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Print | Another 'E-Lie' about Obama
Muster Right Here - Nov 20 2009
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Quiet down,Troops!!! This won't take long. It's another verse of a song I'm getting really tired of singing. Some low-life, mis-anthropic, mal-adjusted, mis-begotten piece of cesspool sludge has decided to pollute the air we breath with yet ANOTHER lie about obama.

This (as well as offending decent people [& NCOs too] ) Creates the possibility that, once it is exposed, conservatives could look like the cesspool sludge.

Let me remind you that, in spite of all of my character flaws (which would be happily pointed out by some of my subordinates & other friends) we, at Porterville Post, stand for truth & honor & WILL NOT stand for malicious lies about ANYONE, regardless of our personal or philosophic feelings about that individual. I have written this without the prior knowledge or approval of the Editor & will bet my next paycheck that he will publish this one statement, un-edited, regardless of any other changes or deletions. If I didn't believe that he supports that policy & philosophy, you wouldn't have the chance to laugh at me, every week or so, 'cause I wouldn't be here, y'hear?

So, on to the point. These lies are put on the internet by one of 2 types of individual, the afore-mentioned cesspool sludge, or someone who runs across a story & lacks the ability, the intelligence the equipment or the integrity to vet the info, BEFORE passing it around. Regardless of which, they need to GET THEIR A__ kicked & GET A LIFE. Maybe it makes them feel big, to do this kind of stuff. If so, I feel sorry for them. They need to find a blog, or other outlet & do some LEGITIMATE writing. If their purpose is to sow hate & discontent, then, in the words of one of my favorite comedic radio characters, "Shirley Q. Liquor", "Somebody need they a-- whipped!"

The current bit of scurrilous filth depicts the "Commander in Chief" (supposedly) refusing to salute the flag. as everyone around him seems to be doing, on Veteran's Day. According to Truth or Fiction, FALSE!!! Everyone else was saluting HIM, while the band played "Hail to the Chief".This is proper protocol, when the "C. in C." appears. Further, "T or F" said this was not even Vet's day, but Memorial Day. I was "Aid" to a Major who (in his last years) had problems remembering which was which, but he was in his 80's & had lived a traumatic life. What excuse can the person give, who started this B.S.?

The office of the "C. in C." (regardless of how you, or I, or anyone else, feels about the individual) rates a salute & he would not, as he did not, salute HIMSELF!!!

Bottom line, nothing in this rant is to be, in any way construed as inciting any person, or persons, to do violence upon the person, or persons, who can be, conclusively, proven to have participated in creating or maliciously disseminating, this type of filth but, as a patriot and a citizen who believes in justice, I would certainly, contribute to the legal defense fund of anyone who, having incontrovertible evidence, opened up a can of "Whup A--" on the perpetrator.

If we can have civil trials for terrorists. can we do less for a patriot? As was said on KDNO, years ago, upon the revelation that, in Louisiana, violence upon the person of a flag desecrator carried a maximum sentence of a $25 fine, "In other words, if you've got an American Flag & a yearn to burn, I've got a baseball bat & $25!!!"

Remember our Troops in your prayers & never miss an opportunity to thank their families for THEIR sacrifices. It ain't easy being a military spouse, or military "brat". Remember, also those who gave what they gave so that you can have what you have, FREEDOM!!!

God bless y'all & God bless America!!! Dis-MISSED!!! Sgt Mack, out, leaving the air & closing station.

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