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Muster Right Here - Jun 28 2009
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Much as I hate to inaugurate my first column with a rant, it has to be said, so here goes! With regard to the hit-run manslaughter of Nolan Atchison, another news service quoted the judge as saying," I wish there was more I could do, but this is the position of the court, at this time". What position is that?

Is it that of an indulgent parent, kneeling to administer a (gentle) slap on the wrist, saying,"Naughty, naughty. Don't do that again or Mommy will spank?" Are there unrevealed, extenuating circumstances, wherein someone forced the alcohol down the defendants throat? Was he driving (despite his condition & lack of license) to rush someone to the emergency room? Did he leave the scene on an act of mercy & send help back at his earliest opportunity?

If any of these scenarios existed, it should have been publicized so that the family and the community could understand how the defendant could commit 3 serious felonies & a misdemeanor and get, basically, the same punishment as an American citizen, a gainfully employed, licensed, former acquaintance of mine, who didn't kill anyone, but had a DUI fender-bender and ran. He got 1 year in jail & 5 years probation. I hope he sees this and sues for unequal treatment.

There has been entirely too much consideration given to (often illegal) non-citizens who violate our laws. The border is a revolving door, for those who come here, violate our laws, are sometimes deported, as "punishment" or violate bail, parole, or probation to leave and sneak back in, when the heat is off, often to commit more crimes.

If this criminal does not serve his 5 years probation on an ankle monitor, I don't expect him to complete it. Should he have the opportunity? I don't know, nor (I'd bet) does the majority of the community, left wondering, did the court temper justice with mercy, or just demonstrate again that the system is soft on crime, particularly if you need an interpreter, during your trial.

I have been cautioned that such statements might cause people to think I'm bigoted. Anyone who has known me for 10 minutes can usually disprove such a notion. What I am is EXTREMELY POLITICALLY INCORRECT and believe that justice should be blind. I believe in equality of opportunity and you are responsible for the outcome of your choices. If any person, of any other ethnicity, or whatever group that I am not, EARNS more than I, I say God Bless them, they did well. I just don't buy into the theory that we must ensure that ANYONE is warm & fuzzy & content.

We don't guarantee happiness, just the right to pursue it.

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