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Print | Decorated Vet Told He Can't Fly Flag ?
Muster Right Here - Dec 08 2009
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Alright, Troops, get quiet. This is SERIOUS!!!

The editor published a story about a decorated vet ( holder of the C.M.H., that's Congressional Medal of Honor, for you "Newbies".) who has been told he can't fly the American Flag because of some "neighborhood association rules". I'd like to tell them what they can do with their rules!!!

The desecration of the American Flag has been upheld as "freedom of speech" & I & a whole bunch of my "Buds" would like to exercise OUR freedom of expression on those "freedom of speechers". Another topic, for another time.

Right now, we need to set up an Op-plan, to deal with this ugly situation. People (& I use the term loosely) who are not worthy to have this individual walk on them are giving one of our brothers grief, presuming he is a genuine C.M.H. holder (I say that because there have been some "wannabe's", who had to be "outed" & should have been "wayyyy outed, if you get my drift) & we need to be prepared to reinforce him.

Anyone should have the right, as an American Citizen, or even as a LEGAL IMMIGRANT, to display that flag & those #*^><}{!!!'s should be proud to have it flown. It is only the dedication of this gentleman & many thousands of our brothers & sisters who didn't get to see their parades, because they were the guest of honor, in a flag-draped coffin, that allows these "people" the freedom to be stupid, but they are abusing the privilege.

If someone will find a trustworthy "Trustee", to administer it, I'd like to make the first $20 contribution & I'll bet I know a WHOLE LOTTA people who will kick in, to contribute to his legal defense &, in fact, to sue those #*^><}{!!!'s (bet you didn't think I could say it twice) for abridging his freedom of speech & pursuit of happiness.

Once, again, nothing said here should be, in any way, taken as incitement to do bodily harm to anyone who is perpetrating this travesty. I, always, expect you to behave with such dignity and decorum, as to bring credit to "The Corps" (any military organization) but should any of my Troops have occasion to "have words" with any of them, and (heaven forbid) that the perpetrators should attack you, bodily & if you are arrested for defending yourself, with "vigah", The Sarge" will be proud to pass the hat, among the Troops, & see if we can "He'p out".

Now get out there & formulate an "Op-plan" & contact me here, at portervillepost.com .

God bless y'all & God bless America!!! (Especially our troops in harm's way & those of the civilian government who are supposed to be ensuring that none of their lives are wasted, give them wisdom & integrity, Amen!!!) Dis-MISSED!!!

Sgt Mack, out. Leaving the air & securing station.

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