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Muster Right Here - Aug 31 2009
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack All right troops! Settle in & settle down! We've a lot to cover & I want to get you out by chow time! I know you have been anxiously awaiting this info.

As I closed Mr. Obama's first book,I found myself filled with (sometimes conflicting) impressions. In his narrative of his early years & the unfolding of his family I, often, found a guy who seemed to be just looking for answers and I might have enjoyed getting together w/ him to try to solve the problems of the world. Had he remained what I perceived as a down-to-earth, open, genuine guy, I believe I would have seen that, in the election, and (in spite of his liberal leanings) voted for him (instead of McCain, whose war record I respect but whose legislative record gave me serious doubts) because I believe I could have trusted Mr. Obama.

What I saw, however, appeared to be a slick, Madison avenue manufactured, lawyer persona, from whom I never heard a straight answer, to a lot of straight questions, just a lot of platitudes and generalizations, punctuated by "Change".

In his keynote address (Democratic convention 27 July 2004) printed in his book, I note his (seeming) reverence for the ideals enumerated in our founding documents "... truths self evident...endowed by our creator...unalienable rights...life liberty and the pursuit of happiness." All the right sounds.

I, also, note a (seeming) approval and encouragement of self-reliance."Now don't get me wrong. The people I meet in small towns & big cities, in diners and office parks- they don't expect the government to solve all their problems. They know they have to work hard to get ahead-and they want to." This seemed a sharp contrast to his earlier job as a "community organizer", which seemed to focus on getting $$ from the government & I never did see how it was funded, with the exception of mention of "government grants".

Throughout the book Mr.Obama seemed to be preaching about the evils of forcing one's will upon others, whether by colonialism, corrupt governments (as the saying goes, "All power corrupts, absolute power corrupts, absolutely.") or by overbearing, authoritarian, family elders. Here, he was preaching to the choir & (had I known nothing about his actions since taking office) I'd have said, "Hey, this guy gets it!!! Leave people alone, to run their own lives, unless they're infringing on on someone else. Let's elect him president!!!" OOOPS!!!

I have heard it said that most people elected to congress arrive honest & full of ideals but, within a short time, succumb to the lure of privilege & power, to the extent that "honest legislator" is (pretty much) an oxymoron, along with "honest lawyer [DUH!! What are MOST of them, b-4 being elected?]", "customer service", etc.

As a union steward, I once mentioned to a senior member of management (who seems to have been an exception) that elevating people to mgt., from the workforce, seemed to corrupt them. I will never forget his reply, that it was only possible if they had those tendencies, b-4 promotion, so (from his perspective) It comes down to personal integrity, or lack, thereof.

It might be worth the investment to hire people to follow our government officials around (as I understand the Romans had riding with their heroes, in their triumphal parades) whispering in their ears, "This is only temporary. All fame, privilege & power end. One day you'll be one of the masses, again." The only downside I see is that they might be spurred to greater corruption, to "make their pile", while still in power.

Mr.Obama (allegedly) asked one of his Kenyan kin (I know, bad pun) "Isn't there anything left that is truly African?" I think I have the answer. Somewhere, out away from civilization I'll bet there is a tall, proud warrior, who asks no help that he isn't prepared to offer to someone else who is in need, relies on his own initiative & resources, is scrupulously honest, cares for the sick & helpless & would rather die than see his lands taken away by force, his family reduced to living at the whim of the government and a major portion of what he produces taken from him (by force or threat of force, like our income tax?) to fund a corrupt, out of control, "Big Brother" government.

It isn't just "truly African". It is, truly, a part of the human spirit, everywhere. It was present in the Africans (& others) who were enslaved by their neighbors and sold to the slave traders. It was present in the American Indians who were constantly betrayed, cheated, abused and lied to by previous presidents. It was present in the Irish & Scots (& others) who resisted British rule. It was present in the millions of people, around the world, who beat the German war machine, twice. The list goes on but (just so you can't say you weren't warned, Mr. Obama) it is still present in the majority of Americans, today.

If the government continues on it's present course, of abrogating those "unalienable rights", granted by God and (supposedly) protected by our founders, in the documents that are so glibly quoted (and mis-quoted) and regularly mis-construed by people in the government cabal, that spirit MUST, inevitably, be awakened and I assure you, sir, the "Fit WILL hit the shan!!!"

If (on the other hand) sir, you will reverse the trend of big government, big spending and big encroachment on our freedoms (thereby stopping our headlong descent into socialism) and find ways (using intelligence rather than intimidation, co-operation instead of coercion) to enact your much-promoted agenda of "change" (with the changes being of real benefit, not just P.C. & feel good politics), then and you can quote me, unless the Republicans can find someone FOR whom I can vote, without doubts, then (in spite of the fact that I am a CONSERVATIVE Republican) you're my guy and that of everyone who values my opinion.

The best way to kick off the "Reformed Obama Plan" would be to ask Congress, persuasively and with veto pen in hand, to stop the rush to the "Universal Health Care" bill and to read it, understand it and revise it, until it becomes workable, cost effective and (truly) respectful of individual rights. Then, you should ask Congress (with the same persuasiveness and veto pen in hand) to go back and repeal all of the outlandish, freedom eroding bills you have signed, since taking office. Next,announce that there will be no more "imperial edicts" to pass bills without reading, understanding & (intelligently) and publicly discussing them, thereby fulfilling your pledge of governmental transparency. I know this last will put a strain on the mental processes of MANY legislators but, what the heck, it's part of the job.

Last,there are 3 things that an unsuccessful female candidate for president vowed would be her top priorities, for her first 100 days: 1) One law per bill,no riders. 2)All bills written in everyday English, no "lawyerese", it was good enough for the founding fathers. 3) A national initiative and referendum process so that, if Congress and the President are not enacting needed legislation (like King George)"...we, the people..."(remember us?) can step in & "Git'er done". Conversely, if Congress and the President are abusing their law-enacting power, "...we, the people..." (remember us, George did!!!) can step in and say "Hey, you just stepped in ..it!!!" These things would make you an odds-on favorite for a second term and secure your place in history, not as the 1st black President, (an accident of birth) but as a great President, by virtue of intelligence, leadership and having outstandingly fulfilled your oath of office.

You, Mr.Obama, have the foundation of ancestry and personal experience to know what is right. You only need to find the wisdom, conscience and intestinal fortitude to pursue it.

Coming soon, 1st Installment of "Part 2 The, Obama Papers"

Just made it. I hear chow call. ON YOUR FEET!!! God bless you & God bless America!!! Dis-MISSED!!! Get outta my sight!!! Sgt Mack out, closing station & leaving the air.

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