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Muster Right Here - Aug 19 2009
with Sergeant Mack : sgt.mack@portervillepost.com

Muster RIGHT Here - with Sgt Mack Fall out, troops! Grab some ground, it's rant time, again!!

Global Warming! No, Cooling! No, Warming! The Sky is Falling! Delta Smelt (I've "smelt" the delta & I'm telling you it ain't pretty), Fairy Shrimp, Spotted Owls, The Caribou!!! What will the rabid "greenies" (hereinafter referenced as the "rgs") choose as their next "cause celebre"? I have an idea, how about "Save Our Homo Sapiens"? Oh,I forgot. We ARE the problem. If all human life (according to the "rgs") could be wiped out, like an infection,"Mother Earth" would be better off. To this I say, "O.K., rgs, you set the example, by going first and fertilizing the planet. If the rest of us like the demonstration, we'll follow.

That said, there was a rally on 11 AUG, in the Huron area, to publicize the criminal insanity of protecting a fish (& one that I hear is not even a native species) to the detriment of people. In our on-going effort to inform the troops, the "Little Corporal" & I drove out to cover it for the Post. Unfortunately, we got a late start & I decided to try a shortcut to make up some time. Also, unfortunately, I forgot a few maxims of travel, the first being, "Maps are our friends, memory is not!", followed by, "Shortcuts, usually aren't." & "When pressed for time, go the known route." Having done music in the west valley, I knew a bit about the area, so there is no excuse. Had I gone the known route, we'd have been late, but made it. Had I plotted our course, on a map, I'd have seen that the known route is still the only one. Yes, ladies, I asked directions. No help. I even asked a guy who looked it up on his GPS & told me, "This is the road you want". Wrong!!

We finally arrived, just as the rally ended & a stream of cars was exiting. I heard that a CHP officer had said that there were about 3,000 people, in attendance. My apologies for not making it 3,002. To the organizers, attendees and Sean Hannity, who has vowed to continue to focus national attention on this, another usurpation of our right to "... life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness...", "Good onya" or, militarily, "HOOAH!!!" To the supercilious (or super silly-ass [sorry about that, BIG BOSS]) twits who are causing all of this angst, I pray that something will happen to straighten you out. It doesn't NECESSARILY have to be a personal misfortune, just something to get your attention & should only happen to you, personally. Remember, troops, God knows I ain't perfect & HE understands.

We need to start being pro-active, by electing people who WILL support The Constitution (automatically including The Unanimous Declaration...) and, as a last resort, be re-active, by voting them out of office, if we aren't going to hang them for committing high crimes and misdemeanors, in the knowing violation of their oaths of office.

In case you have forgotten, GOD put the water here, first. Man came second and the fish third, or so. It was never in HIS plan for people to die so that ANY fish could live. We are supposed to be good stewards, but (in order to do that) we have to live.

Basic biology: cut off the water to plants & animals & they die. If the plants & animals that feed us die, we die! Oh, how stupid of me!!! Refer to paragraph 1. That's the idea!!! Remember, if the rgs can't make one cause fly, probably because it's based on junk science & lies, they'll move on to another one, so we need to be, constantly, alert to combat their junk science & lies.

Just as with the other terrorists, we have to be successful, every day. They only have to be successful once, to do horrific damage. You are the present-day minute-men, armed with a telephone, a fax, a computer or a pen & paper. When the news of another "Oh that's to stupid to be be true, nobody could be that dumb!!!", story comes out, remember, they reveal their true intellectual capabilities, the depths of their evil and/or their opinion of your intelligence by the lies they tell, not even good, well-thought out, plausible lies, but bald-faced, stupid, stinking lies. That needs to be your call to arms. Identify the lie, identify the liar, speak the truth & if the system works, we'll win If not, go to "Plan B" ... read "Atlas Shrugged", by Ayn Rand.

If the agendists, their lap-dog politicians, the junk scientists and other socialists & miscreants insist on bleeding the producers to pursue actions that are not in our best interests, it might be time to find a way to "go on strike" & when laws are passed (& they will be) requiring us to produce, for the benefit of the non-producers (socialism on steroids, or communism) , remember that any law that is passed that is repugnant to the constitution, is not a law. It creates no obligation, confers no benefit and is, in short, null & void, as if it had never been passed. Hang tough!!!

This could be the bloodless revolution that re-vitalizes the republic and ends the plague of politicians leeching off the people they (supposedly) serve. The word "politics" is, actually a compound word, deriving it's roots from the Greek, "Poly", meaning many, as in "polymorphous", having many shapes, and the Anglo-Saxon "Ticks", blood sucking vermin. So, you see, politics is many blood-sucking vermin & we need to separate them from their food source, either by removing them from power ( one of their favorite foods) or refusing to produce what they can control that gives them the power, thereby starving them.

It won't be easy, troops. An addict will do anything to get a fix, lie, cheat, steal, kill (So what's different about what they're doing now?), but, if we all pull together, we can restore the country and give back, to these miserable wretches, some dignity and self-respect or (if the reason they became leeches was a lack of either or both) instill some new & unknown values into the void.

Stop supporting their addiction & their stupidity or criminal malfeasance of office. Get on board, NOW!!! Class dis-MISSED!!!

Sgt Mack out, leaving the air & securing station.

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