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Right to the End© - Jul 25 2017
with Pastor Randy Minnick : minnick@portervillepost.com

RIGHT to the End © with Pastor Randy Lets start with a disclaimer. I truly hate to have to write a disclaimer. But, not enough of my countrymen seem to be able to connect the dots when reading something pertaining to politics and have little reading comprehension and interpretive skills. Mysteriously, even when such skills are apparent, its as though these skills are not being applied or acted upon. And, there seems to be little common horse sense among the American people. Because of this, a disclaimer is not only warranted but is required and the author is compelled to act accordingly.

The disclaimer: this article is not being written to demean or belittle my countrymen. This American has been proudly saluting Old Glory since at least 1955 and has seen most of those with whom he grew up do the same. His patriotism is nonpareil and his heart pumps the proverbial red, white, and blue. Far be it from such a one as I to be an enemy of or a burden to my brethren, my kinsmen, or my neighbors.

It is being written out of astonishment that Americans are being led around by the nose like little children who havent a clue as to what or why the world in which they grew up in is dissolving around them. The truly mind-bending dynamic here is that, not only is their God Bless America world dissolving, it is dissolving with the full complicity and cooperation of at least half of them (again, though without their understanding which is why this article is being written).

It is being written as a gentle wake up call. Hopefully, and with the Lords help, this article will encourage them to amend their lack of awareness of the dynamics that are, with their help, destroying their country and which may even kill them, their children, and, with all reasonable expectation, their grandchildren.

Lets begin with this simple but profound statement: because of ignorance, people/cities/counties/states/countries go into captivity. Sound familiar? Sure. Its a paraphrase of Isaiah 5:13 in the Bible. But, lets cement in our minds just how serious this matter is. This is a spiritual law. It is an absolute and it cannot be nullified or rescinded merely by ignoring it, by gainsaying it, refuting it, or using some sort of religious apologetic to circumvent it. Disbelief will not alter it and (political) obfuscations cannot ultimately hide or determine its resolution. This simple principle is as dangerous as any time bomb because it can also lead to destruction (see Hosea 4:6).

In an era when the entirety of knowledge of mankind is literally available at ones fingertips (via the Internet using a keyboard and computer, of course), most Americans are politically ignorant beyond imagination. To say that this is a shame is an understatement of incalculable proportion.

Instead of learning about the forces that are Hell-bent on controlling them, Americans (including and especially Christians) live a life based almost solely on entertainment and distraction. Its a que sera, sera attitude that has no option but to lead to captivity. Let me repeat that differently: there is no option other than captivity for those who insist on allowing others to control their life (by the default of ignorance and unwillingness to pay attention to their world). Call if fatalism , if you please, because it most assuredly can be fatal (pun intended).

Theres more to this than the one lone dynamic of ignorance that is destroying our nation. There are many reasons but lets focus on a major issue that confronts our ability to remain America. It can be summed up in one word: selfishness and it involves mans nature to take the path of least resistance. Its nothing less than man wanting to either keep or increase his level of comfort if he can. Theres nothing inherently evil about this dynamic. Its merely another part of mans make up that requires discipline lest it rule over him rather than vice versa. It also requires wisdom and understanding which, unfortunately, few seem to pursue because it requires them to be propelled out of their comfort zone if they should do so.

Because lacking discipline, wisdom, and understanding is optional (given the vast and free resources available to all), then there is no real reason for our nation to be in the grip of an enemy called Selfish. Again, its mindset that exists in all humans to whatever degree and it is easily remediable with minimal effort.

But, for at least the previous half century, this selfish phenomenon seems to have escaped the corral of common sense and has stampeded through our society like a herd of wild buffalo spooked by a thunderstorm. It threatens our economy and therefore it threatens our existence.

Lets cut to the chase and speak very frankly about the matter: very recently, weve seen our president attempt to straighten out trade imbalances and to promote and protect the domestic welfare of our nation. He cant do that because of the nations populace who would rather purchase cheap foreign made products than to employ their own countrymen to make these same things.

Please pay attention: the Left, One Worlders, and the complicit Right-RINOs, are therefore grinning from ear to ear because they know that their engineered dynamic of wealth redistribution is working well. In other words, if Trump attempt to bring jobs back home, there will be a price increase on any goods manufactured or made in America. They know only too well that any attempt to undo their carefully crafted economic wealth redistribution trap (sending our money to other countries while they send back very little) will not be accepted by ignorant selfish Americas who are hooked on artificially cheap goods from abroad and who are addicted to the quantify verses quality dynamic. So, no such price increase will be allowed.

The Left uses this point for a powerful propaganda campaign using it to prove how un-American President Trump is and how he doesnt care for we the people. Because of Americas demand for ignorance and boundless selfishness, theres no way for Trump to win this argument.

Can you see how this insidious trap has been crafted over the decades? Politicians do not control people with facts! They control them through the dynamics of demagoguery. It is an evil thing but it works exceedingly well. People will not give up their comfort zone especially when other politicians will insure it. No matter what happens to aid our workers, any attempt will be perceived to be an attack on the middle class.

President Trump is in a damned if you dont and damned if you do conundrum that even his own party will reinforce unless voters are shoved out of their profound stupidity and political inertia and resolve to be informed (noting that there is no stasis in warfare). He is attempting to bring jobs back to America. However, this means that the increased cost of most (though not all) homemade goods will force a new and higher paradigm against the artificially low prices weve seen for the previous couple of decades.

Trump, himself, may not see this matter as irresolvable and may not be in a quandary at this time. He may, rather, see it as just another problem to solve and simply shove his agenda through thereby keeping his promises. That would leave him with the hope that he will be re-elected so that he can certify and continue this matter so that it cannot be overthrown by whoever the next (America Last) president that comes along will certainly try to do.

Can you see how we did this to ourselves? We walked into this trap with open eyes but with an inordinately closed reasoning being distracted by the temptations of greater acquisition and perceived wealth. We preferred to save a few bucks rather than consider the consequences of having politicians load gravy onto our plates (while garnering our praises for doing so) without noting that a lot of gravy would end up making a mess on the floor.

Those consequences are now creating a dire economic crisis of serious concern. Are we going to bite the bullet and correct this runaway mogwai (from the movie Gremlins. i.e. cute at first but bears evil demonic offspring) while there is (hopefully) still time? Can we ween ourselves from our selfish comfort zone and do without cheap things from abroad? Do we understand that if we do not discipline ourselves and purposely correct this hideous mess that the cost will be far more than we can imagine and one from which we may take perhaps as long as a century (if ever) to recover?

We need to ask ourselves, How can we last in an economic environment where we are all price whores who lay aside our common sense for a few dollars and revel in our economic pleasures with no concern for the consequences? And, How do we last in an hour when we dont care whats right or wrong? (ignorance/not caring is always a vote for evil and not acting for good is to be complicit in evil) Can we survive when we dont try to understand and we let the Devil take tomorrow for today we need a friend by the name of Captain Save-a-Buck (ala the song Help Me Make It Through The Night?

This is neither the day nor the hour to relax even for so much as a moment. We must remain appraised of the wiles of our merciless, violent, and rabid enemies who hate our nation and have, for decades, labored indefatigably to destroy it. Our lack of focus and determination to win must never waver because you can rest assured that the enemy will never allow himself to do that. We must fight both the enemy and our own natural predilections for comfort and ease because no battle is ever won in a comfort zone but in the trenches.

Above all, we must stay strengthened by knowing from whence and from whom our strength comes. We must be guided by His Spirit and live by His principles and His word. Lacking these things, we will fail in an apocalypse that sees the greatest nation that has ever existed crushed and helpless and dependent upon a one-world savior.

Ponder these things then act upon them. There is no more time.

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