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Muster Right Here - Sept 20 2009
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Get in here! Get seated! Get quiet!!! TROOP ALERT!!! California is experiencing, yet another crisis!

I refer to "Producer Flight". Just as the 60's "White Flight" saw the exodus of white people to the suburbs (with the attendant drain of capital) and the minorities becoming majorities, in the cities, so do we now see increasing numbers of (over-taxed, over-regulated, over-governed) tax-payers (who are tired of paying the bills for so many un-related "dependents" and having to ask "Mother may I" before they sneeze) fleeing the "Socialist Republic of Kalifornia".

Just a reminder for my regular Troops and info. for any "newbies", when I look out at you clowns (pardon me, I mean fine, upstanding examples of humanity) I don't see red, brown, black, yellow, white, purple or orange. I see nothing but digital gray & green. So, if you're planning to play the "race card", YOU LOSE!!!

Back to the subject, California has one of the most over-taxing, over-regulating, overbearing state governments in the union. Understand me, now, even a stopped clock is right, twice a day. The mandatory seat belt law has a potential for enhancing public safety. A driver who is un-belted can lose their position behind (&, thereby, control of) the vehicle's controls, causing a collision w/ other vehicles, pedestrians, etc.

Conversely, an over-18 helmet-less motorcycle rider endangers only him/her self. Lack of a helmet is not a factor (to my best knowledge) in the vast majority of crashes where a motorcycle injures someone else. If the rider wishes to sign a document instructing that, should they sustain injuries requiring life support, it is to be withheld and, further, that all other treatments will be paid by a cash deposit, or bond (that they must maintain) thereby not becoming a burden on society or increasing everyone's insurance rates by their choices, then let them be exempt from the helmet law.

We have laws that prohibit people from parking a car on their OWN lawns. I believe this is supposed to reduce groundwater pollution, from oil drips. Let's see now, if you park in the driveway, or on the street,the oil drips to that surface and is washed away by the rain, to run into the gutter, which feeds into ponding basins or streams & goes back into the ground, from which it came. OOPS!!! Keep that under your hats. Next thing we know, we'll have to diaper our cars.

I asked a fish & game rep. about the necessity of having a fishing license to fish in the stream that runs thru our property. He said "Gotta have it, the fish are citizens of the state".

I, also, discovered that hunting rattlesnakes(on your property) requires a license. Fortunately (& keep this under your hats) it is still legal to shoot any animal, in self-defense. So went 3 rattlesnake citizens, last year. Birdshot, in a handgun, is an ideal prescription for pro-active (b-4 the fact) treatment of a snakebite. Don't noise that self-defense angle around, though, or some idiot will decide that the animal "...gets the first bite." I know, it sounds stupid, but an 80 year-old neighbor told me that he was concerned about his 78 year-old (very frail) wife being attacked by stray dogs, that the animal control couldn't (control) &, when he questioned the animal control officer about reasonable self-defense, that was the answer.

There are a lot of stupid laws & bureaucratic practices & we don't have time to discuss them all, this session. If, however, you'd like to e mail me: sgt.mack@portervillepost.com with your most un-favorite, I'll confirm them and "Post" as many as I can. The "confirm" is not to imply that I think anyone would try to deceive the "Sarge" with something phony, but I have, recently, accepted information (from a very trusted source) & forwarded it, only to discover that it was false. My source was very sincere, but very wrong.

I have, since, begun vetting my information thru "truth or fiction", which seems pretty reliable and suggest y'all do like wise. The other reason is that "whisper around the world" demonstrates that the more ears & lips come into contact with info., the more likely it is to become distorted.

My D.I. (Drill Instructor, basic training) demonstrated this (one of the few times he acted like a human being) by whispering something to the first man in the first rank. It went all the way thru the platoon & the last man said what he had been told, aloud. The first man, then repeated what he was told. Not even CLOSE!!! So check it out, in, up, down & sideways, even if it means ( as I did) calling the Busch breweries home office to check a story about a couple of muslim convenience store owners who were, allegedly, seen (by the Bud Man) celebrating 9/11. He then called his boss & removed all of the Busch products, called his buddy, from Pepsi and on, and on, until they had no merchandise and had to close. Busch said they had investigated and found it to be FALSE!!! That one & a couple more have made me VERY reluctant to forward un-vetted e mails.

Enough rabbit trails, back on track. California is rapidly losing the producers, due to overtaxing, over regulating and over Mammy & Pappying us.

When we are all gone, California will truly be a welfare state. (Now don't start saying I'm against welfare. I'm not, when used properly, to help someone get back on their feet. I've known people who did that &, today, are hard-working, productive folks. It's the permanent welfare-lifestyle people who gripe me and they have the same vote I do. If you ain't workin' (barring a few exceptions i.e.: total dis-ability, as in a quadriplegic & some neurological dis-orders & a VERY FEW others, you got no business telling the producers how to spend their money, which is one thing voting does. See "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand.) O.K. 'nuff on that rant.

So, back on track. If you want to prevent the total meltdown of one of the world's major economies, we have to halt "Producer Flight", not by a border fence, to keep them in, but by reversing the decades-old policies of "over tax & over spend" & the slippery-slope to socialism, down which we are being pushed by the leftists & their unwitting dupes, the well-meaning liberals. The "Little Corporal" & I are already doing research on states with 1) No state income tax. 2) No restrictive gun laws, which will mean lower crime rates. 3) A general climate of less government intrusion, according to the intent of the Constitution.

How do we solve the problems? Do we need a new "non-political" party, dedicated to the founders' ideals and populated by non-career public servants? Can California be saved,or do we just let it sink? Is the meaning of life really "Faster horses, older whiskey, younger women & more money?" (Just threw that in to see if all y'all are payin' attention.)

Get busy, get informed, get in your representatives' faces, respectfully, of course. God bless y'all. God bless America, especially our troops in harm's way!!!

Dis-MISSED!! Sgt Mack,out closing station & leaving the air.

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