(Dec 29 2009) - Criminals, Freedom Fighters, P.O.W.'s ... NOT !!!
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Settle down,Troops, this is going to be another rant against the idiocy of the jelly-spined, scum-sucking, liberal left. Those of you with liberal views, who have high blood pressure or heart problems, GET OUTTA HERE!!! Go kiss a tree, or a Delta Smelt, or you can kiss my donkey, but he bites. If you ain't sick, keep your butt right where it is!!! You might learn something. Understand,Troops, I don't condemn ALL LIBERALS. I know some wonderful people (& have relatives, some of whom are just stupid, but not evil) who are liberal.

(Dec 27 2009) - Singing "The Anthem"
PORTERVILLE, CA -- G'day, Troops. Hope y'all had a great Christ Mass & that the New Year is good to you. Just a short stand-up, today, to give some personal news. Recently, I had the honor of being invited to sing (and singing) the National Anthem. For those who are not singers, this is equivalent to a baseball player getting to play in "The Series". Guess I need to keep better track, but suffice it to say that this isn't the first time. This is my favorite hymn (to sing) for several reasons.

(Dec 14 2009) - Dumb, dumber & downright stupid !!!
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Take SEATS!!! Settle down,Troops! This is going to be another chapter in the continuing story of "Stupidity is Endless". For those of you who are 2nd Amendment supporters, you may be excused. You already have an "A", in this class. If you wish to take notes to educate the un-informed, the brain-dead or the brain-less (can't brain-wash them 'cause you'd have to find it, first) please feel free to stay & good luck.

(Dec 08 2009) - Decorated Vet Told He Can't Fly Flag ?
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Alright, Troops, get quiet. This is SERIOUS!!! The editor published a story about a decorated vet ( holder of the C.M.H., that's Congressional Medal of Honor, for you "Newbies".) who has been told he can't fly the American Flag because of some "neighborhood association rules". I'd like to tell them what they can do with their rules!!! The desecration of the American Flag has been upheld as "freedom of speech" & I & a whole bunch of my "Buds" would like to exercise OUR freedom of expression on those "freedom of speechers".

(Nov 26 2009) - Season of Thanks
PORTERVILLE, CA -- At Ease !!! God Bless America !!! In this season of thanks we will begin, today, with a word of thanks. UNCOVER !!! Heavenly Father, we come to you to thank you for all of the many blessings you bestow on us, totally without our merit. We ask that you make us truly grateful for all you have given us. We ask you to help us in our efforts to be deserving and to help us to deal, with justice and mercy, with those who hate us.

(Nov 20 2009) - Another 'E-Lie' about Obama
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Quiet down,Troops!!! This won't take long. It's another verse of a song I'm getting really tired of singing. Some low-life, mis-anthropic, mal-adjusted, mis-begotten piece of cesspool sludge has decided to pollute the air we breath with yet ANOTHER lie about obama. This (as well as offending decent people [& NCOs too] ) Creates the possibility that, once it is exposed, conservatives could look like the cesspool sludge.

(Nov 14 2009) - ALL TROOP ALERT!!! Obama on arms control treaty
PORTERVILLE, CA -- ALERT!!! ALERT!!! We are at threat level DELTA!!! All leaves canceled!!! Prepare to repel invaders. Once, again, Troops, we are dealing with another mess the left has created. According to Reuter's "News Svc", our govern(lack of)mental(capacity) employees are placing us in harm's way. For years the lefties (George [I hate America] Soros & his cronies) have been trying to circumvent the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, by getting an international treaty signed & ratified, which would supersede our own laws.

(Nov 10 2009) - O.B.A.M.A. C.A.R.E. One Big A---d Mistake
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Stand Easy, Troops!!! Looks as if "Governmental Intelligence" may NOT be a total oxymoron, or as Buggs Bunny used to say, ..an oxymaroon." Seems that, although la pellosi & her goons got it past the house, the Senate of the United States is going to step up and honor their collective oath of office to "...support, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, against all enemies, foreign an domestic."

(Nov 04 2009) - Back Lash Builds ...
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Stand easy, Troops!! Best news we've had in a while. 2 dim-o-crass governors(?) lost out. White House says it isn't a repudiation of Obama. Gee, let's see. Every GOP loss was touted, by the dims as a repudiation of Pres. Bush. So, what they're saying is that these guys were just idiots (on their own) & that the Obama-ites are still on-point. Well, if they screwed up by electing these guys, how much of a stretch is it to figure that they JUST MAY have screwed up, by electing Obama?

(Nov 01 2009) - Governmental Waste ...
PORTERVILLE, CA -- If that ain't redundant, I'll eat my Beanie. O.K.,Troops! Time for me to sound off, again. In case you have been in isolation & haven't heard about the latest plan to rip us off, listen & listen tight! 1st, we have the "John Murtha International Airport". The only problem is that the traffic volume is not enough to support a hot-dog stand, much less a multi-million dollar (as in $200M) boondoggle paid for by, can you guess? If he & his cronies want the convenience of a special airport, let them pay for it out of their exorbitant (mostly un-earned) salaries, or get a paper route.

(Oct 13 2009) - A Fallen Soldier
PORTERVILLE, CA -- UNCOVER!!! Now there will be a moment of silence for prayer for (and reflection on the sacrifices of) our Troops in harm's way. COVER!!! My reserve unit is in mourning with our C.O. (Commanding Officer) for the death of her son, in Afghanistan. We all know that when we, or our loved ones, embark on a term of military service, this is a very real possibility. My own mother, with tears in her eyes, asked me to promise not to volunteer for Vietnam. She said that her greatest fear was that she would outlive one of her kids. I guess she would have been upset with me, because I signed up for OCS (Officer Training) and rotary wing flight school. Had I finished OCS, next stop would have been "chopper" school & guess where they needed "chopper" pilots, in 1967?

(Oct 11 2009) - Sgt. Mack, on Disaster Survival
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Emergencies happen every day. How we respond to them can make the difference between life & death, for us and our loved ones. Understand one thing, at the outset. It is not selfish to ensure your own survival, as best you can. You can't help anyone else if you become a casualty. My reserve unit had a module on "Emergency Preparedness", recently. One of the first things the Sgt Major asked was, "How many people have a flashlight?" A few raised their hands. Next, "How many have one on their person, right NOW?" Only he and I raised our hands.

(Oct 03 2009) - Preview of 'Obama Papers' Part 2, 1st Installment
PORTERVILLE, CA -- GET IN HERE!!! MOVE IT, MOVE IT!!! Now zip the lips & listen VERY CAREFULLY!!! I'm less than a tripwire's diameter away from getting REALLY TICKED!!! For you "non-priors", think of a verrry thin guitar string & you'll be in the ballpark. I'm already irritated, so no B.S. I already told you people, in "Part 1, The Obama Papers", where I read the book, "Dreams From My Father" (& let me tell you, it was ugly) that I don't want to see people mis-quoting, taking things out of context or in any other way, spreading mis-conceptions about B.O., the guy in the White House.

(Sept 20 2009) - Another Fine Mess ~ {They've} ~ Gotten Us Into!
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Get in here! Get seated! Get quiet!!! TROOP ALERT!!! California is experiencing, yet another crisis! I refer to "Producer Flight". Just as the 60's "White Flight" saw the exodus of white people to the suburbs (with the attendant drain of capital) and the minorities becoming majorities, in the cities, so do we now see increasing numbers of (over-taxed, over-regulated, over-governed) tax-payers (who are tired of paying the bills for so many un-related "dependents" and having to ask "Mother may I" before they sneeze) fleeing the "Socialist Republic of Kalifornia".

(Sept 16 2009) - NO EXCUSES !!! Always Be Prepared !!!
PORTERVILLE, CA -- NO EXCUSES!!! None of my troops better get caught unprepared!!! File in quickly, Troops. Take SEATS! Now, take notes! Living in the rarified air of the mountains, I guess I have overcome any effects of hypoxia (inadequate oxygen) that some of the visitors to our area seem to experience. While driving in my A.O. (area of operation) I noticed a couple who seemed about to depart the road for a nature walk. Pulling over, I asked if they were locals. When they answered negatively, I asked if they were aware of all of the animal hazards at 3500 ft. Again, a negative. I informed them that we have bear, wild pig, mt. lion, bobcat, coyote & rattlesnake, as well as ticks that carry lyme disease.

(Aug 31 2009) - Obama Papers : Dreams From My Father
PORTERVILLE, CA -- All right troops! Settle in & settle down! We've a lot to cover & I want to get you out by chow time! I know you have been anxiously awaiting this info. As I closed Mr. Obama's first book,I found myself filled with (sometimes conflicting) impressions. In his narrative of his early years & the unfolding of his family I, often, found a guy who seemed to be just looking for answers and I might have enjoyed getting together w/ him to try to solve the problems of the world. Had he remained what I perceived as a down-to-earth, open, genuine guy, I believe I would have seen that, in the election, and (in spite of his liberal leanings) voted for him (instead of McCain, whose war record I respect but whose legislative record gave me serious doubts) because I believe I could have trusted Mr. Obama.

(Aug 25 2009) - Libyan bomber, released by Scots
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Take SEATS!!! DO NOT be at ease!!! You are on alert, at threat level Charlie! I want you scanning 360 degrees, especially your 6 o'clock. The inmates are running the asylum and there is IMMINENT danger!!! I am really tired of playing Paul Revere but somebody has to do it. If the Scots, who are (I am ashamed to say) my distant cousins, released this terrorist for "humanitarian reasons", then they are criminally stupid!!! If it was (as I have read, possibly) a business deal, then they are just, plain, criminal and there is no excoriation too severe (or even severe enough) to be directed at them.

(Aug 24 2009) - 2nd Installment "The Obama Papers"
PORTERVILLE, CA -- At ease, troops! Just a "Flash" from the middle. I've already been to the front (of "Dreams From My Father)& it wasn't pretty. Mr. Obama wrote in a meandering style that made me ask, "What is the point and will he ever get there?" Mercifully, he did, finally making some cogent points about race relations (and other problems) in America, but I decided he was being paid, by the word. I was reminded of a highly prophetic statement (by Frank,a friend of B.H.O.'s Grandfather, in Hawaii), "They'll train you to manipulate words so they don't mean anything anymore."

(Aug 23 2009) - Obama presidency, boon or bane ?
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Stand easy, troops, just a brief stand-up, to put to rest the latest. S.H.(latrine) rumors. I've been hearing a whole bunch of S. (stuff), about B.H.O., the guy in the White House. I'm here to tell you the facts. I haven't got the vaguest idea!!! I would suggest, however, that you follow my lead. Get his books, from used bookstores, the library, etc, & READ THEM!!! Then you will know, from his own words, irrefutable, what he intends for the American people.

(Aug 19 2009) - GLOBAL Warming, cooling or GOVERNANCE ???
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Fall out, troops! Grab some ground, it's rant time, again!! Global Warming! No, Cooling! No, Warming! The Sky is Falling! Delta Smelt (I've "smelt" the delta & I'm telling you it ain't pretty), Fairy Shrimp, Spotted Owls, The Caribou!!! What will the rabid "greenies" (hereinafter referenced as the "rgs") choose as their next "cause celebre"? I have an idea, how about "Save Our Homo Sapiens"? Oh,I forgot. We ARE the problem. If all human life (according to the "rgs") could be wiped out, like an infection,"Mother Earth" would be better off.

(Aug 09 2009) - Basic Movements for Total Control :
PORTERVILLE, CA -- G'Day, Troops -- Back from my drill weekend. Something happened that might give you a chuckle. It did more than that, for those present. At the request of my SGT Major, I was conducting a class on "Manual of Arms". For the uninitiated, the "16-count Manual of Arms" contains all of the basic movements a soldier needs to master, to stand guard, participate in a parade and (basically) carry a rifle, in a military environment, giving the appearance of some degree of competence.

(Aug 01 2009) - Insubordinate Computers and Immigrants :
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Relax, troops, I'm not AWOL, just having insubordination issues with my computer. I spend an hour, or more typing and it wipes it out. Enough to reccommend a firing squad. Last night, I tried to send a brief e-mail to editor and after 2 lines, it was gone. So, hang in there. Carry on and I'll get back to you as soon as we get this resolved. As long as I'm typing, though, I'd like someone to tell me how the delta smelt can qualify for "endangered species" protection if (as I've been told) it is a non-native invader. Seems that the MAJOR concern, of our government, is supposed to be the protection of our people, from invaders. If this alien invader is to be given priority over the concerns of our people (as are "undocumented workers") something is REALLY rotten in the "state of confusion" AKA California. If I'm wrong, PROVE IT!!! SGT Mack out ...

(Jul 04 2009) - This is ... " One Nation Under GOD " :
PORTERVILLE, CA -- OK, troops! Get comfortable, 'cause I've got something to say & I want you to listen & listen tight! Smoke 'em if you've got 'em, & if you're not worried about pollution & lung cancer. If you ain't got 'em, see your squad leader, but don't ask me. Not one of my vices. First off, hold onto the ground & your hats, 'cause I'm gonna shock you. I'm NOT the sharpest knife in the drawer!!! I know, that's hard to swallow, but it's true. I'm not even the smartest guy in my battalion. At Fort Campbell, I was the top scorer in my battalion with a .45 (another story for another time), but still wasn't the smartest guy in the outfit. Get over it!!!

(Jun 28 2009) - Society and the "In" judicial System :
PORTERVILLE, CA -- Much as I hate to inaugurate my first column with a rant, it has to be said, so here goes! With regard to the hit-run manslaughter of Nolan Atchison, another news service quoted the judge as saying," I wish there was more I could do, but this is the position of the court, at this time". What position is that? Is it that of an indulgent parent, kneeling to administer a (gentle) slap on the wrist, saying,"Naughty, naughty. Don't do that again or Mommy will spank?" More ...

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