you deal with the insane people who we often refer to as liberals, leftists, progressives, socialists, "Marxists", "Communists", One Worlders, tree huggers, and by and large, Democrats?

(Apr 08 2014) - Divide and Conquer
PORTERVILLE, CA -- One very simple rule of warfare is to "divide conquer". One way to implement this strategy is to divide your enemy into separate forces to lessen their chance of success as we see in the history of warfare. Jesus spoke of this exact dynamic: "But he, knowing their thoughts, said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and a house divided against a house falleth" (Lu 11:17) Another is to pit a kingdom (house) against itself as we see in history. Disinformation, misinformation, and propagana is used to divide loyalties and/or to engender strife against the establishment. It is a powerful and effectual strategy.

(Mar 01 2014) - I Have Found
PORTERVILLE, CA -- After more than 30 years of paying attention to history and politics, I have found that revisionist history is rampant (and forcefully gaining) in this country. It would appear that haters of truth, justice, and the American way, would keep us in darkness regardless of cost. Such perpetrators doubtless have an equally dark agenda, an agenda that will come to no good for "we the people". One such example of revisionism concerns the reasons for which the Civil War was fought.

(Feb 24 2014) - There Is Hope
PORTERVILLE, CA -- I don't recall the exact program (it's been about a year or so) but I do remember the incident. Liberal leader, Alan Dershowitz, and a particular "right winger" (whose name escapes me at the moment) were being interviewed on a talking-heads program of some kind on whatever news program. The guy on the right made a simple comment in passing concerning a person of color. Dershowitz went straight to the moon as if someone had uncorked a phosphorous grenade in his skivvies. Out of nowhere he scowled and growled, "That was a racist remark!"

(Dec 21 2013) - A Hatred for the Rich Does Not Constitute ...
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Marxist Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama has campaigned tirelessly to brainwash America into accepting his "spread the wealth" agenda. It's not that he has been the only leader to try to do so; it's just that he is the first one to openly use "Marxist speak" to the public whom we have now found to be too uninformed (PC speak for "stupid") to know what he was saying. The socialist agenda, of course, is all about stealing from those whom are perceived to be rich so that others, having less but not necessarily "poor", get their "fair share".

(Nov 28 2013) - Patriotic Thanksgiving
PORTERVILLE, CA -- When we closely examine our "Thanksgiving Day" holiday and practices, we find, at least at first glance, that most folks take this event fairly casually. Great focus is placed upon travel, family reunion, dinners, and such. How easy it is for all of us to get caught up in the spirit of the event. Also, the commercialization of "Thanksgiving" has become paramount to the point that the day after that blessed day is the largest retail sales day of the year. I can think of no reason not to get a great discount on a long-awaited item. But, is that all there is to it?

(Nov 03 2013) - Hook, Line, and Sinker
PORTERVILLE, CA -- We all know what the hook was: "Hope and Change". We also know what the line was: "We live in the best country in the world! Help me change it!" Well, a lot of people swallowed the hook and the line and they also got the sinker while they were at it. All things tallied, Barrack Hussein Obama is the "sinker" since it has been his plan all along to sink our nation into the depths of poverty, the equal sharing of misery, and being totally dependent upon a "Big Brother" nanny police state.

(Oct 05 2013) - Situational Ethics (Liberal-think Series)
PORTERVILLE, CA -- For a long time I've tried to chase down the roots of liberal thinking. It has taken awhile because, just like any tree, there are many roots proceeding from its base. This article is about merely a single root. Yet, it is an extremely important one because it is the shield behind which liberals hide and with which they defend their illogic and social demeanor (or, more accurately, misdemeanor). "Webster's Dictionary" (online) defines "Situation Ethic" as: "a system of ethics by which acts are judged within their contexts instead of by categorical principles - called also situational ethics."

(Sep 09 2013) - It's the Dems, Folks (Pt II)
PORTERVILLE, CA -- We now must take note of another undeniable fact; 95% of blacks will vote for the Democratic Party and have for at least the previous 50 years or so.1 Though nothing could be further from the truth, it is understood that blacks believe that the Democratic Part is on their side and fighting for them. This, too, will factor into this topic in a major way. There is an insidious parallel dynamic that has managed to worm its way into our culture like a steel-toothed pirana. It's that of the homosexual agenda.

(Aug 08 2013) - It's the Dems, Folks (Pt I)
PORTERVILLE, CA -- In 1965 the town of Watts, CA suffered a serious riot. The entire account can be found on "Wikipedia". An excerpt states: "The Watts Riots took place in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles from August 11 to 17, 1965. The six-day riot resulted in 34 deaths, 1,032 injuries, 3,438 arrests, and over $40 million in property damage." From an historical viewpoint, we see a riot ignited by racial tensions and at least some certain injustices: "These racial injustices caused Watts' African American population to explode on August 11, 1965 in what would become the Watts Rebellion"[1]

(Jul 04 2013) - There Are No More Arguments
PORTERVILLE, CA -- (An Open Letter to Liberals) There is no more arguing the matter of the evils of "assault rifles", none. The facts are in and the jury, consisting of history, statistics from the DOJ, data from the several states and their cities, and independent studies galore has returned a verdict that has been rendered in all truth and verity and its conclusion is beyond refutation. After this point in time, all argumentation for any gun control (especially assault rifles) is in all intellectual dishonesty, willful ignorance, and/or deception all of which are tendered in the promulgation of an (obvious) agenda.

(Jun 16 2013) - Why Pray for America ?
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Let's tack a couple of things to the table prior to plunging very far into this topic of why we should pray for our nation. These simple things are very important. First of all, this writer is an optimist and I pump red, white, and blue. Why shouldn't I be an optimist? I grew up in the (very) patriotic 1950's proudly saluting the American every single day that I was in elementary school. In one teacher's class we regularly sang patriotic songs (and the class included the children of Mexican immigrants).

(Mar 26 2013) - We Don't Need No Stinking Government Waste
PORTERVILLE, CA -- I'm not naive. I've known about our government's insistence upon inefficiency and waste for a very long time. Sometimes it appears that we all view such matters as "gravity"; just one of those things that we can't change so we just go with the flow. However, this persistent plutocratic profligacy was pitched into my face by a source that was too close to ignore and it has caused a stench in my nostrils.

(Mar 29 2013) - Dealing With Insanity
PORTERVILLE, CA -- What does one do when the entire world around them has absolutely gone crazy? How do you handle dealing with people who never allow the truth, facts, empirical evidence, or a boat-load of history, culture, and tradition to interfere with their thinking? In other words, just how do you deal with the insane people who we often refer to as "liberals", "leftists", "progressives", "socialists", "One World'ers", "tree huggers", and by and large, "Democrats"?

(Feb 17 2013) - Looking Through the Deception : Part II
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Since I first voted in the 1970's I've heard the same rhetoric election after election. That would be "change this, change that, change, change, change". I've seen nothing positive about any changes so far. The Republicans (supposedly "conservatives") particularly have failed to change much at all in the previous 40 years. Roe vs Wade would be a good example. That hasn't changed though 4 of the previous 6 presidents (prior to Barack Hussein Obama) were Republicans. That speaks loudly to me especially since conservatism has not been protected at all (meaning that I have fewer rights now than ever).

(Dec 20 2012) - When Big Cities Rule the Country
PORTERVILLE, CA -- "When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe." (quote is from a letter Jefferson wrote to James Madison i 1787). Jefferson returned to the same theme in an 1800 letter to Benjamin Bush: "I view great cities as pestilential to the morals, the health and the liberties of man. True, they nourish some of the elegant arts; but the useful ones can thrive elsewhere; and less perfection in the others, with more health, virtue and freedom, would be my choice." It is rather astounding to note that Europe's ills have been festering for such a long time and that they are without remediation.

(Oct 01 2012) - Looking Through the Deception : Part I
PORTERVILLE, CA -- One of the most serious of deceptions that liberals purvey is that they are something other than the National Socialist Party. Americans are blindly following these killers of America taking no thought for the consequences. It takes a mere couple of minutes and a Google search to prove incontrovertibly that they are stone cold socialists (what part of "spread the wealth" and "wealth redistribution" are people not understanding?). What is readily apparent from the search is that the Democratic Party's agenda is point for point congruent with the American Socialist Party ...

(Aug 02 2012) - Not in My Back Yard ?
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Given our town's proximity to larger cities, I suppose that it was bound to happen. And, I've known for a long time that the "Flying Fickle Finger of Fate" spares few. Now that I think about it, it makes sense; the Feds fnd a weapons cache in a smallish south-central San Joaquin Valley town. Nestled at the base of the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountain, my modest home town typifies America. Our people are hard-working and industrious and most are the friendly sort. What a perfect place to hide AK-47's and other assault weapons if you are a "no-goodnik".

(Jul 23 2012) - If Only - Part II
PORTERVILLE, CA -- There is an explanation though it cannot be used as an excuse per se because ignorance, again, cannot be accepted as normative. The excuse is the "Romans 13" doctrine. A synopsis of this doctrine is that God installs all leaders, whether good or evil, as heads of nations. In other words, Adolph Hitler was installed by God so that he could kill Jews (God's chosen people), steal freedom and property from the nation's people (through socialism), and destroy other countries including his own with warfare. Does this make sense to you? It make absolutely no sense to me either.

(Jun 12 2012) - If Only - Part I
PORTERVILLE, CA -- An astounding fact came to my attention during the year 2000 elections. According to a CNN poll, 75% of those who profess to be Christians don't vote. Oh, yes. Let me repeat that so you don't think that I'm stuttering, in some somnolent state due to a lack of sleep, or have overdosed on my beloved coffee latte's. 75% of believers don't vote. If you think that's an eye opener, check out this next chunk of truth. Of the 25% of Christians who do vote, one fourth of them will vote for the Devil's man of the hour! I wasn't stuttering on that one either.

(Feb 02 2012) - A Tragedy of Monumental Proportions
PORTERVILLE, CA -- That is what the CNN headlines screamed as it related how a lone gunman executed 31 people in cold blood at Virginia Tech on April 16th of 2007. 31 lives were mercilessly and needlessly ended by a man whose own passions convinced him that he was "God for a day" and could give or take life at his whim. Yes, this was a heart-rending tragedy. But, there is a second monumental tragedy here. It's that the gun control loonies will now go on the march to defeat the prospect of people actually defending themselves from future such events. They will not allow the truth, evidence, or any and all facts, to interfere with their campaign to end self-protection in America.

(Jan 10 2012) - Hocus Pocus POTUS
PORTERVILLE, CA -- As with any magic act, it's all about "illusion". The artist magician/illusionist attempts to make that which is impossible be possible and does so right before the eyes of the viewer. Often he uses one or more assistants who are "in on the deal". In fact, the illusion actually seems believable. Chris Angel is one of the master illusionists who executes this exact dynamic with stunning professionalism. It appears that he can levitate, crawl through a huge spinning fan, or put his arm through a solid plate glass window.

(Nov 25 2011) - My Fellow Minorities
PORTERVILLE, CA -- It's official now. I am a minority in my own home state of California. Oh, shock! Oh, horror! No. It's not that I'm a minority. Anyone with a brain larger than a cumquat knew it was coming. Rather, the shock is that the "experts" had predicted that I would get to wait several more years prior to being forced into second-class status and having to learn a new language to be able to live in my own country. "What cynicism!" some would say. Well ... OK.

(Nov 01 2011) - Perfidy and Politics
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Being an "early Boomer", I can attest to a time where people expected at least a modicum of civility, character, and respect from those who were "highly visible". That would be such as those who are in public office or in the entertainment and sports industries. For instance: TV shows had network censors to assure that our children wouldn't be receiving an "education" on certain topics prior to their being prepared through the normal course of parenting. Sponsors would take flight if a program were to even remotely offend the viewing audience. Unlike today, they couldn't be bought.

(Oct 15 2011) - Granny Get Your Gun
PORTERVILLE, CA -- After a somewhat recent article from Stephen Frank's "California Political News and Views" I was forced to finalize a picture of something that I've seen coming for a long time now. It's a hard pill to swallow since I've been influenced by government propaganda for so long (you know; the part where they teach you from the first grade that the government is on our side and they are here to help). I actually had an ever-shrinking reservation of hope-against-hope that our government had a few "good guys" at the top that actually cared if we lived or died. Silly me.

(Sep 30 2011) - Immigration Law Is Not Emotional: Part II
PORTERVILLE, CA -- It is actually a normal response to care that illegals are human beings. It is understood that they are trekking to this country through the harshest of conditions. It is also understood that they have much to gain and are in high hopes of boarding the "freebie train" in the "promised land" that flows with milk and money (sic). Such a reaction understands that these are desperately poor people who are living in squalor and who desire a better life. They want their children to have a chance in life and to escape the grinding poverty. But, are emotions a qualification to usurp standing law?

(Sep 29 2011) - Immigration Law Is Not Emotional: Part I
PORTERVILLE, CA -- According to at least one of the Webster's Dictionaries, a law is defined as: "That which is not subject to change in its given parameters." In other words, a law is an absolute unless changed by the one's who made the law. Then, it may be repealed like "Prohibition", amended, or modified in some way. This makes sense when one doesn't want to be governed purely by anarchy or emotional dynamics.

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